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Southern France.jpg
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Hi /trv/, I'm heading to Spain and Southern France for 7 to 10 days in July. I'll be travelling from Madrid to Barcelona, and then on to Southern France. I've never been to Southern France before (only done the Versailles/Paris 3 day tourist blitz), so what is the best use of 3-7 days Southern France?

I'm a big fan of Cathedrals & grand late medieval/early renaissance architecture. and I'll be staying on a relative generous budget of 100-200 euros a day.

For instance, is the market at carpentras worth a visit?
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As I've noticed that age/occupation has helped other anons provide advice is other threads, I'm a 23 year old American with limited French language capabilities (reading a train schedule yes, having a compelling conversation no,) who will be traveling alone.
The castle at Foix is pretty epic. I've only been there in winter so I bet the hardwood forests will be beautiful in July.
There's a billion castles in the area of course, that's just the one I happen to have been to.
Toulouse (Saint-Sernin, Jacobins church), Albi, Moissac and Conques are amazing if you like medieval art and architecture.

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How would this trip play out for a white guy who knows next to nothing about the area and speaks none of the languages?
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>skipping angkor wat
ya dun goofed
What program did you use to map all of this? I have a trip coming up and a map like this would make it much easier for me to plan
It was just a general idea, nothing concrete.

Google maps.

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3MB, 3089x2048px
New Japan General, Rain Season Edition

As always, feel free to ask about:
>Traveling to Japan
>Living in Japan
>Teaching in Japan
>Joining the Yakuza
>Getting your weeb fantasies crushed

*Info on prostitution*
Please try to refrain from asking questions about prostitution.
Japan's sex industry is almost completely inaccessible to foreigners who do not speak Japanese.
What is available can generally be found in the following links

*Note about the JR Pass*
Many people ask about whether or not the JR Rail Pass is worth it. It depends on your itinerary.

Plug your itinerary into Hyperdia to determine ticket costs, then compare to the below JR Pass options:
>7 day Pass: 29,110¥
>14 day Pass: 46,390¥
>21 day Pass: 59,350¥

Please check the /trv/ sticky before asking questions. It's filled with links to great resources, many of them specific to Japan travel.

Please refer to the old thread while it's still up: >>1256882
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I'm going to glorious Nippon for the 4th time this August and I'm currently debating which region to go to this time. I'll have around 10-14 days and I was mostly considering Tohoku or Shikoku.

Can anyone who has been to either region weigh in on if that is enough time/anything they would especially recommend there?

What do jap girls like please thanks
not you

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ITT countries I didn't even know exist but should
>tfw I'm 21 and I "find out" about a legitimate country
>tfw t. burger
>pic related; Myanmar
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I knew it existed, ran into it a bit in history class, but I'd more or less forgotten it still existed and the extent of it's historical quarters.

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I am leaving at the end of the month from San Diego on a road trip up into NorCal/Oregon.

I have never been up that way and it'll be the last week of june. I have started planning and have decided to go from SD straight to Santa Barbara (spend one night in santa barbara) and then I'm going to head up to Santa Cruz for a couple of nights.. (skipping Big Sur due to the cliffslide). I looked into the santa cruz mountains for camping as well as big basin.. after that I'd go up to the bay area, shop a bit/eat.. and then up north.. I am just worried about bears and wildlife/ being ill prepared. I just wanna see some forests/falls/creeks/rivers.. things that aren't familiar in the southern california area. I don't really know where else to go.. wanted to check out Mt shasta, Idk feel like there is so much to see and I am having a hard time planning a good non touristy/kinda locals type of trip. I really like non strenuous/dangerous hikes, I like hidden gem shops/restaurants.. just kinda a chill laid back short week and a half vacation. not sure if I should skip oregon or not.. still haven't decided.
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bump, for interest - I am taking the same trip at the end of august!!
>I am just worried about bears and wildlife
>week and a half vacation
skip oregon

some ideas from a central coast sc/out/:
>kayaking in monterey by the aquarium or in elkhorn slough
and don't worry about the shark, that was a total fluke
>marin headlands north of sf are awesome (lighthouse, ww1 era fort)
>mt tamalpias and pt. reyes both have great hikes of varying difficulty
and if you go far enough up pt reyes you'll get to see elk
>ukiah has killer food and beer
>town of mendicino's a boring fake-artsy tourist trap but the surrounding area is nice
>quit being a pussy about strenuous hikes because castle crags near shasta are amazing and give you a great view of shasta
(pic related)
>lassen n.p. will be hot but has very interesting geothermal features
but hurry up and decide where you want to camp and get your reservations in because everything fills up super early. also get a states park pass to get into all the state parks and beaches.
not OP but if 3 or 4 weeks, what's there to see in Oregon if I had plenty of time and same preferences as OP?

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Will be visiting DC for a vacation near the end of this month. Driving down for 5 days with a couple friends.

Have never been there before and want to get as much done as possible. What areas should we avoid? I know Washington is a very crime ridden city.
Which tours are the best to go on? Which museums are recommend? What are some general fun things to do there and how is the night life?

Pic unrelated we are all guys mid 20s
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2MB, 400x303px
>I know Washington is a very crime ridden city
pic related

>how is the night life
It's good if you know where to go.

Avoid the negro areas and you'll have few problems, anon.
I lived there from July to December last year. You can honestly knock out the museums in a day. Crime is actually not that bad, just STAY away from the Maryland side of the metro area in Prince George's County. The actually metro is a god send and super safe to travel.

Pussy is on a platter. Adams Morgan, H street, all fantastic places to party. Also highly recommend getting brunch. Me and my boys got black out drunk basically every weekend for 10 bucks on bottomless mimosas.

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Has anyone ever gone to Iran? Specifically Tehran? Advice on what to see/do, food, nightlife etc. I'm not trying to leave Tehran, I don't wanna become the next white isis victim
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>I don't wanna become the next white isis victim
Iran never had & doesn't have any ISIS activity whatsoever. The whole country is safe. What are you smoking?
If OP doesn't even know that they should just not go to Iran at all.
I have been to Iran. Tehran is aight but the culture is in Isfahan and Shiraz. My favorite place is Mashhad its really chill. Beats any european city i've been to hands down. Its a religious city though so your mileage may vary

Anyone ever get caught up in some shit while overseas?

Pic related: A protest I had the honor of witnessing in Belize.
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I saw plenty of foreigners get arrested for belligerent behavior in Thailand, but that's about it
fucking farangs
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>be 14/15
>be on cruise around coast of mexico
>really bored the whole time on boat
>spend most of trip just wandering around ship and people watching
>walking around deck late one night in the middle of ocean
>huge storm is tossing cruise ship all over
>just watching massive waves, awesome shit
>suddenly make out tiny flashing light bobbing up and down
>hearing faint yelling and horn blasting
>gets closer, its a little mexican fishing boat looking for help
>its getting its shit kicked in from the storm, see 3 or guys screaming and waving their arms
>crew member happens to walk by, i point it out
>he immediately calls captain down to see
>couple of other people pass by and start freaking out that these poor fisherman are about to drown right in front of us
>drunk guy starts unrigging life boats and life preservers
>captain gets down and sees the boat
>watches them for a few minutes, then orders the guy to stop trying to help them
>drunk guy loses his shit and starts trying to fight captain
>crew members start fighting the guys buddies
>captain finally defuses brawl when he explains there have been pirates in the area
>if we let them on the ship and they were armed, the 3 or 4 of them could take the entire ship hostage
>captain calls in mexican coast guard and we go on our way
>captain shakes my hand and pretends to let me steer the boat for a few minutes

Weird shit always happens to me, I'm sure I can think of more

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Anon pic.jpg
662KB, 1600x900px
Thought I'd try motorcycling from the UK to Istanbul BUT I have to pass through Hungary, Serbia and Bulgaria.

Does anyone have any words of warning? I think it might be a little dangerous but I'm looking for confirmation from people who either live there or are experienced in cross country travel.

Thank you.

P.S. That's my bike. 100 miles in the tank and it only costs £8 to fill her up :) :)
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I don't know about Serbia or Bulgaria but why would Hungary be dangerous?

You're motorcycling across Europe, not the Sahara or Central America.

You'll be fine. I hitchhiked through Serbia and Bulgaria and the worst that happened was I had to switch cars because a driver didn't have enough money to pay his vehicle fee over the border and kept asking me.
Is this a troll thread? Eastern Europe is not dangerous. Mind gypsies and that should be all.

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I'm heading to ukraine in a few weeks. Kiev and Odessa atleast, maybe also Lviv.

Any advice for these cities? Looking for tips about general sights, nightlife (especially techno/underground) stuff, food and women I guess.
Is chernobyl worth it? A tour there is quite expensive for me since I'm travelling for quite some time but also keen on seeing it. Thoughts?
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Visit the In Your Pocket website and download the free city guides.
Odessa won't be as fun as Kiev, partially due to the increased military presence there, but it'll be something. Don't talk to the women there though, they are almost entirely profiting off of dumb western tourists

Nightlife in Kiev is pretty nice, but drugs are going to be weak and still as costly as they are in other parts of Europe. Food is cheaper, and tasty, so don't worry about dining out at a nice restaurant. Women are beautiful, but your western passport isn't worth as much as it used to be, so don't feel bad if they treat you as a human being instead of some sort of demigod.

Chernobyl is not worth it

Lviv is not worth it

Try to go to Kharkiv instead, or hell even Chernigov
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Planning a trip to Costa Rica for my honeymoon and need good ideas for things to do, places to go, foods to eat, etc etc. Is there anybody on this board who has visited or lived in CR who can give me suggestions?
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Looking for advice here too. Headed there next week after some time in Columbia. What to do in La Fortuna? Weather shows rainy and lightning for next week.
>things to do,
Nature, and nature related activities
>places to go
San jose is not worth the time, but if you want try this:
1. parque de diversiones - pueblo antiguo: is a theme park you can enter for free an go to pueblo antiguo which shows how was the country in the XIX and XX century.
2. mercado central - where the locals eat, picadillos and olla de carne are great
3. sloth sanctuary
>foods to eat
2. mercado central - where the locals eat, picadillos and olla de carne are great

>traveling next week
>can't even spell the name of the country correctly

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straya n stuff.png
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If I travelled through Australia, what are the things and places I should visit?
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Be less specific please.
Get naked and run into Pine Gap
Tasmania has some pretty interesting scenery, and history.

We also have good food and good beer.

has anyone here ever canceled an entire holiday?

I've done a month in SEA (thailand, cambodia) of what was going to be a six month trip, but I'm considering giving up on the whole thing daily

I just fucking hate the whole region, citties, rural areas, tourist areas, local neibourhoods
fuck all of it, fuck all the people, the dirt, the disorder, the dishonesty
I wouldn't stay here if they paid me

now i'm stuck in limbo, unsure where to go instead, unwilling to return home
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Fly out to Kuala Lumpar OP, Cheap tickets to almost anywhere from there. Been to SEA also and can relate. Just go to Kuala and layover for a few days till you see somewhere you wanna go.
that's some good advice really, I'm returning to bangkok to fly out so I should probably go all the way to KL

I'm holding a completed visa application in my hand for Burma, but I just can't bring myself to deal with more of these people

The ancient temples are fantastic here, so is the nature
to be honest I feel like the people are a stain on what would otherwise be beautiful land

Cambodia and the Angkor wat is a case in point, build so long ago and it's still a quarter of a countries economy that just can't get anything done. Never in my life have I seen such laziness, it's stark, stark contrast to china
If your problem is with the people, then by all means go to Burma as planned. It's something different. Some of the most humble, friendly, honest people I have ever met.

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Hi /trv/!

Next week I have a short time in Stockholm. Acutally it is not a stop-over, just a really short day-trip.

Plane lands 11:55 and leaves 18:50.

So effectively I don't even have 6 hours in total.

How should I go from and to the city? The Airport express train seems to be the way fastest but costs a butload of money.

Taxi and bus may suffer from traffic when going back to the airport.

Normal train seems to be f*cking slow.

So what's the best choice?

And what should I do while being 4 hours in the city. Would love to do a boat-ride. What's the best choice here?

Thanks for your answers swedenfags and stockholmexperts!
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I think taking the train is still the best opportunity. There is some way to do from the airport to the city, so cars, even without traffic, still gonna need some time. As you gonna arrive at the main station, take care to eat somewhere else, not in the area you arrive. It is damn expensive.
Speaking of Stockholm, is it a nice place to travel to for a week or are the neighboring countries better?
I think a week is way too much. I was for 4 days and already got bored. It is not much different to other big cities: A few sights that are more or less the same in any european city and some different food, that's it.

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I just noticed we didn't have one of these up. And that shit ain't right.

Welcome to QTDDTOT.

Got a brief question that doesn't warrant a whole thread's worth of discussion? Instead of sending one of out fabulous threads about ladybois or NEETs who have never left their parent's house but want to go to Japan to the archive, post it here.

Obligatory first question: I am looking for suggestions for things to do in southern Portugal. We'll be traveling for two months and Portugal will be our most relaxed leg and the one chance to enjoy the beach. With that in mind, where should we go?
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Evora is good, but southern Portugal is full of drunken working class British package tourists. Lisbon and parts further north are much more interesting. Visit Tomar, about 90 minutes north of Lisbon, and Porto is a gorgeous city to wander around.
Plan was to stick to the south because we will already be there for an artist residency my girlfriend will be doing. But I suppose we can always traverse the country after that. However I am generally skeptical of posts like yours with claims like
>Don't go to Y, it's been ruined by people from X
Taking a trip starting this week (leave on Friday from the west coast of the US) and flying to Zurich (staying for a few days), then into Germany for a few days, then Belgium for the rest of the time. I have an extra day of buffer before I would really want to be home and go back into work Monday on 05JUN. Flying Icelandair and they will let you stay for up to 7 days or something like that at no additional cost.

Planning on staying in Iceland for a single night, fly from Brussels, get there in the afternoon, hang out around Reykjavik for the day/night and next morning and then flying back home. Is it worth it? I figure why not since I'm there. I know that is nowhere near long enough to spend there but figured I was there so why not?

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