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Hey guys, can I please get a quick rundown on my vacation plan?

Day 1: Bergamo-Venice
Day 2: Venice-Florence
Day 3: Florence
Day 4: Florence-Rome
Day 5: Rome
Day 6: Rome
Day 7: Rome-Naples
Day 8: Naples
Day 9: Naples-Bergamo

What are the must-see sights in these cities?
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You're staying too long in Rome, 2 days is enough to see that shitty 3rd world city
Guess you are landing at BGY, ridiculously small airport for its traffic.
Bergamo is a really little place, check out Bergamo Alta maybe.
Just about at half the route from BGY to Venice you could do a quick stop on west side lake Garda, Toscolano Maderno, Salò and Desenzano are pretty good.
In Venice just explore the less crowded and touristy areas, in 1.5 hrs you can get anywhere in the city by foot.
A must do is visit Murano glass blowers workshops.
Florence is good, not much to say.
In Rome visit Trastevere, best restaurants are there, careful next to the train stations, seems to be full of pickpockets.
Never been to Naples so can't speak.
Would also suggest to check out the countryside in Tuscany and the appenines area

>in 1.5 hrs you can get anywhere in Venice by foot

>looking for luggage locks
>almost all are "TSA-approved"
>look up what the fuck that means
>it means the TSA has master keys and combinations to open them
>anyone who can get master keys from China or wherever can just open your lock, which has a big fucking logo on it advertising that it's a TSA lock
>even if your suitcase doesn't have a zipper (which can be easily opened with a pen), if it has a TSA lock it basically defeats the fucking purpose

Who thought this was a good idea? How does /trv/ keep their luggage secure?
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Carry valuables on you at all times and not in hold luggage. And get a lock that isn't advertised as a luggage lock.
Saran wrap, chains with an industrial padlock, and carpet snakes loose in the suitcase just in case a particularly dedicated baggage handler gets through those.

Also, I never leave my house.
>get non-tsa lock
>tsa thinks this means you're hiding something from them
>use bolt cutters to cut hasp of lock
>now you don't have any lock
and luggage locks aren't designed to make your luggage impenetrable, they're just designed to keep pickpocket style thieves out while you're near it. anyone who's going to have time to use a key or put in a combo is going to have plenty of other tricks. for example

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What's it like living in Australia? I'm Norwegian if it matters.

Personally I'd be scared to just walk outside because it seems like fucking everything around you is either a super aggressive snake with venom so lethal it'll cause your brain to haemorrhage while inducing complete paralysis and organ failure, or a spider the size of a fucking badger that feeds on rats and stray dogs. You can't evne hide in the water because there's at least a million different kinds of jellyfish that'll kill you a hundred times over just by looking at it, and that's if you're lucky enough to not be eaten by a god damn bull-tiger-dino-shark.

But you guys have nice weather and good bants so I kinda wanna go.
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The country is precisely as you described it and /int/ is 100% accurate.
Alright Sven, firstly fuck off we are full.

If you did manage to land a pirate ship here though, You will be eating muff for days. The ladies love your accents. You will experience some bants, the deadly wildlife isn't even in the cities, so unless you're going rural or outback Australia you have nothing to worry about.

If you're going to the outback or rural Australia you people usually go on guided tours, they will look after you. If you decide to rough it by yourself or with other immigrants you will probably just become another statistic.

Ps don't be a dog cunt and bring as many drugs as you can, shit is expensive here.
Well that all sounds bretty fkn neat actually. Also if you think drugs are expensive in Australia you would shit yourself up here, a gram of weed literally costs between 20 and 35 USD.

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Headed over to China tomorrow for a study abroad program for 7 weeks. General advice for when I'm there?

I'm going to be in Shanghai but will have a week to travel after. Any suggestions on where to go? Also, I haven't taken Mandarin for a year but I reviewed a fair amount these past 2 weeks. Will the immersion help catch me up at an accelerated rate?

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Prepare for rude waiters, I guess.
thats a picture of taipei not china fyi

...might want to look into china before you go
I know. I just picked it because it was a nice neon pic of a metropolitan area.

I am going to the USA next week and I will stay in Atlanta for 10 days
I am a photographer and I am looking for the places that can be described as redneck towns.
I would like to make the photos that will convey the spirit of the South.

any advices on where should I go?
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atl is mainly the hood anon. if you want rednecks go north
I got it, Atl is nigger-majority,
but where exactly should I go?
Try hell anon

Gay travellers, what's the most surprising city/country you've hooked up in?

What's the most underrated gay travel destination?

>inb4 degeneracy
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Hong Kong has a surprisingly good gay scene, apparently Taipei is much the same but I haven't been there.
Why would gays need their own destinations ?
Its not like you fuckers dont get to have ten thousand times as much anonymous sex as the rest of us as it is.
Kabul, Bagdad and Mossul do have quite a scene. Riad is tough but Moscow is a easy breath. BUTT best butt is in Fallujah.

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Ask any and all questions regarding ESL teaching abroad ITT. Let the shitstorm begin.
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Dumb question, but what qualifications would you need? Because I'm kinda interested but if it involves going and getting an English major in University then there's no way in hell.
For the most part your bachelor can be in anything (because having a bachelors is a visa requirement) and you couple that with an ESL certificate. A lot of programs, like JET, you just need to have a bachelors and they give you the ESL training.

so im applying for 2017 JET.

just graduated, BS in Chinese studies, minor was Japanese. Basically my grammar is a bit retarded, but i know much more kanji. does this factor into an application?

as well as being an Asian Amiercan with a non-sounding Asian name? I've had experience with the Chinese, and they want whties.

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has anyone done it?

I'm wondering specifically on avoiding the apparently high cost of accommodation
Variously I hear temple stay is awesome/easy/illegal/impossible

also what is the deal with a 20$US fee for entering Mandalay?
is that just for attractions because as a hub I have to pass through the city three times and there is no way I'm paying 60$US

are the northern regions actually unsafe?
I was in Thailand all along that border and it seemed OK, though it's probably not a great indication
to be frank I don't give a shit about local conflicts provided there are no bombings or kidnapping or foreigners
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Itinerary in the works

inle lake
The long hike from Pindaya to Kalaw
Ywama village and the Phaung Daw Oo Pagoda??
Indein ??
Nyaung Shwe ??
? Pyin U Lwin and Hsipaw by rail, but this would require a double back
from mandalay a day trip can be taken to Mingun Pahtodawgyi
from mandalay, sagaing
bhamo via rail
ketho, on the river between bhamo and mandalay
bagan via ferry
mount popa?
-circle line train
-hledan market
-teak bridge
The north is largely off limits to foreigners. Where you are and aren't permitted changes quite regularly.

You can travel up to the city of Myitkyina in Kachin State and visit some of the surrounding countryside, but can't really explore the state beyond that. There's a train from Mandalay but it takes 24hrs and could be double that if delayed. Apparently there's a ferry during wet season but it's slow and expensive. I'd like to go but the 1 month visa thing means you've got to prioritise.

Shan State is prob the bit near thailand you're talking about. You can go but some places will be off limits due to fighting. It varies on a very local scale, there's specific roads and villages that are off limit, sometimes larger areas etc.

I'd rather do the hike from Kalaw to Inle Lake. Better to arrive at the lake after a 3 day trek than a dusty town. Might be unable to incorporate the Bagan ferry if you do this though.
how expensive is the ferry?

I've been practically dying to do a river trip for three months
Yangtse river was in the wrong place because I wasn't going to changhai, and in cambodia going up the mekong wasn't possible

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from 11/11 to 16/03.
Jesus fuck /trv/, I'd thought booking 6 months in advance would be sufficient. What do I do now?

Is it still possible to get my hands on tickets via "2nd hand" of some sort? My schedule is fairly flexible (between mid dec. to mid feb.), and I want to get to that hike so so bad.

Many thanks in advance.
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Plenty of other Great Walks in the area. I've never heard anyone say that Milford is the best. Routeburn and Kepler are nearby, plus trails like Greenstone/Caples with no regulations.
But fuck the landgrabbing DOC, anyway. Nazis with a serious siege mentality and no desire to improve their public image.
You could do the Dusky Track instead. It's similar to the Milford Track but no way near as popular.

Bookings for next season opened on the 17th at 9am and pretty much all the holiday periods were booked out by 9pm that night. Such high demand is normal for the Milford. I didn't bother booking this year because I want to do it last to finish off the Great Walks (the privilege of being a local I guess).

The Kepler was specifically built to take some of the demand off the Milford, it has comparable scenery and gets less rain. You might consider that instead. The Routeburn is great too, just a bit shorter (I did it a month ago).

If you're not familiar with tramping (hiking) in NZ then I would not recommend the non-Great Walks in Fiordland as they're more dangerous.

DOC have had their funding slashed for the past 8 years under the National government. They make a loss on the Great Walks as it is (hence the recent price increase). How are they supposed to improve services when they're already struggling financially?

>inb4 Kosovo je Srbija

I see threads on all sorts of weird countries here, but I can't remember ever seeing Kosovo. Even out of the Balkans threads it's hardly mentioned.

I was planning on going to Pristina in February next year, for their 10th anniversary. Any recommendations, especially for a guy interested in politics and hearing both sides of the story?

I already have a short list: Bill Clinton Blvd., the Orthodox church in the middle of the city, National Library and Newborn Monument, and then a rural road trip to see some ruined churches. Anything I really should check out if I have a few days?
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Here's the interesting parts of Kosovo:

Drenica Valley

I went through there briefly a few years ago, I didn't get to see a whole lot though because boarders got closed temporarily just before i got in so I had to wait a few days till they reopened

Gadime has a very awesome collection of caves, I'm a geologist so I though they were amazing, the tour was pretty good too and it didn't cost too much.

If your going in February there is also a ski resort, I didn't go to it because it was summer when I was there but someone told me that it was not bad.

The fortress at Prizren & world heritage sites are also worth a look at too.

>Even out of the Balkans threads it's hardly mentioned.

To be frank, its not a very interesting or important country with few draws in comparison to its surrounding countries.

Its also not a very proud part of Europe and something people likely want to forget (due to things like drug smuggling, Islamic extremism, rampant govt sponsored organised crime & previous tendencies for conflict and human rights abuses).

>and hearing both sides of the story

Don't expect this, most of the people against Kosovo have long moved to Serbia and you are likely to upset/anger people if you start bringing up anti-kosovo rhetoric.
Don't go there in February. It's going to be cold, depressed and dirty. Days short and activities sparse.

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I'll get to the point. I'm fairly young and don't know much about international travel. I want to move to London as an adult. Any advice/tips or general knowledge appreciatated.
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London is for ultra poor from Third World and for ultra rich from 0.01%.
Are you from one of these groups? If not, London isn't a good choice.
>le city of contraddictionss XD XD
Don't. Its an expensive crowded shithole full of blacks and Muslims

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What are some countries/cities that have no curfews in terms of clubs? aka 24 hour clubs. Clubs can open pretty damn late here in the UK, depending where you are, but as far as i'm aware there's no 24 hour ones

I think Germany and Belgium have no curfews when it comes to clubs, depending where you are (not too sure on this), but what other places do as well? Keenly interested
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Prague has a couple that go all night
what's the appeal of prague? girls?

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I called it here first. I said Miami Beach had become a meme vacation, a dilapidated, crusty, hollowed out HOLE of a destination, verily an art-deco ghetto rife with Cubans and run by the Jew.

"Go away, /pol/." That's what I heard. I was mocked and harassed. But now I stand vindicated. Even the mayor of Miami Beach himself has grown so disgusted with South Beach's decline that he is talking about shutting down the myth of "South Beach Night Life", closing alcohol sales early and reducing the noise. South Beach's days of third world debauch will finally come to a close. The ORDER of European standards will prevail.

"I remember the days on Ocean Drive when it was peaceful. It was artsy. It was creative. Our locals liked to go on Ocean Drive. It was an enjoyable, peaceful place but during the last five, six, seven years we’ve seen a downward trend in Ocean Drive,” said Mayor Philip Levine. “What we need to do as a city is to reform and clean up Ocean Drive.”

“When we see a cancer, and Ocean Drive has become a cancer, we need to eradicate that cancer because we don’t want that cancer to spread to the healthy tissue of the entire city of Miami Beach,” the mayor said. “Unfortunately, Ocean Drive is attracting a bad clientele of folks that want to party all night, go crazy and disrespect our city.”


And in case it isn't obvious, this spike in crime was the result of "Urban" Week. You can figure out the rest just using instincts. Because they are right.

Like me- Right.

And I was. Right. I was right. Here is evidence. I rest my case. "Urban Week" indeed. The straw that finally broke the camel's back. Another destination ruined. And we know why, don't we?
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>art-deco ghetto rife with Cubans and run by the Jew.

When was it not this?

TFW pol-fag thought it was whiteboy day
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no fun 2.jpg
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There was a time when it just had a Cuban flair. Now it is just Cuban. Specifically, Cubans who are hostile to white Americans while trying to run the tourism business they inherited. Sort of an example of 'Welcome to South Beach. Now get out."

I thought the Jew had the sense to keep certain elements out of their own investment area. Apparently not. I like this Levine fellow though, even if it is a Jewish name.

Hey /trv/, first time poster here. I have an opportunity to study in SA next spring in either Stellenbosch or Cape town. I'm really interested because being a burger, I've never left my country and it would be awesome to live and work in a different country for a few months. Is it as unsafe as its made out to be? Are SA's universities actually any good? Are South African grills cute? Any information helps.
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Cape Town calling, before this turns into another /pol/-style trollfest. Stellenbosch is about 40 minutes drive from Cape Town; the main difference is that Stellenbosch is a university town and Cape Town is a major city. Stellenbosch has historically been a white Afrikaans town, but it's now its an increasingly diverse place; everyone speaks English, there's plenty of tourists and visiting students and scholars. It's a very leafy, comfy place that's isolated enough from the outside world that you will either build some close friendships, or be miserable and lonely.

Regarding safety, yes, the Cape Town area has a very high crime and murder rate, and a Stellenbosch student was murdered earlier this week, but most of the violence happens in very poor areas that you would have no reason to visit, especially the slums on the outskirts of cities.

You do need to be careful at night, though, because although visitors rarely suffer crimes against the person, crimes against property are more common. So if you want to be a typical Ameriburger on exchange, taking advantage of the lower drinking age, you will need to observe some limits - it's not the place to go staggering around drunk in the middle of the night. That said, there's 10 million + tourists each year and most have no trouble.

Stellenbosch and the University of Cape Town are both excellent, google them and see, although there have been protests on both campuses in recent years over fees and what's perceived by some as an old-fashioned colonialist attitude by the institutions.

If you're seriously interested, download a copy of the Lonely Planet Cape Town guide (it includes Stellenbosch) and I'll be happy to answer any specific questions.
The university of Stellenbosch is very good. Commonly considered "the" university of the Afrikaners, although they have recently relaxed their language rules. It's far calmer than CT, but not all that far away, certainly not by ZA or US standards.

University of Cape Town I know nothing about, sorry boet.
>University of Cape Town I know nothing about, sorry boet.
Top rated uni in Africa; traditionally the best English-speaking university, in the comfy southern suburbs of Cape Town.

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Hi /trv/, European here, never been in the USA before. I'm gonna go there for a year-long exchange soon. I was wondering, what is the most reasonable (money-wise and time-wise) way of traveling between the big USA cities? I'll live in Massachusetts. I intend to visit some of my distant family members and friends in Wyoming, Ohio, Colorado and Arizona, spending about a week everywhere.

In Europe, the best way to travel for reasonable monies are cheap airlines (Wizzair, Ryanair), buses (mostly Western Europe) or trains (mostly Eastern Europe). How is it in States?
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The cheapest way is Greyhound. It's a bus service like you've never seen. Slow and poor conditions. But it's cheap and it will get you to very obscure places. We don't have the budget airlines Europe has. There's Southwest and a couple others but even Southwest will seem like Lufthansa compared to RyanAir. For that reason and others, tickets are much more expensive. I don't know Boston, but a round trip from New York to Denver will be like $200 booked in advance.
>The cheapest way is Greyhound. It's a bus service like you've never seen. Slow and poor conditions. But it's cheap and it will get you to very obscure places. We don't have the budget airlines Europe has. There's Southwest and a couple others but even Southwest will seem like Lufthansa compared to RyanAir.
This is bullshit.
> I don't know Boston, but a round trip from New York to Denver will be like $200 booked in advance.
That's very little money to fly transcontinental and it's the norm.
Boston is a jetblue city and you should look at their website first. Don't take buses, not even once, unless traveling around the northeast, and you'd probably prefer trains for that.

Wyoming will be the pricey city, due to lack of competition. It's a tourism mecca for the national parks and the residents are few. Arizona is your farthest and maybe you should consider having your family meet you in Vegas which will be very cheap.
There is a scenic train from Denver to Salt Lake City (Silver Zephyr) with glass topped cars, which is quite beautiful route and might make some nice times with family.

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