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I used this strange program a while ago. I wanted to get it again, but it's now completely discontinued. Has anybody still an install file for the newest version 3.3.0?
Also, did some of you also use Groboto? What did you make? I always thought it made really interesting shapes
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I have much interest in this too, very neat software! Bumping this thread!
It became mesh fusion in Modo.
Isn't groboto just booleans with primitive meshes ? I remember it being very limited but the mesh exports were pretty good with nice topology on complex cutout shapes

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yo /3/ im new to blender and want to know where i can i find the best begginers tutorial on blender
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Any tutorials that cover the basics and the interface will do.
After that, you can watch beginner tutorials for pretty much any 3d modelling program, all the concepts still apply, you just press different buttons.
Tutor4u's videos on youtube (the quintessential cup you see everywhere) is by far the best tutorials.

Reason being you get introduced to a lot of features of Blender and you get to make something look good. At first you'll feel like "I just went through all that shit and I came out with an Owl but I still don't know how to draw an Owl" but in reality you DID learn and you'll find discussions / tutorials / /3/ posts that didn't make sense to you before are now making more sense.

Once you do all his shit, find a longer tutorial off cgpersia

Eventually you'll want to read broader more informative articles, rather than straight up tutorials, like Andrew Price or Gleb Alexandrov's stuff.

Gleb is the fucking god emperor of Blender, but if you jump straight into his shit you'll be really frustrated because you don't have the basics.

Also, all your renders will look like crap at first because

1) you don't know shit about lighting, and lighting is ESSENTIAL especially for reflective or metal-like surfaces
2) you don't know how to go make good looking Materials (blender's defaults suck) and you don't know how to configure the stock Materials to look good
3) you don't know how to setup Cycles to be fast and look good; by default it tries for ultra realism at the cost of time (high samples)
4) there are dumb quirks you need to learn about (this is true of EVERY software) to tweak things to look right
5) you don't know how anything about composition (making an appealing picture)
6) you don't know anything about the post production process known as Compositing, whereby you tweak and touch up the Render to give it that extra oomph (some purists will take their touch-ups and then tweak the Scene itself so that new Renders will look like the touched up version)

Basically, go into understanding that nothing you do will look good at first, you'll barely understand what's going on, and if you try to jump ahead you'll be disappointed, so go slow and steady.
I, too, am new to blender

My m3 button is broken so I can't move around or do anything. I looked up how to change keybinds and it shows people just opening the user preferences tab and whatever, but when I click that tab, it doesn't open? all it does is change the top bar to only say '' save user settings''

>tfw greeks and romans sculped in stone 2000 years ago better than you now using computer programs

Why even live?
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>hideous nose bridge
maybe, but they couldn't texture or color things for shit. So comps still win.
maybe, but they can't texture or color for shit. So comps still win.

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i'm a newfag to the 3d scene and a budding Blender user who has a problem. i was getting into a beginner blender video tutorial and all was fine and dandy until the person doing the tutorial got to the Transformation Manipulators section of Blender. I have come to find in particular that the Rotation Manipulator in particular is problematic for me. i can't constantly select it, when i try i have to do it like 8 times and let the red&white cursor ring appear all over it before i can select the damn thing. i have been doing this for half and hour and this seems like a problem that i should resolve before i get in to deep and get fucked over. so /3/, am i just stupid or do you have any solutions for me to fix this? Like a way to make the rotation manipulators bigger so that they are easier to select?
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Press "R" instead.
fuck the rotation manipulator.
I use the 3d gizmo instead, and even then I'm just moving with "G".
thanks for the input anon, i seriously appreciate it

Click and drag
- on outer white circle to rotate around view axis
- on inner white circle for free rotation
- on red circle to rotate around X axis
- on blue circle to rotate around Z axis
- on green circle to rotate around Y axis

When pressing Ctrl while clicking and dragging: rotate in increments
When pressing Shift while clicking and dragging: precise rotation

You simply have to click near the circle lines.

But pressing 'R' is generally faster.

Fun tip:

After pressing R
- press Z, X or Y to rotate along that axis (twice for local axis)
- press Shift and Z, X or Y to exclude that axis from rotation (twice for local axis)

(this also works with G (movement) and S (scaling)

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Is there any place where I can download free substances fot substance painter?
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substance share
Except from the obvious places, obviously.
Make them yourself you lazy faggot, that way theyl be unique and it wont be obvious that you used sp.

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old one reached the bump limit
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does anyone know how to explode models to bake in blender?
anyone know how i manually retopo a model in blender?
>object - origin to geometry
>shift+s cursor to selected
>shift+a create a new plane
>cut the plane in half
>add mirror
>add snapping,snap to surface of other objects
>add shrinkwrap
>use x-ray on new mesh
>start extruding edges and veriticies

how would you go about recreating this?
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looks like a really shitty liquid simulation software
Better than Blender's chunky liquid anyway.
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try and top that.

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Thoughts on this? The devs have showed a lot and it is VR compatible.
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seems like itll be very limited
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Greeble makes 10 times more complicated structures than this garbage with one click. It's really pathetic the quality and effort spent on these terrible dumb indie games these days.
whats the point?

itd probably be relaxing af but whats the point beyond that.

What's the best anime cg you've ever seen? Tsukiuta this season is gorgeous.
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Guilty Gear Xrd takes the cake.

GG Xrd looks like crap when compared to these.

thats a negative ghost rider.

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Hi /3/
Im in 3dsmax and I cant figure out how to do this.
I want to put my pivot rotation in the correct way for making this move.
Im using the tools at the right but even when putting it right in the middle of the tetra it doesnt work fine.

Is there any script or an easier way?
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>Im using the tools at the right but even when putting it right in the middle of the tetra it doesnt work fine
You can center several different objects pivot points in one location, and center them using the ´align tool' button on the top.
Better describe in detail what is 'not working right' or the t/3/apots will completely and utterly ignore you.
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I think I didnt explain it correctly, sorry, I want the piece to fit correctly in the figure when applying a rotation, but I dont know where to put the pivot.

I tried different positions and angles, centering it to the middle of the piece but it always ends up rotating in a strange way and only fitting correctly when doing a 360º instead of 120º (2 equilateral triangles)
align the pivot to the center of the inside face by enabling snap to center face, then align it in rotation to said face
can't think of a simple method to align it perfect in rotation though, if i couldn't use scripts, I'd use a null object that i'd constraint in some way (attach contraint probably) to the face to have a reference i could align the pivot to, but maybe that's overkill.

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post count
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Figuring out colors, will start texturing tomorrow
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I don't usually post my work here out of fear of getting cyber bullied till I cry myself to sleep, but oh well.

I'm working on a new project, I do a lot of synthwave/outrun art so that's what the general theme is.
The idea behind this one was me trying to get some sort of Ziggurat to look neat within an outrun setting. I think it works out for the most part so far.
The lighting will change drastically later on, but for now I have an hdri as a placeholder.
The pillars are meant to be clipping into the ground as well, it's more or less sand.

I'm about at the halfway point and it's not really coming together as a whole too well. I'm not really sure what to add to have everything coalesce in a good way. If you have any ideas, I'm down.
I don't understand what the OP post is trying to say. The dictionary is always right.

Why do most industry professionals hate open source software? Even independent professionals. Why would they spend hundreds to thousands of dollars on software when in most cases you can get nearly the same with open source?

Of course I'm not talking about places with their own in house software.
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I read that professionals need 24/7 technical support, which is missing in open source softwares
OSS isn't taught in school.
As someone who has been too poor to afford their adobe licence & forced to use GIMP, let me tell you straight up that there is a reason why everyone uses photoshop.

GIMP is for when you are poor, that's why I have it installed on my PC just in case. I've gotten good at GIMP, but holy shit is it fucking backwards. Fucking BACKWARDS; the amount of threads I've gone through to figure out how to do things, only to read...
>GIMP doesn't support X, but they've been really pushing for it for a while & hopefully it will be in a future build.
...is retarded.

I hate complaining because it's free; but it still is aids.

Also, I've been using Max for 7 years & I don't want to learn fucking Blender. Sorry, I've got better things to do with my time.

And lastly, sometimes those programs/plugins that cost $1000s are fucking worth it. Some of them are amazing & I wish I had the money for them so I don't have to do tacky work around shit to get a sub-optimal result.

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dota movie.png
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No thanks.

Can i animate it with Maya ? Because im good with it.

Do you guys know CATIA? My university is promoting it in many courses and claims that it is the standard CAD solution for any bigger companies for example for cars. However, the workflow seems to be pretty shit and kind of very hard to understand. What do you think? Is it worth it to learn or are there better CAD tools for the production? Also any general advices about CATIA?
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from my understanding its not a regular CAD program

holy shit that is full of retard
Catia is pretty much the standard CAD software for any engineering/design-firm, especially in the automotive industry, but its a bitch to learn as there is not much in terms of tutorials online and Dassault doesn't offer trial licenses for Catia. I agree that the workflow is pretty shit and many tools in the different modules does the same thing with slight variation, but if you're looking to get in the automotive industry I suggest you learn the basics and get comfortable with the program.

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Earlier today in class I was able to save some UV Snapshots made in Maya 2016 as .psd files.

But now on my PC that file format isn't showing up as available in the drop-down menu when I try to save it.

I've been scouring Autodesk's website trying to figure out how to get that file format supported, I even installed the Maya 2016 Service Pack 6 but it still won't who up.

I also looked in the preferences>plugin manager and it's still not there.

How can I get my home PC to have the same save options?
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>Goes to school
>Doesn't tell teachers about this
I'm an animator, so I reserve the right to say this
>>Goes to school
>>Doesn't tell teachers about this
>I'm an animator, so I reserve the right to say this

Well, I didn't notice it later that day and my next class isn't till Monday.

You're just a useless asshole without any relevant info.

Making gif's to fap to doesn't make you an animator.
If you think I use the cancer that is SFM, you've got another thing coming lil boy

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