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Hey /trv/

My friends and I are planning a trip out to Europe (Americans). They all want to head to Western Europe and see the typical Eurotrip countries like France, Span, and the UK.

I also wanted to go west initially but have heard some great things about Eastern Europe. Namely that it isn't filled to the brim with tourists and the dollar goes alot further there. I guess my question is whether Eastern Europe would be a good idea for first time visits to Europe who are also budget conscious.
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I think that most all of western Europe is a wash, so I'm right there with you. Most normies will ask excitedly when I get back from a europe trip if I saw the eiffel tower. To me Central Europe has never failed to dissapoint, the baltics and balkans as well. If you're new to this sort of thing, I'd go from CZ and work my way down to croatia or even further south, given interest. I've hit most every major city in central Europe, and if I've never been there my girl has, so if you have any specific questions, ask away.
Depends what you're looking to do and what you're interested in. Food? Nightlife? Art? History? Just make friends?
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There's plenty of merits to both.

>Eastern Europe would be a good idea for first time visits to Europe who are also budget conscious.

Yes. I would recommend any country in the Balkans.

>Dollar goes a very long way
>Way safer than any W. Europe nation
>Rougher and gives you a more tactile travel feeling

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Thinking of flying to Peru for my birthday around mid-May. What are some cool things I can do there other than the obvious Machu Picchu/Inca Trail?
Are the Nazca Lines worth seeing? Any other ruins?
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never been to Peru never will just thinking if those alpaca pussies are fuzzy
I'm heading there at the same time as you OP. Get there the 13th. What I've found so far - rainbow mountain, salt flats, markets in the sacred valley, Iquitos amazon jungle adventures, the quakichan or however it's spelled rope bridge, ayahuasca, eating cuy, and hot springs around Cuzco are all on my list of shit to see.
How's your Spanish?
Not OP but yes...gf is coming with me... Do I need to worry about them if I'm around?

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I'm going to be traveling this spring with a friend who has never been outside of Europe before. I want to have a trip that would be great from my own perspective, but one that he would also enjoy. Which do you think would be better: China or Taiwan?

A. China (Beijing and Xian)
+ More famous sights than Taiwan, easily
+ Cheaper
+ I've never been, so it would be more exciting from my perspective
- We all know how rough the Chinese can be
- Pollution risk (is this a problem in late March/early April?)
- Have to apply for visas

B. Taiwan
+ Comfy and developed, so probably easier for him
+ Some of the benefits of China (the food!) without the downsides
+ No visa process required
- I've already been, so could be boring for me (though I've only been to the north)
- Nothing matches places like the Forbidden City or the Great Wall in "must-see appeal"
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The pollution isn't as much a problem as people make it out to be, you won't choke to death or get lung cancer. Additionally, the people in cities aren't that rough and are a bit more civilised, especially in bigger cities like Beijing. However the same can't be said of the countryside, although they shouldn't be a problem a lot of the time. If you're on a shorter trip however, go Taiwan.
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Hi, you got a Chinese here.
I think the most important question is how long are you planning for your trip? China is a huge nation.You may need to stay in one province for a week in order to visit all essential sites, including national park and historical heritages.
On the other hand, there is no "Chinese Food" in China. We have 8 major food style with dozen subdivision. Cities also have their special dishes for you to experience.
Pollution is a problem in eastern China, which is the culture center. However, for western China with great landscape, pollution is not really a problem. Yunnan is the most popular tourism province in China. Landscape there is great, it is kind of like Oregon of China. However, you may hardly able to find people speak English in market over there. Hainan is another famous tourism province, which is alike Florida of China, but it is getting expensive. By the way, if you want to visit Tibet, you need to apply for a sepreate permission once you arrive in China. You can find information on google.
On the other hand, Taiwan is a good place to visit, and due to politic issue between PRC government and RC government, tourism in Taiwan is meeting a crisis, which may decrease your costs. But recently Republic of China is developing a new policy on working hour and labor benefit policy, Anger is building up within the island and may end up with a movement and protest in Taiwan.

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Hey guys, I'm currently travelling Europe and had a bit of a stumble today, and was hoping you might be able to answer some questions I have.

Yesterday I bought four short distance tickets from a machine on the station, and while I used the English translation the information still wasn't the clearest for me, and so I took the tickets with the impression I had four tickets I could use over the course of my two day stay. So I was keen to get about Berlin, see the sights, and I jumped on a train out to Grunewald without validating my ticket (it was made pretty clear on the machine that I had to validate it, but I was a bit overwhelmed by the whole train system, much different and busier to what we have at home, and I fucked it up and neglected to punch it in the stress of finding the right train). I was checked in Bellevue and I handed him my four tickets, quite naive about the whole process and thought I was riding clear since I'd bought four tickets.

Old mate was really nice about it, and took the time to explain the situation to me, then took my passport details and address, and handed me a bank transfer paper and a €60 fine.

I know I buggered up here, stupid touristy mistake or not, I "rode in the black", right, and I'll take the fine if I need to.
But at the same time, €60 is a lot of money and I'm a uni student travelling between semesters, I really don't have much at all.

So my questions are:
If I don't pay it, will it come back to haunt me? I have two weeks to pay the fine, and I leave Berlin tomorrow, though continue travelling the EU for another 2 months.

And will this stop me from entering other EU nations on my trip?

This might come across as me being a grub and not wanting to pay a fine - and yeah I totally don't want to pay this fine, but I understand it's my fault and if I've gotta pay I've gotta pay. Just looking for some advice. Thanks!
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It won't stop you this time around, you might be denied entry to Schengen when you want to visit next time.

A friend of mine was denied re-entry cause he didn't pay his cheque. To be honest I only heard about that one story from him, he got fined in Austria. Might be that other countries are not so good at administering these stuff.
>If I don't pay it, will it come back to haunt me?
very likely, at least on the day you want to leave the schengen area or reenter it.
We talk about the germans. They will issue a warrant if you don't pay and go as far as requesting administrative and legal cooperatione from australia to collect the 60€ + late fees + interest and all their administrative fees
>I have two weeks to pay the fine
pay it up, drink one beer less per evening and you're golden.

Goddamn, so efficient and merciless when it comes to transport fines hey?
It's a steep fare but a fair cop, so I may need to pony up and drink less beer, as you say.

So leaving the Schengen area or entering other countries in the next two months will likely be difficult with this fine on my head?

>Came across some cheap flights to Tel Aviv
>Been thinking about going to Israel for a while
>Fuck it, it's finally time
>Assume my expectations of budget, transport, accessibility of attractions and so forth are as I'd usually read about
>Pause for a second
>Google 'Passover 2017'
>Monday 10th April - Tuesday April 18

Have I just made a terrible mistake? What are your experiences of being in Israel during Passover?
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You could go to West Bank for a few days, it's pretty easy to get there and back. I don't specifically know about passover, but Tel Aviv should still be alive enough no matter what the holiday is. Jerusalem will be a different story.
I'd have liked to have spent more time in Jerusalem than anywhere else but splitting my planned days there with Ramallah and/or Jericho might be a better idea, depending on how long the borders shut down for.

I imagine a trip will still be workable but more difficult than usual
You should stay in Bethlehem and then just take the 231 bus to Jerusalem. I have no idea what it's like during passover but I can tell you that Bethlehem is cozier to stay in and the bus ride is pretty short. April is actually one of the best times to be in Israel and Tel Aviv is more secular so passover and shabbat wont be as big of a deal.

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How do you guys find cheap plane tickets?
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I read the sticky.
I fly ryanair.

If not an option

>read the sticky
LOL thanks guy

I'm actually very happy that this is my first /trv/ thread. Long time lurker, first time poster in this board. Hope y'all are having great adventures around the globe.

What I want to ask is this: what are some good places to visit during the winter in Europe? I'll be studying in Portugal and I'll arrive there next week. I have a week off to travel but I still don't know where to go since it's winter and I don't know how much worse the cities get.
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Depends on what you like, what your budget is...
You can always just visit the neighbor, Malaga or Madrid or something. I personally love winter, so if I could I would have my winter base in Innsbruck or Zurich or wherever.
The south of Europe still has relatively warm weather, if you're not into the cold.
Thanks for replying so fast, anon.
Student budget (aka I'm poor). I've never been in a place with actual snow so bear that in mind, this for me is a first time lol.
Hm, Spain is a good idea! Austria is a bit far and I'll be travelling later to Germany, so I'll think about visiting it then.

What I like? I like places with a good nightlife, but not club stuff and more outdoor stuff. I don't like very moody/rude people and I heard this can be a problem during the winter. I want to get an authentic feeling of the places I go to (walking around, getting to know what natives do, this sort of thing). I never did any winter activities but I would like to try some cool stuff out if possible. I'm not very picky, I want places that don't feel empty, or too cold, with interesting things to see and a decent nightlife.
The south of Spain is nice. Especially Sevilla and Granada.

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So ill be in jamacia on monday, montego bay to be more exact, hows getting weed there? I dont want that garbage shit either since im used to dispensory buds. Ill be pretty much just at the grand palladium hotel the entire time i think. Any help is awesome please and thank you.
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they don't grow good weed
like everywhere else, cab drivers are your local hookup
Thanks, anyone else have any sugestions?
>spend hundreds to fly to a foreign country
>get high so you can't remember any of it

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Any /trv/lrs ever been to Ethiopia? I'm pretty enthralled with the history of the place and am thinking about making a trip this year. What have your experiences been?
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got aids and starved
Went there this November. Amazing and very diverse place. A tad expensive for independent travel though. I visited all the North plus Harar

Not OP but interested in this thread.

I have always wanted to go,but heard its hard mode Africa and the tourist infrastructure is horrible. Also heard Ethiopians are shitty too

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Has anyone been to Niger or Chad? I'm planning a motorcycle trip in the Sahel region, and I'm curious about /trv/'s experience travelling in the Sahel.
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Can't help laughing, still.

"I went to Chad, then spent some time in Thurston, swung over to Archie, then came home though Steve and Carl.
Actual African here. Do Morocco/Algeria instead.
>Actual African here
Where from? If you're in North Africa I'd like to get your opinion on some plans I'm making. Not OP by the way. The trip is on foot/camelback from Tunis to Timbuktu, retracing Heinrich Barth's route.

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Has anyone here ever been involved in a plane crash? Or any kind of in air disturbance that made you question whether you would make it out alive?

I really want to travel more but I have an intense fear of flying. Interested in hearing your experiences with flying
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no, and neither has anyone else

plane crashes are extraordinarily rare and if one happens you probably don't need to worry about surviving it

getting in a car is much more likely to get you injured or killed than getting in a plane
Closet I ever came was being in a plane that had an engine fail spectacularly during take-off. Luckily it was just after he throttled up, and he brought it to a stop before the end of the runway.
Active ATPL fag reporting in.
I had some incidents with small aircrafts including a complete loss of power and a complete engine failure on a single engine plane. Landed both more or less safely.
On large commercial aircrafts the worst case was a angsty co pilot almost fucking up a landing below minimums and a few rejected takeoff/landings due to weather. Anything else was some non threatening stuff where we decided to turn back just because the company policy is to play it super safe.

There's nothing to be afraid of when you fly with a reputable carrier including the western super budget ones (Norwegian, EasyJet, Ryanair, Spirit etc).
All of them have new planes, qualified pilots and top tier maintenance.
Those planes won't fall out of the sky and will take you to your destination unless something goes seriously wrong.

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Who here has had a no show that really devastated them?
I've had one just recently and it's really pissing me off
Fucking hell what a waste of money ($700).

Has this ever happened to you /trv/ellers, if not I understand I am the only idiot that posts on this board, but could actually miss a flight.
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I'm in a situation now where I bought a cheap flight with Norwegian air to fly to the UK but now I know I can't go yet Norwegian won't charge back my card even though my flight is almost a month away
I understand the whole empty seat because you canceled if it was last minute but not when you have 20+ days to fill the seat
Is there some way to get my money charged back to my city card? From what I've read you can't from that airline
US laws suck for consumers
No one has experience trying to get refunds on "non refundable" tickets?
I wish I could sell it to someone but the return trip is like four weeks apart
I had one where I missed the first leg of a multi leg flight. I was there in time, but too late to check luggage. I bought a cheap ticket to my 2nd leg and boarded there. Though being a budget airline the baggage fees for being overweight cost more than the ticket, but as this was for work ir was all covered. Got no kickback from it either.

Outside of that, I have had some close calls. Like shitty Bangkok traffic and trying to get to the airport. Other close calls, as well.

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Im staying in Poland for two weeks. Do you have any tips on what to expect,what to try/see, whatever? Also how are the men there? Is flirting easy with them? And how are people in general
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we're having a bit of a racism / nationalism problem these days, so I hope you're white.
in terms of flirting with guys it depends if you're a male or female. being an openly gay man can be... difficult here. if you are a chick however everything is cool. young people generally know some English, older generation doesn't.
everyone will tell you to see Warsaw but I personally hate it. definitely visit Wroclaw and Krakow, if you're not a /pol/ idiot go to Auschwitz, Poznan is nice and so is Gdansk. Lodz gets a bad rep but has its vibe.
also wtf are you doing in Poland in winter
>Also how are the men there?
I'll assume you´re a fag so you should research the popular gay hangouts in every city if you don´t want to get rekt by bydło. They exist, but trying to hit on males outside of them is a guaranteed fight. Also, are you visiting in winter? It can get really depressing in that season.
haha no I'm a girl. Just visiting a friend. Winter is the only time I can travel.

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I'm visiting Raleigh soon. Anything I should see or do in the area?
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Been awhile, so I can't speak to current quality, but eat at The Pit and Beasley's Chicken and Waffle.
Maybe a hockey game, or ACC Basketball if you are into that. The museum has the only Acrocanthosaurus skeleton on display anywhere in the world, if you are into THAT.

Say, what are you into?
I like sightseeing. I'm pretty easily amused. That fossil sounds awesome!

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How's it compared to Thailand
Anyone got any good stories to share from travelling around anywhere in the Philippines
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Well I've been to both places...

Thailand for a month and the Philippines for a week.

Manila seemed very, very poor. Like children running up to cars and tapping on the windows at red lights poor. Really sad.

Also, lots of violent crime. Every taxi driver had a story of being mugged at gun point within the last year.

I went to Puerta Gallera, an Island for a week with my Fiance, and really enjoyed it. But we saw some scary shit. Like the military preparing to attack islamic militants in the hills only a few miles from our hotel and their was blood fued between a brother and sister who were fighting for election on the island and it turned into like mafia style hits while we were there. Really exciting really

In thailand i met many young folks just traveling and exploring the world for the first time. Most of tourist in Philippines were older men who just want to be sexpats. And Chinese businessmen. Chinese businessmen everywhere. Very annoying they were for sure. They complained about me kissing my girlfriend in pool cause it ruined their daughters ethics or something

so fuck the Philippines, especially now they have this new presidents and they are sucking Chinese dick literally. Seemed like the most seedy, dangerous place I've ever been.

Most of my hotels had a machine gun nest out front. I've never seem so many guns in my life. In the lobby they had two gaurds with dual pistols with bandoleers of bullets.

Normal sucerity looks prepared for a small shootout. These guys ALWAYS looked ready for like a 3 day siege on the hotel, like wtf. Also, this hotel was like US masonic lodge? i dont know what the fuck was going on there.

There were tons of freemason at that hotel like having gay sex or something. The MOST SURREAL TRIP OF MY LIFE FOR SURE
Holy shit not my experience in the Philippines at all, granted I spent most of my time in Palawan. But I still spent a handful of days in Manila and while it was far from first world it never really felt dangerous.

Granted I went while the elections for the new president were happening. Maybe the dude really fucked things up in the last few months.
It's a dump. Chinatown (Binondo) sometimes resembles the older and grubbier parts of Kowloon, which is a plus if you like that sort of thing, but otherwise it's without any redeeming qualities.

The food is terrible. The country grows coffee, but everyone drinks rancid instant that comes pre-mixed with sugar. That's unless you splash out and go to Starbucks.
The food is mostly pork with a side of rice and maybe a calamansi to squeeze over it. If you want vegetables, go to a Chinese or to McDonalds.

The fruit in the Philippines is pretty good, but you can get the same fruit and better everything else in Thailand.

Foreigner value to local girls: I felt relatively low profile in Bangkok, was gawked at in Manila.
I prefer the balance of not being alien but not being commonplace that you get in Bangkok.

English: the Flips are basically fluent, or passable. They hear a lot of English from their politicians and celebrities so they understand it well, even if they stumble over it.
Bangkok fluency is low, but you'll be able to communicate in most situations without too much difficulty. Actually, I think low fluency is a slight advantage. It self-selects for educated Thai company.

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