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What are some good cities or locales to visit in Europe where there is stuff to do, good food, but isn't overrun with tourists in Summer?

Not Britain, as I'm from there.
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Berlin? Very cool city but nowhere near as touristy as other western European capitals in the summer time
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What the fuck are you on?
I'm gonna name a few

ski towns in Austria and Switzerland are usually completely dead in June and part of July

Any part outside of prague and Cesky krumlov are beautiful and usually tourist free or very few tourists, only problem is you kind of have to have someone from there to help you around

Most places in Eastern Europe besides Croatia, and Greece don't have a lot of tourists, Slovenia is a personal favorite of mine, I also enjoy Romania as good 5 star resorts are very cheap and high quality

Avoid any major city and you won't see tourists, talk with the locals and see where they recommend

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I want to go learn languages abroad, something like an intensive summer course or similar. Has anyone had any experience with this kind of thing?
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yeah it was super fun, go find a program you can afford
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The Klingon Language Institute offers courses
>I want to go learn languages abroad

Do it at home for a year and THEN go abroad.
Anything different than that is a huge waste of time.

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Where do you buy your low cost flights?
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Okay let's put it this way: how do I find actual cheap flights? Everything I see on the internet is so fucking expensive
You have to look for different dates, and plan based upon whatever ends up working out. Try out Scott's cheap flights, he does some of the legwork for you and e-mails it

Where's "it" happening /trv/?

What's the city with cheap rent that all the young artists are moving to?
San Francisco before it become San Francisco, Portland before it became Portland, Austin before it became Austin ect
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You looking for Autism before it became Autism
I think Siberia is going to be the next big thing, you should go there and never come back

I love bikini bars (not strip clubs) in California.

Bikini bars let you play pool, drink beer, talk to attractive girls, grope attractive girls, get dances from hot girls, and are generally much cheaper.

Strip clubs often only have non alcoholic drinks, charge a cover fee, and have overpriced lap dances, women are usually never at the 'bar', no pool tables, and don't have amateur nights.

What is your opinion?

Does seattle area have any bikini bars?
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Im moving to bremerton area, washington.

Are there any real bikini bars, or just strip clubs in seattle area?
Who the fuck wastes their time and money going to these places? Are you paying money to fucking grope girls?

Why not just buy a prostitute? I really don't get it
it's cheaper than a prostitute
Like 40 bucks for getting 4 lap dances, and 3-4 beers. Some of the girls are really hot, and hook on amateur night.

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Anybody here know a lot about living in Minnesota? I live in FL and I fucking HATE living here. I'm visiting in July and planning on moving there next year.
I'm a Pharmacy technician and I think I can transfer jobs and if I save up money it shouldn't be too difficult. Advice, stories, any experience?
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What's wrong with Florida? I'd live there if I could.

t. Minnesotan
Wisconsinite here who has been to Minnesota so close enough. If you don't mind Siberian tier Upper Midwest winters, Minnesota is a pretty nice place to live.

Seeing as you hate Florida (assuming for the reasons I suspect you hate Florida), you'll probably like Minnesota.
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Thanks for the advice.
FL is super hot, and incredibly uncomfortable. So imagine extreme heat and being instantly sweaty when you go outside, ALL THE TIME. There are no seasons, it's fucking uncomfortable hot or a little cold.
Bugs, bugs and bugs everywhere. You have to always check the ground for animals that can kill you, ex. gators and snakes. That shit is real too outside of gator farms I have seen live gator near my face about 5 times in my life.
People here are half and half (as I would assume everywhere is) but the horrible half is horrible fucking rednecks. I'm so sick of rednecks, I'm also so sick of them jamming their horrible views everywhere.
That bumper sticker joke, that shit is real. I kid you not this guy at our pawn store has this on his giant red ford truck on the back, it's spray painted with an eagle crying and the twin towers burning. And it says in these words "I learned everything about Islam on 9/11"
Fuck this Godless state I need to get out

I'm naturally paranoid by nature, and all this terrorist stuff does get to me a bit. That said, even in my home country it doesn't stop me from going to gigs or what not. I'm not really right wing or even /pol/ affiliated but there is a strong correlation between the rise of refugees in Germany and crime, not to mention terrorist attacks

Always wanted to go to Berlin for some clubbing, really don't want this kind of stuff to put me off, so hoping to get some opinions from actual Berliners or people who've been. I'm not naive, I know all major cities have crime problems, so it's not like i'm expecting a paradise or anything, just want to know if it's relatively safe.
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I've only been there for once for five days, so I'm not an expert, but anyways...

You're far more likely to get hit by a car and die in comparison to dying from any sort of terrorism in Berlin.
I'm not sure about muggings and all that but

It's generally very safe, however there are some shitty parts of the city at night.
Some parts of the city can become quite dodgy at night -- the prostitutes aren't so bad, but the Turks, Arabs, black drug dealers and drug addicts really freaked out my girlfriend in one area...I think Schoeneberg but I could be wrong.

I never felt unsafe, though it would be a good idea to walk with another person at night if you think you'll end up in a bad area. Luckily the metro service all over the city is amazing.
If you want to increase your security, stay in Mitte as we did, although the Berghain is near Friedrichshain which is an area I really liked a lot during the day.
>rise of terrorism in Germany
roflmao dude stop going on 4chan

You realize that most refugees won't do shit. And it is likely you wouldn't even know the difference between the turks and the refugees, the former being the niggers of Germany. And even that, again, only somewhat because this ain't America. No one's going to fucking rob you, even at night. It is your own fault, however, if you go at night in dark alleys in Kreuzberg or so. But other than that, lmao

stop being a paranoid fuck
refugees being criminals is not true at all. And while there's a stereotype of turks or arabs being the niggas of Germany, they're also just people and harmless for the most part. Just like germans.

>prostitutes aren't so bad
Of course not, they're just prostitutes. They're not fucking criminals. They're the least of all your problems. They're actually nice as well, as long as they look white.
Schöneberg can, indeed, be a dangerous place, but that's typical for a big city.

If you click on the map, they show off the more dangerous places in Berlin.

either way, Berlin is a grey block and the epitome of what Germany is about. So I suggest you go there.

as for the rise of crime and it being refugees... yes, it's true. You don't even have to be super careful, no one's going to do anything to you. No one cares about refugees, you won't know the difference, and you're literally fucking retarded.
>inb4 uptalking refugees
The mass is a problem, not them being criminals or some shit. It's more annoying of them to be anywhere than them robbing you or something which doesn't really happen as much as you think it does. media scaring u too much

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I also went to 16 countries in 5 months when I studied abroad. I travel as much as I can, whenever I can. Ask Me Anything
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What is your salary?

What percentage of your pay do you save?

How much do you spend on a trip, on average?

(Just for reference, a lot of people's barrier is financial)

What do you do for a living that allows this much travel?

Which countries do you recommend as a must?

Which weren't worth a damn?

Most memorable experience?
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>Pretending this isn't OP shamelessly same fagging
what has been the ratio of men to women?

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Lets say, someone wants to kill himself and wants to spend his last days in some nice place.

Where would you go?
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Pitcairn Islands
talk to those who think you are their friend.
I don't know how to get there.
I don't have friends- at all.

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How do I muster up the courage to move to Maine?
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Do you have a job or college lined up? If not, don't go there with the intent of staying.
I have a colllege degree and work experience, but no job lined up.
Read more Stephen King books.

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Hi all,
starting a month from now I'll be studying abroad In Australia until around this time next year and I'm in the middle of writing out my budget and trying to make notes about useful things to remember. I'm coming from the USA btw.

I've already been able to scrounge up quite a lot of useful information from searching around, but any useful information from other travelers but especially natives would be greatly appreciated.

I already have my rent sorted out, but I'd specifically love any information regarding costs of utilities, clothes and food.

For example,
If I want to give clothes that are cheap but not shabby,
where to get food (I know food is more expensive than where I come from so I'm staying the hell away from fast food.),
what should I know about the bus system,
any kind of useful advice for someone who's never been in Australia before.
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Assuming you mean get clothes same as everywhere else in the world h&m/top shop/zara/uniqlo. Woolworths/coles/aldi plus asian green grocers for food. Public transport depends on the city but most places have at least decent and some what reliable transport for an alright price in you live centrally, buses mostly feed into train stations which then feed into the main cbd station.
Where abouts in Australia?
There's huge deviation in terms of quality of services/ cost depending on which State you're going to, and where you'll be living.
I've heard really good things about Aldi so I'll keep that in mind thanks.
I'll be in NSW for the most part. I figure it'd be less expensive, but it would be great to have estimates in AUD. I really appreciate the help.

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I've got nothing going on so I guess I'm going to drive across the US. Feels sorta gay, juvenile 'finding yourself' kinda trip. I don't know man I'm thinking route 6

Any of you guys do this before? Any advice? Living out of a car for like, a month shouldn't be too tough right?
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>finding yourself
This concept gets ridiculed endlessly on /trv/, but why?

What is juvenile or wrong about this?
It's really juvenile m8
Can you explain why?

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Which Middle Eastern city has the best nightlife? Beirut? Tel Aviv? Amman?
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Tel Aviv easily.

Tel Aviv... not a contest lol
Beirut. Im Lebanese. Ama.
Excellent people (no jews)
Very diverse (no jews)
And really loud

Will any of this EVER fucking change?! The 2 inches of leg room they give you on flights and all this talk of ever decreasing leg room almost makes me want to stop flying altogether.

I'm 6'4, 230 pounds and I do not think its fair for ANYONE no matter what size you are to have to deal with such PATHETIC leg room and Nazi servicemen Flight Attendance. Why in the FUCK are Airlines becoming such fucking douchebags. The only reason why i'm getting so pissed off is because I'm a frequent flyer and I fly a lot to visit relatives and friends and I am ALWAYS compensating for my size and squeezing in between small seats and dealing with the size problems on planes ALLLLLLLLLL TTTTHHHEEE FUCKIIINNNGGG TIME!!

Am I the only who feels outraged over some of these new changes and policies Airlines want to implement into their buisnesses?? I might as well take a fucking Cattle Car to California.
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How you decide to travel is your business and how airlines decide to run their business is their's.

That being said; airlines would cram us in like sardines and charge us double if they could.
They're all shit in Canada. I flew YYC to EWR for 380$ Cad round trip not that long ago on United. Air Canada wants over 1000$ round trip to Toronto now claiming the distance is soooo far.

Fuck airlines.

-Travel for work
I'm 6'4 and just fly extended leg room everywhere. For the $300 extra on a 14 hour flight or $100 on a short one its worth my sanity and comfort. Never fly without it.

I am willing and ready to do anything and everything I can to get the hell out of this God forsaken country. I'm sick and tired of working my hands to the bone and receiving absolutely no welfare from my employer and the people I slave for to make money.

I've recently looked into moving somewhere in Europe. I've considered Italy or France. However, I need contacts on that side to be able to know what apartments to seek and what jobs I might try to find while in the process of moving.

Anyone have any tips or ideas? I really am serious about this, I need to get my passport started and get this shit underway. I've neevr wanted to be out of a country more badly in my entire life.

Family, one newborn (3 wks.) and a girlfriend of 2 years now
IT centered education, certificates acquired, some college completed.

The industrial capitalist complex of the American "dream" is holding me back from my potential. I'm an already easily depressed person and I think it's because of what I'm surrounded by and what direction this fuckhole is headed in.

Thanks if you took the time to read. If not:

>tl;dr I want to move to Europe from USA and need to know how to do it
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There are many many factors which will make life more difficult for you abroad instead of easier. Namely language, and being an outsider. That said, if its mainly benefits and state welfare you seel more of, this might be possible, but you should research to see what the requirements are.

Tbh i dont recommending startinf from scratch in a foreign country with a wife and newborn. But if you 2 are a good team and share the same goal, you can def do it!--tho id recommend spending a year researching and preparing. Id think youd at least need the basics of the language down, or have a job lined up before hand.

One thing ive learned is that you rly cant predict how you will feel about a place until you are there.

Short term, perhaps you would benefit from a new ciry in the US. Or if you can save the money, take your wife abroad for 2-4 weeks and explore your top3 picks as cheaply as possible. Good luck!!
>I need to get my passport started and get this shit underway
Before you "need" anything else, you need to find a way of actually moving into Europe. It's not just a matter of catching a flight and walking into any old warehouse along the high street to find a job. You'd need a residency permit at the very least. Spend some serious time looking into this.
More to the point, the EU is the strongest market in the world. It was quite literally created to be a huge "industrial capitalist complex". Not quite what you're looking for, I'm afraid.
Posts like this make me cringe with their naivete. I'm sorry, m8, but despite all the hubub about globalization, borders still exist and you do not have the right to work or live in Europe. You can stay for 90 days unless you have a job and visa lined up.

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