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I'm new to 3ds Max, I've scoured the web for a solution to my problem to no avail.

I'm attempting to use the boolean tool to cut out the silhouettes of animals into an object, but whenever I add a shell to the object, some of the polygons like to spaz out by protruding, extruding, and everything else. I just want them to be flush with the object.

Can anyone help me out with this annoyance?
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Use the Knife/Slice/Cut (don't know what you max users call it) and cut it out. Clean up your topology, extrude and bridge.
That's because of the topology around the cut. The points "don't know" where to go when you shell the surface if there are ngons around the cut.

You'd probably be better shelling the surface first, then the silhouette, and doing the cut when both have volumes
Cute velociraptor

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old one reached bump limit
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in zbrush how do i import .obj as a subtool with the least amount of hassle?

if i open my projects from my zpr file and i don't have any new tools assisged it gives me trouble when i switch to a new tool to import .obj - i cannot edit my previous tool anymore

maybe im doing this all wrong. can someone direct me
Anyone know anything about porting Blender models to XNAlara?

I just wanna play with dickgirl barbie dolls, man.

Are you using goz plugin with ur app.

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bob 47.jpg
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What does everyone think of my 3D model?
I made him in Blender in about 1.5 hours.
I didn't bother with any fancy camera stuff, mainly because I have no idea how to work it.

Any advice/opinions is greatly appreciated/ :)
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Use smooth shading and learn to edge split/10

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What albums do you listen to while modelling, /3/? What Genre is it? What do you like about them?
>pic related
psychedelic/indie rock
The songs from these albums blend together seamlessly. The guitar and vocals are absolutely fantastic and time seems to accelerate when I have these on. For some reason I really focus on my work when listening.
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Various Outrun/Electro/Synthwave
I just listen to a lot of instrumental and math rock.

Chon, Plini, Fall of Troy, Polyphia, the list goes on.

Right now, I'm dwelling in the old school high school feels with some Dance Gavin Dance.

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Hey gods of 3D, i want to know whats your workflow when youre going to do a texture, using Photoshop.

You first do the diffuse, then bump/displacenment, then the reflections maps, and so on...

or you set a 3 Points Lightining setup in the scene and sees the reflection of the materials first, and then goes to Photoshop and do the painting stuff...

Whats the most efficient workflow way to do Textures?
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There is no one method to doing anything. It depends on the artist and their preferences as well as the needs of the project.

Generally, if you have a lot of displacement though it's advisable that you make sure that renders properly. From there it can branch off in several ways. For instance, if it's a very stylized non photorealistic character then you'll obviously just have to paint a diffuse texture with built in lighting (and perhaps you will incorporate baked ambient occlusion). If it is meant to have lighting, but you're using an older shading model, then your spec/gloss maps will be following the old method (where you tighten up the gloss where spec is stronger and vice versa). And if you want reflections you'll have to create separate reflectance maps. On the other hand, if you're working with many modern shading models, specular/reflectance is merged into one attribute, which usually stays constant for one material, and highlights are instead controlled with roughness aka gloss, which automatically will dim/brighten highlights based on how rough you make the surface. Or it could be the metal/roughness workflow, in which case you don't need a specular map and you simply define which areas are metal or dielectric (this assigns a constant reflectance to dielectrics if the metallic is 0 and converts your color map to the specular if the metallic is 1). If none of what I said makes sense, you should do some reading on PBR, as you have no business painting maps if you don't understand what they're really doing.

I mainly work aiming for realism, and this is my personal workflow, generally: I make sure displacements work, adjust the scale as desired. I create/import a lookdev lighting setup (a neutral setup that lets you see the model clearly, this could be 3 point lighting, quality HDRI map). Now it depends what kind of model it is, but generally I won't start really doing lookdev yet.

However, I'll throw shaders and set up basic values so I can get a good sense of things and the maps I need. Because often you'll want way more than just color spec bump and roughness, maybe you're layering a dirt shader on top and want a special map for that if that makes sense. Some people prefer to do more work within the texture painting stage and some within the shading stage. Again... it depends on preferences and needs.

Once I know what I need, I'll start with the bump map usually. Reason being that surface details like this can often be reused in the other maps as a base. It also makes it easier to tweak it in lookdev when there aren't any other maps getting in the way of your judgement. From there, I'll do the color map, making sure not to paint in too much shadows (that's the renderer's job). If you use a software like Substance Painter there's a lot you can get for free procedurally, but even then you'll want to tweak it and do handpainting so it doesn't look like you just slapped it on. Once the color map is done, following general realism guidelines (not too black or too blown out, not too saturated), I'll create a roughness map usually from scratch. Reason being that I find color maps don't always translate great to roughness, and you lose a lot of depth/detail if your roughness map is a clone of the color. You want the reflectance of the surface to feel independent from the color. At various points I'll export my maps out to keep testing them in the lookdev scene (especially if you're only using photoshop). A good understanding of shading will help as you can do a lot outside of texturing to bolster the look of the object, like layering on procedural noise/patterns to vary the color and value of surfaces.

Wow thanks for those info man.. Really appreciate it

Hello /3/ I am in the process of creating an interior scene and in the past I was plagued making the scene more realistic. Is it the lighting, is it the materials, please share your views.
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The image is too small to tell what's really going on. Up the resolution by a factor of four and repost.
also, wooden surfaces are too flat, and the carpet looks clumsy
Looks like it's some seashore city in the middle of summer, so why the fuck are all those lights on? I get it, you want to show them, but still...
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I just watched an anime where a girl learned Autodesk in a day. Is that realistic?
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She only learned how to hide shit with ctrl+h. Also, who uses a textbook in this day and age?

I wish the studio I work at was like the one in this show though.
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try shirobako is more realistic imo

Hey guys total noob here. I am a graphic artist and have been dabbling with basic 3D lately (Sketchup + Vray). I have been learning on my own but I wanna ask where can I find some basic guides in general. To be specific I want to create something similar to pic attached, a 3D logo presentation. I have my own 2d logo done. I just want to know how to get rid of the default "sky" background in sketchup. Thanks.
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I don't use Sketchup. I use Maya with Vray and i'm not a pro, but maybe if you have something with Vray in Maya i could help...

I dont know about a material for free that can teach you Vray (unless youtube tutorials), i learned VRay online (still learning actually)..
If you're a graphic designer you would be best getting familiar with Cinema 4D. Import illustrator file and extrude paths to get geometry.

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They're not keeping up with the times and giving shitty yearly updates despite trying to jew users out of money.
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> Modo
literally what ?
It's made by brits, which is questionable to me, but it's supposed to be good.
I don't think anything can surpass the autojew products. Never tried Modo but by the looks of the trailer, there is nothing you can't do in Modo in Max or Maya.

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opinions on my artistic creation?
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ayy lmao
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why is it
>the current year
yet I've still to find fappable CG porn
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because professionals aren't degenerates that make that stuff
Look harder, wrong board.
Of course, for the right price.
mlp futa is very fappable

I normally use TurboSquid (Id recommend it for all sorts of other things) to get textures but they don't have any black people.

>I do architectural illustrations and am doing a (mostly black) church.
>I need full body textures of individual and small groups of black people.
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Make them in Daz Studio or Poser.
If its not too specific, they need to be dressed professionally (or church-y?).
I already have software, I just need the file.
I'm working in 3dsmax if that helps

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Does anybody know of any good CAD software torrents for Windows?
Already tried on /wsr/
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Dude, you can get the fully operational education license for free, they don't even check if you are a student (at least Autodesk). Unless you are incapable of removing the tiny watermark from your documents, then shit man, better rev up them torrents.
>that floor-plan
What is it?

I feel I must alert you folks to the beauty that is working on CAD and other 3D (in fact any editing software), with an MMO-type mouse like this one. There are quite a few out there but I've only tried this one and it's fucking great. I'm using it with Revit and have all 12 side buttons assigned to various commands. You can make different configurations for each program and then within each program you can make different configurations for that particular program. So basically even if you run out of buttons you can do that or if you don't want to have to go to open Synapse to cycle configurations, you can just assign new shortcuts in your program (e.g "ctrl+ <the shortcut you've applied to button 1>") so effectively you have unlimited combinations and basically your memory is the only thing that limits how many shortcuts you can use. It took me 3-4 days to memorise what I assigned to each button but now it's become second nature, to the point where I get annoyed when I have to use a normal mouse.

tl;dr MMO mice for 3D software fucking rule
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Apologies for the terrible writing-style, I'm a tired mofo.

1. you don't need it anyway
2. what will you do when you are in a studio with no multi button mouse?

if you are a hobbyist use whatever the fuck you like, use toaster if it increases your workflow. if you have ambition/doing 3d as work, use what the industry uses

not rocket science.
not OP
1. you don't need a Latte Macciato, a blowjob and a massage either, but its still good to have it.
2. bring / buy / demand a proper mouse

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I need a place to get money. I am a pro 3D modeler. I just need some one who can pay me for a model. Please link me to a place where I dont have to sign up (If there is a place). Thanks man!
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Why would I hire someone who can't even be bothered to spend 30 seconds making an account?
I just want something fast. Most sites have these coins and shit that I have to get to work for people and the coins cost money. But thanks for stopping by I guess
upwork,freelancer,fiverr etc

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