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Last one is sage >>9601423
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When you feel the need to say that, chances are you know it's bad.
Her calf looks like it weighs as much as a calf.

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Do you ever show your power level in public?
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thanks for letting us know you're a f/a/ggot, but absolutely not.
I wear jfash though, but given the amount of "little bo peeps" i've gotten, normies don't care/know it's japanese fashion anyways.
also, that girl looks like a reject touhou character
Taking creepshots of spergs is worse than being a sperg. Bad show, anon.
I've heard "power level" from at least 20+ people who do not frequent 4chan, let alone /a/. It's an actual term.

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Funny cosplay thread
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Who's going?
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(wanted to make the thread more neutral) It'll be my first 'big con', I hope I can finish my new suit by then
Really good guest list for a 1st year
Butch Heartman confirmed

Who's going?
What are your plans this time?
Will CRE Expo affect Sac's numbers?
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You know, I have a lot of moments where I'm still shocked people even talk about this con on here. It's not big or amazing, so when all else I see is the big spectacles, I just fucking wonder.
Is it just we have that many gulls in Sac, or just the same small handful that come here to shitpost rather than FB?
I'm going with a couple friends for the whole weekend. They've never done a con before, so I'm pretty excited for them!

I've personally never done Sac before (mostly Fanime) and I'm not too sure what to expect but it'll probably be pretty lowkey? I'm going to just wear lolita bc it's easy... anyone know if there's gonna be a meet?
It's a very insular con. The people who go to sac anime tend to only go to sac anime.

I'm going to this event for the sheer WTF factor

What you all working on and looking forward to, Canada?

ConBravo plans? Otakuthon?
Does anyone still give a shit about FanExpo?
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Conbravo in t-minus 11 days and still waiting on some last supplies in the mail, kill me now. Not committing to finishing any Friday cosplans until I know I can get my other ones all done in time.
On the bright side, schedule drops tomorrow!
>Does anyone still give a shit about FanExpo?

Don't get me wrong, I still hate how money grubbing, overpriced and corporate Fan Expo is but it's still a better run con than AN. Especially considering AN's recent hotel fiasco. Also Fan Expo definitely has more relevant guests. I'm especially excited to see the creators and actor for Rick and Morty.
hotel fiasco? I've been out of the loop for a bit, what happened?

Last thread saging >9500854
>Listen Flavor preparing their A/W releases
>4 Menhera-Chan collabs including Candye Syrup and Conpeitou
>CherryCheezy on a short break

>"What is Menhera?"

>"What is Gurokawa?"
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Menhera-chan phonecases from https://www.gaingarage.com/
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Old thread reaching the end >>9443343
Let's try not to stink get this one flushed down the toilet.
>Hehe xD I post gay porn actor picture so FANNY!

Whether you're a cosplayer, photographer, lolita, into another form of Jfash, or just interested in the con scene or getting into these hobbies, feel free to post here and find friends.

Please note this is not a hook-up thread, and please keep things /cgl/ related. <3

>Cosplay, Jfashion, Lolita, Photography, or just cons?
>What cons do you attend? What do you like to do? (panels, AA, masq, parties, etc)
>Favourite games, anime, brands, prints, etc
>Characters/series cosplayed from (if applicable)
>Other interests
>What are you looking for?
>What are you NOT looking for?
>Contact info
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>Cosplay, Jfashion, Lolita, Photography, or just cons?

Cosplay, ouji, and photography


Female/20/Southern US

>What cons do you attend? What do you like to do? (panels, AA, masq, parties, etc)

I mostly just do socializing and photoshoots, but I really enjoy lecture-style panels and AMV things.

>Favourite games, anime, brands, prints, etc

Games: Artsy indie shit, RPG maker community stuff, and Nintendo, basically. Also a visual novel fan.

Anime: NGE, Rose of Versailles, Kunihiko Ikuhara stuff, World Masterpiece Theater franchise, Yuri on Ice, Kino's Journey, Gankutsuou, Princess Tutu, Jojo, Erased, Captain Tylor, Macross franchise are some favorites.

No specific brand loyalty, but I wear more masculine ouji with a military or gothic tinge.

>Characters/series cosplayed from (if applicable)

(High frequency of cosplay)
Evangelion, Macross, Yuri on Ice, Utena, Sailor Moon, musical theater

>Other interests

Theater, improv comedy, classical art, historical fiction, international animation, politics (US and international), drawing, tennis, figure skating, art films (I'm a hipster-ass motherfucker who used to want to go to film school) and surrealist horror.

>What are you looking for?

Con friends and people to chat with, ouji/lolita friends to give coord advice.

>What are you NOT looking for?

I'm in a long term comitted relationship, so use your brain there. Also, as previously mentioned, I like talking about politics and am extremely socially liberal and slightly economically liberal, so use your judgement there. Please don't message me if you're not an active cosplayer or lolita/ouji.

>Contact info

Message me at [email protected] with an intro and if you don't set off my sketch alarms we can exchange facebooks/tumblrs/instagrams or whatever. Please put "cgl" in the subject so I can find your message easier!
>Cosplay, Jfashion, Lolita, Photography, or just cons.
Jfashion and cosplay
26 M Dallas
>What cons do you attend? What do you like to do? (panels, AA, masq, parties, etc)
Tea parties and Masquerades
>Favourite games, anime, brands, prints, etc
Princess Jellyfish
Brand Alice and the Pirates and ikemen mode
>Characters/series cosplayed from (if applicable)
Zero from Vampire Knight, Gakupo, Mikuo (vocaloids) Bossanova (I was host at Ouran Host Club cafe at one time)
>Other interests
>What are you looking for?
More Weeb friends and some coord advice.
>What are you NOT looking for?
>Contact inf
[email protected]
You have amazing taste. I wouldn't consider myself a pro at lolita for coord advice since I've only done it for 2 years but if you don't mind talking to me anyways I'll shoot you an email!

Is anyone here gonna go to pic related this year?
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>wizard world
>generic corporate con roadshow with more normies looking to take pics of the ~cosplayers~ than actual cosplayers or attendees
>sub par artist ally and most taobao scalpers in the dealer room
>a few "special guests" that you get charged out the ass to go see
>Costs more than most of top tier cons
I mean, it's probably gonna be my only chance to meet Stan Lee.
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>Only Sheep Eat Rotten Tomatoes, A Dc Films Discussion
>BEHOLD sweet children - you’re being led astray!! Critics have roasted and lampooned the DC cinematic universe, leaving ROTTEN taste in the mouths of fans. But self-publishing comic writer, Victor Dandridge and his team of SUPER-FRIENDS, will reveal how Man of Steel, Batman v. Superman and Suicide Squad are the foundations of possibly the greatest franchise in cinematic history.
Fucking kek.

How do I get rid of five o clock shadow? I can't crossplay with this...
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I usually just shave as close as i can and then apply cover up/foundation. Had no clue what makeup to pick out or how to use it, i had to ask my little sister. I use an electric razor, no shaving cream.
>tfw no sister to ask
I find good safety razors with a generous amount of shaving gel gets better results. If you still have a shadow after that you might want to look into a orange color correcting concealer to blend out the color.
Also ensure your makeup isnt drying or astringent to cause your skin to tighten up and expose more shadow, staying hydrated helps iirc.

If you are truly desperate. Facial waxing 2 days before the con. Leave a day or so for the irritation to calm down.

Good luck anon

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This piqued my interest while browsing the responses about the Sac Anime tea party - what would it take to start up a solid tea party event at a convention and be able to continue doing so afterwards?

I'm specifically curious to hear about people's opinions regarding tea parties that are built into a con setting since it sounds like a better incubator for starting out at rather than trying to create a standalone event out of the gate.

Also I'd love to hear about people's experiences at various convention-based tea parties, dunno if there's a list for these somewhere or not.
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I'd be interested in this too. The idea terrifies me since surely convention + lolita = sweaty weebs showing up in their totemo kawaii cat ears and shiny maid outfits.
The successful ones ban attendance for anyone not wearing Lolita and cosplays are specifically mentioned as not acceptable in a lot of event descriptions. Also the tea parties usually have ticket sales for a very limited quantity before the day of the convention so that no sweaty weeb who walks by and gets their interest piqued can waltz in and be annoying.
>The successful ones ban attendance for anyone not wearing Lolita
Sad to say but there's no hope we could ever have a con tea party here with a rule like that, even though it's 100% reasonable and I wouldn't have one without it. Con scene here is full of people who get buttblasted if you call their hell bunny rockabilly dress and unbrushed wig "not Lolita". I guess it's probably for the best.

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Last thread. >>9614428

Time to make us feel, anons. Don't reply to bait and keep it cgl-related.
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>be lonelita
>start going to uni on campus after a few years holed up and taking online classes
>wear lolita every day of class since i usually wear it anytime i leave the house
>mfw compliments every day
>mfw conversations every day
>mfw i've heard a couple people whisper to their friends about how they think i'm cute

this feels so much better than wasting away in my room
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>lost fat
>gained muscle
>go to cons and girls sperg out or get touchy
>still autismo maximus

I spent 2 years getting in shape but didn't work on my personality. Can you gulls help? How to deal with thirsty con girls? What do you look for in a long term partner?
I just want to cuddle and talk about cute coords.
>locking up my bike outside the convention
>little girl (maybe 9) says she likes my cosplay
>asks to sit on my bike
>let her
>she mounts the seat, and instantly cries at full volume "MY GROOOOIIIIINN!"

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Previous thread: >>9614257

Look, fishnets
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Those shoes are fucking ugly and Misako's whole outfit doesn't read as lolita.
yeah no armwear, arrest her!
It's nothing to do with the armwear, it's the loafers plus a long plain normie dress plus a shawl plus fringe earrings.

Haven't seen one in a while. Please post Demon Souls / Dark Souls / Bloodborne!
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What is the cringiest weeb shit you've done /cgl/?
Cosplayed in public?
Said "nya!" constantly?
Told strangers your undying love for Sasuke?

tell a story of you being cringy
provide a photo of you being cringy (you can edit out your face), or upload your shitty weeb art
posting cringe videos starring yourself.
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I didn't have a cosplay for my first con so I just wore a neon green twintail wig instead and thought I looked cool.

In my defense, it was 2013.
not checking the catalog when starting a thread
>not reading before coming in and trying to be a smartass

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