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princess sarah.jpg
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>fiance doesn't want her to go to con with 35M BFF and sleep in same room
>maxed out credit cards
>thinks her youth means it's the best time to take on debt because she can get a good job whenever she wants with her degree
>degree is in fine arts
>cant afford uber
>"I want to actually open an online cosplay store and make crazy money."
>gunna eat cup noodles in hotel room but doesn't know how to fit costume in an uber

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Anyone who calls themselves "Princess" is a red flag. That relationship isn't going to last.
She thinks she can become a multi millionaire from her cosplay online store in 5 years. Which doesn't exist yet.
This whole thing feels like $100% real material that was designed to cause 2 reactions
1 - "dump him how dare he. YAAAS SLAY GIRL"
2 - "WTF are you thinking you dumb bitch?"
and start an internet fight

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54 days until Halloween gulls! Planning any coordinates or meets? Just looking for inspo for Halloween themed outfits? Post here!
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Previous thread: >>9618600
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Reposting from last thread.
Tinfoil hat time: what if AP USA just lied about Lynda being gone in order to protect their sales and reputation?
I worried about this, too. Seeing as how she has been reported multiple times over the years for her behavior and all of a sudden this was the straw that broke the camels back? I don't believe it. I don't believe she got fired. It's too much of a liability for AP USA.

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Hey this is my first cosplay and I'm wandering if y'all got any tips or ideas on how I can make it better for a con that I plan on goin to
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Get some gloves to match your top.
You're better off posting in the help thread.

There really is no "good enough" for cosplaying at cons. So long as there's nothing downright embarrassingly awful about it (which there doesn't seem to be) you'll be fine. There's probably things you can improve upon but yeah- just ask in the help thread.

Hey everyone! This is my first post, so please tell me if my question doesn't belong here.

I'm planning to cosplay Hau from Pokemon Moon/Sun soon with my girlfriend as the main character.
So, my questions are:
Would the short pattern look better painted on or printed?

Also, this would be my first time shaving my legs for it. Should I cop and go bare? Also, how long does it takes to grow back to "normal"? (I'm male, btw)

I need to shave and I
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Never make a thread for yourself. Use the catalog and ctrl+f help, as you might with questions on any board.
: ^ )

Mori anyone?
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Is mori dead? I'm a huge fan of the fashion, but the community is t i n y compared to other jfashions.
Guys there's a thread already >>9584240. Please use the catalog or search before making new threads

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Dragoncon. Taking my kids down to the parade, and would like to walk around a little. Weird if we're not dressed up?
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thread is here >>9600977, but no, it's not weird if you're not dressed up.

THis weekend... weekend... weekend...
Sacramento vs. San Francisco! Which Convention are YOU choosing to go to?

SF seems to have LARP programming set-up, but Sacanime has a Lolita Tea Party planned.
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I heard some weird stuff went down with the last tea party at Sacanime. Like no one was upset and the teenage itas had a grand time, but I heard mutterings that the host was a bit overwhelmed with the responsibilities placed on her.

By contrast, I feel uneasy with a lot of the panels at the SF thing. They have apparently rented a huge space so the event is planned to be huge, but there's something about the design of their website that bothers me.
Yeah, and she took it out on us by talking about it the entire time instead of just letting us chill and socialize.

Generally, people who go to SacAnime are people who can't leave Sacramento. There isn't a ton of overlap, and I don't think both cons being on the same weekend are gonna take much from each others' demographics. If anything, PAX might have a greater effect on both, but in tiny percentages since it's also a different demographic altogether (but still one that would be mutually interested by Sac and SFCC)
Going to Sacanime for the Fun and Memes. Sfcon seems to just be more lame.

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Saw someone requesting this dress last thread so I figured I'd start it off using a photo I found on Alice Holic
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Took me a sec to find the right stock pic, but I'm requesting worn photos of Meta's Gobelin Print Shirring Tiered Ribbon JSK. This colorway preferred but others are fine.
Aaand dropped pic like a newfag

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Nan Desu Kan 2017

Any info on this con coming up this weekend?

worth flying out to?
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I've always had a lot of fun at NDK. This is going to be my 7th year going. Sadly they aren't doing any lolita events this year except for the photoshoot which makes me sad
Here is the schedule of events if you want to look over them
I've been to NDK since 09 and I've tried to go to panels however they kept getting capped out so I could barely go to them in the old place. And now, none of the panels interests me, even the J-fashion makeover thing. It's either recycled, weeaboo garbage or tumblr like subjects in anime/manga/whatever

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