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I have 3.5 years experience as a 3d generalist. I model props/environments, rig props/do light character rigging, texture, and write tools to speed up workflow. I've trained and managed others and have come up with pipelines for projects in my studio.
I know it's impossible to say without seeing the quality of my work, but based on that description alone, do i fall under 'entry level' or 'junior level ' artist? What defines each? What defines a senior level artist?
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OP here. Sorry i meant to say 3.5 years as a 3d generalist working in a small animation studio in Los Angeles
Copy pasting one for programming, just think in 3D version of this

I would say entry level and Junior are the same thing. They are just out of school and have less than two years of work experience. They are assigned the least complex tasks and should be supervised fairly closely. Generally they know about 10% of what they think they know. Usually they have not been through the whole development cycle and so often make some very naive choices if given the opportunity to choose.

Intermediate level is where many programmers fall. They have more than two years experience and generally less than ten, although some can stay at this level their whole careers. They can produce working code with less supervision as long as they are assigned to relatively routine tasks. They are not generally tasked with high level design or highly complicated tasks that require an in-depth level of knowledge. They may be tasked with the design of a piece of the application though, especially as they are in the zone to become a senior developer.They can usually do a decent job of troubleshooting and debugging, but they have to really slog through to get the hard ones. They are the workhorses of the programming world, they deliver probably 80-90% of the routine code and maybe 10% of the very difficult stuff.

No one who is senior level even needs to ask this question. They are experts in their chosen technology stacks. They are given the hard tasks and often get design responsibilties. They often work independently because they have a proven track record of delivering the goods. They are expected to mentor Junior and intermediate developers. Often they are amazing troubleshooters. They have run into those same problems before and have a very good idea of where to look first. Seniors often mentor outside the workplace as well. They generally have at least ten years of experience and have almost always been on at least one death march and know exactly why some things are to be avoided.
>What defines a senior level artist?
The quality of your work., or how many people actually LIKE it.
Don´t bother post anything in here, trolls will say it is shit even if it´s quality, unless it´s a DAZ nude.
This 'senior', 'junior' and other shitty titles are just excuses to pay you less. Say to your boss that you´re an advanced artist and demand the highest pay in the scale (top senior or whathever the heck) and threat to leave the office to do your own work if they don´t.
They you will see what level you are.

i fell for the modo meme and was using it for a few weeks, i just deleted it because it sucks bad

the smallest things will set you back:

> literally cannot move a vertex or poly to a set location in space in relation from 0,0,0. i was planning on modeling my apartment and it was impossible to make exact measurements ( modo forum defense force says the reason behind this is that it isn't a scene creator, it's strictly a modeler, which makes no fuckin sense )

> no easy way to just turn on hard edges. for a sphere you have to edit the material assigned to the sphere and turn smoothing to 0, for box modeling you need to edit vertex weight. have a box and a sphere? you need to edit each respective object each way as i described

> i could NOT assign two different materials to two different selections of polys, even after copying and pasting them into separate groups, would assign whatever texture i had highlighted to both groups. this is probably something simple but i'm fucking done skimming through 10 videos to find out i need to click 10 more times in the program for something milkshape could do in one step

> program crashes all the time, feels like its in beta
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are you sure that the case? have you posted questions in forums?

what do you mean can't move a a vertices's in space? there is window that tells you the location of the vertices's?
There is a window that shows location of verts but it's in relation to the center of the object you're editing, so it's useless
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I remember trying one of the very first beta releases of Modo years and years ago. It liked to crash a lot. Doesn't sound like much has changed, since you always here about how buggy the program is.
Also some of what you wrote reminds me of the archaic nonsense that is Lightwave. No proper support for smoothing groups/vertex normals. In 2016. Seriously, what the fuck.

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Are nvidia cards still considered as requirement status for Max and Maya?
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CUDA is still king
yes. CUDA cores only work for CAD software, the future is GPU renderers.
nvidia is generally better for rendering and simulation.

amd have their own techs too,i usually don't render so it don't matter for me. worst case scenario ill render my stuff online

Tips on how to make perfect topology when modeling a human face?
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I can't believe Mark Seam is coming to my school to teach us about UV-unwrapping. It's what I struggle the most with right now.

I can't wait!

Picture is related, how I am feeling it right now.
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> UV unwrapping
> 2016
File: 1452147220783.png (30KB, 542x410px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Mark Seam
is this a joke?


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lol using vista print to make fake business cards!
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WHAT A REBEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1!!!!!!!!111!!!1!!
Absolutely terrible design work OP.

2/10 would not hire for blowjob.

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hello /3/
so i'm having a problem here in c4d:

i've got a book in a cloner randomly flying around. i've got 10 textures randomly assigned to these clones using a multishader and random effector.
the problem is, no matter what i do the textures seem to being assigned in 'groups' instead of completly random.

pic related – as you can see they somehow always repeat nearby and out of the 10 textures there mostly are something around 4-5 pictured..

anyone know what the problem here is?

the random effector for the multishader is set to 200%, min 0%, max 100%, random

thanks so much!
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Try a different seed, maybe.
that doesn't really change much, just different colors that seem to appear in "groups"..
could it have to do with cloner settings?

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So I need help with Cinema 4D.. I want to make a weird/scary looking cow but I don't even know how to make a cow. I've worked with this before but I just don't know what to do. Anyone that doesn't mind helping me through chat on skype or something? It's very important.
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Learn zbrush and sculpt
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copy paste this


search for a cow there (choose one you liked or one that could be downloaded)

see the yellow squares on the pic that i posted? play with those for deforming the model. you could also use "creepy" textures.
if you still don't know how to do it try searching on yt for c4d modeling tutorials.
but that would take him a couple of weeks
Cinema 4d it's said to have a great interface and animation tools, but for modeling is shit, you are better downloading any other software like blender, or zbrush and then transfering those files for animation to cinema

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I'm using solidworks and trying to make ridges on the inside of this shell, but can't figure out how.

I tried creating a bunch of thin rectangles on one surface inside and raising them, but I didn't know how to copy them to the other surfaces and have them equally spaced.

Anyone have any ideas?
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Can you quickly MSpaint what you want it to look like or give dimensions for the ridges?
See the attached picture. Inside the shell, I'd like ridges that are about 5mm tall, 2mm wide, and spaced apart equally.
Is this for a 3D printed vagina?

Hey guys. I'm working in Maya 2014, did this torso and arm separately and merged the two so that none of the vertexes overlapped. I'm still getting these weird shadows on my mesh and I don't know how to get rid of them or make the mesh look better, and I've tried soften edge as well. I've also got this problem down the chest of this guy as well.

Also, are there any good fixes for the mess of mesh that I managed to come up with on the armpit area? I couldn't find a good way to connect these two things on my own, I'm sure I'm missing something though.
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I don't use Maya but a seam like that is indicative of there being an issue with how the shading is being interplolated across the mesh. In this case, it doesn't appear to actually be connected at the right vertices. I see you have a bunch of triangle faces there which are known to cause problems but I don't know if that's that's the issue. Is there a way for you to remove overlapping vertices with a button or command like you can in Blender?
Did you just attach the arm to the solid body as-is or did you leave holes on both parts and "weld" the holes together?
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Here's a shot of what it looks like from the inside. I don't (to my knowledge) have any faces inside this thing that are being unused, it's just outline at this point.

Every single vertice should be connected, and everything's merged into one shape, unless there's something I missed.

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Is CGPeers down? I haven't been able to access it for the last 24 hours or so; just reformatted so I'm reacquiring all my software.

>not backing it up on an external drive

Yeah, I know
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Dude what? What did you do with the setup files?
Btw cgpeers is down.
Also in the future, just google "is <site>.com down", you can see see if any sites are down in downuptime.com
yea its down, again.

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Trying to port a hair from another game Fallout 4.

Asked several people, to not much avail...so this is the last place I can ask.

Does 3ds have something like a transorm - apply feature like old Nifskope?

This is what happens:
Pic 1: original nif
Pic 2: Nif when exported directly from 3ds, looks like shit (is there a way to fix this?)
Pic 3: Nif when exported from 3ds, but adjusted to not look like shit, has Z level 120 in nifskope; Causes the goddamn mesh to dissapear when I get close

I'm trying to get a workflow going of fixing a REALLY annoying glitch caused by bad vertex normals, so far its this:

1. import nif into 3ds
2. Edit "Change properties" "Backface cull"
3. Unify normals
4. Edit normals
5. Break normals and unify normals
6. Change order of modifier list, skin above BS SubIndex modifier
7. Set Z-level of mesh to 120 due to it dropping to the floor (if not at 120 it will be at the NPCs feet, instead of head)
8. Export

Whenever I do this, the exported Nif has a Z level of 120 showing in nifskope, which causes the mesh to become invisible when up close (webm coming next post)
I know old nifskope had a transform - Apply feature that would fix this, unfortunatly current Nifskope for FO4 does not.
It is possible to fix this issue in Outfit studio but they bring back the shitty vertex normals, the very thing I am trying to fix...

tl;dr - Does 3ds have some way of transforming and applying changes so that the translation in nifskope says 0 all around?
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And here's the issue I'm having, at least with the 3rd nif with z level 120:

Nif is the main reason I never bothered modding Bethesda games. Worldspace normal maps are also a pain in the ass. For one of the most modded engines the tools are absolutely atrocious.

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So I was getting started in blender, however there is always part of the image that looks completely horrible. In this case it is the rim of the cup. How does everyone else avoid this?
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All about those UVs mang.
So do i need to make it so that the edge of the cup takes up more space when uv mapping it? Sorry if this is a stupid question i'm pretty new.
You fucked your UVs up for that piece of the cup. Redo those pieces and then come back to us.

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Piece of shit software.

I Need the list of animators who use this shit software so i can kill them one by one.
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> source filmmaker used advanced tools on noob anon
> advanced tools was super effective!
> anon rekt
Do you have to own source games for this thing to work?
Nope, just steam

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thief model.png
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Anyone here familiar with a .cal model file? I do not know what program to use to open in. Google didn't yield any answers. Any guidance would be appreciated.
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have you really typed "3dsmax biped pose adjustment file" in google and didn't get any results ?

also why do you think a 2kb file is a model file ?

from : http://help.autodesk.com/cloudhelp/2016/ENU/MAXScript-Help/files/GUID-0BEE71B1-4C68-4419-959F-0BFBA7ED70B6.htm

>A .cal file is used for processing marker files that require the same adjustment.
i doesn't sound like it will contain any mesh data
I highly doubt they would use autodesk format files in a production game, they are probably engine-specific files, i would think, anyways


You're a dingus, OP.

bin and cal files are object and pose information for models used in the Dark Engine. There exist tools to convert bin/cal files to 3DSmax files and back. There exist tutorials for that.

Go to the TTLG forums and wipe the dust off of whatever ancient tomes of information exist there.

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