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Going on a trip to Cuba next week as a service project for school, any last minute advice before I venture off?
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Bring mosquito repellant
Thanks :^)
Kind of interested. Going to be in Florida in June for a week and a friend wants to catch a plane to Cuba the week after, apparently you can get round trips for like $250.

He thinks it would be a good time but I argue it would probably be just as cheap and a better time just going to Miami for a few days. I dunno, he says they party way harder in Cuba, girls are hotter, cheaper, ect.

How safe is it? Like I said it seems it wouldn't be any more interesting than Miami and I wouldn't have to worry about getting my organs harvested.

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Hi /trv/lers, I'm planning a month long South America trip this summer. I would like to see Colombia, Peru, Chile, Argentina, and Brazil and I am looking for all types of recommendations. Cities I need to visit or avoid, sights to see in those cities, restaurants and national food/drink that I have to try, hostels/cheap hotels to stay at, national parks, history, museums, ruins, and etc.

And for some background on me, I'm an American graduating from grad school and this will be my first time traveling solo. I speak passable Spanish, pretty good Portuguese.
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Hi friend. In my opinion that is way too large to cover in a month. Argentina itself is as long as the US is wide, even longer maybe.

I've been to BsAs, Ushuaia, El Calafete, mendoza, Cuzco, Lima.

I really liked Buenos Aires, always fun stuff to do and great culture but just be careful at night, I did get mugged near La Boca because I was careless.

I did not really like Ushuaia or El Calafate, but I'm not too interested in nature or snow stuff myself.

mendoza was a good time, if you're in the area I'd recommend it, it's kind of like buenos aires but way smaller and cheaper. maipu plaza is cool, museum of san martin was cool.

cuzco was really cool, my friend and I did a 4 day trek via salkantay to macchu picchu, the guides set up the tent and food for us, we just had to keep on walking. highly recommend it if you're in OK shape. it was pretty hard for me but definitely worth it.

i only stayed 2 days in lima before I had to go back but I really liked it, city center is cool, nightlife if you're into that, etc.

I haven't been anywhere in South America besides Peru, but I'll second the opinion that it's insane to try to cover that much ground in a month. Pick a much smaller area than the whole continent and refocus, or else you'll spend the entire trip getting from place to place
Unless you're willing to spend a shitload of money on flights and almost no time in any of those destinations, this is not possible in a month.

In a month, pick one country or perhaps combine two (e.g. Peru + Bolivia, Southern Chile + Argentina, Southern Brazil + Buenos Aires, Colombia + Northern Brazil)

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what's your favourite african country and why? how about africa for those who have never been?
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I just posted this in another thread -- good African countries for beginners are Morocco in the north, Gambia in the west, Namibia or SA in the south, Kenya or Tanzania in the east.
The second tier of accessibility includes Senegal, Gambia, Uganda, Zimbabwe, Mozambique.
Oops, I meant Ghana, not Gambia, although both fit on that list.
>tfw I want to visit Ethiopia but I'm afraid of the language barrier and current unrest

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Living in Chiang Mai for £280 a month? Seriously??


I know Thailand is cheap but is this honestly do-able?
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Mate, I've lived in london for £300 a month. Didn't live well but I've done it
that's like $15/day...wouldn't even get you a decent room in a cheap guesthouse. maybe living in the dorms, eating street food and not going out...but rent on an apartment alone would probably be $300
May be possible for locals. Unlikely for anyone else. It was already said, accommodations alone will cost more than that.

In January I am given 8 days holiday by my workplace. I live in Switzerland so the stronger currency and location in Europe is a plus when travelling.

I will travel alone. My question is... what do you do? If I go to Madrid for example do I just wander around the city staring at shit until its time to eat again?
How do you meet people or get invited to things or whatever? I'm kind of lonely so if I'm just going to end up wandering around like a hobo I might as well stay home. I'm seriously clueless here. Help please.
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Book a hostel, find some other travelers, go to a bar, download tinder, go to a concert.

Just to name a few.
Stay in a hostel and it will be easy to find people to hang out with. First day there make sure to say hi to everyone in your room, talk them up a little (where you from? what you up to here? etc), and ask what their plans are for the next few days. Then make plans with whoever seems nice. Go to the common room in your hostel and try to chat with people there, especially if they're sitting alone.

If you find no one go and just enjoy the city on your own. I have done this on some of my trips. In the end I'd rather be walking around the streets of Madrid on my own than sit at home on my own.
>do I just wander around the city staring at shit until its time to eat again?
Yeah pretty much. That's why I try to plan on advance where I should visit, maybe even plan the exact dates and times

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I've been trying to find ways to traverse the world being a poorfag and I think I've found my best option. I'm inspired by this guy:
He has an ongoing series where he travels throughout the Americas on his bike, starting in Canada (visiting Alaska) and working down to Argentina.

I'm not really worried about dying, I kinda hate contemporary society and this is preferential to a bullet through my head.

I was wondering what tips you guys could give me.
>the most sturdy bike for the job
>recommended stops along the way
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good luck my friend.

I have been thinking about doing this myself, but instead across the USA, I just need to buy a motorcycle.

Sorry I do not have any experience or advice.

PS. Just do it. Hope we meet.
I thought about that, kind of like a early Che Guevara type life. I just don't feel like worrying about gas.

Good luck to you as well, remember to savor every moment.

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>"Oh you like traveling? I travel a lot too!"
>Oh cool, what are some cool things you've done?
>"I've went to a bunch of nightclubs in [lists a few countries] and banged a few hot girls"
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lol for me it's like

>went to a and b
>ate this and that
Well, it is technically travel. They just didn't travel as much.

>Hey guys, I'm planning a trip to Thailand soon and have a couple of questions: what's the average price for a hooker? Are the non-prostitutes thai women easy? Which hotel would you recommend in Pattaya? Thank you #worldtraveller

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Going to new york from 2/24 to 3/11.

It's my second time visiting the states (first time was Miami). Travelling along with my gf and 2 buddies (Syrian bull and bull prepper). I have about 5000$ to spend.

To any locals or anyone else who has been in the area:

- What places should I visit?
- Where should I go outside Manhattan?
- Any recommendations on where to buy clothes?
- Any recommendations for electronics/hardware outside of newegg/amazon/microcenter?
- Any must-visit places to eat?
- Any way I could see a baseball game while I'm there?
Any insight would be much appreciated!
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For Tourist spots,restaurants and such get the Time Out guide. Tells you anything you want to know.
Too early for baseball.
For electronics,go to B&H on Ninth Avenue and 34 Street. Owned by Hasid Jews so look up opening and closing times.
Outside of Manhattan:Bronx zoo,Hall of Science,Queens County Farm,Louis Armstrong House,Transit museum.
Eat at Jacob's Pickles is a god damn must, Le Parisien, Mission, X'ian's Famous Foods (get the spicy lamburger), Five guys, fuck shake shack

In Queens, there's the Museum of the Moving Image, Queens Museum (very small) and the Hall of Science. PS1 MoMa has some pretty funky stuff

In Brooklyn, there's the Transit Museum, Brooklyn Museum, and of course the Brooklyn Bridge in DUMBO

To my surprise, the 9/11 museum was REALLY good and the new train station in the wtc is really futuristic and new. Avoid the observation deck for the wtc though.

The ferry to the statue of liberty is free, but you can't go inside the statue

MoMA, museum of natural history, the American section of the Met has some really impressive and famous paintings. ALSO, the met and natural history have pay what you want policy so ask them about it

Biking in the city is really fun and faster then the subway. You can get some really amazing views of the city
>Five guys

It's a chain, why would you want to eat that shit?

>Biking in late February
It's freezing out and there's snow and slush all over the place. I'd suggest the subway as you'll be going in and out of terrible NYC traffic. It's shitty to drive, even shittier to bike.

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Ask someone who has lived and worked in Thailand for 15 years anything.
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What part(s) of Thailand? Can you speak Thai? What do you do? I will be changing careers un the next five years, can I work where you work? Business major, supply chain management. Logistics and military background
3 questions for a idiot who dont know nothing:

>Is Thailand safe for a 18 years old, blonde guy?

>Is Thailand cheap place to go? can i find work there?

>Is true that Thailand is the trap country? did you find alot of thai traps there? what is the country opnion about this?
I'm not OP but
If you're blond and white you gonna slay the pussy game (if you're not awkward or ugly as fuck)

I don't know about jobs, I'm currently looking there too but it seems the regulation is quite strict

There are traps but pretty easy to spot, and usually they tell you

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Questions That Don't Deserve Their Own Thread

Ask questions that don't need their own thread.
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To start, I'd like some insights.

I can either travel around Europe and SEA and try to keep going for probably one or two years OR I could go to Japan and try to stay there for one year studying Japanese or something.

The first option won't include Japan due to visa stupidities.
The second option requires me enrolling into a school or something to get my hands in a long term visa.

Money would most likely run out in the second option (due to school fees) while in the first I could probably try to cut corners here and there and prolong my traveling.

None are good for my future but fuck my future.

If you were in my shoes, which would you choose?
just pick one
traveling from cold to warm climate: what to do with my warm clothes?
I'll only need it on the way to the airport and on the way from the airport when coming back. I don't want to lug it through my Indonesia trip though. Already a pair of shoes is quite a lot to carry around, and there's aslo at least a jacket.

I was thinking leaving it in the first hotel I stay in, for a fee of course, but in fact I won't have any big loops in my trip to do that. The only loop is that I'll be getting back to the same airport. But airport storage is quite expensive, when it's for many days...


seems like a silly thing but I'm quite at a loss.

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My dad just retired and wants to move to Hawaii, on the big island, likely the far side opposite of the tourist part of the island. He's asked me if I want to go with him. I'm a sickly hikikomori so I have nothing tying me down, but I feel cautious on this, I might rather stay in California with the rest of my family.

Have you ever been or even lived there /trv/? What did you make of it? Would you recommend it to other anons? Did you ever get bored of paradise? Also lastly what are the internet speeds like for browsing, pirating, and gaming?

More info on me I guess, is that I grew up less than a block from the beach in the Bay Area. I used to surf and lived on the beach every summer but my leash wrapped around my feet underwater once and I haven't since. Also too weak now anyways but whatever. Also I was an anthropology major so I'd probably take an interest in the native culture. Lastly I am being seen at Stanford Hospital every few months, but they gave their blessing if I wanted to move. I'd just have to fly back sometimes for appointments.
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Not trying to bump, just posting more pics of tulsi. She seems legitimately cool for a politician. Made me more curious about the rest of Hawaii's politics. My dad, not really serious, said he could try and join the Hawaii independence movement also lol. Obviously not likely to ever happen.
go visit and decide for yourself
I've already been there like 5 times throughout childhood. It's different living there though obviously, which is what I'm asking about.

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hi /trv/

I want do drop everything and just leave. I just want to see this world.

The new year, 2017 got me thinking about how I want to spend this year. I'm 21. I have a good software job at a big tech company. I worked hard to get here. I did it...right? But I'm not sure if I'm happy...

I spend a most of my days looking at flights, and travel deals and blogs and stories. I could tell you Southwest or Norwegian's route map by heart. I dream of going backpacking and getting lost in the alley ways of Prague or hiking the great wall again. I miss the street foods of Korea. Whenever I'm at work, I long for the of hiking, the sun, the beaches, the food, the people, the temples, the cultures. I try to spend almost every moment out and about traveling/road tripping/hiking. If have this itch if I'm not moving and out and about.

I can't stand that I'm cooped up in an office all day, 9-6, every week. By the time I leave work and get home, I'm exhausted. I hate the idea that I need to accumulate vacation days. I can't stand that I only get 3 weeks a year. 3 weeks?!

Can someone give me advice? Does anyone feel like this? Please don't get me wrong. I'm so incredibly thankful for what I have. I've never told anyone about this, and I feel like I can't talk to anyone about this. No one I know I could relate. I know that I'm young, and I have so much time ahead of me. But that doesn't' make me feel better.

I've thought about taking saving for a year or two, quitting my job, and just traveling. But that's so radical. Couldn't imagine telling my family that I would give up a high paying job to be an uppaid backpacker. Also, I don't permanently want this. I want to do it now, when i'm young. I'm I being crazy? I'm I ungrateful? Can someone who can relate, put in my place or give me their thoughts?

Pic not OC, but it's Trdelník from Prague
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Clearly it's not a big enough company or you'd have more than three weeks (or you're in the third world which is understandable too). Just fucking go nigga. But make sure you have enough money to support yourself.

3 week/15 vacation days is pretty average in the US
Fellow American here. I quit my job 2 weeks ago. It was the same thing. 8:00 am to 5:30 PM. Useless corporate job that contributed nothing to society.
I've got 17 k in loans. and another 2k on credit card I need to pay back.
That being said I didn't spend a lifetime of getting a great education and doing fantastic in college to work for just above minimum wage and die in a fucking shitty office selling some bullshit.

I'm personally considering joining the military as an officer. I'm looking more into it, thinking Navy officer. I know I can pass both physical and mental exams. Just need to prep more.

It's an option that lets me get past the usual bullshit of mundane life. I'm going to use it as an opportunity to travel, to learn useful skills, to gain experience etc.

Point in all this is happiness. Just like you mentioned. If you aren't happy fuck the office job. Fuck the mundane. Fuck money. You have between now and maybe 60 years at most before you croak OP. When you imagine opening your eyes one day and being 60 in bed how do you want to remember it?

"lol that was a whacky Christmas party we had back in 2033!"

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I'm a 18 year old half american and half arab student who's going to kiev to study there for the next 5 years, It's my first time traveling and my first time living alone so i hope you guys could help me out and answer some of my questions about the country,

1. Would i be discriminated against there?

2. How essential is it that i learn Ukrainian before i travel there ? (My uni courses are in english)

3. What's the general feeling of the country there?

4. What are some things i should keep in mind that you guys which you knew the first time you traveled?
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1) Yes but you won't be the only Arab one there. There's many African and Arab medical students in Kiev so you won't be that rare.

2) Literally no one speaks any English whatsoever. It's extremely rare to find working class Ukrainians who know any English as well as young people. The only ones you have any chance with are university educated people.

3)Depressing, gloomy, doomed, poor, stand still. Being an American as you are, it's looked down upon to smile and be cheerful everywhere you go. Don't smile and be nice to strangers because they'll think you're fucked up or trying to fuck them. I know, this sounds crazy but it's that weird Soviet mentality.

4) Carry cigarettes even if you don't smoke. To initiate any conversation you offer the person a cigarette. Have a transliteration of your name into cyrillic at all times. You also need an ID to do most things like buy train tickets, exchange money, etc. Don't wonder into slums or ghettos alone, especially as an Arab. Avoid eastern Kiev as that's where the neo-nazis loiter. Be prepared to see mass poverty. Stray animals everywhere and 90 year old babushkas sitting on the sidewalk selling 2 eggs, 3 mushrooms, a spoon, and a random book for pennies.

Have fun
>Carry cigarettes even if you don't smoke. To initiate any conversation you offer the person a cigarette.

That's retarded. No one carries cigarettes if he doesn't smoke.
You hear this advice all the time but I wonder if anyone who gives it actually does this. If you offer someone a cigarette without taking one for yourself surely you look weird.

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I was expecting more women to be dressed as sluts
>should have gone to Vegas
I drove 8 hours for this shit
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kek sacfag here... stayed at home. i heard no fireworks at midnight only at 9pm
Yup, 77 minutes to go
are there still parking? i might go.. still on the fence though

So there was a stupid good deal on flights to Tokyo today, and I bit the bullet and booked for a week. I plan to be there from May 2-9.

Only now I'm realizing it's apparently Golden Week in Japan there. Am I going to be fucked traveling there during this? Or will it be alright?
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If you got a "stupid good deal" during Golden Week, then you got REALLY lucky. If anything, it should be more expensive around that time.

I don't think you will be too fucked. The Japanese, despite their reputation, are actually very proper, orderly people when it matters. I don't think you will come across too many inconveniences.
Yeah, it was like $500 round trip. Someone said a lot of places might be closed for the holidays. Any merit to that?
Even if that's true, I sincerely doubt most of them would matter to a tourist.

Hotels, bars, restaurants, amusement parks, movie theaters, and shopping centres are sure to be open.

Now, you might be hard pressed to find any corporate offices still open.

Basically, all the people with "real" jobs are given a break to spend some much needed time with their families, while everyone else is stuck working to pander to holiday people.

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