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Posting here at the suggestion of /ck/:

I'm moving to Denver, CO tomorrow, and I'm curious to know if /trv/ has any recommendations about where to eat/avoid. I know there are a ton of great breweries in the Front Range area, but I'm more concerned with the restaurant scene.

Any good hole-in-the-wall spots? Which are the best of the well-known restaurants? Anyplace that's overrated/overpriced? I know it's not exactly a culinary mecca, but am also aware that there's a nice mixture of Tex-Mex and New Mexican influence going on, and a huge farm-to-table/responsible eating scene there. Any advice from locals or people familiar with the area would be appreciated.
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>Any advice from locals

Fuck off back to SF
I'm from Maine, sorry if that's some sort of faux-pas
Nah, we just have a few asshats from /pol/ being asshattish. Disregard. Sorry I can't help, never been to Denver, but check back from time to time -- we're a slow board.

/trv/, I'm allergic to mosquitos, though not severely, and I travel a lot in the third world.

Can you recommend a mosquito net? Most of them seem to be made of polyester, and I'm concerned they'll trap too much heat and moisture at night.

And while we're at it, what anti-mosquito measures do you take?
I usually just wear long pants, long sleeves, and desert boots. I tried sandals, but they went right for my ankles, and socks with sandals would be a sacrilege.
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>made of polyester, and I'm concerned they'll trap too much heat and moisture at night.

Are you really this dumb? I live in the subtropics and all I wear is fucking polyester shirts.. because they are more comfortable than cotton that just absorbs your sweat and pools up.

If you are that allergic.. good luck.. there is Dungei Fever going around the mosquito... which is deadly.
"Polyester fabric, on the other hand, tends to be either moisture trapping, or moisture wicking, neither of which are ideal for cooling in warm weather. A moisture trapping fabric will hold your sweat against your skin, but will not let the evaporating moisture escape easily. The result is a warm clammy garment that holds in your body heat."
>Insecticide-soaks for your clothes. Do this pre-travel, it lasts 4-5 washes, so depending on how long you are in Mosquitoville, how many clothes you take and how often you launder, it may or may not last out a trip. Available at outdoor stores or travel medicine establishments
>An insecticide-laced mosquito net. Available already treated or treat it yourself
>What the net is made of is not relevant, it is mostly made up of holes. Air molecules, including water evaporate, are smaller than mosquitoes and pass through a net easily.
>Some DEET.
>A friend swears by those sonic repellents, but I have never tried them.

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Anyone familiar with WWOOF?

Ever tried it?
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It seems like a scam that lets farmers get free labor and not worth it at all for the laborers.
It's valid work for a working holiday visa. But some certainly abuse it.
WWOOFing is nice. I did it in Australia, and I really enjoy it. The only thing that I will suggest you is to keep in mind that there are a lot of people who abuse of this, so manage to always have a exit solution, to keep moving if it's stink.

Im planing to do this in Japan next, for it's the best immersion ever. You learn how locals live and most of them got not that much.

As a french who grew up in a poor farm, I'm use to this lifestyle and imo, this is the best one on earth.
Working the piece of land you got, respect it and nature gives you good thing in return, enough to enjoy your life no more, no less.

Aaaaah utopia... Kind of, because it's doable.

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Do I need to know Spanish to live in Phoenix or Tucson, Arizona?
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Not necessary, but it is a good skill to have. Tucson more so than Phoenix.
phoenix fag here from the east coast. I don't know anything except what I remember from highschool like 6 years ago. Literally never had an issue.

If you go south like to Tuscon(for some unholy reason), or further south than that it may come in handy but is not required.

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This is a thread for everybody who plans on carrying drugs on a travel to ask others about security in airports, where to consume once in the foreign country, even where to get it there, etc. No deals or shit, just advices and info for the drug consumers worldwide.
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Nice try FBI
FBI doesn't give a fuck whether you're gonna carry a gram of coke/ecstasy/whatever with you on your trip to Egypt.
Egyptian customs might, though.

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what do you do in your down-time when traveling?

when you are on flights, trains; or just exhausted at the hotel
I mean you can only sightsee and go out so much
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read a book. talk to someone.
Like this anon says, read a book.

It'll always have a more profound meaning through the lenses of you being in traveler mode
I take a tiny Chromebook with me that weighs next to nothing so I'll just browse YouTube/4chan/facebook for a bit if I don't feel like socialising. It also costs next to nothing so I wouldn't really mind if I lost it, so that helps.

For trains and flights I'll just listen to music, a podcast or an audiobook. I used to take books but I'd usually finish them pretty quickly and be out of things to do.

Hi /trv/, ausfag here. I just got the all clear to start organising a semester abroad somewhere from July-December and while I was originally gonna go do the American College experience, I've already done the summer camp thing and want to hit up Europe. Any suggestions for a city to study in? And yeah, unfortunately I can only speak English

Pic unrelated
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Clearly unrelated, but funny.
Depends on what kinda experience you're looking for ?

Frenchfag here, if you wanna eat best shit on earth stay around Latin countries such as France, Italy or Spain. If traveling is your top priorities, I guess being somewhere in Germany or Switzerland might do it.
How well off are you? You're looking to hook up with European chicks, best universities, sightseeing, clubbing ?
The frog is right, we need more info on what kind of experience you are looking for.

Just based on what you've said, I'd recommend Berlin as you can get by no problem with English only, and bits of German are easy to pick up for your day-to-day interactions. Lots of universities, folks from all over EU and the world, great clubs, and its cheap. Also pretty central rail/air links to everywhere else in Europe so you can really explore other areas along the way.

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Are lockers the only way to ensure nobody will steal your shit at the beach? What if there aren't any lockers?
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1. Dont take any shit with you in the first place.
2. Tell the least favorite friend/family member to watch the stuff.
3. Leave it in the car.
4. Take your shit with you. Wetness and sand be damned.
5. Ask a stranger to look after your shit and hope they come through for you.
i would be at the beach alone, normally; if i leave it in the car, i need to have the car keys on me
I don't take valuables to the beach, and if I did, there's someone on the towel/chair holding them under their ass while others swim. There's some strategies you can use to make it less likely someone can walk by, grab something, and then run. You can be sure people do watch for when you're napping. I might drop keys go into the bottom of a shoe that is holding down a corner of your sheet, or drop a room card inbetween some cups, or in my "trash" bag. I usually do not bring my phone out at all, because sand is the devil to cameras and ports. It is actually worth a ziploc and little contact.
There can be a couple things under the sheet anchored down by a bigger bag or cooler. And I might _sometimes_ do that, and watch closely while I'm in the water a few feet away. Otherwise, it's locked in the car, while you swim, and the only thing you have on you is keys. I don't believe in waterproof containers.

When I travel and want to do a spa there usually are lockers which can hold your clothes and a towel and changing toiletries, but I prefer to leave almost everything back at the hotel. It's just a thieves paradise.

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I'm going to Victoria, BC on July, what would be the average daily cost? Not planning to make trips to Vancouver though.
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expensive as shit, a ton of retirees go there.
You that Mexican that posted before?

Victoria is expensive during the summer, lot of tourists. But outdoor stuff is nice and free, lots of beaches and parks.

Really depends on accommodation, cheap hotels charge $100/night, can get a room on air bnb for $50 a lot closer to town.

Daily bus pass is $5. If you don't mind buying breakfast and lunch at a grocery store can probably get food down to $30, but no alcohol.
Okay I live here so I can give you good advice. The Average day would cost around 100-150 depending on how much food you eat and what hotel you stay at.

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Good night, /trv/.

I am trying to plan a trip to Peru this year. I do not know exactly what I want to do there. I want to visit Machu Picchu, but I don't know a lot of the stuff I can do there.
My questions are the basics: How much money to take, how long do I stay there, what cities are the "musts" of Peru. What is the good entertaining and food in the country, etc.

Anyway, pic related was a review on peru I found on /trv/ a while ago and thought was worth saving. If possible, i'd like some enlightment. From now, I thank you.
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I spent a couple months there and did the typical circuit.

* Cusco, the sacred valley, Macchu Picchu are not your typical tourist traps. They're legitimately really awesome to wander around. Cusco is great for backpacker nightlife if you're into getting drink and dancing, but the stories about it being easy to get laid with locals are overblown. Go to kokopelli (something like that) hostel. Look into the "jungle trek" instead of the big macchu picchu trek.

* Lima sucks but the local girls are the only fuckable ones in Peru, and they're easy. Use Tinder, and get an AirBnB in Miraflores near Parque Kennedy. I had to stay there for three weeks while I waited on something, and by the end I had a rotation of 5 girls going. But none were really hot or exciting.

* Arequipa looks cool but don't plan longer than 1-2 nights, there's nothing exciting there.

* Skip lake titicaca, it sucks, it's a tourist trap, the nearby city is terrible, and the altitude will get to you.

* Go to the Huaraz and do hiking. I didn't, but people raved about it.

* Go to Iquitos and do ayahuasca at a center called Nihue Rao. You're on 4chan, you're fucked up enough that it's going to help you. It's nowhere near as terrifying as people make it out to be, especially at Nihue Rao where they're focused on healing.
Oh, and Huacachina is cool for one night max. Arrive the first night, have some drinks, then do sandboarding/etc the next afternoon, and leave that night from the nearby town.
Thanks for the tips. I am still not sure how long I am staying there, probably about 2 weeks. Definetely want to go to Machu Picchu, but also want to visit other cities in the country.

hello /trv/,

I'm a student from the U.S. in Barcelona for my studies for the the next 6 months. I haven't started classes yet and don't know a single soul in Barcelona besides my Airbnb host, so if anyone is down be friends, drink, hang out or go out let me know

we can exchange e-mails and then phone numbers
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are you still there?
what part of Barcelona are you living in?
Yes! in im gracia at the moment.
thats nice! It's a cool neighbourhood
i live around Plaza EspaƱa
are you having a nice time here?
If you have any questions about Barcelona ask!
You could post your email here so we could talk if the thread dies

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Anyone here simply running away from reality?

I'm in my 30s and literally have zero prospects at home (UK). I'll never have a remotely well paid job and therefore, my own house and gf/wife is an impossibility too. I can't take the prospect of a life of wageslavery in a country where the cost of living is so high.

I fantasise about becoming a lifelong traveller. Its just a fantasy I guess. I lasted 2 months in SE Asia and to be honest, I was ready to come home at the end of it. I still feel like saving some cash and running away but I'm aware that at best I'll last a few months before having to return home in a worse position than when I left.

I'm too introverted and sperg to teach abroad or do charity work and I also hate kids. There is just no hope for me I don't think.

Just interested to hear if any other anons are currently escaping life back home or have done so in the past?
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Go to asia
I'm about as introverted as it gets and I berg out too. And I taught in Korea. Don't be a faggot and go teach somewhere.
we have enough these kind of threads already, LP community will treat you better.

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In Italy for 4 months and would like some friends/help. Anyone around?
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Are you black?

Italy is breddy large, where are you staying?
Not black

Is it worth flirting or at the least engaging in polite discussion with relatively attractive females if initiated?

For some reason, young women have always started talking to me when travelling. Never happens anywhere else. I'm usually worried about coming off as a bit creepy for delving too much into their personal lives or giving my info to a strange but I suppose it's also a good what to make friends.

What does /trv/ think?
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>polite discussion with relatively attractive females if initiated
Fucking pervert.
>Is it worth flirting or at the least engaging in polite discussion with relatively attractive females if initiated?

Unless you somehow manage to meet a tumblr autist bombshell or have the worst game in the world, you're fine. Just pay attention to signs that say no, or something if they talk to you first then go for it.
>engaging in polite discussion with relatively attractive females if initiated?
Bet you do that with the goal of consensual sex in missionary position, you fucking deviant.

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How do I get paid to travel /trv/?

(no sex)
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>How do I get paid to travel

Find a job that is looking for people who are willing to do so. IT is a big one for this.
Learn how to drive a truck, OP.
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kites in kuwait.jpg
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Join military.
Join merchant marine.
Enter show-biz. (Techies have more opportunities than actors/performers.)
Get a really weird cultural hobby thing where the have festivals all over the place, then get well known in that tiny community and be likable, await invites.

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