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What is the best workflow to create 3D assets for the unreal engine? My plan is to build a city in Blender or Cinema 4D and export it. Then import it to Unreal Engine 4 and build a small game or something. Should I be aware of something?
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this is an excellent blender to game engines workflow tutorial. there is alot to know and explore. you won't find this type of stuff on youtube

If you have money or if you're a student, I highly suggest Maya. Blender WILL make you want to kill yourself due to its incompatibilities with UE and all the problems that come about when exporting the .fbx. Wonky object sizes, crazy light maps, shadows cast by small objects being 30 times the size of the game world, don't get me started. There's ways to deal with this inside of blender, like changing Blender's scale to the same one as UE but this causes inherent scale issues inside of Blender, the most annoying being that everything is transparent in edit mode 100% of the time and there's no actual way to turn this off because of the way that clipping distance is calculated. Very frustrating indeed.
Thanks, I'm going to check that out.

I'm a student so Maya is an option. Thanks for your advice. I'm going to try Maya

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I want to pirate Z-Brush, but the copies I found on the pirate bay and kickass torrents had trojans in them. Is there somewhere else I can steal from?
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That's not true at all. Maybe PB, but kickass is good. Get R6, that one is working just fine.
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>shillin shillass
dont do kickass they have keyloggers in their programs
stop being a stupid cuck op and use PB. green and pink skulls are trusted uploaders. are you using an antivirus? donwload commonsense 2016 and youll be fine
Registration for CG-peers is open on the 15th.
Second thumbs up for 4r6. I personally found the latest update wasn't anything special. just dam standard really.

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What would be the best way to make animations similar to the cutscene moments in the Lose Soul Aside trailer:

And with character models similar to those in that trailer (except for the generic demon dude) and pic related.

I'm not interested in making a game and already have a lot of experience in SFM but while SFM is super accessible and fun to use I wanna make something with more pizazz.

Is UE4 viable? Pic related was made in fuse with some mudbox and other software touching it up and I like fuse enough to use that for the characters. Whats the best way to give a fuse character hair like in pic related?
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My bad. Forgot to post the trailer link: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=z5El-yYNUwU
wow my model got famous kek
btw hair mesh is just from fuse it just have some hair texture from google and I made normal and specular maps drom that image and also made transparacy based on specular image that's all. mothing special man... it does not even look good imho it's just a transpereci on the bottom of uv s what made you think that it looks goot i think, I'll give link to moxamo model and upload textures if you want, bad thing is when you upload from fuse mixamo rigs face morphs as well, but I took model from fise then edited sculpted it and then uploadded to misamo and it has no facial blend shapes (face is not rigged, I'm new in 3d and I'm fucking up terminology lol)
post nudes >:O

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3Ds max user here.

Are there any good tutorials out there? And is it even reliable to use cloth in this situation, Im short on time and have plenty of characters to do.

Basicly I have two tubes with a group each on top using the character (basicly the rest of the mesh) as the surface to stick to. The bones are used for collision with a big offset to avoid the cloth getting stuck.

Is this how someone would go around doing robes and shit? The chest part doesnt need dynamics so a simple skin is ok, the arms and skirt are the things that need to act with dynamics.

My question is mostly about workflow, is this one ok or are there better options?
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Save yourself the trouble and use Marvelous Designer.

I second this. I just installed and tried it and it only took me a 15 minutes to figure out a work flow and had a character with clothes that looked very realistic in no time. Great program. Makes other cloth sims obsolete.

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Why is it every time I bake AO or Normals i get projection of whats abve or at the bottom on my UVs instead of having everything nice a smooth (pic related,) P.S. my UVs are not overlapping

I know 1 way to avoid this is by exploding your mesh than rendering but that takes too much time and I never seen anyone actually do it

P.S. can someone recommend me a very advanced/master level UV unwrapping tutorial for complex shapes on 3ds max, There were so pieces That gave me a lot of trouble
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you have to shrink/fatten your mesh so that the rays can pickup whats beneath certain geometry

you can do this in combination with setting the ray amount in xnormal to achieve good bakes.
far as tutorials go, you might have to get a weapon retopology tutorial because in those usually they bake alot of underlying geo
>you have to shrink/fatten your mesh so that the rays can pickup whats beneath certain geometry

that kinda makes sentence, do you know of any known size in inches that works well with the lighting? I think my mesh was too small
i don't know how this option works in max but basically you have to join all objects together, select all the mesh and shrink/fatten the mesh with a special option.
but before doing that you will need to make sure the highpoly mesh sits ontop of the lowpoly mesh and fully covers it. there is a modifier that lets you do that, its called shrink wrap usually.

take it with a grain of salt because i yet happen to find a good solution for this. i suggest to actually look into a re-topology tutorial that covers a character/object with many parts

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how happy does working on 3D models make you?

also, how long have you been doing this by now?
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around 8 months
gotta point out it's just a hobby for me, tried 3d animation as well, but it feels boring, good results take too much practice and time.
0, I want to die every time

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Step right up! Witness the incredible, amazing, and astounding Shrinking expo. Watch as the major players no longer have booths and instead have rooms to show their talks. Gaze upon the missing Pixologic and immerse yourself in the job fair which now only has Blizzard and small VFX companies (one even back from the grave).

Is the changing global economy? possibly the commoditization of an art form? Nobody knows, does anybody care? If you're not in the industry you better know somebody high up because there's a snowball's chance in hell you're getting in.
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Some shit going on I hear, I'm working for a small studio right now and with each passing day it seems it's getting harder and harder to find jobs.
meh, I think you might be spelling doom too easily. demand comes and goes and it also depends on what kind of work you're looking for. what's wrong with small companies? it doesn't mean it's still not a cool event, and the rooms are fine. I don't know what you do but I know several people who've recently found jobs and aren't stellar artists or anything, and they weren't the result of extreme nepotism. I dunno try to free yourself from this 4chan type of negativity and think about how to adapt instead.
Competing against cheap vfx houses in 3rd world countries is the cancer that killed the big studio's. Unless you have legit geniuses working for you pushing technology. You're fucked.

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Not sure if this is the right board, but I found one of the most amazing special effects/3D Animation videos I've ever seen. Post more like it. Pic related. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HvTvgj69azc
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We already has a thread about this.

>Not using Clutch as the soundtrack
It's shit.
ye so stop whoring yourself out here.
Sorry. Got sent here from /gd/ after asking where I can learn more so this is my first time being on here. But I'm curious how either of the replies offered another video similar to this.

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Can anyone help me to find/create a 3d model of DIO from jojoba in pos?

>I find a free 3d model here: https://sketchfab.com/models/65d50c019a444350a95393fef121fb16

But it'isn't in pose...can anyone make his traditional pose?
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No, go do it yourself
I tried in C4D but i failed to make joints...so i tried to export them from a Garry's Mod Addonof the same 3d model, but in C4D when i try to move o rotate joints, texture and mesh fucks
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like this

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Quick question. Is there a way to make an swf of a low poly model so the user can rotate it and maybe change the camera/materials?
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Just use Unity.
swf is over.
Thanks, I actually was going to try Unity but I'm not sure the website is compatible with Unity

I'm hoping sketchfab or marmoset viewer someday allow substance support in the viewer so you could change settings on the fly.

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This is my 1st time making hair and thought i would try and remake clouds hair from ff7 =) what u guys think any advice / tips for improvement ?
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Back of the hair =)
Too artificial, too thick. Look at the FF7 UE4 remake trailer to see how Cloud hair should look like.
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Hows this look now pic on the right is the new version? i tried thinning it out i had a look at the ue4 and i dont think i will ever get it that good =( haha will keep messing with it tho

A friend of mine asked what kind of software he should use for very basic 3D modelling and animation.

It would be the style of pic related.

I figured blender would be a good option, but I am wondering if there is any more basic software.
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Blender is to 3D modeling as Manual Transmission is to driving.
people love manual transmission
People love Blender too. But if it's automatic you're looking for, Blender ain't it.

Some 3D Creationist app wonders. Any better app to do lighting & textures? Thanks!
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Blender is free and pretty good.

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Any idea how to match the right one to the left?And why the lighting becomes so drasticly different when I hit play?
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Are you using color filters from PS? That's what I always do and it helps make my scene more to my exact wants.
No I don't, but I probably should. Ill try it, thanks :)
Post process volume, or the camera doesn't have post processing.

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