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>he uses Google botnet file formats

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>I don't know how security works

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Not really sure where to post this but basically I've been asked by a friend of a friend to design a website for their business because I've done a little bit of web designing for fun. However, I'm not sure what i should charge them. I'm really not a pro but I can make a nice looking web site in less than a weeks time. Does anyone have any experience with this? How much should I charge and for what?
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>friend of a friend
if you don't have a contract you're not gonna get paid
and if you bring up a contract they're probably gonna flake because they wanted to scam you

but if they don't, know that the hourly rate for a good web designer is like 50-70 bucks, or you can ask for very specific requirements of what they want on the site and charge a single big fee on that
Honestly, if it's something you do in your spare time, as in you have a main stable job, just charge $500 for the whole thing and call it done. Be sure to get specifications and whatever from them first and get the payment in writing
They run an engineering firm so I'm sure a contract wont scare them
Its really just an info page with a gallery and yeah I'd rather charge a lump sum

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planning on doing a full amd build pic related with monitor

any thing i should change? not moving away from vega and I need 8 cores. is the ram meme tier or a legitimate product. already bought case and 5 fans current build is i3 4160 with a 7870 12gb ram at 2200
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Lol you seem like a gamer.
vidya is great but I need this as a personal server
there's a thread for that already you stupid piece of shit manchild dumbfuck.
and fuck off back to /v/

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Has anyone done any light video editing on their Thinkpad?
If so what model/specs are you using and what software seems to run decent with these things?
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Premier runs nicely on my w530, 2.9Ghz i7 Quad, 16GB RAM and a Quadro k1000 with the FHD 1920x1080 display.
All the w530s I've found are like 1.7ghz. Or are you putting down the turbo speed?
I use a zbook 15, i7 4700qm, quadro k1100, 24gb rm and it took me around 10 minutes to render a 2minute video in 4k using kdenlive.
he is.

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Is Nextcloud legit or is it the new botnet?
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Though,I wish it was botnet so I CAN RECOVER MY GODDAMN FILES!
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If it relies on you sending your data to a computer that isn't under your direct control and physical ownership, it's a fucking botnet. I don't care if it's FOSS or not.

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Alright, everyone! Show me your best results in HTML. Put a custom name so I can announce the winner.
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I prefer you put the code in the chat.
Very funny.

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Would it be ethical to give users a choice between the regular ad funded version of a website, and a version that runs a JavaScript miner? Assuming the miner is transparent, non-malicious, and doesn't eat up 90% of your CPU.
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yes, if the homepage makes this clear and also has neither.
I was thinking a "UK Cookies" style popup with the options on first load of the page.
>"UK Cookies" style popup

Is actually EU legislation

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Anyone have good books and resources for getting into computer graphics? I'm looking for fundamentals here.
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idk so ill just post a infographic
I almost closed the pic when I saw Wittgenstein, and then I saw Hegel and finally understood how /g/ it's just a bad meme

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Hi /g/

I need to setup a server for an old game and the needs to be running. So, do you guys know about any server hosting provider that includes Crappy GPU's (even intel integrated cards work) for cheap?
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go back to your contamination board
You don't need a GPU for a server.
What is the game?

This game needs it.

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hullo, just visiting from /tg/,

If spells had a file format for some techno-magic file sharing shenanigans, what would be good fictional file extentions that haven't been taken for something else?

.spl? .mgx? .elf?

Baring in mind that there's generally three types of magic, presumably different types of files would have different extensions, so .arc, .div, .nat?

Also is there anyway to transfer them via p2p networks without the computer reading the spell files and thereby casting them before a person wants to use them?
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I would say use whatever extensions sound cool to you. And you can prevent files from being read by encrypting them first.
dude you should rename magic electricity and use all the file formats we use, it'd be meta n sheeeit

what files extensions are used to transfer fucking electricity between computers, anon?

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Look at them
Look at them and laugh.
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are they not one and the same?
Just laugh at them
Show me another ISP that offers 2gbps for under $200 a month AND provides a $7000+ Juniper ACX2100/2200 L3 switch on-site.

TWO static IP addresses, SFP+ 2.2gbps drop and 1gbps ethernet drop.

Comcast is by far the highest performing ISP in the country currently, at least in areas where they have FTTH presence.

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What certifications should I do so that I can find any job in tech? I want to break out of the near minimum wagecuck job loop...
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just get rope
A+, then see what else your employer would like such as MCSE or Cisco or whatever
Are Linux certs any good

Should I do Microsoft azure

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check em
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>>62487777 (checked)
> Sit down to take a shit
> Package arrives
nnice good jnobv

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I would have bought one if it had TouchID on the back, android style.
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>huge side bezels
>top indent

Looks like shit

Only thing I like about it is the navigation gestures
>huge side bezels
Apple putting TouchID on the back was never going to happen. They're too prideful about being innovative. Copying Android's design would've been counterintuitive. They'll probably find a way to make TouchID work on their next release. Might as well wait for the next gen of iPhones after X.

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If I dual boot Windows and a Linux distro, will Windows spying shit be able to look into my Linux files/folder? I thought of making 500GB for Windows and partition the other half 500GB for Linux. Should I encrypt the Linux partition side?
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no it'll just reformat it for you unexpectedly instead
#1 no if you use ext4 windows won't even be able to tell #2 if you're keeping windows for games don't split 50/50 depending on the distro you can get away with less space without problems (I dual boot win10 and antergos and I only gave it like 90gibs and I have no problems at all)
>windows can't see into partitions it doesn't let users access but are extremely easy to access
what the fuck anon you stupid sack of shit

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