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I like sculpting in DynaMesh but I keep having an issue with it.
As you can sort of see in the GIF, the Dynamesh fucks up the topology a bit, but it also fills up the space between the fingers a bit making them shorter, which forces you to keep fixing them.
This problem becomes much bigger if you have fingers even closer together, where it sometimes even welds them together.
What do you guys do to get around this problem?
I tried messing around with the masks but then it starts creating separate poly groups and it can fuck up the poly count if you increase the Dynamesh during modeling. In all it becomes a big headache to fix back.
Surprisingly the ZRemesher does a good job in fixing it back.

Is there a simpler way to stop Dynamesh welding your fingers together?
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leave the fingers for last. then up the resolution and use snakehook + dyna mesh to stop the welding
ok i'll try that
can anyone just tell me which brush is used to un-weld/cut fingers and mouth apart, so i can look up the tutorial for it?

DESU at that stage you should be remeshing. It looks like you have all the topology you need. Dynamesh is only for concepting and blocking out.

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Help /3/
In 3dsmax, how can I pass from picture 1 to 2 using a shortcut?
My figure is already an editable poly, but I cant select only those edges.
I tried loops, ctrl+A, ring, etc but that doesnt work, and selecting 1 by 1 its too slow.

In the video its done in just 1 second.

Any tips? Thanks
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Seriously, you should work on your anxiety, because it doesn't take all the long to select those manually.

BUT, I tought of a few ways:
-Select one face of the ring around the extrusion, shift and click next to select the face ring. Convert selection to border edges (hold shift and click edge mode), this will leave you with 4 edges left to pick manually
-Select all the extruded faces, convert to edge border, this will pick the junction edges between the cylinder and the extrusion. Check ignore backfacing, and select the rest by clicking and dragging on the 4 corners to pick the remaining edges three at a time
-select the 4 points in the corners, convert to edge selection, double click the edges on the cylinder/extrusion junction to select two at a time.

There's also the crease set modifier, I think it comes with the opensubdiv plugin, but seriously, it took so much more time to figure those ways out then to select the edges manually...
Thank you for taking the time in your answer.

Im usually stressed out when reading /ic/, /3/ and mostly every creative board in 4chan. It seems everybody do their work in just a few minutes and I always take my time, even weeks for a single box. -exagerating-

Going to try your different options.

I'm not a pro myself, but speed comes mostly from sleight of hand and knowing the tools, amount of geometry needed and stuff like that imho

It's good to know some things about selection (converting selections is of great help), but unless you're working on something awfully complex it's not where you'll spend most of the time, and even then it'll take you less than a minute most of the time.

Remember that you can also save your selections typing a name in the field between mirror and the {ABC} icon in the toolbar and pressing enter. It'll be in the drop down list there and you can also do some "math" with your saved selections clicking on the {ABC} to edit them

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I just wanna make a quick question. in 3d and in the 3d job market, does knowing how to draw help? I can't draw for shit so I'm scared that's gonna fuck me up
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I don't think you need it but it can't hurt to know
you don't need it.

would only be required for hand painting textures or sculpting
Every time I get better at drawing by hand, my 3d ability gets better as well.

I started off with cg while always being mediocre at hand drawing, a few years in and I figuratively hit a wall.

3d software is a tool; this is not to say you can't be "good" at 3dsmax & weak at drawing, but you will suffer especially with organic forms if you don't have a understanding of anatomy for example.

What you'll eventually realize is that you never are not working in 3d, even with a pencil and paper you are just rendering a 3d object on a 2d plane.

Now with this all being said, you don't have to be an amazing 2d artist to be good at 3d. Like let's say your lines are slopy and uneven, but you understand what you are trying to draw, then you can rely on the precision of a computer to help you.

I probably worded this poorly, but it's a common misconception that 2d and 3d are these two separate things. Look at a 3d program like a overly complicated pencil & then ask yourself if using a good pencil makes you a good artist.

Do you anons know music similar to this?
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Ok this shouldnt be here sorry

I don't mind musical discussion here since there is almost nothing else going on, but c'mon anon, you can do better than fucking /mu/

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Hey /3/
I'm relatively inexperienced with 3D sculpting, and I'm trying to make Eren from AoT as practice. How do I do the hair? I've tried a bunch of different techniques, but none of them look good... Help me out here
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File: hair.png (192KB, 602x699px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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here is one of my attempts at hair.
not bad

It's going to dynamesh together. If you're going for long strands, then use fibermesh.

If you want an actual subtool, and sculptable mesh, that kind of hair isn't possible inside of zbrush.

You could polymodel, export, import into zbrush then subdivide the strands to sculpt on. That's the only way I see this working without fibermesh.

File: 2016-07-08_17-13-28.png (181KB, 1920x1040px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Hey /3/,

How do I into UVmapping on this mask that I'm making? I'm not too sure where to begin because of it is cloth (the bottom part) and it has a lot of rounded areas that connect into the mask itself. I used autopo in 3Dcoat and the outcome I thought was alright, but I think it has too many polygons....
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its alright, just mark seams
Why are you using Maya 2014 anon ?
Since youre going with a student version you may as well get the latest one.

A stupid reason. I've had bad experiences with new versions of Maya when I was younger and it always crashed. So I went with older is better more or less.

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guys, what is the best way to create a whole house level in 3ds max?

i tried creating the walls by using rectangle splines but i noticed there are a lot of problems that come with it. because i used Vertex snap to make sure the walls are even, now all the walls overlap each other and i cant really texture it. also cutting out windows and doors is a pain when trying to make it the right/even size so i can just kit bash my window and door assets..

any tips and advice are welcome.
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3ds max has architectural tools built right into the program that include walls, door, windows, trees, textures, etc.

This is also part of the reason why mental ray has SOO many architectural materials.

Also, you don't even have to cut anything out (like windows) because the program does it for you. I could explain all this, but you are better off just googling something along the lines of...

>3ds max architectural tools tutorial

...and watching a video on youtube.

Keep any splines you've made though because you can still use them when laying everything out.

Autodesk themselves also have several really great architectural tutorials that come with models you can play around with. These are really nice because they teach you how to use lighting systems & create realistic looking renders.
oh thx, i didnt know. also. ive seen their doors/ windows, they're pretty shitty desu, i just need to make the walls to be connected and even, and have somewhere to place my costume doors and windows (i got different shapes)

P.S. does maya have anything like what you said (im thinking about migrating soon)
Update, I watched a tut and tried it out. thats cool as shit. Tho, i still want to know if there is a way to delete the windows and doors and only keep the frame, or something similar that will create a whole and be dynamic?

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Modo vs Blender for level design?
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Asset creation or level design?

I'm no game dev but I'm pretty sure most people create the level in the game engine itself.
Modo is used by blizzard (for characters I think), so that might help in your decision?

Level is roughly blocked in with their game engine.
Finalized, low/medium poly assets are created in max/maya/modo etc. then imported, and have a collision box applied.

Maybe mobile spec stuff can be purely done in their game engine. Very simple low poly stuff.
Level design has nothing to do with creating finalized assets. Level design is done in engine like the person you were responding to said.

Also Blizzard does not "use" modo. Blizzard lets their artist use whatever they want.

Source : Cubebrush said so in his 3d hand painted character tutorial.

Anon halp, I need to learn basic 3d modelling (Including curves and some basic textures) in two days to design a mansion for a project I'm working on. Any tips/videos that would help me get started real quick in Blender? P.S. The most complicated thing in the mansion, I believe is a set of two winding staircases at the back of the main hall.
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But why tho
Cause Murder Mysteries require an equally mysterious setting.
Dude I spent all the morning learning how to make a cup of tea and I haven't even finished it yet. There's no way you can learn how to make a whole mansion. I think there are better programs for designing buildings.

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Are there any good books that teach someone who knows NOTHING about 3D modeling up to a level capable of creating game assets and character models? Any program, really. I've looked at tutorials online but most of them seem janky as fuck, or you have to pay out the ass for video locked behind subscription walls.
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Books no. Get tutorials on cg Persia.
no video is locked behind a pay wall, you can find 90 percent of everything on youtube
>please spoonfeed me so I can quickly make monies

File: FuckWeightPainting.jpg (517KB, 1857x4491px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I've spent too much time trying to get this stupid shoulder to do what is suposed to do, and this is as close as I've got.

What am I doing wrong? This shit is so stupid and time consuming and there seems to be no better tool than a fucking brush for painting. How does one achieve better results?
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I use Geodesic Voxel bind method which does a lot of proper weight painting for the most part. But for painting itself, bend the arm in extremes, and then paint the influences so it looks natural. If you paint straight out you can't tell how influences will work when actually animating.

I also paint in black to white in terms of values, it's easier to understand than a heatmap.
It might help, I'm not sure if you can see the changes when you paint in poses, but I'll try.

Also, does someone knows how to reset the pose to original position? I usually pose and then Ctr+Z
I use maya, but what I learned from a rigger long ago is to set some keys on the joint(s) so that you can scrub through the timeline and see how it deforms. It's easier to see what's going on rather than painting, moving the pose and seeing a problem, going back to paint, repeat... also this solves your "reset pose to original position" question: you key the joint.

shoulders are notoriously difficult though, it's ok. you can also look into other methods like helper joints, binding to geo/muscles as well.

also, your shoulder joint looks a bit too far out, this is why when it bends to the side the shoulder mass seems to move outwards. it's also why when you lift it, it looks like it's bending from the wrong location (cause it is). also, note that it's impossible to rotate up your arm past a certain angle without rotating the clavicle up as well - so the shoulder shouldn't look normal that high up unless you rotate the clavicle up as well.

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It's a shame we can't get this quality of work on this board more often

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Hello /3/!

I was wondering if any of you have any experience selling models in asset stores such as unreal's or Unity's, I'm looking to make a little bit of extra cash and i was wondering if any of you have done it before.
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You'll be swimming in a sea of shit. You're better off publishing a few packs of free models, having a million people download them, and maybe having two people contact you for real work at a later on.
>You'll be swimming in a sea of shit

Really? can you elaborate?
Any self respecting developer will produce their own assets, or will already have a library of their own assets to tap into.

Your primary audience will be single developers and small teams (mainly students) looking to quickly prototype a game that will likely never see the light of day. This is a population that is fairly unlikely to actually shell out money for assets, unless they are desperate for niche where there does not already exist a body of free assets.

Additionally, you open yourself to asset piracy and asset flipping concerns.


You are best served by showcasing your talent with free packages, and then leveraging that exposure into a paying position or commission/freelance jobs.

A safer arrangement for making a little extra pocket cash is to try to publish models on, say, the DOTA 2 workshop.

Admittedly, if you do manage to tap into an in-demand market on the Unity/Unreal Asset stores, you have the opportunity to make quite a bit of money. However, the people that are successful in those endeavors are typically people who produce middleware, not models.

File: Untitled.png (246KB, 1920x1040px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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An absolute newbie here with a first attempt in making a 3d model and animating it.

What I'm trying to make here is a poring like slime. What would be a good way to give it a face? One that could be easily manipulated when rigged. What I want are two simple eyes (say black dots that could be stretched into lines if needed for facial expressions), and a mouth (black outline, pink inside). What tools should be I looking at to get it done?

Here's my blob so far.
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I have no idea what you are talking about. Give us some examples of the end goal. 2D pictures from the anime or whatever.
File: poring.gif (4KB, 85x95px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: image-11-700x393.jpg (272KB, 700x393px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Something like Slime Ranchers slimes might be close to what I want too, I have no idea how it's made however.

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where can download free house CAD plans to practice building in 3ds max/maya?

I need the spline plans
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How detailed do you want them? New Apartment buildings that are trying to sell apartments usually have the floor plans on their websites.

I guess to find ones do a Google like 'new apartment developments in xxxxxxx' then look for some site names and then Google the site names and maybe find a new building getting built

For houses it's more difficult, there are building companies that have housing plans but normally only if you are looking to buy can you see them to prevent competitors getting their designs.

You can search resort villa floorplans. They like to show off their plans and all over the world there are constantly new resorts being built.
You can make your own with floorplanner.
im looking for homes or appartments from the 1910-1950's and was wondering if there was a website that lets you download the CAD that you can use to build off in 3d software not just a picture

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