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where can you travel where people arn't constantly trying to rip you off and being generally sub-human?

serious question

I found eastern europe to be great, as was tibet; regional china wasn't so bad, spain was nice

if you think the whole world and everyone in it is awesome, that "it's their culture" is any kind of excuse; you need not post in this thread.
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for people who stay in resorts and only leave for guided tours and overpriced restaurants it's probably not an issue

but for a long term traveler it can be utterly exhausting having to try and haggle down locals every single time you need food water or a place to stay

tourists in a place for a few weeks might find culturally jarring behavior a novelty at first, but those staying longer will either come to accept it; or it will erode their will to stay.
sometimes this might be simply unpleasant, like chinese yelling at their phones; but sometimes it has serious consequences; like harrassment of women leading to sexual assault, poor public hygiene leading to illness, scams and price descrimination ruining your budget

wealthier travelers often unknowingly stay at places that bribe police, hire security periodically or deter sub-human scum to protect the value of attractions, hotels, sometimes whole neighborhoods
but budget travelers may sometimes find themselves harassed ceaselessly for 2 hours while dining because a hawker making 3$ a day sold a necklace to a lady for 30$ a few weeks ago, and the proprietor simply doesn't care because you have already paid him.
>this is only in tourist areas
it's true that it's often markedly worse in tourist areas, but in many places it's widespread; and a traveler wishing to see any kind of attraction will have to suffer this as well

there must be more parts of the world where this doesnt happen
This seems like a dumb question. It's anywhere where the standard of living/HDI is high.
well it's a good rule of thumb

but I've been to many impoverished places where the people were honest and upstanding
I hear variously that parts of africa, latin america, the caribean, hill tribes are fantastic despite their poverty

conversely some relatively developed countries still have these issues because their wealth is relatively new (china), or because they are just backwards (turkey)

It changed my life.
I'm from Portugal and wanted to share this with you guys, I was there for work, and manage to still visit a lot of places, the island it's just beutiful.
At first was a cultural shock, but past the first week I was already adapted to that new word. Every beach there, has cristal clear water, something a bit rare in most beaches, the people are really helpful and frindly, traffic not so great tho, Gozo is amazing, and make sure you visit Popeye Village.
That was my second big trip, I was born in Brazil and came to Portugal really young, but this trip to Malta made me realise that there's nothing like travlleing and exploring new places.
Earth is beutiful.
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Valletta looks really amazing
Sounds awesome, OP. I'm going to look into it for the upcoming summer. Malta's a place I've had in the back of my mind, but it's a low-key travel destination, I think it gets overlooked.

I wish we could get more posts like OP's on /trv/, people reporting on places that they've been, rather than just like
>in Witchita wot do?
You should really visit there.
It's a bit old and dusty desu, but it has that good old vibe, not sure if I'm making myself clear lol.

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How would you personally rate the following cities, best at top and worst at bottom:

>New York City
>San Francisco
>Ann Arbor

Leave it out if you haven't been there
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More chilled with plenty of nature to admire. Get's boring quickly though.
Lots of history, a bit frantic sometimes and gypsy pickpockets
>New York
Toursity scenic, but essentially over rated
>San Francisco
See above but add additional hobos pissing in the streets
>Gets boring quickly
As opposed to where???
> Rome
Overrated shithole 0/0

I've been thinking... just leaving my home and keep wandering, I'm 24 living on a mattress on the floor at my parents i have an alcohol problem and have attempted suicide a few times. My friends treat me like an idiot,they dont know about my attempts or my mental health. i have had many jobs but cant pin anything that im good at... i want to pick a direction and keep walking in it soo i can see something new other than these four fucking walls. i have a tent and food supplies is this a good idea?
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This is a great idea
Where do you live?
currently in london
just understand that you cant walk away from youself. also you should really post this on /adv/

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So I'll be in Gothenburg for a few weeks on business. How is it? I've looked at a couple of lists of tourist destinations, and it seems like there are some good bars and museums. Is it safe to walk around after dark there? What should I expect? Any notable places to visit?
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Also is the migrant meme real?
Gothenburg is amazing. It has the bustle of a city but feels chill as fuck. The fine art museum, the publix gardens and the Fish church (get the gravlax at the second story restaurant, one of the best meals of my life) were highlights. And get an oversized cinnamon bun at Cafe Hassan and good coffee literally everywhere.
In the more touristy areas of Gothenburg I saw mostly blonde Swedes, way more than in Stockholm. The migrant meme is just /pol/ talking out their ass, dont wander into random neighborhoods (you'd have to go out of your way to do this) and youll be fine. Felt way safer than every major American city Ive been to.

Tl;dr Gothenburg is awesome, more chill/relaxed than exciting. Enjoy Id go back in a heartbeat
Oh and if you have time take the ferry to Styrso and rent a bike. Bike riding around the island is Scandinavian bliss

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thats me, opie.jpg
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Hey anon, I need a suggestion.

TL;DR: do you think I might enjoy traveling solo after breaking up my seven-year-old relationship with my girlfriend? I mean completely on my own.

I broke with her just a couple of months ago. In the whole seven years we've been together, we only managed to go on a few trips not far from we live, initially because she couldn't afford expensive travels and later because of a sick relative of hers whom she wouldn't feel like "abandoning" for a long time (mostly, she's never been very prone to spend money in travels).

I'm still a bit shocked from breaking up with her, but a part of me feels greatly relieved and can't wait to pack bags and leave for one of my dreamed destinations.

For instance, I've been dreaming to go back to Paris (inb4 le isis meme) since last time I've been there, more than 10 years ago. I loved the city, and being an architecture and engineering enthusiast I would love to just walk around, visit the most peculiar metro stations, hang by the Défense district...
I always fantasized about getting there with her, walking around hand in hand, enjoying the views together, but thinking about it in a rational way, I don't think she would have enjoyed that like I would have done instead, at all.

So, it seems like I can finally get there and make my fantasy come true, but I'm afraid I could suddenly find myself missing her so badly that I would completely destroy my vacation.

What is your experience anon? Have you ever intentionally planned a trip while being in a sad period of your life?

Please note that my purpose is not to get there to find myself a new gf, or to forget about her or "change life". I would just answer to an urge I've been having for a long time. Also, sorry for my possibly funny English, not a native speaker.
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>having a girlfriend for 7 years

jeez, not even marriages last that long. should have broken up along time ago. nice 7 year time travel.

I'm doing the same thing, going to Monza in September for the grand prix by myself. I've always wanted to go to a F1 race, probably something I wouldn't have done if I was still in a relationship.

There's nothing wrong with solo travelling, you get to do whatever you want without having to agree or compromise, you can go at your own pace, you can see the sights or just sit in a bar or cafe and just watch the world go by.

If you think you'll just be thinking of her the whole time, maybe pick somewhere new and start fresh. If you do meet another girl you might not have the chance to go to Paris again and you'll be thinking what if.
Don't go to Paris OP. You will definitely get depressed and it will ruin your vacation.
Go somewhere fun and enjoy yourself on a beach or something. Paris can wait and it will we be a much better experience once you've gotten over her.

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If anyone is visiting Scotland, You can ask me about getting about and places to see.

You can ask any question, been driving coaches all over Scotland for 17 years.

Picture taken today at Inverary, Argyle after dropping of the fattest group of American tourists that I have had. I even had to drop the suspension to let one woman on.
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Another picture
The pictures are sideways, anon.
Have a good thread though.
Yeah, sorry about the pictures

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So a friend and I are driving to Harstad over a period of like 4/5 days.

Just wondering if you guys have any suggestions for potentially cool/interesting shit to see along the way.

Also, once we get to Sweden, How viable is the route marked in red. Better or worse than the one through Sweden.
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>going through Sweden when you can drive through Norway instead

Are you retarded?
Since you are going through Norway, the trip will be slightly more expensive than traveling trough Sweden.

That was just a quick image to show our complete route but from your post I'm assuming going from Copenhagen to Oslo, then north through Norway is a much better shout.

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Im practicing portuguese on my own, but i wanted to know what else, and how much i would need to actually make it possible. any advice or brazilian portugues penpals around? im male btw
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just travel or planning on moving?
travel first
OK well to improve your language skills I suggest getting a penpal www.interpals.net just look for people who speak Portuguese in Brazil only.

What city(ies) are you going to?

Depending on the city you may have to prepare yourself for certain safety precautions you will need to take, that being said outside of the cities with over 30 per 100k homicides the violence factor is overblown.

honestly money wise you only need about $1000 for a month and about $1500-2000 for two

a couple weeks before going use tinder plus to match some locals

What is the best US city for a young straight white male to live in for 2 years? I have an inheritance that comes to me in $1,000 per month increments.
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Depends what you're into and what you want to do with yourself.

If you just want to dick around with your life then go somewhere that you can more or less live on that $1,000... not in the US. Maybe Vietnam or Thailand.
>viet or thailand
I feel like being around all those asians would get real old real fast. Hows eastern europe or namibia?
I don't know eastern europe, but unless you're talking Ukraine you'll have a hard time living on that as a foreigner. Even Ukraine would be tough. It's a big income relative to locals but you will be spending much more than local for decent comfort.

Namibia... wtf would you go there for? It's just one massive desert wasteland. The one capital city (can't remember the name) might be okay, but I literally can't think of a single reason why it'd be good to live there. The women are fugly too.

Thailand and Vietnam are interesting and the asians don't get tiresome to be around. They're nothing like Asian-Americans.

How is life in the ex-soviet towns of the extreme Siberia?
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I haven't been there, but if I had to guess, living standards are quite high and people are generally happy and healthy.
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I usually see a lot of desolation in photos. Isn't it due to a certain degree of poverty and scarcity of resources?

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What are some good travel accessories you would recommend to everyone?

I'm asking in part because I have a lot of gift cards to use on Amazon.com and I'm looking for ideas.
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Expensive and durable/lightweight/extreme weather clothing.
Carabiner, rope and a book on knots.
Wireless bluetooth speaker.
where the fuck are you going?
File: 1485715662076.jpg (37KB, 562x600px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Anywhere really? This is mostly a /solotravel/ board and people do shit like long walks and unusual circumstances. The shit I suggested is always useful and allowed as carry-on.

hi /trv/, I know this is a tall order, but I'm wondering what country would be best for an american 20-year old male, with no degree and little job experience to find work and possibly a new life.

I have about $1200 saved up, and have only a few months before I will be officially homeless and have to leave the united states for legal reasons (long story but massive, insurmountable debts due being fucked over in more than one way by my parents)

I know its going to fucking suck no matter where I go but I was hoping I could lessen the blow by finding a country that would make it easy to find a job and would be relatively safe, both in terms of the country itself and of being not sent back to the united states (its not a big enough thing that I would be pursued over but I wouldn't trust trying to emigrate to Canada or Germany for instance since they would probably send me back at the border)

I was thinking somewhere in south america perhaps? I could pick up spanish fairly easily.

also its either leave the country or kill myself, and I'm not the suicide type, so don't tell me to just suck it up and stay in the US. I didn't do anything actually wrong, just made poor choices in trust.
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just go to mexico. i hope u aren't super white lol
is mexico really that stable with jobs?
why are so many coming to the US for work then?
Get in contact with a debt counselor in your area; they're very common in the US for obvious reasons. They will be able to help with your situation much more than fleeing the country will. It's not as exciting or adventurous as running away and joining the circus or becoming a pirate of the Caribbean, but it's the sensible thing to do. Think about how common massive debts are in the US. Very few of those people flee across the border, OP.

We get people in their late teens or early 20s on /trv/ all the time who think that going to a foreign country to start a new life with *no legal right to work* and no qualifications will solve their boredom, depression, virginity, legal woes, etc.

Good luck.

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Who doesn't love a greasy-haired backpacker playing Wonderwall at every opportunity?
I'm conflicted. On one hand I love playing guitar and if I go too long without feeling strings it starts to really get to me. On the other hand I don't want fuckers asking me to play and I don't wanna look like a mega douche.

I knew a dude who traveled with a uke. It was a particularly quite ukelele and even if it wasn't nobody ever asks someone to play the ukelele cuss no one wants to hear that shit.
>and if I go too long without feeling strings it starts to really get to me.
Same anon, it helps calm my anxiety better than any drug.

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Small town.jpg
127KB, 1600x1080px
I'm a college student who has spent most of my life indoors on my computer and I'm tired of my life, I would really like to temporarily move to some small, relaxing area. Meet some new people, see some new things, have new experiences.

I'm thinking of working for a few months to save up then just finding some spot and staying there for a month.

Any recommendations on where to go?
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Sorry, forgot to mention that I'm looking for something within the US.
>I would really like to temporarily move to some small, relaxing area. Meet some new people, see some new things, have new experiences

That's not what you do in small towns, that's what you do in big cities, that's where you'll meet people
I live a half hour away from NYC.
I'm looking for something different.

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