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Anyone have any experience with these guys? I'm going to Paris, London, Brussels, and Amsterdam for about $4,000 and I'm not sure how bad I fucked up. I hear that out of the main educational traveling companies, these guys are some of the worst. Is it true?
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Is that a tour? What's the point?
Yeah that's what I've heard as well. Go for non-profits
What are some nonprofits instead?

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Hey /trv/!

How is the drinking culture in asian countries (particulariy Japan and China) like?
Can I (as a white european) just stand next to a hiking trail and offer people to share a bottle of mead with me?

Or is this in appropriate?
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>How is the drinking culture in asian countries (particulariy Japan and China) like?

Stupidly low tolerance but many many people drink, it isn't suprising to have some do 2 beers and be toasted. They can also get stupidly loud when drinking something that rivals anything I have seen at most pubs/bars.

>Can I (as a white european) just stand next to a hiking trail and offer people to share a bottle of mead with me?

Most also wouldn't just accept booze from a stranger unless they were clearly an alcoholic. They'd also probably tell you to go away or alert someone to tell you to go away.

>Or is this in appropriate?

You'd just get strange looks and probably people telling you to go away.

Asian culture is stupidly different from your own
>Can I (as a white european) just stand next to a hiking trail and offer people to share a bottle of mead with me?
You mean offer drinks to strangers and random people hiking? Nobody does this anywhere, not even Europe. People are going to think you're a creep who's trying to give them a spiked drink.
>Stupidly low tolerance
It's genetically linked missing metabolism abilities, enzyme or something is wrong. That red face flushing is one sign.

Sharing mead? Ehh. I'm sure a more finicky person would like something sealed and just for themselves. You could be a serial killer for all they know. Public drunkenness is taboo in many cultures. It's not like you're all sitting down to a campfire and dining together and the sharing is offered both ways. You come across a little weird.

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This thread will be mainly for people who want to simply abandon the life they have in search for adventure, travel, etc.

Share stories, ideas, and advice. It doesn't matter how much money you have.
It doesn't matter how you travel, whether it be by foot, plane, train.

We will also discuss ways to make money while doing this. (For example, if you're living out of your car, you could signup for Lyft and make money that way). In general, life(travel) hacks are welcome as well.

Examples of a few resources that may come in handy
>couch surfing

Music theme of the thread:

Let's go!
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jo jo approves of this thread

- reporting from south florida
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Meet ups and road dogs should be in here too
I'm interested in busking and being a traveling musician. Anyone know the best spots in the USA to do this? Actually, any other international spots where you can do pretty good busking too? It's something I would like to do for maybe a year.

I'd prefer spots where no permit is necessary.

Hay Travel and Mexican friends. So i finally did it.

I'm moving to Mexico in less than two months. I've been with you guys since high school and I'm 27 now. I just got done battering down the hatches and pumping out two years in Long Beach, California for college, and man I'm excited to get the fuck out of here. Just dropped off my last months rent in this city, sold my car, graduated college and I'm half way through my five week TEFL certificate.

I need your advice on my current situation. To elaborate on this, what would you do if you were in my shoes?

So, I'm going to be teaching english in Mexico for a few years, or until I'm fluent in Spanish. Currently intermediate. Here are some general questions:

Does anyone have ANY experiences they would like to share teaching english or living in Mexico? Particularly with the company Berlitz? What cities would you recommend besides Guadalajara, Mexico city and Monterey?

The big question. Would you move there without having found a job yet, and THEN apply at various locations in cities like Guadalajara or Monterey? Or would you land the job first? I'm American, so i THINK i can stay in the country for 6 months no problem, i can always apply for the visa down there? Thoughts?

I don't know if i have the confidence to do something like that but I'm considering it, for I'm rather qualified but don't have teaching experience yet.

I will most likely be in the central region of Mexico due to the majority of the countries population being there. States like Jalisco, Michoacan, Puebla and San Luis Potosi.

My interests in learning Spanish, enjoying various historical sites (I'm a history major) and get a Mexican girlfriend. I have no issue with marrying the right one.

I have a degree, a TEFL certificate and 15,000 dollars saved up. I'm truly prepared for this move and committed. I'm a handsome white American male if this matters. This is not a drill, so pretend your me....what the fuck would you do?
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Exact same situation as me, except I'm 26, pumped out two years in Berkeley as a Soc/Poli major, and will be going to Vietnam with a Vietnamese girlfriend I already have.
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Right on! Good luck to you. Vietnam pays very well in regards to english teachers. Its just that the Vietnamese language is just too hard to learn, so i declined the job offers. Mexico is home to two ancient world civilizations as well, i just gotta see thought pyramids.

And not to mention Latinas girlfriends are low key master race.
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Berkeley is not a real university. Thats a radical leftist brainwashing institution.

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I've only heard a little info about the many problems that Brazil faces.
>Economy in the shit
>Politics in the shit
>Water contaminated with Zika virus
>Rabid Vampire Bats, bit over 40 people and killed 1
What other reasons are there for me to avoid the visit?
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Br here. Well my friend I don´t really know why you shouldn´t come here. To be frank, I would invite you to come here. I don´t know where you are, but since you have money to travel you could probably spend a lot in your travel here and know our culture, see some nice beachs and other things. Now, reading your text I´ll correct some things for you!

Water isn´t contamined with zika virus.
There isn´t any rabid vampire bats attacking people here. Probably someone is trolling you!

If you want ask me anything, I´ll be monitoring this thread!
>literally 'come to brazil' meme

why do Brazillians want other people to come to their country so much? I'm generally interested

Can't decide between Korea, China or India.

Has anyone ever been there?

I'll travel from Egypt if that matters.
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it's kind of a weird way to advise you, but what kind of food do you like?

are you more interested in socializing or partying, or culture and history?

You want a developing country or a developed country?

I haven't been to India but I imagine it probably has a similar environment to China, a mix of developed and developing. Korea is pretty developed in comparison.
china was great, korea was boring, india i have no interest in ever visiting.
Visa to China will be harder to get from Egypt.

Hey /trv/. I'm planning on going to Europe some time in Europe for a few weeks. I know I could go to Berlin, Barcelona, Prague, Budapest, etc. But I'd like to find a city that has 3 things going for it specifically:

1) Is a college town
2) Has forests/mountains to hike
3) Relatively nice weather (not rainy all the time for example)

I know there are many cities like this, but which would you recommend? I'd like to not spend too much money and rent an AirBnB apartment, but I'm open to suggestions. The reason I ask this is because I get the impression that a lot of these big touristy cities lack the greenery that I'm looking for.
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*some time in August
Freiburg in Germany fits your bill. It's got a great uni community, best weather in Germany and sits on the edge of the Black Forest. Swiss Alps are a 2 hour train ride away.
Thanks for the suggestion. How's the nightlife there?

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Why do people think New York City is so cool? I have lived in Boston for most of my life and have frequented NYC several times so trust me when I say that this entire region is complete shit.

The buildings are all antiquated. The roads are poorly maintained. Infrastructure is lacking. Everything is expensive. It's crowded. The weather is awful. Government policies make it so the only place to actually do your shopping is an overpriced street-corner bodega instead of an affordable chain store. It's not even practical to live here.

I can see why someone would live here in the event of a half decent job opportunity but what the fuck is everybody else doing?

Regions like San Diego, Reno, Las Vegas, etc... are so much more interesting in my opinion.
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>what the fuck is everybody else doing?
I'm a musician and music producer living cheaply in an immigrant neighborhood in Brooklyn. I rarely work more than 10 hours a week, bought my apartment for under $200k years ago and spend about $40 a week on groceries. I have a very active social life - I have a circle of 40-50 friends I hang out with at dinner parties, bars and go out to eat with. Going out to eat is a great splurge here. You can get a great meal anywhere from $6 to $200 depending on your mood and how much you want to spend. And since the whole fucking world comes here your choices are pretty wide open. Same goes for entertainment. I catch a lot of live music too, because pretty much any act you'd want to see plays here. As for practicality, my apartment may be small, but I'm only a 15 min subway ride from the studio where I work, and nearly all the shopping I need is within walking distance of where I live. I couldn't live this life anyplace else in America.
You don't know what the hell you're talking about. Like really, who gives a shit if the buildings are old? It's part of its character is opposed to a boring sprawl city.

And NYC certainly blows Boston out of the water.
>You don't know what the hell you're talking about. Like really, who gives a shit if the buildings are old? It's part of its character is opposed to a boring sprawl city.

You are the worst type of scum. A dilapidated building does not have "character". It's a piece of shit that should have been bulldozed decades ago. The walls are thin, the insulation is crap, and the whole thing exists solely because property managers would rather run it into the ground than have it properly rebuilt or renovated.

Like what the fuck even is this? It baffles me that people have managed to delude themselves into thinking that this standard of living is acceptable in today's day and age.

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I want to go to London for a few days and try heroin.
I'm from Europe but not in the European Union so I was wondering about how insurance and shit like that in case I OD.
I'm guessing ill just go and ask around for weed or something and from there try to find a dealer.

Any tips?
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Coming from a junky your not gonna find heroin easily. I dunno how uk is but opiate scenes are pretty similar across the world. The aren't easy to get into like coppi some weed because 99/100 people who will help you find weed will look at you like a monster if you ask for help finding dope. You gotta either find junkies which if you don't know what to look for will be hard or ask homeless people and other undesirables. I've copped abroad but it isn't the best quality. Just look into using dark web markets, you will at least get an activ product even if it is mostly fentanyl and you won't make a fool of yourself/waste time/get ripped off/end up in jail. If you wanna cop irl learn the ropes in your own country first so you know what to look for.

I've never heard anything that stellar about uk dope anyway.
Come to Austin TX. I got u

How's that cartel tar down there ?

here are the 17 things that surprised me about day to day life

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How do we know this is you? It's probably not, but it's true, and all the points are valid and obvious
Why specifically 17?
Was there no 18th observation? Is your imagination that limited?
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>I personally don't like Apple products (I find the operating system too restrictive)

Guy is obviously a /g/entooman

what is the cheapest way to travel from Belgrade to Prague and back?
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Train for sure mate
I don't know man but I might suggest using the good old train.

>Fucking Loves Whale Watching
>Fucking Loves being on the Ocean
>Fucking Loves Traveling
Is it possible to take a boat across the Ocean? like instead of taking a plane you take a boat? Are cruisers the only ones left? are they expensive?
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you can travel on a freight boat, but it's multiple times more expensive than flying and more than a cruise probably. If you have some sailing experience, you can also luck out and try to find a crew that needs some help on board (best to just ask in harbors e.g. in Portugal, US etc.)
look up repositioning cruisers. I think it's exactly what you are looking for, though I wouldn't be so sure about seeing many whales.
I had some friends who sailed on a yatch across the pacific without any skills and got paid a few bucks for basically just moving sails around, washing decks and taking watches. They were both hot girls who are kind of up for anything though, so they might have been hired as pussy. I didn't ask but they were living in the same cabins as these guys for a fortnight and they probably banged one or more of them.

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Hello, /trv/,

I have two days in Hamburg, Germany... What should I do with my parents??

Please help!
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>What should I do with my parents??
There is a museum where the nazis hung some jewish kids

If your parents like boat rides, there a plenty of it in Hamburg
Take them to one of many brothels Hamburh has.

Or if they're unadventurous types, maybe you can go to Miniaturwunderland, pic related.
go to McDonalds

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Is Amsterdam the most overrated city in Europe? It seems like it's a city based around drugs and hookers (shit) with a few good museums.
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Are you retarded, a city based around 100% legal drugs and hookers makes it fucking god-tier.
Depends on what you're looking for. I'm not OP but I find that boring and unoriginal as well.

Is that David Silva?

>captcha is drugs
>Elko Nevada is now god-tier

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With the recent visa crackdown in China, is teaching English without a degree there no longer a viable option?
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go to Vietnam

you can still get away with it, especially in the country, but they will use it to dick you over as compensation leverage.
Anyone has any experience teaching English in China without being an actual native speaker?
I've heard that for most schools the only thing that really matters is whether you're white or not, since your role is basically that of a trophy wife. I have a master's degree but no certificates of language proficiency, though I could get one if need be.
Hey anons

I have a friend who is trying to move to China to work. They want a copy of her degree, but it's in French - from France. The Chinaman at the consulate said this is not good enough.

What should she do? Does she really need to go to find an outfit like Educational Credential Evaluators and spend a few hundred bucks?


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