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>Have 4 days, can do one of the following:
>Some combination of Brussels Bruges, Antwerp, and Ghent
What do?
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> What do?
gimme sauce on that pic

Also I would choose the Belgian cities (skip Brussels tho, islamic shithole).
from gard du nord you can reach Brussels and from there pretty much every city is within 1h train ride.
Antwerp was not so bad https://youtu.be/0jbNHVEwwRk
>gimme sauce on that pic
Emily Ratajkowski

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Going to Vietnam with my wife for a week.. Any tips advices ? We will arrive and depart to/from Hanoi... Also /viet/ general
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Visit Cat Ba island and stay there for a night or two, do the tour that includes monkey island and kayaking between the karst formations, don't go to ha long bay, check out ninh binh too
Geebus, what a shithole
>don't go to ha long bay

agreed. Also stay in the northern part of the country if you're doing just a week. Plenty to do and see there and trying to do the whole country would mean spending half your trip just moving around

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I'm trying to narrow down my choices for Fulbright. These are the countries I'm choosing between:


I'm asking for your advice, /trv/ - what do?
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Have you seen much of Europe or SEA before? Which climate do you prefer
what languages do you speak and what is your personal goal during your stay?
I would pick the country that has the highest Fulbright acceptance rate. These things (at least used to be) hard as hell to get, since the appearance of the ETA award it is a bit easier, but only marginally.

What country does minimalism really well?
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All the Scandinavias

Came here to post this.

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The End.
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Ey anons
Want to emigrate to a foreign country but don't which one. The only I would like is it to be sunny all year long...
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Australia. Nearly always sunny in most capital cities especially Brisbane and Perth. Summers are long and blistering hot, winters are cool and short. Spring and Autumn are amazing. Also, not a shithole like other sunny places so thats a plus.
you mean the country that has recently become worse than the UK in terms of denying their citizen basic rights? kek. Better go get shot in africa.
Going through the dual nationality process at the moment. Might well be the plan to head out there towards the end of the year if I can sort out a job beforehand

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Anyone know what city this is?
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reminds me of singapore, don't quote me on that tho
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bigger version
Looks like erasmusbrug in Rotterdam

Ill be in Portugal around Lisbon for 6 days with a car and unlimited mileage. What do I do other than Lisbon, Sintra & Setubal?

Much appreciated
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It depends what you're interested in. You can go south to Algarve and party with British package tourists. Or if you're interested in history and culture go to Tomar, about 90 minutes drive north of Lisbon. It has an awesome Crusader castle converted over the centuries. Porto is also definitely worth a visit. It's a great place to walk around.
Ty, i'm really not the partying type. Tomar sounds great!
This. And Oporto has also some nice historic buildings. Loved it here.

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Gonna be 1st time in Las Vegas.

Any suggestions?
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Pool parties some of them are topless

There are no clubs in Las Vegas, only long lines to sober up in.
Haha this, unless you're buying a table/bottles

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I am planning to have my summer vacation in Poland, may anyone recommend for me great places to visit and enjoy in Warsaw
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Hi there!
I had a good trip in Poznan and Wroclaw.
Gdansk during the season is crowded. Same in Krakow (even more)
Katowice is okay for a day trip.
Warsaw's great, but it's mostly offices and tall, glass buildings. Grab a http://www.polskibus.com/en/index.htm and go somewhere else.
Warsaw Uprising Museum is pretty cool, very interactive, just be sure to get a guide, visiting it on your own can be confusing for a foreigner, since you probably don't know the history behind uprising.
Another great interactive 'museum' is Copernicus Science Center, very fun, a lot of things to do, and even though it's about science, so pretty boring stuff for most people, they managed to do it in a fun and engaging way. You shouldn't miss it. Just don't go on weekends, since it's overly crowded even during the working days. They also have a planetarium in there.
Climb the roof of Warsaw University's Library, there's a beautiful garden there and a great view.
In the city center you can find Invisible Exhibition, the whole exhibition is taking place in a total darkness, it's a lot of fun.
You can also visit National Football Stadium. Along the river are nice boulevars with pubs and restaurants, there's a beach and it's a great place to chill out on the evenings. Additionally, during summers you can visit dancing fountains near the Old Town.
How many days are you going to stay there? You don't need much time to see all that is worth seeing there. Try visiting Wroclaw, Gdansk, Krakow or Masuria region with lots of beautiful lakes.

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If you had 2-3 nights to spend in any city in Europe, where would you go? Assume jet lag will not be an issue.
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Curious about this too
This is an insanely broad question. But personally, I would choose Lisbon, Amsterdam, or London, because I've been to and enjoyed all of them, and two of the three are my favorite size (what I think of as second tier major city, basically).

I do not really believe that 2-3 nights is enough to do a city as big as London justice. But I took a long weekend there a few years ago and had a great time despite jetlag.
Berlin has been my favourite city in Europe yet but I haven't been to most of them.

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Have any anons stayed in Beijing for an extended period of time? I'm going to be in the Haidian district for two months as part of my study abroad. If so, what sort of places would you recommend and which places are tourist traps? I really want to go to a food market, but I'm afraid of getting food poisoning. Also the knockoff goods seem interesting.
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forbidden palace - must see but full of people which will ruin your experience

great wall of china - almost the same thing as the forbidden palace

olimpic bird nest stadium - very nice thing

You can take the fast train to shanghai which will arrive in 4 hours.

People are saying that the food markets especially the markets with exotic things like scorpions, snakes etc. are mainly for the tourist , regular chinese are not eating it. Altough eating a silk worm is fun (it tastes like meh) I wouldn't advise you to eat any other things, especially scorpions because it is very hard for the human stomach to process.
Has anyone here stayed at a hostel worth recommending in Beijing?

I'm thinking of doing a DPRK tour and a week in Beijing this coming September or October. It will be my first time in Beijing but my second time in China.
>the food markets especially
Several of those are closed now. I think the night one is still open.

>Has anyone here stayed at a hostel worth recommending in Beijing?
I stayed at the drum tower one, it's...ok.
The bar and menu aren't bad, I stayed in a private room which I couldn't stand up in but ok otherwise. Dorms might be normal.

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I'm going to Cuba for the first time next month. I'm from the states so this sort of a big deal for me I guess. I've obviously done my research, but was wondering if you guys have any hidden gems in Havana worth seeing from personal experience. Any bars or clubs? Paladares other than La Guardia? I kind of have a communism fetish so I'm going to the Revolution Museum, but would love to see other relics, pieces of socialist realism, etc.
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I'm 20, attractive, and white. The sky is the limit here.
Learn spanish or the sky is not the limit.
I had myself a great laugh.

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I'm from Europe and I've never been outside of it. Me and my boyfriend are planning a 2-3 week trip through China. We do know we want to start with Pekin and end up in Hong Kong, additionally we'd rather use public transport than planes to get from one city to another. Do you guys have any tips on what are must sees, what we should be aware of and what are estimated costs for a couple?
It seems that I could get a double room with breakfast for two for ~ 25-35 euros/night, eating out seems cheap enough (at least in some parts of China), so I was wondering if it seems reasonable to expect spending ~70 euro/day for hotel, some tourist attractions, commuting and dining out.
Any thoughts on that or tips for us? :)
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>hong kong
prepare for double-trouble visa
Most Europeans don't need visa to enter Hong Kong.
Still, since they go to China AND Hong Kong, there are some requirements they have to fill out for the visa in China

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So me and my girlfriend have both done asia and north america and we're aiming now for europe in 2019 for 6 months.

Very early stages, but will just be buying a cheap and reliable $5grand car in the U.K and then driving destination to destination. Money isn't really an object, yes we could fly catch trains but I've done enough of that through asia and the states and want to do this one in the car. Done with check ins, being places at certain times etc.

Distance doesn't phase me, a 10 hour drive in Australia won't even get me to the next capital city let alone through 3 countries with week breaks inbetween.

So just wondering if anyone here as done this at all with this mode of transport? Any big stand out issues problems you faced outside of visas?

Basic map so far, obviously Czech will be thrown in there as well somehow and may drive down to Rome, Greek Islands etc. Anyone else have a map to post they've completed? Or any map that allows more than 10 dam points to be added at once be great as well.

Thoughts euros? What will be the biggest problems we will face?
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The capitals of Montenegro, Bosnia and Croatia are not that much worth it. The smaller towns are cooler. Go to Koto in Montenegro, Mostar in Bosnia and Dubrovnik and Split in Croatia. The island of Hvar and Korcula are really nice too
I wouldn't bother with Podgorica, it's really not worth seeing. On the other hand, you should definitely travel through Italy and Greece.
Couple years ago I've done road trip through Scotland, I would really recommend adding it to your list.
For me personally eastern Europe is rather meh, but it depends on what are you expecting to see and do on your trip. If you want to see cool places, I would skip eastern Europe and add more western countries, but if you want to experience Europe as a whole, including its poorer parts, then go for it.
I would also add Lviv in Ukraine, Wroclaw and Krakow in Poland and Prague. And definitely drive along the coast of Croatia instead of Bosnia. Split and Dubrovnik are one of the most beautiful cities in Europe.

I've done 3 or 4 road trips through Europe so far and didn't encounter any major problems. If you insist on driving through Bosnia you should beware poor road conditions (the same goes for Ukraine and Russia), and keep in mind that corruption is still pretty common in poorer parts of Europe. We were also told that there are still many land mines left on Bosnia roads, so NEVER go out of your car and wander off, and avoid driving near the pavements in wilder parts of the country.
For me visiting Croatia was unforgettable experience (especially if you're avoiding motorways and drive along the coast, it's fantastic and breathtaking), while I found Montenegro less impressive, but it's still worth seeing, at least to form your own opinion. But really, Podgorica is not worth your time.
Also, as far as I can see you're missing most of the Alps, and they're really worth seeing.
If you have to choose between Zagreb and any other city in Croatia, choose that city, whatever it would be. I'm not saying Zagreb is not nice, it's an ok city with its own charm, but other parts of the country are much better.
I'd skip the baltic part of your route. It's a really long way with nothing too interesting to see. Russia could be nice but imo it's not worth all the miles and visas (also a visa in belarus is needed). I'd rather go berlin - prague - wroclaw - krakow and to kiev.

Also add:
Odessa, ukraine
Tiraspol, moldova. Maybe skip chisinau
Meteora, greece. Also it's too close to Thessaloniki to not visit.
Ohrid, macedonia

Budapest and belgrade are a must! Easily the best cities in europe.

Also i would add a couple of coastal towns in the balkans like Kotor and Dubrovnik.

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