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USA roadtrip! We are 2 canadians planning a roadtrip this summer (1 or 2 weeks). What are the best places to go?
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my house
where are you starting from?
New york probably!

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Across Africa On Foot.

Am I insane or is there a chance this could work?

Sierra Leone -> Pretoria SA

Try and travel through wildrerness and avoid populated areas as much as possible.
See the beautiful side of Africa and the contrast of the how man ruined it and drenched it in his filth.
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You can try but unlikely.

People here have no idea how hard it is to travel in Africa, from security to bureaucracy to infrastructure to healthcare.

It can be done, but not without serious risks.
You'll actually die and I'm unironically saying this

Temp fluctuations are severe in the plains, and then you have to worry about the wildlife. Towns are stretched thin and often don't even have shops to stock up on supplies. If you get sick forget about medical care. Visas are a pain in the ass and border guards will almost always try to extort you. And then one of the biggest factors is dodging the natives trying to rob and murder you just for being white.

99.99999% chance of something going seriously wrong.
I seem to remember a couple of Frenchmen walking from Cape Town to Cairo. They had a camera crew so that probably helped.

I'm travelling to SEA next month with my friend, but we have a 15 hour stopover in Bahrain on the way there. I obviously don't want to spend a full day in the airport so I was thinking of leaving, doing a bit of sightseeing then coming back to catch the connecting flight in the evening.

Have any of you been to Bahrain and is it worth leaving the airport? If so what is worth doing?

Also had a question about safety, as generally Gulf states are far safer than most countries in the Middle East but I know there's some stuff going on there at the moment.

Any help would be much appreciated!
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It's best to check out the local goat brothel
There are some neighborhoods that aren't the greatest where people clash with the police, but nobody will give a fuck about you. I doubt you will stumble into any, but if you see a lot of black flags in buildings that neighborhood is not for you. Bahrain is generally safe, though. What are the hours of your layover? When is it? If soon Ramadan may fuck up most of your opportunities during the layover
Been there some years ago.

Take a taxi at the airport and keep it for the whole time you are there. It will not be too expensive.

Things I can recommend:
- Old Town / Souk
- World trade center
- Grand Mosque
- Fort

Took a lot of photos there and had a great time.

Have fun!

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Hey /trv/,

I'm flying to Mexico City on June 26th.

From then until July 21st, I'll have free reign over my time in the country. However, I'm still not sure where to go or what to see.

Some of the suggestions I've gotten in the past include Puebla city, Guadalajara, and the state of Oaxaca.

I'm interested in cultural learning, casual nature excursions, and eating lots of cheap, delicious food. Since I've been single for a year, places with decent nightlife and a handful of English-speaking locals might be worthwhile, too.

Not into hookers or drugs.

Budget is probably $30-$40 per day. I make around $600 per month doing 5-6 hours per week doing some easy and reliable work on my laptop ($1,000 gross, but I have loans and bills to pay).

Any suggestions would be lovely. I'm leaving in less than three weeks and am still sort of at a loss.

Going to try to learn more Spanish, too. Recommendations on that front would be appreciated.

tl;dr - recommend me safe places to go in Mexico with good food, nightlife, and nature, without having to worry too much about getting my laptop jacked. Spanish-language resources for the upcoming weeks would be great, too.
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Very substantive, thanks, Anon.

He's not wrong though. Memes aside, Mexico is a dangerous place dude. What makes you think you will be fine wandering around the country as a gringo who doesn't even speak Spanish? Stick to the touristy areas and you will be fine. Put the whole 'real traveler' stick aside and be realistic.

>he's not wrong, though

>two posters in the thread
>me/OP, and you

Holy fucking samefag.

I'm just looking for suggestions on places to go, Anon. Either recommend a few destinations or go away.

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I have a layover in LA next month, arriving at the airport at 8 AM and leaving on another flight at 9 PM, which I figure will give me about 9 hours after subtracting airport waiting time. I'll be renting a car. What should I do with that time? I've never been to Southern CA before.
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What are you interested in? LA is a huge city, you could do all kinds of stuff...
I'm kind of interested in Disneyland but I'm worried 8-9 hours won't be enough time.

The Getty Center looks cool. And I guess renting a bike and riding along the beach could be neat.

Honestly I would not do anything. Just go sit in the Centurion lounge and get hammered while browsing exquisite timepiece forums.

Going to New Orleans for the first time. July 8-14. I'd like to get debaucherous if possible. What should I do while I'm there?
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Take a few days to get oriented before you get down, or else you will get scammed to hell and back. I'm from the general area and I still get scammed when I drink there.
burbon street gets old fucking fast after 2 nights
I was in New Orleans for almost a week two months ago. It’s nice, but small. Stay around the French Quarter. Check out the Garden District during the day if you get the chance. The French Quarter during the day is also nice, like Royal Street, the French Market, and I highly recommend an antique shop in the quarter called “MS Rau.” There’s also a free hidden NOLA museum nearby where you can walk in and shows a lot of history.

As far as nightlife, Bourbon Street is where you want to go. During the day it’s dirty and smells like piss but during the night when you’re trashed, it’s fun. It’s bar after bar after bar… Frenchmen street also has a fun night life. It’s mostly live music and not many tourists go there. The tourists go to Bourbon street, locals go to Frenchmen street. Alcohol everywhere. Have fun.

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Hello All,
Would love a travel buddy who would take me to Peru for free, I speak to language and know a fare bit on culture and sites... hit me up if you're interested...
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Are you pretty? Are you willing to date older people? If so you could try whoring yourself out on MissTravel.Com
Do you do anal?
Are you the dude or the cat?

Is Bangladesh safe my Nigs? Anything worthwhile doing?
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Safe yeah but I can't think of any reason to justify the expense of going there.
Don't they have A&W resturants in your own country?
Safe but worthless.
I hear from other travelers on the road that there isn't much to do and is more expensive than india

However less beggars, and less touristed

Maybe there is some great stuff there and nobody has found it yet

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/trv/ please help me plan my next vacation in the Americas or Caribbean (7-10 days or so)

>burger, male, tall, white, clean cut/professional looking, mid 20s, basic spanish
>Interested in history, nature, art, scuba diving, golf, food, drinking, whoring, maybe a little gambling, etc
>Flying out of Denver, would like ticket to be less than $500ish
>Not a backpacker/'real traveler' type so no hostels/couchsurfing type shit
>prefer airbnb over hotels, say $35~ a day budget, but not interested in all inclusive gated resort type places
>plus another $50~ or so a day for general food/transportation/activities (can spend more on a couple of days for 'big ticket' activities, diving, etc)
>don't want to go anywhere especially dangerous
>I've been to SEA, so I can deal with petty theft, hustler type shit but if I need a local guide to wander around the markets so I'm not kidnapped/murdered it's not for me
>I've been to Guyana for work before, but don't want to go there as tourist.
>Same thing with Puerto Rico

Open to just about anywhere else, any recommendations?
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Avoid puerto rico, I got mugged 3 years ago on that place and the hotel staff didn't help me.
I would also be interested in most of OPs questions.
where did you stay/get robbed?
I'm going to PR in July

I'm thinking aobut going to Iceland. There are pretty cheap tickets from where I live.

But it seems that by far the best way to explore it is to rent a car. Otherwise I'd be looking ito joining tours for everything, and it kinda sucks. So I'm looking into finding some buddies to rent a car ad go around the island for a week or so. Where should I look? Normally I travel alone everywher and don't give a fuck, but here it seems being alone is a major impediment

Also, any places to scuba dive that would let me dive in a wet suite?
I don't have a dry suite certificate, and getting one in iceland is 800EUR (fuckin' rediculous)
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The cheapest part of going to Iceland is the airfare. This is their draw, to encourage you to tour and visit.
There is really no savings of renting a car vs a tour, even if you are splitting the car and hotels. Two is cheaper than one, but 4 is really the price of 3 or 4. It's simply an expensive country, from the gas to the insurance for the car, not to mention the cars are typically outfitted for the roads and weather, all imported at great expense to them. The tour prices are indeed priced right. They're very competitive.
The reason to bring someone in your car is for a little narration/reading while one person drives. The expanse is pretty barren, and it's a good hour or two between very quick stops at waterfalls or other items. It's pretty fun if you are read up on the sagas and know were you are passing setting for them. But for more adventurous ideas, then you should know the tour guide will have the sat-phone, the offroad eligible vehicle, and safety gear, for like your ice climb or lava tube hike. The rental car can't go those places or you forfeit your insurance.

In other words, go in mid-Sept to save a little on hotels, it's not peak, or simply get your budget able to handle this on your own.

>dive iceland
Err, again, you're paying for the guide, who you need, and no you wouldn't want to pack gear. I can't imagine why diving a simple fissure is a goal for any diver *shrug* either. No sea life and it's snorkelable quite easily. I dove Alaska and it's boring and drysuits are a huge amount of fuss. It's cold no matter what, painfully cold and not enjoyable.
This guy is half right/half wrong

Loads to see and experience when driving compared to the shit load em up/keep em moving tours.

Try samderda.net or post on trips advisor forums etc. Hell,there'll be lots of people hitchhiking along the way. Pick them up
Post it on FB let your friends friends know.

And he's right. Don't go diving it's shit
thanks for the info guys! At least it's clear about diving now.

Still not sure if I should go...and just do the tours thing.

samferda.net seems to be about carpooling which is not exactly what I'm looking for.

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Needing some advice regarding visa rules. I will be doing a 5 week trip in China landing in Guangzhou, going to Shanghai, Beijing and other cities on the way and then finish at Urumqi, Xinjiang to visit my girlfriend.

My only regret is that I only applied for a single entry visa in China hence if my plane lands in Guangzhou I won't be able to visit Hong Kong?
Was wondering if it would be possible to buy a flight from Guangzhou to Hong Kong and hence then be able to visit Hong Kong like that? I would never officially enter China territory in Guangzhou since I am connecting flights? Any ideas if this would work?
Kind regards.
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Unfortunately that's not possible. However you get to Hong Kong, it's considered a different territory. You only get one entrance/exit to Chinese mainland. That being said, if you go to HK and decide to stick around a bit, it shouldn't be too much trouble and not take too much time to get another visa to China in HK.
Go visit your girlfriend quit being a jerk. Take her some flowers too and candy. A shirt too from where ever your coming from
lol cuck

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Eating in Barcelona
I'm going out in an hour or so, where's the best place to eat that I can reach with the metro?
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use Google Maps, retard.
>goes to an interesting city
>moves from A to B only

wew Iad
Is there a good list of good places for solo diners in Barcelona? Would you just recommend stepping into random tapas places and sitting at the bar?

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I found a debit card from a french bank at my local bus stop, what should I do
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turn it into the the bank the card is from or the police

just call the number on the card
imagine you lost your card at a bus stop. Would should anon do in your opinion?

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What are some cool things to do in Seoul?
South Korea is just Japan Jr.
how is the pussy, how many girls have hairy pussies, how can i pick up girls in korea? how much are the hookers?

What do you think about Latvia
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just a poor european country,not bad,very low population
Look at the wikitravel page, or the wikipedia page if you really have no idea, look at the In Your Pocket guide to Riga, then ask something more specific.
I found Rīga overpriced for what it offered (hotels and bars seemed to cost too much for the quality) and maybe a little dull. Both Vilnius and Tallinn are more exciting cities in my limited experience, even though Riga is a little bit larger. But I did like all of the Art Nouveau architecture.

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