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For a while, I've been fantasizing about running away to a Buddhist temple/whatever for a buncha months to work on a farm/whatever in exchange for group meditation time, dorming, and food. I'm going to be spending the next 7 months in Europe (starting in Spain) doing whatever the fuck.

Any ideas on where/how to find a Buddhist Temple w/ this description.

I'm familiar w/ wwoof, but no luck thus far. Any other resources if you don't have specifics in mind?
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So you don't have money?
I'd rather not spend a whole bunch.
Where are you from? And why are you looking for Buddhist temples in Europe?

where would you go if life was like...

> 20~30yo m/f
> 2017
> Unemployed, single and have no kids.
> 10kUSD and 6 months to spare until you get into your new job. It's all the money you got in the world.
> every one-way international flight costs the same 750USD.
> It's your first trip
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This would be me if I lost my job.

My personal dream trip if I was in your place...

My math would be, flights with a bit of extra budget for security (eg. need to do a last minute booking on the way back, or I want to bring extra stuff, or I want to bring my bike): 2k for both ways.
I'm crazy so I always keep another 1k just in case my cheap insurances don't cover something.

I would either get the new yearly multiple-entry Chinese visa they rolled out for my country (something like 100usd), and cycle all over the place... Or I might just stay in Europe and do a mixture of bivvying, couchsurfing, camping from Norway to the Balkans, and everything in between.

Pros in my head for China: I've barely seen any of it. Would be something relatively new. Has a wide range of scenery and climate and some tricky roads. Extremely cheap, so wouldn't need to think what to buy.

Pros re Europe: I have more friends all over the place, so if shit its the fan they can help, or actually I can crash their couches, too. I know a lot of the languages. Good bike roads in some countries.

Just my two cents.

Idk why I left out the US, probably cause my stomach cannot handle American food, no matter how careful I am what I eat there. Australia I cannot imagine on a budget, but idk, maybe doable.
I didn't choose the rest of the world cause I'm not really into using mosquito repellant all the time, and mosquitos love me.
I'd hire a prostitute who can pull off leopard print and lets me call her Jane. I'd fly to Bioko island with her. There we'd build a treehouse in the jungle and live in it for six months. I'd send her to Malabo for groceries once a month.
That should squeeze into a 10k budget. Depends on the girl,
Why would you make two threads on the same topic, you silly BR?

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Is this a good route for a trip?

Bergen>Oslo>Stockholm>Gothenburg>Copenhagen. Anything i should add or remove?

For reference, when traveling i like to explore nature/national parks as well as aquaint myself with the local city life. I've never been to Europe but have always been interested in Scandinavia.
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Seems nice, just don't stop in Malmö. Just don't. It's the fucking Iraq (as in a warzone) of Sweden.
Just arrived in Bergen today. It's truly gorgeous. But this is also my first time in Europe.
And it's whiter and safer than any American city.

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/trv/, you have two non-refundable flight tickets: Helsinki-Boston, NY-Stockholm(by Norwegian Air), but you can't fly this dates and need to sell this tickets. (Taxes refund is small, so it's bad way)

What would you do? How to find people who can be interested in purchasing this tickets?
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Check the conditions on the tickets. They're almost certainly non-transferable, or if they are it will be for a fee. So you'll have to find someone with the same name as you.
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I've checked it, 45€/ticket for name change
But how to find someone who wanna fly these?
get yourself sick on those dates, get a refund from your insurance company. If you don't have insurance, you deserve your shit.

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It could be anything from disturbing, interesting, or beautiful photos of nature, people, or events.

>pic related, of me in Death Valley
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Watching the sun rise from the top of the Rock of Gibraltar
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Sorry, that's a shitty pic. Here's a better one looking toward Africa
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Motorbiking in the foothills of the Himalayas in India / September 2016.

Don't really know the guy in front of me too well. He was from Germany and wanted to learn how to ride. He did surprisingly well but apparently took a fall after I lost track of him on the way back to Manali from a day-trip to Kasol.

Do you need to be able to speak french if you want to live in canada?
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Nope. Probably like 95% of all Canadians speak English, maybe more.
Not unless you are going to French Canada (Québec). People in the rest of Canada don't even speak French.
You're dumb and your thread sucks.
Pretty sure that most french Canadians speak english as a second language as well

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I am from Poland.

I want to see Arizona, Utah, Nevada and possibly California. What is my best course of action? I have no experience in traveling outside of my country, last time I have been anywhere outside was 8 years ago with my parents. Should I go with some tour prepared from my country? Or would you rather recommend me getting to USA first and then paying some local tour guide from USA? Or should I just take a pack of my friends and go and discover everything on my own?

Seriously, I have no idea how do I even get started. Any advices?

My budget will be like 15k złotych which is like 3.5k $. I expect to cover with it costs of flight from Europe to USA and back and paying for everything in USA. Is that enough?
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To see any of those places properly you'll want a rental car. This is something you can more easily afford if you had friends along, for sure, splitting the cost 2ways or 4ways.
If you only went to Vegas, you could survive on tours to sights nearby. But not for the other states, and gorgeous national parks between them. Driving requires a certain age and credit with most car rental companies (are you over 25?).

I am.

But I don't have a driving license. One of my friends might have, though.
What are you, fucking underage?


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How do you go to the theater in London? Do you have to buy months in advance? Are prices as high as in New York?
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The reduced price ticket booth on Leicester Square is a good way to get cheapish tickets on the day.

The National Theatre (on the South Bank) and the Barbican (near the City of London) can be substantially cheaper than West End theatres, but the quality of shows can easily be as good or better. The Barbican theatre especially has much better views and sightlines of the stage - from every seat - than do most of the cramped and Victorian theatres in the West End.
These anons know. It's straight forward and you can buy online, too, quite close to the performance day if you are not after the very best (or the very cheapest). I've seen some great stuff at the National Theatre and Young Vic in the last couple of years, and I recall getting some last minute tickets to see Martin Freeman (the Hobbit) in Richard III on the day.

There's so much going on, OP, you should find somethign you like.

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Going to Prague in a week, wondering if anyone has any tips to avoid the tourist traps?
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I went last January and there wasn't a multitude of traps like I normally see in European cities during summer. I really enjoyed it because of the low number of people. Only thing I ran into was one restaurant tried to double charge me the VAT on a meal.
Thanks anon I'll keep an eye out for it
Hows their English? Should I learn some basic Czech
Where can I see the futuristic parts of the city that are shown in Deus Ex?

Would any of you give me some tips about making friends while traveling? I'm a friendless loser, but I feel I would get more out of my travels if I interacted with others. Do you guys actually just go up to strangers and say hi? Seems spooky tbqh
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Taking the initiative is usually admired ... As long as your timing g is right.

It's an experiment tbqh, some will be friendly to cold approaches, some will be welcoming.

Never ever assume though that you know 100% how a person would react.
Don't be a shriveling wallflower in hostels. I'm a shriveling wallflower by nature, but with practice I've become able to make friends at hostels.
Most of these encounters happen either with one other person when he/she walks into the kitchen where I'm cooking (so what are you having for dinner? That looks awesome. I think I saw some oregano in the free food shelf if you need it.)
Or in the common room wherea group of people have paused conversation long enough for me to interrupt (so where are you guys from?)
The key is to keep the conversation going once it's started.

Option B is to travel to countries where all the locals want to be friends with you, like Morocco, Iran, rural UK.
Have found it pretty easy even as an almost friendless loser, atleast in SEA. Just sit in a crowded chill bar and you'll get invited over to some local or travler group.
Just last night I went to a bar for a beer after dinner, got seated next to a group of Vietnamese men, one of whom could speak English. Drank all night and gave me a ton of food, took me to a great pho place after, then we chilled drinking tea and eating sunflower seeds.

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So, I'll be graduating soon, and I've got 11k to spend on a backpacking trip.

I'm trying to decide between South America and Southeast Asia.

I'd like to be able to be on the road for a year in total.

I speak Spanish decently, and I'd like to solidify it, so South America seems appealing to me, but I never see South American trips on this board.

Is there a reason for that?

Also, considering an African trip as an alternative.

Thoughts? And what would the relative costs be for these three destinations? Can I realistically backpack any of them for a year on 11k?
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argentinian south
>but I never see South American trips on this board.
>Is there a reason for that?
Maybe you don't lurk enough, no offence. There are occasional South America threads here on /trv/.

It's difficult for us random unknown anons to just choose for you. Knowing Spanish is a great plus. You probably don't need me to tell you South America is an awesome continent.

11k is perfectly possible if you mainly stick to Peru, Bolivia, and I assume Ecuador.

You are right though, SEA seems to be the standard backpacking destination. Maybe because it's cheap, and doesn't have a negative rep like other cheap places like South America, which is totally undeserved.

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let's talk about what a cesspool shithole this fucking city is.

As a bonus, lets talk about how Brooklyn needs to be firebombed off the map.
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The best time I had in New York City was when I went on one of those double decker bus tours all around the city.

When I started to take the train and all that stuff it sort of sucked.
Would like to meet up with a friend in Manhattan for a day before she comes back down to her home. Aside from driving what's a good mode of transport from around the DC area to there?
Depends a little on how much lead time you have. The train (Amtrak) is nice, but it's kind of expensive if you can't book a month in advance.

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New Japan General

As always, feel free to ask about:
>Traveling to Japan
>Living in Japan
>Teaching in Japan
>Joining the Yakuza
>Getting your weeb fantasies crushed

*Info on prostitution*

*Note about the JR Pass*
Many people ask about whether or not the JR Rail Pass is worth it. It depends on your itinerary.

Plug your itinerary into Hyperdia to determine ticket costs, then compare to the below JR Pass options:
>7 day Pass: 29,110¥
>14 day Pass: 46,390¥
>21 day Pass: 59,350¥

Please check the /trv/ sticky before asking questions. It's filled with links to great resources, many of them specific to Japan travel.

Please refer to the old thread while it's still up: >>1196141
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>that countdown in Shibuya
Who /normie/ here?
Do they even allow any gatherings in Shibuya anymore? The crossing was fenced off last year and for Halloween
I spent a summer in Japan studying and have decent conversation skills. I did some fun stuff during that time and met lots of people, but I never got laid.

3 years later I am a much different person and getting laid will be easier (confidence, lifting).

Going to start planning my trip for after graduation. Any tips on where I should go or what I should do? Looking at 2 weeks. I could do a month and rent an apartment in a area good for bring back girls.

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Best places to live in England??
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What are you looking for?
Winchester, according to some recent survey
Go to Norwich OP

>2hrs to London
>Great blend of modern and older architecture
>Not too expensive
>Loads of pubs
>Surprisingly diverse selection of foods
>Arguably some of the best beaches in the country near by
>We also have the best weather
>Locals have a funny accent

>no real hills outside of the City if this matters
>Not really near anything else of importance

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>Have never wanted to travel throughout the entirety of my life
>Would rather be at my house

What motivates you to travel?
Isn't it all just more of the same?
Doesn't it all become so bothersome?
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>Isn't it all just more of the same?

it's different enough.
Same same but different. Like a mod and skin on the video game of life, to put it in terms you would understand
>What motivates you to travel?
I want to see what the world is like. See beautiful spots, how people live, eat their food, make friends, have fun.
>Isn't it all just more of the same?
I guess the world is so uniform these days that in some ways many things are the same. But if you want to see what background your neighbours come from, if you want to taste the truly authentic food (not just americanized), if you want to feel the local climate, you really need to go to the source.
>Doesn't it all become so bothersome?
No. When I'm 60+ I will look back and think about all the wonderful moments I've had traveling and not at the days I spent in my room doing shit all. This is why I never think it's difficult to travel.

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