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sup /3/

How should I model this espresso maker?

Should I model every part separately (upper black plastic, black tray, metal sides, metal front,...) or try to fit as much as I can into a single object?
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for a high poly model do them all separately, for a low poly game model do whatever will use the least triangles.
id say first blockout the main block then slowly add all the panels and button/insets when finishing

Thank you for the advice! I started doing it separately as all the small bumps/details are giving me a head ache with the edge loops.

Since on the real model there are clear seams for different parts where the machine was assembled. What would be the best way to achieve this without textures? Should I leave clear holes/lines between the parts and just extrude them inwards a bit so the obvious backface culling (clipping) of the emptiness inside isn't that obvious or is there a better way?


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What are some more sites to sell 3D assets or models for 3D printing?

I know about Shapeways, Turbosquid and CGTrader, are there any others that are frequently used?
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First, tell us all about your:

--guns everyone else has
--faggy art deco furnishings
--Coca-cola bottles you did for a class assignment
--generic AF fruit
--fantasy armor you totally didn't rip from a video game
--sports car no one IRL would own
--absurd fantasy sword someone would kill themselves wielding

all only in .max format because you're too lazy to export to .fbx/.obj

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How did you guys get started?
pic unrelated
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Took a shitty modeling class in uni. Kinda liked it. Didn't do anything for a while, then stumbled upon Chamferzone's grenade tut on youtube a couple years later. Downloaded 3ds Max, followed it, had fun, made a couple more assets.

Then I decided I wanted to do this for a living instead of drawing, enrolled in a school for game art, spent a year doing nothing but watching 3d vids, tutorials and practicing, and kinda got industry-level that way. The school wasn't bad, but didn't help much because I was already ahead of the coursework.

Also if you're wondering how shit my first modeling class at the previous uni was, we had an unwrapping assignment where they didn't tell us about pelt or relax, so I had to unwrap a boot by manually adjusting every vertex.
>Also if you're wondering how shit my first modeling class at the previous uni was, we had an unwrapping assignment where they didn't tell us about pelt or relax, so I had to unwrap a boot by manually adjusting every vertex.
Tfw mine didn't even go through proper UVing, we just used flatten mapping. Tbh, I'm amazed that this college has a good status. Some classes are pure garbage.
But to be ontopic - basically, I just started learning through YT videos and various tutorials with high ratings (which I found on CGpeers). Actually, 5 months has already passed, and I had a good start, but now I'm realizing I played way too much with everything else, but not modeling, so I need to push that shit hard now.

Start with Blender or 3ds max, find good tutors and some paid online courses (or pirate them), ask for feedback on forums, read about 3D topics from websites like 80lv and follow what others are doing on Artstation.

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I got a question for you guys.

How easy or difficult is it to get caught using a pirated copy of substance painter? Let's say I actually release a game using models I made, but that were textured/ painted in substance painter. What is the likelihood of being caught?

Serious question as I really want to release something but don't want to get legally fucked.
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P.S if I could afford Substance Painter, I would buy it.
How poor are you that you cant afford substance painter?
If you're getting paid for work then why are cheaping out over $150? If it was Autojew products I'd understand but fucking Substance Painter?

Either way, the file format is proprietary and may possibly contain meta data that can be used to detect pirated copies. Risk all depends on what you're selling and who too (like on a market place such as Turbosquid or to an individual).

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Well well, anther edition of Daz 3D General
Lets all get some practice rendering our futalolis with a summer theme. Pools, beaches etc.
9000 year old futaloli not required. Just make it summer.

Should I ever bother updating that pastebin? Pastebin:

prior thread:
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Why do you pick worse and worse opening pictures?
Do you actually want people who non-stop complain about Daz and its users in these threads?
You would be laughed at regardless if your op pic looks good or not. Daz in general is 99.9% weirdos and fetishists, with .01% being actually very talented and skillful. Just roll with the punches anon.
>obligatory complaint

Heres my first two models I made in Sculptris. Thoughts/Critiques please? Also what are some things i need to get started?
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Start by not being a furry.

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Hey /b/ I need some help. So I want to make a model import and I have deleted every unnecessary bone from the original model that I want to port over. But I can't figure out how to rig properly, most tutorials are just not helping.
If you have any adivce or help you could offer me that would be nice. I make sure to properly credit you when I upload this mod.

>pic related
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No replies in the DB for this post!

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Don't know if this goes here, but fuck it.

As the title implies, I'm trying to rip specific models from Halo 4 on my Xbox 360 to my PC, so I can rig them in Blender later. Specifically, I want to rip my multiplayer Spartan IV (the one in the OP), the Assault Rifle, and maybe even some Elite and Grunt models.

I've searched through various sites trying to find out how specifically I should do this, but most just led me to articles about modding Halo Custom Edition and one guy who was taking commissions to do Spartans. Not a whiff of a guide or anything useful.

If someone here knows how exactly to do this, or at least has a guide for this sort of thing and can point me to it, it would be much appreciated.
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Pay me $50 and I'll send you everything you need.

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Is houdini+Maya the ultimate 3D software masterrace?
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>no sculpting environment
>no PBR texturing environment

Starting to feel like 2005 up in here.
>two unfree, un FLOSS programs
pick one and only one
>implying OP is talking about gaming
>inb4 PBR is also for rendering, gimme a break

this piece was sculpted and modeled entirely in blender.

how can /3/ ever recover?
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>implying this is better than okay?
By a 16 year old artist, no less.
What are you doing with your life?
18* ignore me, I can't math

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How can Cycles be improved?
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I think you misspelled "removed"
they should make a better config file that's not bloated with 100 different options that slow down your render.

for the engine itself, they need to improve the lightning system,and make a lamp that is specific to portals, the portal hack some guy made for blender is shit.
also make quick post effects, just like in corona and iray.
and improve whatever is causing all that noise
this is also a good option, unironicaly.

just kill cycles. and insert a modified version of renderman. it won't bother the devs with improving rendering anymore

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Hi guys !
I'm learning new 3D technics, specially for the skin and I've just made this image.

What do you think ?
I'm using Maya and Vray
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I only used textures from the game (Uncharted 3)
It looks alright but something feels weird, I don't know what though. Oh and his beard looks like he smeared crap on his face.
it looks good, but definetly its not something "human", its more like a toy, plastic toy. Maybe because theres not much of SSS and maybe because the glossiness is high. I dont know, but this is what i feel

How to have a healthy family life in this industry?

I know young'uns are willing to work unpaid overtime out of 'passion' (idiots), but it's not a legal requirement, right?

I'm perfectly happy wrapping up work 1 or 2 hours at the end of the day, but I'd hate to be forced into overtime with my job on the line, trading an evening with the wife/kids, instead to stress myself over a project that doesn't mean anything to me, it's just a product to make $$$ in the end. Seems exploitative.
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You forgot to tell us what your job is !
it depends.

in a small company you are more likely to be pumped and dumped, shit contracts,revshare,shutting down the company without notice etc.

it depends on your skills level and how far you can get.
also you have to be adaptive, some areas are more lucrative than others
When will you faggots realize that his "industry" is saturated as fuck?

If you don't have superhuman amounts of luck, talent and experience you won't get anywhere. Even really good ones have it hard nowadays. The train left years ago.

Try to become an allrounder in video editing, some 3D stuff, marketing etc. and then apply to your local shitbox advertizing agencies and shit.
Also expect to be underpaid like fuck.

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What are the most respected degrees in the industry?
Pick unrelated
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Comp Sci, Physics, or Mathematics + a good showreel.

Don't waste time on an actual degree in creating stuff in 3d. You don't need 4 years at school to learn that
I spent 7 years on a fucking game art and design degree anon. 7 fucking years. Do I have any projects that I can show now? nah. Did I learn how to model and light things? barely. I got what was basically a bunch of crash courses on industry software, useful if you have no access to the internet or a computer, like I was for quite a while, but its just not worth it. I couldve left, but I naively thought that itd get better. Worse even, since the local games industry is pretty much in its infancy over here, there were a lot of colleges that offered "game design" degrees the one I assisted in was the oldest, having been digital art focused for a few decades. bah.

That said I made some good friends, got a girlfriend and some friendly connections, but I couldve spent that money elsewhere. I think I learned more during the final stages of the degree, ie: the capstone project, than I did all those years.

Just learn how to do something that you cant learn online anon. don't chain yourself unnecessarily to debt like I did.
no such thing as a respected degree.

MAYBE with mechanical engineering and aerospace you have a guaranteed job for life. but with everything else is like gambling in the stock market. 50% of college graduates don't work in their field of study.

what you should do is start working now and invest, you are wasting time with government funded scams

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Can someone please help me, So i got Zbrush 4r8 and holy fuck this shit is hard, i started following some pluralsight tutorials, They are decent but not enough and 99,999% of them are outdated. What are the best up to date tutorials for this program?
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why looks fine to me
where did you render it in?
Not mine,random image. I wish i could do shit like this
just start with Michael Pavlovich:


and never forget: JUST DO IT

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