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(It's hard to tell where the hell this goes, so I'll try 3DCG. Inb4 SFM hate)

I've been working on a mashitima series based on a pilot that was received relatively well in Fallout 4

However, I am very limited by the FO4 in-game engine for animating the characters. It seems with each iteration of a Bethesda RPG, it gets harder to make this kind of content (especially since there's 0 mod support for machinima. peaked back in Oblivion).

I'm looking for the best quickstart or tutorials related to what I'm trying to make. I don't learn well from people who are not concise or shove their disgusting personality into an instructional video I've realized.

Here's the pilot: https://youtu.be/9O4ikvBa6cE (hoping to get a lot better quality and time into the project for a real release)
if you're looking for it, it's pretty easy to notice the gimmicks or trickery and that I don't actually have a lot of "control" over the "actors"

I just want to fill in small spots with things like walking (literally importing walking animations if I can), handing an item over, the large silent character being more emotive, etc.

Biggest issue is time. I have about a month to do this first episode before I move to LA, which will take my focus away from this and toward finding a new job before my savings dwindle too low.

this isn't for "the big jewtube bucks" because no one gives a fuck about machinima that isn't porn now. i just want to make a thing. help appreciated
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>did not post correct project image

i am retard pls forgive me. i can't even find the one for that video. i pray i did not delete it

tl;dr of OP: best tutorials for quickly learning SFM for basic filler animation in machinima (video made with game engine)
>no one gives a fuck about machinima that isn't porn now.

answering own thread. turns out "Loverslab" who are best known for porn shit have guides to animating and importing models for other Beth titles, which should also apply to these. However, this may require me to rig the models (which I'm fine with as long as I can access vertices etc).

porn to the rescue i guess

>>523760 bump count
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just bought grassetti's ecorche.

anyone want a download to it?
300 isnt the bump limit you tard.
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Future Racer.png
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I'm glad OP is making fun of the autistic argument in the last thread.

Here's a future racer I'm working on

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How do I get better at making hands?

Pic related is my first serious attempt at hands. I'm not really happy with the topography and I sort of gave up on it, now it's just a placeholder until I can do better work.

I want hands that are more square-ish like DK's (not specifically him, just using a random example). Working in Maya 2014. Will be posing and animating once I have decent results.
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From what I can see you're wasting some time with your edgeflow on the top of the hand and the palms, that's why it's smarter to block out the hand as separate cylinders and cubes before refining them.

These are unrefined but you can tell they're cheaper to process and would work better on a character. Also remember that you can create whatever cavity of quads you might need by cutting and then deleting edges.

What you've got there also isn't anatomically accurate to how hands look, it ignores the bone structure almost completely.


Download that funky kong model and copy the edge flow.
This is a really late reply, but thanks for the link, I'm definitely using this website for reference materials in the future.

Anyone know of something like this that includes free rigged characters? Not to steal, just for reference's sake.

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Has this model been ripped/extracted yet?
I wanna check out the edge flows, maps etc.

-Also, what's the go to site for models ripped from videogames and can be view in any 3D program? Not for garry's mod, cource film maker or anything like that. I wanna see the edge flow.
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you seem new.
google video game models and the most popular one is your best bet.
also obj is pretty universal so and 3d modeling program will be able to view them
>google video game models and the most popular one is your best bet.

Nah. Models seems sparse on those sites and I'm not even sure which are official (some look really ugly, and I assume companies are doing everything to prevent their official models from leaking to the public).

The reason I mentioned garry's mod, is because those models seems official. I assume being owned by valve would help. I just wanna examine those HQ official models.

XNLA Lara also seems to have high quality official models, but I don't know anything about that program or its formats.
some 3d printing idiot here ripped the file like 10 days ago

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Who here happy this is the current state of character art in games. I used to agonize over making the most perfect Barbara Palvin lookalikes. I just get a basemesh now and some tumblrista gives me instructions on how to make it more gender fluid until we get something like melted Patton Oswalt.

Set alpha 23 to spray crank up the specular on the texture and I'm done. Go home take my joy and it's off to work again for another wacky adventure. Praise Anita.
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wat chu talkin bout fgt
i was happy with gameart in 2008

anything else is bloat to me
The fuck is that pic?? If its an asari then why is it male in features...they are supposed to be female....fuck tumblr

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thumbs down and reported with all my accounts.

Looks like something Cyber 8 would do.

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fons biver !.jpg
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Creeper cup !
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Nice one Notch.
Did you make this ? Nice job !
I like it.

What sites do you use or recommend to find blueprints (character concept art, machinery,etc) for 3d modeling? preferably at least 2 angles
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why not take pictures of an actual car

not everyone has the access to take multiple photos of whatever vehicles they want to model. vehicles are some of the easiest references to gather for 3d because of their blueprints.

Should I be learning and get good at making a perfect human body in Blender/Maya first before I start learning how to sclupt humans in zbrush? or should I just say fuck it and work exclusively in zbrush?

What are your guys thoughts/opinions?
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learn 2d before 3d
just sculpt anything else is a waste of time
I'd start with a modeling package and then Zbrush. Modeling will teach you good topo and edgeflow so you can sculpt with purpose.

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I've searched the internet on tutorials on how to make a gun for a game i'm currently working on, and I still don't know how to use Maya to make one, and or model one at all.
what do I need to know to make/model a gun in Maya?
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Thank you for your help, but unfortunately I didn't get any information that I wanted on HOW to make/model a gun!

Not him but first link is free though somewhat outdated in texturing. Bottom is a pay tutorial which teaches you high poly modelling, uv, unwrapping, texturing. Not Maya, but 3DS Max tutorials.

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I know this model isn't very good, but i'm only here to get an opinion on the design/concept of the weapon's look.Would this generally be a good weapon design to be used in a video game?
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the bait here isn't even good anymore.
I don't see any design/concept here
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Unless you're making some low poly streetlight model for Unturned, its shit.
If this is bait, you got me. Here's a sticker.

I want to make waifu plastic pvc crap.

So I have several questions:

Should I first learn traditional clay shit before doing zbrush?
Are anime figures done by hand instead of being 3D printed? (Why)
It's 3D software used only for mechanical gear?
Does it take to make the prototype a full year or half a year before making some molds?
What materials and process do the molds use?
How they mass produce that crap?
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I don't know what it is about Danny Choo but he just comes off as extremely unlikeable for some reason.

You should just use zbrush. You can get pretty good 3D prints nowadays.

Seeing as you don't know any clay sculpting it would be best just to do zbrush sculpting as you can learn it more quickly.

The technical stuff isn't really hard. 3D printing is really easy. Not being completely garbage at sculpting is the hard part.

Since weeb shit is all flat surface area and hardly any detail it's very suitable for 3d printing.

Go to IC and download the how to make anime figures book in the artbook topic.

Stuff you either forgot about or gave up on.
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I was trying to learn how to model organic creatures, so I thought it'd be fun to model a Deviljho from Monster Hunter.
I posted it in the wip thread.

>add a dick

Posted it, then never went back to it.

I still haven't learned to model organic things.
I just want to make animu porn.
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I really don't know, I think it was a warm up.
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first 3D piece I worked on, it may look alright but holy hell is it rife with errors and unoptimised to hell.

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Does anyone know how they make the cover image on this?
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2016-06-28 06_28_16.png
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maybe this
probably some photo editing software.
I don't think so, prolly a particle system.

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Considering you need to do a low poly, let's say almost 1000 polys, is it convinient to do high poly first and then project detail? Cause you know, maybe it would be quicker to just do the low poly and directly texture it, adding the detail on texture painting intead of projecting? what do you think?
>pic related, just this one is 336 polys, I guess no normals used, just plain texturing, and it looks quite good
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>336 polys
I literally counted < 100 polygons on that car mate

I think he means triangles. Yes op high poly first then retopo.
yeah my bad I meant tris
So even with very low poly objects? Is it better?

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