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Melbourne is a sucky place to visit if you aren't into art and music.
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Not true. If you're from a smaller centre (as I am) it's a fantastic shopping destination too. I was disappointed by the food scene though.
I have heard that the coffee is excellent.
It's in Aus, even the wildlife wants to kill you, and it's hotter than a Turkish wrestler 's nutsack. "Good Coffee" isn't enough reason to go anywhere.

Hey friends!
Me and 2 friends are going for five days to Amsterdam and we are looking for good place to sleep in for 4 nights
Where is the best place to stay at? would you prefer the hostels or airbnb or a hotel?
And what are some of the "must go to" places in amsterdam? I actually prefer not to be in the center becuase it attract a lot of sandniggers and tourist and they probebly rip off everyone over ther
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I've been there for a week last year. We stayed in the Hampshire Lancaster Hotel right beside the zoo, it's one of the cheapest in the city. Plus, there's a small, cozy coffeeshop without too many people in the area (Hortus de Overkaant).

I'm a gamer. If I had the money, I'd stay in the Vidya Hotel (http://www.arcadehotel.nl/).

Or use couchsurfing, but I don't think that you will find a guy who hosts 3 people at a time. I have 3 couchsurfers at my place right now, but I'm not in Amsterdam and I have a big ass flat.

>Things to see
Don't go to the torture museum. They advertise it as one of the biggest in Europe, but it's just shit. You have to pay entrance and the tour lasts about 10 minutes. 10 minutes of reading wikipedia entries in a dirty house.

Go watch some whores in the red light district, take a walk through the zoo, visit the markets, look at art in one of the many museums or just walk stoned through the city.

Oh, and if you're a filmmaker, don't get shot by a sandnigger on a bike (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Theo_van_Gogh_(film_director)).

If you want to know anything, hit me up.
Go to Zuid-as and IJburg if you want to see the modern parts of Amsterdam. If you want to learn more about the Netherlands you could go to the Rijksmuseum and Scheepvaartmuseum.
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Thank you guys!
I would love more suggestion for what to do!

What are the best areas to live in Colorado?

I'm being given a unique opportunity due to an illness I have; someone with the same disease wants to invest in a legal mj farm, including land and building a house. They want me to move there to take care of things. They already own 5 other farms in CO as well as in Nevada, not to mention several other businesses across the Midwest, sufficed to say they have money to spend. The person even said I could try to find an area I wanted to be in, which is my dilemma.

This isn't immediate, so I have time. Right now I live near the Appalachian Mountains. I'd like to travel to CO and get the lay of the land before I decide where I want to live. I just don't know where to begin. Things I'm trying to keep in mind:

>cost of living (food, utilities, shopping, etc)
>no desert or plains, mountainous terrain preferred (colder climate helps my illness)
>not a major city, but nearby is fine
>county/city where medical/legal mj has few restrictions
>things to do that are in the area, but not nearly as important as everything else

I'm fairly flexible so I'm open to just about anything. Still in shock over the whole ordeal so I'm wanting to get started looking into this as quickly as possible. If you have any experience with Colorado, I'd love to hear what you have to say. Thanks
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Only part of CO I've been to is Telluride and it was a real cool little town, loads of hiking and skiing choices nearby
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South park
Any reason besides the show?

Seems like a cozy town senpai, but I am looking for something a bit more populated. I actually live on top of a mountain right now and the nearby town is so slow... seems like the main attraction there is the ski resort. Nothing wrong with that, in fact that's great, just looking for a bit more I suppose.

Has anyone here ever been to Easter Island?

Would you say it was particularly expensive to go there?
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Define expensive.
If you start from Europe, I might wanna head to Santiago de Chile, usually with a stop in Madrid or Lisbon. After that there is 1-2 week a flight to Mataveri. Depending how far in advance you book I'd say EUR 1.000 for the plane to Chile and 600 (average) to the Easter island.

If you are coming from north america. Usually a stop in Dallas/Houston or Miami. From there to Santiago de Chile and so on.

Again, depending on how far in advance you book, you should probably have 1.400 USD just for the planes.

Additional is your hotel (depending on the duration) + I stringly recommend a tour on the island (more convenient and better access).

Details may vary.
I had read that a plane from North America to Santiago and then a hop to Rapa Nui was the best way to go, some of the rates I saw for chartering a flight to the island were about $300 at the least, but I dunno.

I'm in Oregon so I'd most likely fly out from Portland.
So $$$ from your hometonw to Santiago.
$$$ from Santago to the island
$$$ hotel
$$$ cigarettes
= $$$
if $$$ <= your budget you are good to go.
Do not forget to bring us some pictures

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I'm gonna be studying abroad in Venice for a month, and I have fridays and weekends free. Any recommendations for cheap, cool places/ cities around Europe to visit for a weekend? I can't do anything too boujee.

I can pretty much only speak english and german btw
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I highly reccomend taking a train to Rome and/or Florence, assuming the trip isn't too long (I've done Rome to Florence and back in a day, and Rome to Naples and Rome to Sienna, but not from Venice, I usually drive to Venice).

There's a lot of interesting history, museums, architecture, beautiful city squares with fountains, and other stuff in the big cities like Rome, Florence, Milan, Sienna, etc...

Venice is far North enough that you can easily get to France, Austria, and Germany. I've done that by car, not by train, so not sure what the cost is or how long it would take. Munich is cool and there's museums worth seeing there. For France, Nice is close enough to get to easily, and the people there are friendly, but it's not as easy to visit France without speaking the language as it is in the big cities of Italy.
If you learn some basic words and phrases in French and Italian it should be fine.

Have you been to Italy before? I can give the rundown of how to avoid the scammers and gypsies if you need, and the cultural differences that will save you from some confusion.
it's my first time going actually!

thanks for the tips, about a week of my trip is devoted to florence. i'd definitely appreciate any info you'd like to share.
Go to Lake Bled in Slovenia if you find a nice girl

New Japan General

As always, feel free to ask about:
>Traveling to Japan
>Living in Japan
>Teaching in Japan
>Joining the Yakuza
>Getting your weeb fantasies crushed

*Info on prostitution*
Please try to refrain from asking questions about prostitution. Japan's sex industry is almost completely inaccessible to foreigners who do not speak Japanese. What is available can generally be found in the following links

*Note about the JR Pass*
Many people ask about whether or not the JR Rail Pass is worth it. It depends on your itinerary.

Plug your itinerary into Hyperdia to determine ticket costs, then compare to the below JR Pass options:
>7 day Pass: 29,110¥
>14 day Pass: 46,390¥
>21 day Pass: 59,350¥

Please check the /trv/ sticky before asking questions. It's filled with links to great resources, many of them specific to Japan travel.

Please refer to the old thread while it's still up: >>1246949
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how the fuck do I get laid in this country without buying a hooker
First for Kyoto sucks.
Seriously, it's not rocket science. You go up to a girl stare at them with autistic longing, then gently whisper "wanna see my self assessed N1 Japanese abilities?"

Which are the best states to visit in mexico? I'm planning to go to Cancun next month but also want to visit around since I'm going to to be there. Any suggestion?
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Im interested in this question as well. Jalisco is always a solid state. But i want more info then that. Moving to Mexico in 2 months to teach english, someone help us out!
I just spent 3 months around there, all over the country.

Oaxaca (Oaxaca City is cool but Mazunte/Zipolite are amazing if you like super-laid-back beaches).

DF - Mexico City is the easiest place to get laid, Tinder is a buffet if you're a white guy that speaks Spanish decently. And there are lots of interesting things to see around.

Cancun is probably the worst tourist spot in the whole country unless you just want to get drunk with other Americans on package tours. Take the bus south to Playa del Carmen for much better nightlife with lots of europeans/latinas from various spots. Or go further south to Tulum and maybe even all the way down to Bacalar for an interesting experience.
Just got back from Cancun... be warned, it's touristy as hell and chock full of fat cruise ship Americans. Amazing diving down the coast (why I went) but the city itself is highly mediocre if you're not looking to sit in a resort with other Westerners flashing a little wrist band and treating the locals like servants.

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people who travel to Tokyo/Japan, what other countries do they visit during their lifetime?
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I am confused
Are you implying that once one travels go japan they no longer desire to go anywhere else?
I'm not implying anything, I'm just asking what are other favorite destinations for those who wish to travel to Japan or have already travelled to Japan.
The US coasts, most european capitals, mediterranean and SEA for beaches

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What sort of things do you generally collect as souvenirs?
Do you have a collection?
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Usually t-shirts and coffee mugs.

If small & affordable, I will also purchase little trinkets with mascot characters that are related to the area.
eg. When I was in Narita, I went to the Pokemon Store inside the airport and got a few pressed coins.
Pic semi-related; I got the exact same pilot & flight attendant Pikachu coins, but instead of Magearna I got Lunala.
Its weird to me that the machines outside of America still use pennies
I collect boarding passes of my trips. I don't know if that's weird or not, but I do.

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pick pocket.jpg
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Is it to common get scammed/pickpockted while travelling?
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Depends on where you're going
How much do you get pickpocketed every day? Usually about that much, but can depend entirely where you are going and how much of tourist you act like. Going to spain or india? Don't let the locals touch you or take out money in a crowd.
Planning a Euro trip

People keep saying to be extremely cautious

What exactly is wrong with wearing a small pack or money belt while traveling? I keep seeing people saying it's stupid to use them.

If I'm out and about, I'm not going to stuff my wallet, phone, camera, and power bank all in my pockets. And I don't want to have to bring a huge bag with me just so I can carry a few things.
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They are basically a huge red flag stating "HEY GUYS I AM A TOURIST NOT FROM HERE FEEL FREE TO RIP ME OFF"
But if I stuff my pockets instead, I will still be an obvious target.
I'm not sure what you are doing then or how stupidly tight you are wearing your pants. Honestly never had a hard time carrying the items you listed

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Does anyone have experience getting a visa for China? I'm in the process of filling out the formular, but a few things are still confusing to me. I already asked agencies, but as I'm still awaiting answers, I might as well try here, too.
I'm not sure if there's a difference between requesting one in Germany (as I live here) than, say, the US. But it should be the same as long as you're not from Africa or so (where they suspect you to be a terrorist).

Regarding the formular, they ask me to fill in the date and entire address of the cities I will be staying at. Which seems fine, but I am getting an invitation visa cuz I'll live with a Chinese. Both are considered (L), so both are tourist visas, but the normal one requires flight and hotel bookings to be shown in advance. Something that's not necessary for the one I am using.
Having said that, as I'm requesting a visa for 30 days, but stay for 14 (yes, I already booked the flights), I was wondering if I need to inform them in the formular if I go to any other city that I haven't listed.
Some people say they wrote "visiting tourist sites" in order to not get into much trouble when they go to other cities, but I doubt that is necessary? I do know you "should" go to the police to inform them that you stay now somewhere else or so. Is that necessary?
I don't think they would even know either way. I also know China doesn't care as long as I get out of their country. But I'm still very precautious. I know they won't even investigate at all and only look up the information and data of the person that invited me to their home. But, if I do decide to live in a hotel later on with that person (in other cities), I can't exactly write that down. So am I supposed to leave that out? Does it matter?
Hotels seem to copy (I think, as long as requested?) your travel ID and send it to the police so that they know I'm there or something of that sort. I don't really know how it works.
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Also, do I need injections for rabies or similiar things (I'll be only staying in bigger cities like Shanghai)? I should probably get it regardless, but Germany is too much of a safe country (despite pol telling you otherwise, but I am not even living in a big city) to really need it.
wtf man, just write what the form says.

Your post is a cluterfuck of interwoven questions about the visa application, what you should and should not do in China, and what to tell to teh authorities there. Just get your shit together and fill the fucking form with what is asked for, not with what is not asked for.
I am asking those questions based on what I read before. Even if unnecessary, I still want answers to these questions. Out of curiosity and to understand how that all works.

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Anyone ever travelled with weed on them or travelled stoned. I have a long haul flight coming up and I'm thinking it would be a great way to pass the time.

>get ripped
>buy munchies for flight
>pass security, maybe have to be careful here
>take my seat and watch movies and munch for the first 3 hours solid
>fall asleep for a good 8 hours
>wake up on other side of the pacific

Am I missing something here? Is this not the best idea ever?
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I've traveled with edibles at least a dozen times. German police went through my entire bag near the Swiss border. They didn't even look twice at my cookies, and there as 5 grams of weed in there. Unless you're a paranoid wreck when you get high, traveling while stoned is fine. Having marijuana on you is way more risky. I would never fly with flower. But well-baked edibles are odorless and utterly inconspicuous.
you're surrounded by law enforcement. if they suspect you're high they could test you and arrest you on the spot. trip ruined.
>But well-baked edibles are odorless and utterly inconspicuous.
well trained sniffer dogs might disagree with you

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I plan to travel to france next year. How is it? Should I go to Paris? I hear its getting a bit gross with rude locals. Would going to a smaller town be more worthwhile? (I was thinking Annecy) Is immigration a problem or is that just /pol/ being retards?

I do know french (Canadian).
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I am also considering going to Paris soon. Yeah it's not what it used to be, what with decay and immigration, but I figure it can only get worse.

I want to see it before it's gone completely.
Immigration is only a problem if you get triggered by brown people. Paris is all it ever was and isn't going anywhere. Still very worth the visit. The rude locals are part of the experience.
Oh ok. That alleviates that concern. But still. Should I go to Paris or would Annecy be more worthwhile? Or some other small french town?

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Lads. I'm going to Krakow next weekend with a mate. What are some quintessentially Polish things I should eat/see/do, and where's the best place to get drunk?

Also, I don't want to go to Auschwitz.
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>Also, I don't want to go to Auschwitz.

going to Auschwitz is as quintessentially polish as it gets though

I just dont want to spend my hard earned shekels looking at some fake scratches on a wall desu
ayyyyy lmao

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