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I have decided to become an eclipse chaser. I think it is a fantastic way to combine visiting some exotic locations whilst viewing one of the grandest spectacles in nature

Here is my itinerary:

2017: USA
2019: Pacific Ocean off Pitcairn
2020: Argentina
2021: Antarctica
2023: East Timor
2024: USA
2026: Iceland
2027: Egypt
2028 & 2030 : Australia

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I'm going to Atlanta in August to see this summers eclipse. Was planning on heading to Wyoming and the Grand Tetons but everything was booked at least a year in advance.
Sounds really nice, but also very expensive. How do you manage the antarctica part?
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I have seen one company already offering a tour for the 2021 eclipse, viewing it from the South Orkney Islands and then sailing to the antarctic mainland. I am sure that lots of sailing tours that year will be timed for the eclipse, maybe some out of the Falklands, and yes this one in particular will cost an absolute fortune, but I want to visit Antarctica anyway so fuck it.

I am looking for a city with the followings:

- Preferably cold or normal weather (no tropical shit)
- With some buzz in the fashion and art scene.
- Full with nice urban areas (i like the concrete jungle a lot)
- Cheap

I would go full Japan but i think its actually rather expensive to live? i dunno, and also theres the 3 month tourist limit.

I know the thai meme, but dont if bangkok its actually nice or not.
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Thailand is tropical. Think about central Europe; Prague or Warsaw.

Why/how are you moving? Study? Do you have in-demand skills to get a work permit?
Harbin or Seattle?
I have a european passport. i work online, so...

Hey guys, I just booked my flight, first week of September landing in Lviv, just 7 days. Recommend me stuff to see in Lviv, or maybe even short trips close to the area. I might take the train to Kiev, but i might also just leave that for another trip.

Things I'm interested in: WWI and WWII history, art in general, soviet-era shit I guess, literature, some nature since it will be summer still. Cute girls. Cool bars and cafes.

Also Ukraine general, I guess
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Ukraine? No such thing

For real though, if you love history hop the train to Odessa, then take a cab to Tiraspol. Odessa is an important port city and has a Russian majority, it's where a bunch of rioters trapped a crowd of Russians inside the Trade Unions building and burned them. But Tiraspol is the coolest imo

It's a breakaway country sandwiched between Moldova and Ukraine, and if you can be there September 2nd that's their independence day parade with tanks and stuff. It's not blocked off, basically a tourist spot - it split from Moldova after Moldova declared independence, and was in the process of a referendum with the Soviets when the USSR collapsed. So technically they're still the SSR Moldova, making the Soviet Union still a country.

I also think there's a monument to Stephan Bandera in Lviv. I'll probably butcher the history but he was the leader of a militia that carved Ukraine out of Russia in WW2, so he's revered by nationalists. Only problem is that he worked opportunistically with the Nazi SS and his men massacred villages of Poles. Similar to Latvians idolizing SS Divisions because they cemented their separate status from the Reds
>Go to bar in Lviv
>Tell all the women you're from America
>Say "Slava Ukraini!"
That will get them wet, no joke. That's how I met my current girlfriend.

>break between classes
>go and walk around mall
>see pizza shop
>buy a pepperoni pizza
>take a bite
>look down at pizza
>suddenly feel a warm fuzzy feeling inside
>hear the roaring of the ocean
>remember how one year ago i sat at a beach in rio eating pizza with a brazilian girl on my side and other backpackers having fun and being happy
>look around
>remember i have no friends and no gf
>fuzzy and warm feeling goes away
>feel melancholic and want to move away

do you get this feel too
it's always food that suddenly gives me memories
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For me it's sound. The sea always makes me feel melancholy. But in the end of June I'm going back to the place that made me feel that way, so at least there's that.
>I'm going back to the place that made me feel that way
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I did my Erasmus there. It's memed about a lot ("dude drinking lmao") but it was honestly the most eye-opening part of my studies.

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Hey /trv/ me and my buddy wanna travel to Bangkok and i want to ask you guys in which part of the city we should stay. We both are 24 and would like to have a classic combination of sightseeing, fucking, drinking and eating holiday. Also for how long do you think bangkok is worth staying we are planning on something like 10 days. Sorry for my english i am not a native speaker.
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Sukhumvit Road, Soi Nana (Nana BTS station area) checks off all those boxes
Yeah, if you want a hotel the Holiday Inn on Sukumvhit 11 is affordable. There are hostels, and cheaper shittier places. As well as AirBnBs.
I'm there in a couple weeks, decided to just stay like 3 days. I wouldn't stay too too long, basically anything you want to do in Thailand can be done better outside Bangkok, bangkok just has a clusterfuck of shit. At least go to Pattaya. Thailand isn't very big, you can take a $20 bus ride to basically anywhere within 200 miles.

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Have you ever gotten sick during a vacation in a foreign country? How did you handle it and what was your experience like?

I'm currently in Budapest, sick as a dog after arriving from Berlin, with two more stops left onto vacation. Pic related, these are everywhere in Budapest right now
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think it was heat stroke, ended up vomitting and dry heaving for about 12 hours

was lucky it happened while I was still at the hotel, and was traveling with someone who brought me stuff to drink
There are some common sickness you can get while travelling, that you can recover up with some first aid kit
- Fever
- Vomiting
- Indigestion
- Diarrhea
- Constipation
- Flu
- Cold
- Muscular pain
- Low gravity wound
- Blisters
If your case is insolation you should hydrate yourself and apply some Nivea cream for your skin
I caught parasites in Afghanistan. I wasn't as sick as my friend so i looked after him making sure he kept drinking electrolyte drinks and getting stuff from the store a couple of doors down, couldn't hold down food due to stomach cramps, didn't shit solid for another week and a bit but crazy diarrhea subsided in two to three days. To make things worse police had turned up at my parents place because they had a tip off about us in Afghanistan and thought we might have gone to fight so I had to deal with straightening that out as well. Took a two week course of antibiotics when i got home to kill the little bastards

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I thought I would make a thread on this because it's something I see a lot on the road.

milsurp gear is universally available, generally hardy and good value.
a lot of products usefull for travelers are designed for the millitary, or have that look about them

but there are downsides as well
it could very easily aggravate cultural sensitivities in areas where there has been major conflict; particularly if the wearer is ethnically linked to that conflicts; and this goes 10x if the gear is patched, patterned, or identifiable with a specific force/unit.
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Don't do this.

It strikes me as heavily autistic.
I mean that's why I though we should have a thread on it, because opinions are mixed

for instance taking an alice pack of you're hiking (despite it being an awful pack, it's cheap) would in my opinion almost always be OK.

I often take army issue or unofficial uniform wicking undershirts, because they are great value and are usually available in generic colours

and especially if you take non-camo gear, most people wouldn't even notice.

but the flip side of that is if you are wearing "generic" gear, but have a number 2 haircut, you are wearing multiple articles and give off that vibe it may not even matter if anythign you are wearing is actually millitary issue.
to start the thread, some things I've seen

Marines traveling in ceremonial gear
Marines traveling in their training gear
Marines doing both in places their country has invaded
this bothers a lot of people, in a lot of places; and is why Americans generally enjoy such a good reputation abroad

a lot of guys in northern Europe in Russian issue gear, especially the navy shirts (usually repro)
and in china the same with Chinese gear
but the gear is worn often as cheap work-wear, less so by veterans
never seen anybody bothered by this
in china the army training shoes are universally used by road workers, cleaner, etc (many of whome let it be said may be vets)

Ive seen a lot of nazi memorabilia worn everywhere unknowingly, sometimes in asia the patterns/logos/patches are copied with no knowledge of their original context (see: hitler iceream)

often I see people wearing patches.
it's fairly universal, if you havn't served with a unit don't wear the patch ever.
just stitch it from jackets, colour it over on shirts etc.
your call on rank gear, stars, lapels.
in a lot of places I don't think anyone really cares, but in some countries I hear it can really make people angry (usually autism and vets)

but I often wear a generic field jacket on a motorbike or when hiking in the jungle, not sure if that bothers anyone
but it certainly gets looks in combination with army boots, tan pants or the like; and as such I try to avoid it

100% don't take milliraty gear into an active conflict zone, I don't even take it in my bag
I become captain t-shirt and shorts, thongs and a cheap camera

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I'm always amazed how people go to places famed for endless swarms of tourists and then ask about TRUE and REAL and AUTHENTIC experiences.
True Rome is tourist-infested Rome because that's just how the place is. You can go walk around EUR or featureless residential districts if you want to avoid crowds of foreigners, but don't expect much excitement. The things tourists flock to are called "attractions" for a reason.
This is a nice balance, probably not "pure" enough for you:
While I agree with you, I have to go there for few days. Should I go with the tourist flow - no. Hence my question. Duh, either answer the question or why even bother comment the obvious..

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I am looking for cool water towers to visit, like https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ec5zFV_zqK8

Doesn't matter if they are accessible to climb or not!

Has anon some good suggestions?
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Tom Fruin's Water Tower
Coffee Cup Water Tower (Stanton, Iowa)
cheka polski
ciechenow tower. SLAV

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Me and my best bud decided we wanted to go see the west and meet an old friend in Oregon. So we rode a greyhound roughly 2,900 miles from north Florida to South Oregon. I saw and met countless people. Some surprisingly normal (greyhound has a reputation for attracting crazy people) and some totally insane. This trip (mostly the bus) has helped me tremendously with socializing. I talked to quite a few girls. I even slept with one of them. (literally slept with, not sex, like cuddling with a total stranger that was super hot). I talked to ex military people, people job hunting and/or just trying to escape their life. I woke up to border patrol shining a flashlight in my face asking if I was a US citizen. We befriended a girl from southern Cali that fed us delicious chocolate from Italy, and showed us were to get the best breakfast burrito. There was a Muslim man on there for awhile. He had powerful mental and verbal abilities. He was challenging everyone on the bus and had a very strong presence. We were on this bus for so long we coined the term "bus delirium" to try and describe how we felt. I met everyone from a weed trimmer all the way up to the owner of a huge weed farm with 12,000 plants. I learned that Oregon locals are far more social than Florida locals. I also learned the Oregon isn't just liberal, but an extreme mix of conservative gun lovers. We flew back, because we didn't want to endure the bus again for such an extreme amount of time. I briefly talked to one girl at the airport. But flying was extremely boring and uneventful compared to the bus. I just got back home, and I don't even know what to do at this point. I miss the crisp mountain air and beautiful trees already. But home sweet home.

Share your story of travelling on a bus or experiences with rare bizarre people or events.
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>rode the train in Ukraine for 42 hours through two nights
>spent the entire time alone because no one else could speak any English at all
>also starving because apparently dining cars don't exist on Ukrainian trains
>experiences with rare bizarre people

>riding amtrak
>grey hair asian lady sits next to me
>starts talking
>she wanted to travel around in an rv
>put an ad in a magazine
>met a guy who drove her from LA to Denver
>he kept trying to make physical contact even though the ad said non sexual
>ends up sick of it in denver
>puts ad on craigslist for local to show her around
>muslim guy sends her a message and they meet
>he keeps offering her alcohol at meals and going to coors brewery
>he wont drink himself though
only semi-related, but I once hitchhiked through Mongolia and a large car (not really a bus, but still very big) took me. It was full of police, who were going on vacation together. They sang me traditional Mogolian songs and I sang them a polish one as well.
Cool guys, you know. There was about 15 of them.

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Where's a good place to go on a honey moon? Me and my fiancé are trying to decided where to go. We will being going in May of 2018 for a week. Looking for somewhere warm and no Zika virus. Looking for places that are outside of the US that we have t been to before. We are on the wealthier side so budgeting shouldn't be an issue.
Any suggestions?
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If it's honeymoon, then I certainly must suggest the pizzameteor as well
Never heard of that pace. What country is it in? I mean we both like pizza, but if it is some kind of pizza resort I don't think we would be interested doing that for our honeymoon. Maybe a normal vacation.
>I mean we both like pizza, but if it is some kind of pizza resort I don't think we would be interested doing that for our honeymoon
Honeymoon, pizzameteor, wafflecomet, spaghettiplanet, the list goes on and on.

I hope you understand I'm trolling m8

Getting a job in San Francisco if I can find an apartment. They are a bit more expensive then I expected, but I like the area, so I'll still take the job if I can find a place to live down there.

But, I can't find an apartment. Nothing is available, or it is all $1500+, which is nowhere near affordable for me. Would you have any advice on getting housing in the outskirts of San Fran? Government programs? Housing assist? Anything? Can't find anything available.

>pic unrelated
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Sorry, forgot to mention I have kids and legally require a 3 bedroom apartment minimum.
>But, I can't find an apartment.
Pretty common
> Nothing is available, or it is all $1500+
try 2k minimum, if you need 3 bedroom good fucking luck finding anything under 3k a month
>Would you have any advice on getting housing in the outskirts of San Fran?
prepare for a big commute, and use public transportation
>Government programs? Housing assist? Anything?
If you are asking this you shouldn't be moving to San Fran
>I have kids and legally require a 3 bedroom apartment minimum.

You're fucked, you're not finding anything in the city for a 3-bedroom under $2500. Look in Daly City, South SF, Colma or elsewhere on the peninsula and be prepared to endure the hellish commute on 101.

Opinions on travelling solo?
Where/How do you meet new people?
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Hostels. Getting drunk and talking to random people on the street. Buying a pack of cigarettes and asking for a light.
>How to meet people when you travel alone
>By Anon

>Find a hostel that has a good common room and optimally a bar and events they plan.
>If nobody comes up to you and asks where you are from find somebody who seems normal and ask them where they are from

Can I have amazon money now. Seriously there's a book on this? Sometimes at hostels I get sick of meeting people and wish to be alone because you go through the same thing and then in 9/10 cases never see that person again even if you trade info.
What do you look like?

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So I'm in the USMC and about to go in leave for the next month. I'm wondering how people in Europe treat military members. Im not one to bring it up unless someone asks about what I do or should just keep my service to my self? I've been in Okinawa for a while and they seem to not like US military members at all
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Nobody will give a shit
You're a tourist. No one cares what you do for a living back home. Foreigners aren't interested in the branches of the US military, either. If someone asks what you do, it will only because they're being polite or trying to make conversation.
Don't mention you're in the military and don't have some gay jarhead hair cut

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Has anyone ever been here? What shit is there to do? Is it possible to have fun by myself? How likely am I to meet chicks there?
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Go to the men's spas, they're an amazing experience.
Are they something similar to German FKK clubs?

Are you this guy?

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