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Is it worth visiting?
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no, if you are asking this question.

some people find excitement in looking to some random pile of bricks, some people like talking and listening stories of rural people.
Yes. It's rewarding but quite difficult unless you're with a Chinese speaker. All depends on what you want from your trip I suppose.

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Australian going to Europe for 4 months. I paid for everything already. Got everything sorted out. Except I didn't realise that I can't stay for 4 months because of the Schengen Zone 90 day limit. I'm leaving too soon to apply for a working holiday visa. Is there anything I can do short of leaving within 90 days having left out a sizeable portion of the trip? I'm supposed to fly home from Spain by the way.
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You're reasonably fucked mate.
Are any of your days inside the uk? As it does not count. Nor does Bulgaria or Cyprus, in case you are going there.
I'd probably try and refund some of the stuff I was doing, and go to one of those 3 places for ~30 days.
Could I risk overstaying if I leave from Spain? I heard Spain is fairly lax about the schengen visa.
It's 90 out of 180 days in the Schengen Zone. Not all of Europe/EU is Schengen.
Stay 30 days of your trip in any countries that are not Schengen and you're good.
Those are: Ireland, UK, Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Albania, Romania, Ukraine, Moldova, Bulgaria, Cyprus and Turkey.

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Hello guys,

I am battling with a huge depression, loneliness. My mother is facing mental issues (some kind of paranoid schizophrenia) and it is becoming more and more difficult to live with her.
I am procrastinating with all aspects of my life. Almost never going to uni (career related to visual arts) working or doing shit that i really like.

20 years. I can speak english and (native) spanish. More than 50k of savings, a european passport.

I know that starting from scratch in a new country wont solve all my problems, but i rather be depress and lonely building a new life, in lets say, Japan, that in my own country.

I am very attracted to asia (Japan, China, South corea) and countrys with a lot of buzz in the independant phography / cinematography scene, where i can live cheap and with not many visa restrictions to work.

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I know South Korea has a workinf holiday programme for you, you can apply for a yearly work visa like that...
>More than 50k of savings

Sure go for it, it'll always be better or at least put things in perspective
how much time i could live on savings in jp?

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Have you ever picked a travel destination for a weird or silly reason?

For the thread's purposes, we could loosely define this as choosing to go somewhere, but not for the usual reasons, which would be things like:
>to visit friends/family
>to meet new people
>for work/study
>to partake in an activity that would normally be expensive/illegal/impossible in your own country (eg. Amsterdam weed, Hawaiian surfing, Himalayan mountain climbing, Vegas/Macau gambling, etc.)
>for cultural interest (eg. weebs and Japan)
So, none of that normal shit.

To get the ball rolling, I chose to go to Hong Kong because of anime. I was watching G Gundam, where half the show takes place in Hong Kong. I know that some uneducated weebs go to Japan because of anime in general, but fuck, I went to Hong Kong because of one single show from the 90s. And I loved it there.

So, how about you guys? Ever decided on a destination based on haphazard motivations?
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I chose to visit Moldova because I didn't know anyone who had been there, and was interested in checking out a minor post-Soviet country.
I've chosen every travel destination based soley on whether I remembered playing a vidya game set in a fictitious version of the city.

Not even kidding
Moved to live in the pacific northwest after my wife made me watch the Twilight series eryth her and it showed how beautiful the nature is there

A friend and I were thinking of travelling through Germany + Austria for 10 days or so. We were especially trying to visit Munich, Salzburg, and Vienna. Anyone been to these 3 areas recently? We haven't ever been, we mostly are interested in seeing architecture/museums/history/art stuff rather than any nightlife. Any recommendations are appreciated
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Was in Salzburg on a daytrip from Munich when I was 15 or 16. If feels like a fairytale or something.
Go to Dachau concentration camp if you're from US/UK.
There's a 200m radio tower in the olympic stadium where you can see the entire city. For students its only around 2 euro.

Thanks for the response man. How'd you generally find Munich as a city btw?
yes goy, go spend your hard earned dollars to visit a labor camp, it will do you good! don't forget to eat delicious kebap afterwards

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Planning on doing a full trip of the Nordic countries next year.

Any recommendations on cities/towns, sight seeing, activities, etc?
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What time of year - winter or summer? The responses will be very different.

The brown bears up on the Finnish/Russian border are wonderfull. There are a number of operators of hides where you can almost garantee to see them also wolverines if you are lucky.

For Iceland, go to Akureyri and/or Vik. Honestly, take a week or so and do a full ring road tour. It's well worth it.

For Denmark to Sweden, I like the take the ferry from Frederikshavn to Gothenburg, it's a nice little ride. Actually, in the entire area of mainland Europe, if you have the option to take a ferry, take the ferry.
Winter is cold. Summer is nice and hot. Generally everywhere. Summer does come late in the northernmost parts.

Biking in Denmark is my favorite way of tourism. Take a tent and sleeping bag/matress with you and some saddlebags and you'll see the parts worth travelling for. I like the roads in yutland the most. Towns and cities are just that. Sweden is big. Norway even feels bigger.

Cheap to rent camping spots. Toilets and clean water. Very temperate even if it rains.

Norwegian nature is rough but ever so beautiful. Biggest temperature flucturations up there. Denmark is perhaps one if not the flattest country in the world. The islands are harder to find beautiful spots on, but you can bike across the country, skipping Fuenen? That's what I guess I will do this summer.

Most people knows basic english.

Norway is a trekking wonderland. Sweden got a lot of cozy towns in between hours of driving.. Everyone knows Denmark got the best and cheapest booze and perhaps nightlife if not some remote fjord gets it on like every remote place got its hotspots. Hard to find though. You gotta know people and gotta be young in Norway though. Sweden is not appreciating the night life, really, I think. Laws. Regulations. Same goes for Norway.

Sightseeing isn't my thing but would go for cph. Expensive. But more stuff perhaps worth looking into.

Finland is worth diving into, too. Island is also very special, though no forests to get lost into. Icelanders and Finns are the most openminded.

Best things:
Dk: Strawberries and beaches
No: Fields and songs. Warm people.
Se: I'd say the natives looks and history.
Fin: If Europe got nuked the first people to emerge would be the finns. Also, peaceful woodlands.
Is: Warm and kind people. Nature.

Worst parts:
Dk: stagnant, half-american culture. Fear.
Se: Fear. A lot.
No: Infrastructure.
Fi: n/a
Is: Distance.

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Hey /trv/

Considering moving to Singapore for work, what can you tell me of the city? How do they treat foreigners? Is it easy to acquire work/education if you're not a native?
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Why not prepare for your new life in such an entrepreneurial society by doing some basic research of your own? From your post, you seem like a school student.
Asking people who have experience with the city isn't doing research of my own? Fuck off and don't post if you're going to be a faggot about it.
>Considering moving to Singapore for work, what can you tell me of the city?
It's clean. Hot and sticky year round. Efficient. High standard of melodious English spoken by nearly everyone. It is as strict as its reputation. It's quite expensive, particularly for housing, alcohol, and good restaurants (although hawker centres and a few hole-in-the-wall mom n' pop restaurants are pretty cheap). I find it a bit boring compared to other cities in Southeast Asia, but it's definitely a first-world city with all modern conveniences. (I never lived there full-time, but I did a few extensive work jaunts of a few months each).
>How do they treat foreigners?
Well enough, as long as they're not domestic servants, migrant construction workers, or prostitutes, all of whom may have a rough time. But the population is nearly 1/4 expat, so it can't be that bad.
>Is it easy to acquire work/education if you're not a native?
It's typical for expats to come in with their jobs--most get sent as transfers within multinationals. I've never met anyone who showed up jobless, applied for work locally, then started working, but perhaps that happens too.
Many of the graduate students at the National University of Singapore are foreigners, mostly from other parts of Asia. I have friends who've taken courses at the Lee Kwan Yew School of Public Policy there. It's not cheap, though.

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Who here LIVES in a foreign country? Tell us about your experiences and give advice to others looking to get into the expat life.

Thread theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n-wyVoW9Fbg

>american, 25
>living in south vietnam for two years now
>work mid-level management for an ESL company
>basically an english teacher, shit on me if you want but im good at my job

Thoughts on Vietnam:
This is a beautiful place full of friendly people and delicious food. Their currency is weak as fuck, so foreigners here can live like kings, even if they're the lowest scum of their home country. I've never met another expat who can speak Vietnamese, and I've met very few who take the country seriously and want more than to run the ESL scam on parents wanting a better life for their kids. But the locals are wonderful people who will probably make something great of their country if the government gets its shit together.

I have a lot to say about Vietnam, so ask away. Other expats please share your experiences.
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>ESL fag in Japan
>Work 5 hours a day, 4 days a week
>3 day weekend
>2 classes a day

Burdy good.

I don't know you, but when people list the low hours/high pay as the main thing they like about ESL, I usually lose respect for them as teachers if not as people. Why not work full-time and make even more money? Probably because you don't actually care about the job and are just using it as a way to escape from the difficulties of your real life.

Let me guess, you also like how much easier it is to score girls in Asia, and have lived in Japan for years but can't speak the language beyond buying beer.

Then again, Japan is a much more developed country that probably has higher standards for immigrants than Vietnam. Plus I hear most JP expats have an interest in the language/culture before they move there, so maybe I'm wrong here.
I've not found the Vietnamese to be friendly at all. And the locals are just interested in helping themselves not improving their country.

Any tips for Copenhagen? I'm going to stay here for a day or two. Primarily interested in modern art and city contemporary culture. Some good techno clubs would also be a plus (although probably nothing is open during the week). Want to avoid tourist traps as much as possible.
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I'd recommend at least visiting Christiania, interesting place.
Heard about this place, just couldn't remember the name. Thanks, I'll definitely visit it.

Culture Box and KB18 are good clubs.

Stroget is worth walking through, but don't eat at any restaurant there.

Check out Statens Museum for Kunst for art

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Can you still go to the US with an Iranian stamp on your passport?
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Yes, you might get some looks or be questioned though.
You can't get the ESTA anymore and will have to apply for a regular visa in most cases.
yeah, as long as you're Canadian. otherwise no visa-free travel for you.

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>34 years old
>No future, no gf etc
>Going to work a dead end job for 6 months
>Going to travel SE Asia for as long as the money lasts
>Going to get wasted and fuck big fat backpacker chick booty as much as I can
>If I don't make it home alive or without HIV, so be it

I don't care anymore. I have a meagre online income of about £100 a month. If I can build that up a bit more, maybe I can travel longer on a budget. May even end up going to India and drowning myself in the Ganges once I'm done with Thailand etc.
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>shitty job
>no girlfriend
>presumably social incompetent and bad with women

>thinks he's going to get laid with backpackers


I had no problems getting laid there before and my confidence and gung-ho attitude towards life has increased since then
He said fat backpackers - the easiest of all varieties of Western chicks.

It's not so impossible.

God speed, anon.

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When brits come to america , women are all over them because they love the accent.
To them even the chaviest accent sounds posh.
What countries love american accents?
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None, why would anybody love an accent associated with getting shot? Watch out for tyrone raping you tonight, phil.
nowhere as american media is so pervasive that its not exotic in the same way.

I've been reading a lot on Cambodia lately. Already bought the plane tickets and I'm going so there's no question in that.
However, I've been getting lots of controversial information on these topics:

>Malaria, should I get anti-malaria pills?

>do I need to get any other shots besides hepatitis A?

>A good way to get from Bangkok to Siam Reap, seen train and bus listed, but lots of different opinions on this

>Is "Happy pizza" not looked upon as illegal by the local authorities, is it safe?

>What's the best way to get around between different cities?

I also would be very thankful on anything I was too dumb to list here. Thanks in advance!
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If you have insurance, it's worth having them just in case. 99% chance you won't catch Malaria unless you go off into the countryside.

Tetanus, Typhoid would be good too.

Take a bus or shuttle to Siam Reap.

Drugs are highly illegal in SEA, however there are certain establishments in certain towns where the cops are paid off and turn a blind eye to it. Just don't take drugs outside of these "designated zones" and you'll be fine. The mushrooms aren't even that strong in SEA.

Take a bus to get around.
Been to Cambodia 3 weeks ago

At this time you should be fine, as long as you use bug-spray and also what >>1235222 said

>other shots
Nope, you'll be fine as long as you don't do stupid stuff

>Bangkok to Siam Reap
Also don't fall for the sunrise in Angkor Wat Meme, trust me!

Just don't do them in SEA. It's nit worth risking he high penaltys

>best way to get around
Also bus.the main roads are pretty good these days, can't say anything about the rest, but you should be fine.

>anything else
Just go with the flow and ask locals what to do. The country is pretty cool and safe as long as you don't act like a retard.
Enjoy your trip! You should definetly visit the killing fields in Phnom Penh, shit's crazy
>Is "Happy pizza" not looked upon as illegal by the local authorities, is it safe?
Definitely looked on as illegal by the authorities, but safe in practice--the restaurants pay off the cops.

Public buying and consumption of drugs is in general a very bad idea--cops are poorly paid and dirty, and shakedowns are a healthy revenue stream for them. They could take you for many hundreds of dollars if they bust you. But the chance of getting busted for buying or eating happy pizza is, practically speaking, nonexistent.

Drug use and public intoxication are also offensive to most locals. This is true all over Southeast Asia, although nobody believes it--even cannabis is much less socially acceptable among mainstream/normal people there than in the West. Yes, it has its fans everywhere, but people who aren't actively making money off it tend to take a very dim view, and local users tend to be a lot more discreet than in other parts of the world.

You stagger down Khao San Road or Sisowath Quay wasted or high, little old ladies selling food or what have you will still take your money, and they will be too polite to say anything to your face, but you'd better believe they're regarding you with contempt. And that hippie reggae bar in Vang Vieng or Pai or wherever, where "everyone's totally cool about weed" and the owner smokes you out? They're not actually cool about it, and the neighborhood hates him, too.

South East Asia Thread. Couldn't believe that there isn't one, as until now I always saw one but didn't post. So let's start a new one.

The entry topic will be
>I'm currently in Chiang Mai and would like to go trekking tomorrow or the day after
I have some experience, so I'd like to do it on my own, preferably for multiple days. I have all the equipment needed, but need a way to get there. So some relevant questions would be:
1. Which part of the surrounding regions is the most beautiful for trekking? I heard
2. Is the region well marked/signposted?
3. Are there guesthouses on the way for solo hikers?
4. How do I get there cheaply? Are there operators that just drop you off and pick you up in the end? If so, will I be able to leave my stuff with them?

Some useful replies would be great, but feel free to contribute your own questions.
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Good general idea OP

Trekking where? There are a lot of places you can go to out of Chiang Mai.

i'm coming down to Thailand for 2 months

1 month in Bangkok and where should I go for the other month? Chiang Mai?
Spend a couple nights in Pattaya for the weekend if your in Bangkok for a month.

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Democratic Republic of Congo seems like one of the most amazing and beautiful places on Earth but I'm afraid of going because of the war.

Anyone have any experience with this country?

I want to see chimpanzees and bonobos.
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I'm beyond terrified of going there.

Hats off to you if you actually pull that off, personally I'd be more comfortable and Iraq.
unless you want to be enslaved, raped and forced to go to war after being forced to mine cobalt by some warlord and finally getting shot, go to the zoo.
A friend of my mom's actually lives in Kinshasa at the moment. She invited me to visit, but I have very little interest in that particular part of Africa.

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