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Chapter 5023 has finally been released
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Which one would you smash?
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me on the bottom left
You know if I had to smash a trap, which I never will with a god given choice.

But in this scenario I believe they're all traps.. I'd smash the one with the DP.
None because I'm not attracted to men.

It's an isekai that takes place in a game-like world with stats, skills, heroes, and demon lords.
But it's actually good.
How does Kumo do it, /a/?
Also, would you fug this spider?
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dunno, ask plebbit.
also go back there.
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But is it as good as Arifureta, OP?
>It had taken him only a month of nonstop training to perfect this technique. And there was a reason he managed to master this superhuman feat in only a month. His Riftwalk ability. Riftwalk not only gave him the ability to heighten his other movement skills, but it also enhanced his five senses to their limit. It made it seem as if the rest of the world was moving in slow motion, which was what made midair reloading possible.

>On top of improving his weapons, he had also crafted a two-wheel mana-powered vehicle, Steiff, and a four-wheel mana-powered vehicle, Brise.

>As their description suggested, they used mana as fuel. Their frames were covered with Azantium, the hardest metal in existence. Both of them were loaded to the brim with weapons

>He had also added a new gun to his arsenal— Metzelei, a railgun-enhanced gatling gun. The inspiration for it had come from the time they had had to fight the army of raptors and hadn’t had enough firepower to take them all on. It was a monster of a weapon, with six rotating barrels capable of firing 12,000 30mm caliber rounds a minute.

>Also, as a way to gain complete combat superiority, and simply because Hajime thought it was cool, he had created a rocket launcher called Orkan. It had a rectangular barrel, and boasted a large magazine allowing for 12 consecutive shots. He could fire different varieties of rockets too.

>He had also created a sister revolver to Donner, Schlag. Since he had a prosthetic arm, Hajime figured he could use two revolvers at once. His preferred style of combat was close quarter gun combat, gun fu basically, with Donner and Schlag overpowering his enemies.
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Why do so many isekai never explore the possibility of using modern knowledge to BTFO medieval fantasy warfare?
Imagine mowing over a bunch of knights with a peasant army equipped with rifles.

ITT : Series ruined by their anime adaptation(s)
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You start OP
How was it ruined by the anime? It's about as faithful to the source material as you can get minus the overall art in comparison to individual frames in the manga, which isn't going to be possible no matter how high your budget is
>but the fanbase
Was absolute cancerous trash from the begining and the general here on /a/ kept alive by the mangafags is the only proof you need.
Every single series with an anime adaptation? Dumbass. More fans equals worse fanbase. It's that simple.

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Guys, when does this get better than FMA 2003?

I'm at the end of the 5th Lab arc and so far and it's all been pretty underwhelming in comparison. They cut out the hidden chimera scene on the Lior arc and made Rose a worthless character, the Nina arc felt rushed, the ending and aftermath of that were nowhere nearly as heartbreaking as 2003's. Also Hughes isn't getting that much screen time, even though he's supposed to be an important character who'll die later, and there's been a shit load of poorly-timed comedy moments that make the serious moments awkward to watch.

So far I feel like I'm watching a watered-down version of FMA instead of the "true" version like everyone says Brotherhood is. Am I being meme'd or something?
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it never does
At episode 2.
The first 10 or so episodes are rushed because they assumed most people already saw FMA 2003

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Lets talk about non non biyori.... it do-sent matter if you hate it or love it
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Renge had a hard life.
ok why?

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Wait a minute, did you just summon a bunch of ninjas in one turn?!
First episode of the aot anime

>inb4 "aot anime is trash read the manga"
Dropped the manga because its trash, it anime is so muvh more better

If they can duplicate themselves and clothes... couldn't they duplicate food and solve world hunger? Or duplicate gold?

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Please describe Mami-san without

>using head puns
>mentioning her bust size
>posting crack
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my wife
Loves Nagisa and Kyouko?

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Challenge mode:
Last song you listened to is the OP, second to last is the ED.
Come up with something based on that

Normal mode:
pretend challenge mode does not exist
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A japanese variety show starring KyoAni characters.
Opening: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=afq6Bm_mq3Q
Ending: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AVRdhg6biN0
So, Girls und Panzer with Pravda for main characters? That just may be the best anime ever.
Posted before hopefully more replies now
Title: Wild Ride
>Our story begins with 14-year-old flame losing his grandfather and being awakened to hidden forces ( The supernatural, other dimensions, superpowers, etc) when his grandfather is murdered by said forces.
>Flame only knows one thing about his grandfather’s murderer. He was not human.
>Flame embarks on a journey to find and kill the man/thing that murdered his grandfather Fortunately, he is not alone in his quest, to guide him his grandfather left him with a powerful sword, a backpack pocket dimension, A book that acts as both a map and an instruction manual for understanding his new world, and a mysterious navigator.
> If that wasn’t enough he also has his best friend Ronhai as well as his newfound ability to control fire to aid him. Even with all this, it might not be enough to deal with the things he’ll have to encounter on his journey. One thing’s for sure, It’s going to be one wild ride no matter what!
I have episode summaries and character arcs written if anyone would be interested?

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Devilman and Devilman vs Hades manga licensed.

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Time to see if the series is actually good once stripped of the scanlators' clunky dialogue.
Im on the same boat.
Not really, the dialogs are okay, it's the plot that isn't

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I'm going to post this everyday until you like it.
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I thought I wanted to do it once.
I love it already. There's no need to continue.
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But he did it once.

Ok so End of Evangelion was a metaphor for sex right?

It was the story of a depressed, pathetic incel who got rejected by the popular girl he had the hots for, but then instead got laid by the meek beta female, which made him realize sex was overrated, so he threw the beta girl away?
Or was Asuka and Rei actually a metaphor for the same person?
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nothing is a metaphor for anything. it's just a tv show
Stop making so many fucking Eva threads. Ask these questions in existing ones. And what the fuck did you even write.
Did we watch the same thing? If anything there's nothing in that movie that is NOT a metaphor

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What do digimon learn in digischool?
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How to be cute for their tamers
I now want to marry an Angewomon.
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But would you be man enough to take everything she has to offer?

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dumb as hell.jpg
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Tokyo Ghoul has what is possibly the most arbitrary, stupid fucking premise of any series I've ever heard of. Character designs and plot are nothing but edgy bullshit for menstrual 14 year olds. How the fuck does this garbage have an audience?
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I know worse
It's chuuni and super edgy, teenagers love this kind of garbage, it just can't be helped.
Wikipedia synopsis reads horribly. The Japanese needed a third bomb.

Hi, /a/. I want you to meet Yuno, and her husband Miyako.
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Miyako is asexual.
Reminder Sensei is dead.
Hiro is sick.
They look so cute together!
Fuck off.

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