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This piqued my interest while browsing the responses about the Sac Anime tea party - what would it take to start up a solid tea party event at a convention and be able to continue doing so afterwards?

I'm specifically curious to hear about people's opinions regarding tea parties that are built into a con setting since it sounds like a better incubator for starting out at rather than trying to create a standalone event out of the gate.

Also I'd love to hear about people's experiences at various convention-based tea parties, dunno if there's a list for these somewhere or not.
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I'd be interested in this too. The idea terrifies me since surely convention + lolita = sweaty weebs showing up in their totemo kawaii cat ears and shiny maid outfits.
The successful ones ban attendance for anyone not wearing Lolita and cosplays are specifically mentioned as not acceptable in a lot of event descriptions. Also the tea parties usually have ticket sales for a very limited quantity before the day of the convention so that no sweaty weeb who walks by and gets their interest piqued can waltz in and be annoying.
>The successful ones ban attendance for anyone not wearing Lolita
Sad to say but there's no hope we could ever have a con tea party here with a rule like that, even though it's 100% reasonable and I wouldn't have one without it. Con scene here is full of people who get buttblasted if you call their hell bunny rockabilly dress and unbrushed wig "not Lolita". I guess it's probably for the best.

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Last thread. >>9614428

Time to make us feel, anons. Don't reply to bait and keep it cgl-related.
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>be lonelita
>start going to uni on campus after a few years holed up and taking online classes
>wear lolita every day of class since i usually wear it anytime i leave the house
>mfw compliments every day
>mfw conversations every day
>mfw i've heard a couple people whisper to their friends about how they think i'm cute

this feels so much better than wasting away in my room
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>lost fat
>gained muscle
>go to cons and girls sperg out or get touchy
>still autismo maximus

I spent 2 years getting in shape but didn't work on my personality. Can you gulls help? How to deal with thirsty con girls? What do you look for in a long term partner?
I just want to cuddle and talk about cute coords.
>locking up my bike outside the convention
>little girl (maybe 9) says she likes my cosplay
>asks to sit on my bike
>let her
>she mounts the seat, and instantly cries at full volume "MY GROOOOIIIIINN!"

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Previous thread: >>9614257

Look, fishnets
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Those shoes are fucking ugly and Misako's whole outfit doesn't read as lolita.
yeah no armwear, arrest her!
It's nothing to do with the armwear, it's the loafers plus a long plain normie dress plus a shawl plus fringe earrings.

Haven't seen one in a while. Please post Demon Souls / Dark Souls / Bloodborne!
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What is the cringiest weeb shit you've done /cgl/?
Cosplayed in public?
Said "nya!" constantly?
Told strangers your undying love for Sasuke?

tell a story of you being cringy
provide a photo of you being cringy (you can edit out your face), or upload your shitty weeb art
posting cringe videos starring yourself.
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I didn't have a cosplay for my first con so I just wore a neon green twintail wig instead and thought I looked cool.

In my defense, it was 2013.
not checking the catalog when starting a thread
>not reading before coming in and trying to be a smartass

ITT: Michigan Conventions
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Next big one's Youmacon, so I don't imagine there will be much discussion besides Youma. What's everyone looking forward to there?
I understand why there's nothing in northern Michigan, particularly the UP, but I really wish there was something worthwhile up there.
>going anywhere near detroit

Just host it in Bloomfield Hills or something.

What is it about PAX that attracts the most shallow fucking people? Every other con I've been to is a blast where I'll make some of the coolest friends but PAX is a shitheap every time.

Time for a bunch of loser-ass i'm-a-nerd-because-i-watch-the-avengers fake nerds to descend upon my city with knowledge of their 1 or 2 games they bothered playing this year on full display in hopes of landing a cosplay girl on her 12th convention this year thinking this will be the one where she'll finally be noticed by a modeling agency and can drop all the nerd easy-pickings followers

oh and look at that there's a riot afterparty this year, awesome, can't wait for that to be awfully fucking full of people who haven't touched league of legends in 3 years and were never above silver
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Who hurt you Anon?
Why so salty anon? Gatekeeping is the worst part of this hobby and there are worse things in Seattle.

I'm one of the con girls visiting. Does anyone have any suggestions for things to do outside the con center?
Gimme your lunch money

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(First 4chan thread so pardon the noob.)

Share your creations, or questions. I've made a bunch and will teach what i've learned if anyone's interested.

Only been into Steampunk a year or so, but I want to learn from the best, so show me whatcha got! :)
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You need to do a small dump to start off the thread, or start a discussion. Try posting tutorials or your stuff.
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Oc bump
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How much should I dump?
Didn't want to spam. Lol

Last thread is sage
Penultimate: >9601130

everything but the blouse is great imo
the neckline is sadly not right for this coord.
>the ankle ruffs
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Somebody dump please?

Please drop kawaii girls' youtubes
I need new kawaii idols...
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What happened to fetsu, did she die?
her fat face is fucking boring
She mainly just posts her shitty drawings that look like a 15 year old drew them now. Why is with so many British girls that they plaster their face with makeup with an attempt to look kawaii, but ends up looking like a bratty white girl with attitude problems, her septum piercing certainly doesn't help her with this.

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