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Who here rolls their own textures from photos?

What gear are you using. What tips can you share?

I've made my own textures from interesting surfaces I've spotted in my day to day travels that I captured with my cellphone camera, which is okay for background stuff and other non-important assets but the limitations really show up on primary focus assets. I've bought a DSLR to be able to capture better, higher resolution images but I'm wondering what lenses I should invest in. What's the best focal length for capturing images to use as tiled texture maps?
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/p/ can probably give you more help

Yeah but they're more photo art fags and not /3/ art fags. Street/landscape photography is pretty different I would think from photography that focuses solely on producing texture maps.
Yeah but I'm sure you'd be hard pressed to find someone here that doesn't either paint textures, uses free ones or just uses their phone.

I don't know much about cameras but maybe you would want a macro lens if you want to get something very close or detailed. But like I said I'm not really sure

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For cinema4d idiots out there, how the fuck should I make this mountain flow well from one to the other, I get this one frame at the end that's fucked, as well as it not being the EXACT same spot on both mountains? I'm pretty new to 3D animation, so, pointers welcome.
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measure camera locations and reposition it according to measurements
thanks m88
I would of modeled the mountains in a loop like a track with an open area for the camera in the middle, making them flow seamless into each other with the geometry then just animated the camera to spin 360 degrees at the center. Should be naturally seamless after that.

But if you couldn't have done that based on what your doing then >>529657 's method should work.

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Hello gods of 3D. I want to know if theres a way to apply my bump map in Marmoset Toolbag?? I searched about it, but theres no metion avout bumps, only normals, albedo(diffuse), displacement, and reflections map....
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>gods of 3D
I think the site you're looking for is callled polycount

Show us the map. I think you mean displacement map.


Fuck off.
bump map don't work in the same way

its like a secondary texture that overlay on the original texture, and its an old tech by now

So I've been trying to work my 2d sketching skills into 3d modeling, and I'm in over my fucking head. When I finally found an app that seemed perfect for my skillset (uMake), I found out that it's iPad only and I am not about to go buy an ipad to do what it is I want. Googling things such as 'draw 3d models' and '3d sketching' bring up the same product pages with no actual insight as to how to make the jump from 2d to 3d. I was wondering if /3/ had any sort of wisdom or insight as to the best track I should be following for drawing(via drawing tablet) a 3d model and learning from there.

From my own delving into the subject, CAD seems to be the keyword I'm looking for, but as I said, I'm in over my head, and haven't seen much in the way of clear answers from google.

To be clear, I want to use my DRAWING TABLET to draw the lines I want to exist as a model. This is where my skillset lies, and finding good tutorials on how to do this has been practically impossible with google shoving product pages in my face with every keyword set I try. So I come to the sages for advice
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The closest thing I can think of is going into blender, switching to a side orthographic camera and manually making new vertices by holding down ctrl and clicking
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Pagani Huyra.jpg
410KB, 822x1248px

I'm not really sure what you want. People would usually draw something like pic related and move verts based on all the different views (you can also sculpt).


Maybe that video will help you understand. It's done in Blender but the techniques used are basic 3D modeling
Despite the notion that going from a 2D sketch to a 3D sketch should be simple and you'd think that this would already exist, there are very few solutions out there. Most CAD programs are are based on either creating from polygons, 'Solid Models' or NURBS curves and surfaces, and in a program like Z-Brush, sculpting.

There are good programs like Blender (which is free) but you are not really "sketching"-- instead you are placing points. If you are 'in over your head' already, then Blender may not be a great option because even though it is very powerful and also free, it has a relatively steep learning curve and is not totally straightforward.

From there you have applications like Moment of Inspiration 3D which is great and will let you sketch with a pen tablet, but all you are sketching is NURBS curves, and again it's not really 'sketching'. Rhino will let you do the similar things, and Rhino is very powerful but has a steeper learning curve. Both of these apps are $300 and $500 respectively.

Form there you have ZBrush which is very powerful and fun to use, but it is sculpting instead of sketching. You could download their 'free version' which is called Scupltris and see if you like the experience. ZBrush doesn't have free trials, but is reasonably priced at $800 for a lifetime license.

This brings me back to uMake. While it does run on an iPad and you have said you are not about to go get an iPad, the cost of the iPad Mini 2 is only $269 now and uMake is free to download and use for most of what you would do with it. Even if you upgraded to an iPad Pro 9.7" with Apple Pencil, you'd be right around the same price as a license for Rhino.

Plus, you could take the iPad anywhere with you and sketch anywhere-- you wouldn't be anchored to your laptop/ sketch tablet/ workstation.

My advice would be to ask a friend who has an iPad if they could download uMake and try it out, and go from there.
Hope that helps :)

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Who here CADCAM? It's probably not 100% related to this board, but there's often overlap as models drawn by 3DCG can be imported and used for toolpath creation or whatever.

Any tips for a beginner like me? Should I invest time into the CAD aspect using some other modeling program? So far I've created all my parts in the MasterCAM software itself and not a dedicated modeling program...
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What do you want to do? Also MasterCAM is strictly for machining and geometry can be imported from other CAD programs.

regards, mechanical engineer
Not OP, but I would like to also use CAD software to design aerospace propulsion systems and test them out in Research & Development labs. How would I be able to achieve this?
Wait... you have access to r&d labs but not the required knowledge to create the test subject in CAD?

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this thread is dedicated to critique only
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looks unfinshied but overall decent
No one can really critique it without knowing exactly what it is supposed to be, what it is going to be used for and without seeing the topology.

It's lacking in surface details and the edges of the main shape (handle to magazine) look too square, it's width being so uniform makes it look unnatural.
I'm not buying the trigger at all.
i don't want you to critique it i just found a 1 year old gun lying in my folder as excuse to start this thread

A few days ago i installed runescape and it told me to update my video driver, i click the shit and rune dont work. i uninstall il.

Today i open Rhino 5 and notice that the lines are shittier and pixelated.

Dont know what to do. plz help
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might wanna go see a doctor

You didn't say what card Amd or NVidia. Get GeForce experience and it will download the correct driver for you. Don't know what the Amd equivalent is.
>del C:\Windows\System32
Or rollback your driver.

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So /3/, I'm having a weird issue. I'm trying one of my first non-tutorial pieces in blender, but whenever I switch to edit mode, it will only allow me to edit the last object I had selected. As in my picture, I can't mess with the non-pre selected objects at all. I figure I must have hit a weird setting at some point, can anyone help me set it right?
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It might help if you explain step by step what you try to do.

I don't know how familiar you are with Blender, but you can edit only one object at a time. If you select multiple objects before you go into edit mode, you can only edit the last selected object.

Either join the different objects into one, or select only the object you wish to edit.
Well that's odd, I could have sworn going into object mode allowed you to edit all present objects. Thanks for the answer anyway, like I said, I just got done with a tutorial series, so barely familiar at this point.

Nope, you can't do that :-)

If it helps, you should consider objects as a container that can be modified in simple ways separately from the mesh.

It is possible to switch and change meshes between object, and the mesh will take on the deformation/scale/position of the object.

You can also apply those simple changes, resetting location, rotation and scale to 0, transferring that data to the mesh.

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Hey /3/
Ive been studying modeling and Im stuck with this topology.
Its a cross between a cube and a cylinder, but the problem lies where they encounter, I cant manage to make a clean quad topology.

I already applied a quad chamfer on their edges but I dont really know how to go on. As you can see there are too many tension points where the vertex joins, any solution or tips?

Thanks in advance
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lol you just need to delete the line in the middle of the tip and its all quads
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I tried that already but it ends up horrible when applying turbosmooth
I need to move that tension point anywhere else, to the sides maybe
lol just push that vertex up so it doesnt pinch down

I've been making models for a couple months now and I've just started modeling cars, but they seem really tough to get. Pic related is a Miata I'm making, it's been a work in progress for over a week and I just want to get it over with it. Anyone have any tips or advice for modeling cars?
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>literally using subdivisions
You're in for a world of hurt.
Cars are designed using T-splines or NURBs.

Try that instead.
Also consider actually modelling the body seam lines. It may make things easier when the car isn't a single piece.
>T-splines or NURBs
Are they easy to work with in blender as opposed to other programs?

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The level design and amount of detail in the levels is just fucking insane, from the celing to the floor. They are just riddled with such a variety of good looking assets, some of the best I've seen actually. Did anybody else in here just take a break to inspect everything?

I get that they have a pretty big team, but I still want to appreciate how good everything looks.
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maybe alot of concept art.

also i think the levels are mapped before any artist start making assets
Yeah, I believe this is the case in all video games.

A level designer will start blocking out areas for play-testing and progressively they will add detail as it is made by the artists.
Doom's level of detail is really inconsistent. In hell in particular, there's only a handful of areas I can think of in any of the hell stages that stand out as anything other than a muddy, Unreal 3 looking cave or catacomb.

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maisie williams.png
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> buying software
wew lad
File: 1465754764628.jpg (69KB, 511x604px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Of course not.

They officially state in their EULA that you should not sculpt penises and titties with it since this is against their believes.

Total deal breaker.

How would they know if you used their software?

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Hey guys, pls help. I keep getting this list of errors after I rebuild the lighting in UE4. all of them having something to do with "overlapping UVs"
I don't understand what that means and how to fix it... how are my UVs overlapping? since there is nothing complex on my scene i simple unwraped it all by adding a "uv map" on it setting it to plane, box or cylinar (depending on what the object is) then adjusting the gizmo to fit the texture.

is that wrong?
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Are you using some jenky imported model?
>jenky imported model

what do you mean?

if you're asking if i downloaded my models, its a no. i made them all.
File: 3883c4075f[1].jpg (201KB, 1140x749px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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this is how the models start looking.

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What /is/ zbrush? What is it for? Is it just for sculpting an already created model? I'm a newb, just been working in blender so far, but I'm curious since I see it mentioned a lot.
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you start from a shape (from a library that can be expanded) and shape it like clay into super high detail meshes tham can be exported in a lowerpoly mesh with a normalmap simulating the highpoly verticles

sorry im drunk
I don't know how long it's going to take for me to not be surprised at production software prices.
zbrush is solely for high levels sculpting (millions of polygons).

you can sculpt in blender as well, but you need a good grasp of the controls.
however zbrush have a big learning curve

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Why is sketchup so shitty for modelling? I keep receiving models from clients made in this crap and the normals are everywhere except where they need to be.

I'm getting to a point where I might start refusing working with models made in this crap because this happens every fucking time

Is the program to blame or do people messing with it have excessive cromossomes?

Pic related
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Looks like someone didn't take care to make sure they were working with the right side faces.

This is very easy to fix in sketchup.

On the toolbars to the right, look for the styles tab. Now go into edit and you will see the different view modes. What you want to do is turn on the view that only shows front face and back faces, then just go through the model and flip the faces the right way.

This isn't a problem with sketchup but a problem with amateurs not being able to le as an such a basic requirement for modelling.

I'm sure there are equivalent small errors that new modellers make in max or blender too that can fuck up end results.
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heres a pic
Can you explain what the right side faces are for? I accidentally clicked to this board and I use sketchup for my job but it pretains to the program itself just for a model and textures to render a simple 3d structure to show off (like stuff you would see on tv, and in board meetings) never heard of this and ive been trained to use sketchup... So the right faces are what? All facing one direction? Or facing a particular direction like north?

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