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Mori anyone?
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Is mori dead? I'm a huge fan of the fashion, but the community is t i n y compared to other jfashions.
Guys there's a thread already >>9584240. Please use the catalog or search before making new threads

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Dragoncon. Taking my kids down to the parade, and would like to walk around a little. Weird if we're not dressed up?
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thread is here >>9600977, but no, it's not weird if you're not dressed up.

THis weekend... weekend... weekend...
Sacramento vs. San Francisco! Which Convention are YOU choosing to go to?

SF seems to have LARP programming set-up, but Sacanime has a Lolita Tea Party planned.
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I heard some weird stuff went down with the last tea party at Sacanime. Like no one was upset and the teenage itas had a grand time, but I heard mutterings that the host was a bit overwhelmed with the responsibilities placed on her.

By contrast, I feel uneasy with a lot of the panels at the SF thing. They have apparently rented a huge space so the event is planned to be huge, but there's something about the design of their website that bothers me.
Yeah, and she took it out on us by talking about it the entire time instead of just letting us chill and socialize.

Generally, people who go to SacAnime are people who can't leave Sacramento. There isn't a ton of overlap, and I don't think both cons being on the same weekend are gonna take much from each others' demographics. If anything, PAX might have a greater effect on both, but in tiny percentages since it's also a different demographic altogether (but still one that would be mutually interested by Sac and SFCC)
Going to Sacanime for the Fun and Memes. Sfcon seems to just be more lame.

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Saw someone requesting this dress last thread so I figured I'd start it off using a photo I found on Alice Holic
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Took me a sec to find the right stock pic, but I'm requesting worn photos of Meta's Gobelin Print Shirring Tiered Ribbon JSK. This colorway preferred but others are fine.
Aaand dropped pic like a newfag

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Nan Desu Kan 2017

Any info on this con coming up this weekend?

worth flying out to?
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I've always had a lot of fun at NDK. This is going to be my 7th year going. Sadly they aren't doing any lolita events this year except for the photoshoot which makes me sad
Here is the schedule of events if you want to look over them
I've been to NDK since 09 and I've tried to go to panels however they kept getting capped out so I could barely go to them in the old place. And now, none of the panels interests me, even the J-fashion makeover thing. It's either recycled, weeaboo garbage or tumblr like subjects in anime/manga/whatever

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Post them little witches
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Press those seams, Lotte.

That wand is inexcusable.

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Do you guys have any lolita insecurities you'd like to share?

I have a couple, but one that bothers me a lot are my boobs. My breasts are around 96 cm (a D cup). I'm actually really happy with my breast size and would not get a reduction, but my mindset on my boobs highkey changes when it comes to lolita. It's hard to find burando blouses that fit and I love OPs, which sucks because most won't fit and if I manage to squeeze in them I get the dreaded boobloaf. Sports bras work but they just make the boobloaf more prominent. It sucks because I can fit on my burando things with any other body part except my boobs, unless it has shirring. And I'm not even plus size, yet I have to check "plus size" blouses for lolita cause boobs. It makes me feel like a land whale sometimes and I wish boobs were fucking detachable so I can take them off when it's lolita time.
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I'm a 6'1 male. I basically became anorexic in order to find clothes that fit me and it's still a nightmare. My girlfriend is 5'4 and everything fits her like a dream, I hate my body.
I'm a 96cm DD, and I know that feel bro. Worse, I wear Jfashion pretty much daily so there is no "lolita time"... it's just all the time. Still, I like the way I look and when I do find clothes that fit I look great. It's just a struggle.

Might I suggest skirts over dresses? I tend to have an easier time when I can mix brand bottoms with off brand tops.
I know your feeling. I am a tall Lolita with a DDD/F cup. All dresses I have/have tried on look bad on me. Normal waist dresses sit like empire dresses, only long lodices look good, but brands barely make them and the ones that were made are meh. I am also a big OP fan and some do fit, but just look bad on me.
Skirts do look good, the only problem that remains then are blouses. I can't find any blouse that would fit my bust size comfortably that isn't gigantic at the waist. I feel like custom sizing is the only think that would cather me, but I have zero trust in the services some indie-brands offer.
Sometimes I really feel like the Lolita style isn't made for me, which it isn't, but I love the style so much and the style itself fits me so well. I wish I was born with a different body.

Old one hit image limit, post nice rooms!
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I've read on google that you can use hairspray and baby powder to make hair white for costumes......however I'm seeing different orders for applying both (powder spray then powder, just spray then powder, or just powder then spray)
Anyone have experience in doing such? what should I do? I'm trying to put together a professor Oak cosplay and I only have a few days to get it put together
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Are you a guy?
Just bleach your hair a few times and use whitening toner.
If your hair is short it doesn't matter if you ruin it. Will grow back.
I'm male yes but I'm just trying to spend as little as possible/use crap I have lying around as the con I'm going to is sunday and I'm broke as fuck....thanks for the advice tho anon
If you're broke as fuck you probably shouldn't be trying to put together a cosplay, unless literally every part of it is something you already own. Food, rent, and bills should come before a fucking anime convention.

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Opinions on Matsuricon?
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Shit, I have a parking question.

Last time I tried to drive into Columbus (for nationawide arena), I winged it for finding parking. Terrible-fucking-idea.

For this con, where is the best place to park?
There are pre passes for sale on the convention center website. I got one of those.

Never been to the event proper, just to meet with friends for lunch. But I bought a badge this year, so lets see how it goes.
This is my first year not being in the artist alley. Last year the pros must've discovered it because there were tons of artists and there was very good stuff. Dealers room is bad. I haven't experienced it otherwise but, I have read on cgl that its generally a pretty good convention. Hopefully they're not just subconsciously comparing to Ohayocon though.

New to /cgl/ so sorry if there's a general for this topic but I couldn't find anything with the catalog

I never cosplayed before and I'm trying to start off with something simple but not cheap looking

I thought about a Naota cosplay from FLCL, I also could paint an old vespa of mine yellow and add the P! Sticker (Vespa should be the same model as in the anime)

What does /cgl/ think about my Idea?
What am I doing wrong?
Any tips?
What was (you)r first cosplay?
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>i couldn't find anything with the catalog
you didn't look hard enough obviously
didn't know where to post but is this really a problem?
this board is slow so I thought you guys were chill

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Fuck me, I've lost my my folder with reaction images and now I have no face when I say mfw.

Also, maybe post new ones?
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Google is your friendo
I have the standard ones saved. but I can't seem to find the ones I need.
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Will dump what I have

Disney cosplay general!

Bonus points if it is not generic princess.
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Oh, sweetie, no.

It's that time again /cgl/! In honor of the Le Mouvement Final premiere, let's have a Sera Myu/Sailor Moon musical thread. Let's talk the new production, the new musicals, the old musicals, post your favorite Myu costumes & Myu cosplay!
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Micheru's dress is gorgeous
not digging the material for Kakyuu, or maybe it's just the angle/photo...

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There's no new episode of Rick & Morty this week. Starting a Rick & Morty cosplay thread.
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