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So Arnold killed Mental Ray. Any thoughts on that /3/?
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whats that ?
until it´s integrated into MAX as a faster, prettier render option, i won´t believe shit.
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Arnold has replaced Mental Ray in Maya 2017 as the standard renderer. I've never used it but apparently it going to become the next industry norm when it comes to Maya

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Sem título.png
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So im pretty new to maya, I tried to texture this model and the texture that was supposed to be outside the model was inside instead. So I did the Normals > Reverse thing and then tried to texture it again, and its just VERY dark, almost pitch black.
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Here is this shit after I Normals> Reverse it.
make your normals visible and check if they all look outwards

you could also give your model a new material and see if it´s a shader problem
im guessing after attaching a texture to your model it automatically read the alpha channel from the texture and plugged it into the transparency channel, you have to get rid of the transparency input in the shader

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Let me know what you think of this dudes content!
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URL to video here https://youtu.be/FfQvllpgZFA
Idk i will ask him to give out a download link.

Hey folks, i finally made a shooter. It will be free. please check out my greenlight. I plan to add more tanks and stuff.
I can give english beta to anyone as soon as i find good sharing service
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хyй cocи

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A wise prophet once said:
>[...] and there will be the day when they will judge the merit of a board by the quality of the memes it produced.

So, was pic related the only one that went popular?
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I wish DORF went somewhere
hello newfriend

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there's so much of it to be found in the Poser scene
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Uncanny valley

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What is entry level pay for a 3d generalist? Junior level pay? This is for someone with intermediate skills in hard surface modeling, texturing, animation cleanup, character rigging, and MEL + Python scripting as well as basic skills in render wrangling.
Current job pays me $15 an hour and I've been there for over 3 years now. Feel as if I deserve more considering i constantly stay late and have basically established the pipeline and workflow for the 3d dept, but I'm sure I don't deserve THAT much more lol. So i'm here looking for some insight... thanks in advance
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games--about right
movies--sure ask away
I have roughtly the same skills as you. Live in Russia. Get $4 per hour.
Then don't work in a third world shithole.
My country pays its burger flippers 18 an hour plus manditory benifits

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Hey I'm working on a Heist movie style animation, how do I find blueprints and floor plans without looking like a terrorist
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why do you need floor plans?
because I want it to be sort of realistic, i know i could just use pictures of banks and mock up my own i just thought there might have been an easier way

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I'm looking for someone who is into UE4 to develop games and learn with me how to use tools to quickly develop content.

so far I've done a bunch of tutorials and figured out how blueprints relate to classes. and I built my own infinite runner with those skills.
When I programmed mobage in Japan our team had one guy developing the idea and 3 guys defining it and guiding the artists who some of were also level designers.

I say that because I know that people would just say I should do it myself, but I want someone who is also just starting out with UE4 (<2 years is OK, but more experienced people may get frustrated with me, idk) to develop some content that we can sell on the google play store or on steam. But I know that games are 10% ideas 20% the engine and 70% contents, so I think having a partner or three will help to develop a few fun simple games in a resonable timeframe or months not years.

so yeah, please reply with
where you're from
what your skills are
what you're interested in making with me
how you want to communicate.
if youre at all interested, especially if you're in australia.

anyone else, feel free to ask questions or just insult me, whatever, the usual.
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>figured out how blueprints relate to classes
by this i mean classes as in programming, of course.
I mean to say that I now have an idea of how blueprints work in place and in compliment to actual C# code in ue4.

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I just got into 3d but I'm leaving for school soon and I want to continue doing it while I'm away.

Are there any laptops viable for 3d work?
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every 3d work is different
Well I was thinking in terms of character and environment modeling, maya/max, zbrush, nothing too complicated yet but ideally something that could handle more complicated work down the line.
sounds like heavy shit
put 700$ aside then and buy a good asus

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I am making a game using unity + playmaker. Any concept artist, designer, 3d artist, animator, programmer, interested in collaboration?
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sure why not but explain what game you are trying to make and what you are doing.
idea guys not welcome.
give us the details.
also show if you have previous works so we know how much of the project you can cover
So what is your position in the project?

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Can we have a minute of silence for Marmoset Toolbag?
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There are things that I'd love to see Marmoset do, but this is not a Marmoset killer nor is it probably intended to be one.

It's in-engine so it could definitely come up with uses, but Marmoset needs to be outclassed for both film, games, and portfolio. This is most likely intended for game models/etc only.

Good more competition is always welcome. The only problem I have with viewers is the inconsistencies between viewports it looks different in photoshop, max, substance designer, marmoset etc.

Is this 3DConnexion CAD mouse worth a Benjamin?
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Just get any other laser mouse, since they have higher DPI capabilities than optical.
Do not listen to this guy. High DPI values are a useless gimmick, and laser mice are significantly less accurate than optical mice.

There is a reason why virtually all pro FPS players use optical mice and DPI settings below 1000.

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I recently graduated from University with a STEM degree. I've been going through the motions to end up here, and now I think I don't really want to spend my life working in science. I've always asked myself what I want to do, and I've realized that the only "work" I've actually enjoyed creating was a Source Filmmaker animation I made a while ago. I also really appreciate animated movies, how they look and move. The idea of being a 3D animator appeals to me in a way no other career does right now.

Am I a retard for wanting to turn my back on my previous education for a new path? I've been trying to learn Maya so I can try to make some stuff to see how I like it before I commit any significant amount of time and resources. How much education do 3D studios usually require, if at all?
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I'm in the same position you are.
I'm starting my PhD in a month. I decided that I'll go with stability and work in the sciences and just do 3D for fun on the side, and if anything takes off on the 3D side, I'll leave the sciences. The professional 3D world is hard. You get shit pay, worked to the bone, and you'll be constantly moving around to whatever studio picks you up for a year. My 30 or 40 something 3D teacher is a well-respected environment artist, and he still lives meekly. He comes in with shirts that have holes in them.

3D studios usually care more about what you can do as opposed to what degree you got. If you have a badass portfolio and you pass whatever test they have for you (Usually modelling some test object), then they will care more about that then what formal education you got.
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>My 30 or 40 something 3D teacher is a well-respected environment artist, and he still lives meekly. He comes in with shirts that have holes in them.
>mfw working towards environment artist
>if anything takes off on the 3D side, I'll leave the sciences.
Do you mean like someone finding your work and offering to hire you? How often does this happen?

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Which one is best for correcting your character's forms and why?
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Those brushes are for silhouette. Move topological will move the verts in front of it based on the low poly. Move will move the entire thing with no backface masking.
What does 'move elastic' do?

It's a very springy pointy move it's good for stuff like anime hair. I never use it though.

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