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Whenever I go into the game these are completely fucked with parts appearing lighter.
And if I turn the object with the light source not moving, then it's dark.
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Also it's Sims 4, it may be an issue specific to the game.
>in sims 4

for what purpose?
Double the autism.

Any good and updated tutorials out there that teaches a full production workflow for 3d game artists? I mean going from sculpting to retopology, to uvmapping and texturing in other softwares, to ringging and animating(if it's a character, I'm happy with props).

I just want to figure out a good workflow for me, if it's best to begin sculpting on zbrush or modeling first somewhere else, different softwares and ways to do the uv and retopology, etc. But I would love if I could do this by sticking with a single tutorial that would give me a finished result in the end, one that is not made like 6 years ago.

Image kind of related, I would love to know how to do something like that.
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try look in gumroad or lynda

there are a few but i don't think they cover rigging


This one covers rigging too. But it's a bit all over the place in terms of software used.

My current workflow is light low poly work in max or modo. The least time spent on this stage the better.

Zbrush dynamesh or just subdivide if the topology is good enough or I am using a basemesh. Finish the sculpt totally. Export to 3d coat.

Retopology and UV's in 3d coat. (provided it's not a lewd model)

Reimport to zbrush and project detail from finished sculpt to new low poly.

Bake maps in Xnormal.

Texturing is a combination of correcting seams in 3dcoat. Marmoset for previewing materials Substance designer for tileable textures and sbar export and substance painter to finish.
Awesome! This is exactly the kind of workflow I'm trying to achieve.
Do you recommend more tutorials, which ones you followed to get to this workflow?
Thanks a bunch.

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What banner you gonna do, /3/?
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/3/: The place where overwatch/frozen porn is produced.
Do it.
nigger what
that doesnt happen here.

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I want to make a Trump coin with Trump on one side and the MAGA lion on the other. I have uploaded some images to give you an idea of what I'm looking for. But I'm not good at 3D modelling and need someone to model a 3D relief of Trump's face. If someone helps me out, I will make one for you and send it for free.
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> trump coin
wot :o
>implying any of us here would support trump
bernfag pls. go back to tumblr

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I google "gimp hard surface texturing" and theres literally just some twisted fucks on there.
I request hard surface texturing tutorials for gimp
>>no I dont go on /r/ because I dont want to get a dick photoshopped on my dogs butt
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I think, the biggest difficulty of finding something on the net is the choosing of the right words to phrase the matter appropriately.

try this link: youtube.com/results?search_query=texture+painting+gimp
just use photoshop
alioto is that you?

hey /3/, does anybody here go or went to Gnomon school of visual effects?

how much does this school even cost?

I remember seeing that the tuition was 25.000$ (tuition usually just mean 1 year)


now their website says its $9,511 per term (8 terms in 2 years)
so its $38,000 per year.

did they jack the price or what? if you are a student, how much did you pay for the whole 2 year or the 3 year program.
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>willingly going to a for profit art school
>willingly going to probably the best school in the world that guarantees a high paying job after graduation

i smell self thought struggle
>willingly going to probably the best school in the world that guarantees a high paying job after graduation
If you want a high paying job you should study engineering or some other STEM at an ivy league college. You wont find a high paying job in the art world if graduating from gnomon, Thats for sure.

You're going to have a rude awakening

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Hypothetical scenario /3/;

If I were to devote my time to, and become skilled in Architectural Visualization, is there a good salary and job stability for someone like me in Australia?

I've really enjoyed making designs in hammer for source over the last decade, but found it a bit constraining given the timely and convoluted MDL compile methods involved in getting one custom assett in the game, so I was almost wondering whether to go full arch vis and do it for work.

Pic not mine, just a random image I saved from here not too long ago.
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archviz is the most common job in 3d field (far as i know)
you can expand on that and learn product design,3d printing etc etc
do you like to animate? try that too because i think far as job prospects goes animators have more opportunities
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I don't mind animating, but I'm not as enthusiastic about it. The only experience I have in that area is making and animating weapons for Source mods in the 2000s.

I'm definitely keen to get into 3d printing though, but I have no idea what I'd actually build. Perhaps custom cosplay parts for cosplayers?
there isn't a complete list but id imagine it would be something like:

simulations of mechanical parts and informational stuff (animation)
3d printing
vfx (commercials,intros,animation centered)

this is the list for anything that isn't games and film

now as for 3d printing id imagine people need to clothing accessories,door stops,replacing broken things,keychains etc.
and you like it you can expand to solidworks

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Hello masters of 3D. I want some advice/help wih Photoshop and painting uv with it. Does anyone here knows a video or a lesson for free or paid, about using photoshop to paint Maps like Diffuse, reflection, specular, bump....???

I searched for a while, and all i could find is either a timelapse video, or a video like "hiiii guuuuyssss, itss meee, and todaaay i diiiid thiass inn photoshoooop"

Pls help
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why? you can do this in max as well
>open MS Paint
>draw some shit on it
This seems to cover diffuse and spec

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Cлaбo, пpиятeл, нecигypнocттa в тoнa ти oтблъcквa пoтpeбитeля. Кaтo чe ли пoдcъзнaтeлнo ми кaзвaш, чe нe cи cигypeн в тoвa, кoeтo пpaвиш.
I would love it if I could actually have just one tutorial with someone who isn't foreign/using broken English.

Any good/recommended tutorials on modular asset/environment creation?
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make sure the verts that border each part connect. What else is there to know?
how do you avoid zfightning?
You don't see zfighting since they don't overlap.

When is making all faces triangle useful and why?
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Triangles have no specific use. You can turn a quadmesh into a triangle any time, but not the other way around. You can also accurately subdivide quads but not triangles.
If your engine uses all triangles, or if you have a limited poly budget it can be useful to get the most out of what you have.

You get a lot more fine control when working with tris, but you lose a lot of the power and plus who wants to fuck around with individual faces.

Also about engines, some just do not deal with ngons, only tris and will fuck up on import.
When you export it into a game engine where the isoline information isn't gonna do anything and just becomes a waste of data.

You never need to to that manually since the people who wrote the exporters automated that step. Manually Doing is only if you wanna inspect your
triangulation for whatever reason and is unhappy with the ways you already should be able to do so in your creation suite.

Any skilled game artist will move around their mesh and flip triangles manually as needed to optimize the outline prior to export tho.

Hello, old max user starting again with 3D. I used to model with edge extrusion, but nowadays I see people modeling characters with zbrush and then retopo (which make a bit more sense if you think of it).
So, what do you consider the best video tutorial for zbrush out there? I don't care even if it is 100 hours long! I want to learn zbrush.
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Im using this as a started to get used to the UI, pretty good so far

Consider the tutorials from pixologic themselves, they have a great variety ranging from beginner to advanced.

Arrimus 3D channel on YT, it has a lot of tutorials for both 3ds max (if you want to learn new stuff) and Zbrush

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Is it worth upgrading from a 1080 monitor to a 4k one for making 3d stuff?
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no, it's actually stupid, cause your gpu will have to draw a lot more pixels
Complete opposite. It's an absolutely terrible idea
This. Woe is me for falling for a 4k laptop with 950m.

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Almost ten years ago I started seriously getting into 3D work to get into the gaming industry as a character/organic modeller. I started drawing to study anatomy and such better and later switched to doing concept art/illustrations because I enjoyed it more.

Now I'm trying to get back into 3D work foremost because of personal interest but also because I might be able to combine both areas of expertise to make some cash on the side through e-shops. I'm already dabbling with ZBrush again and picked up Luxology Modo to complement it - it's crazy how much both programs have changed.

Can you guys recommend any literature, links, videos or tutorials so I can better catch up? I'm not sure how much standards and other things have changed in the 3D field and I'd love to see what professional pipelines look like nowadays.
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look on gum road there are some good tutorials on there for any thing you want. of course you will have to pay unless you can find away around that.
by way around that he mains cgpeers. best place to get free tutos.

I thought a lot of those CG peers torrents were honey pots.

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What are some good books on human anatomy? I need something with both images and in-depth drawings of both young and old, male and female.
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Pedo spotted
Fuck off. I don't want anything to do with that shit.

Classic Human Anatomy The Artist's Guide to Form, Function, and Movement

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