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ITT: Michigan Conventions
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Next big one's Youmacon, so I don't imagine there will be much discussion besides Youma. What's everyone looking forward to there?
I understand why there's nothing in northern Michigan, particularly the UP, but I really wish there was something worthwhile up there.
>going anywhere near detroit

Just host it in Bloomfield Hills or something.

What is it about PAX that attracts the most shallow fucking people? Every other con I've been to is a blast where I'll make some of the coolest friends but PAX is a shitheap every time.

Time for a bunch of loser-ass i'm-a-nerd-because-i-watch-the-avengers fake nerds to descend upon my city with knowledge of their 1 or 2 games they bothered playing this year on full display in hopes of landing a cosplay girl on her 12th convention this year thinking this will be the one where she'll finally be noticed by a modeling agency and can drop all the nerd easy-pickings followers

oh and look at that there's a riot afterparty this year, awesome, can't wait for that to be awfully fucking full of people who haven't touched league of legends in 3 years and were never above silver
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Who hurt you Anon?
Why so salty anon? Gatekeeping is the worst part of this hobby and there are worse things in Seattle.

I'm one of the con girls visiting. Does anyone have any suggestions for things to do outside the con center?
Gimme your lunch money

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(First 4chan thread so pardon the noob.)

Share your creations, or questions. I've made a bunch and will teach what i've learned if anyone's interested.

Only been into Steampunk a year or so, but I want to learn from the best, so show me whatcha got! :)
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You need to do a small dump to start off the thread, or start a discussion. Try posting tutorials or your stuff.
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Oc bump
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How much should I dump?
Didn't want to spam. Lol

Last thread is sage
Penultimate: >9601130

everything but the blouse is great imo
the neckline is sadly not right for this coord.
>the ankle ruffs
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Somebody dump please?

Please drop kawaii girls' youtubes
I need new kawaii idols...
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What happened to fetsu, did she die?
her fat face is fucking boring
She mainly just posts her shitty drawings that look like a 15 year old drew them now. Why is with so many British girls that they plaster their face with makeup with an attempt to look kawaii, but ends up looking like a bratty white girl with attitude problems, her septum piercing certainly doesn't help her with this.

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Previous thread. >>9608601

Keep those feels cgl-related, and ignore the trolls.
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It just means a qt you saw at the con and were infatuated with.
>bored all the time but not motivation or idea to do anything. Basically just staring at a blank computer all day
>notice there's a big con right here in a week so might as well go
>remember I have no-one to go with
>can't really get excited about it anymore and not really motivated to cosplay anymore
>probably just going to be a random creeper/weirdo story because I dropped my phone and accidentally trip trying to pick it up and some girl will think I was trying to rape her or something
>only excitement is that my ex's family member might literally stab me if they see me around

I really want to get excited for this because I don't do much outside school and work. But I just can't. Even joined a discord group to get hyped about it but it's just reminding me how miserable I am for no real reason.
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No motivation to finish my cosplays ever since I gave up my ADD meds. HELP.

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Link to previous thread: >>9608704
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Did anyone else really like this shoot? It was so refreshing and new
Harajuku Heart's twitter just posted this;
"Domestic orders over $50 use code 'HHLD50' free shipping, international gets $10 off shipping"

People often complain about their shipping fees, so it looks like now is the time to take advantage of there not being any shipping fees.

I like Lolita shoots outside of the studio environment. We get the fantasy at this point; we need to get back to more of a "living in the real world" vibe. New Lolitas that I talk to, who didn't grow up seeing all the street snaps, have a hard time envisioning how to wear Lolita outside of a tea party.
Agreed. I loved the older street style vibe with dashes of newer trends and even normie looks (the wet baby hair??) to add some interest and mix it up while still being wearable.

I have so much hope for Melt, this was a great opener.

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AKA clean up your room or do you live in a cellar
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Sometimes images like these make me sad. Wish I had more Asherbee saved, her house looks disgusting.
I'm not a cosplayer but I've been to lots of their houses. Most of them are like this. Messy and cluttered as fuck.

Why are cosplayers so dirty?

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OP image.jpg
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Last time in our thread >>9598297
>Abunai happened. It had wonderful meets, drama, complaints and people having fun!
>Animecon announced their new date; June 15th - 17th in the World Forum. Crowne Plaza is the official Gull Hotel
>Yaycon has announced their new date: February 11th
>DynamicCon also announced their new date: January 21st
>Tomo are being royal assholes by AGAIN hosting an event during Nishicon despite Nishi already having changed their date because of this before
>Overdone and sexy cosplay talk
>Motion sickness from playing video games
>What is talking face to face?
>Anon is looking to get out of a cosplay burn-out
>Toxic people
>My Tully plushies came in and they're adorable!
>Post con depression ;,;
>WIP shots, let's not forget about those!

The next five major events:
>Amsterdam Comic Con (September 2nd & 3rd, Amsterdam NH), a comic con with a mediocre reputation.
>Special Edition Cringe Party (September 23rd, Dordrecht ZH). The invite specially mentioned us and how we're welcome to join.
>Elfia Arcen (September 23rd & 24rd, Arcen LB), the second edition in 2017 of this outdoor fantasy convention. Now with 100% more Hertog Jan breweries in the vicinity!
>TomoFair (September 30th & October 1st, Nijmegen GL), literally a gym hall with dealers selling bootlegs.
>Firstlook Gaming (October 7th & 8th, Utrecht UT), a gaming con for gamers living the gamer live.
The full con calendar with Google Calendar support can be found at https://www.churi.nl/agenda

Friendly reminders for newfags:
>We have a newcomers guide at https://churi.nl/newcomers-guide
>Defending yourself on /cgl/ only makes things worse. It's best to take things posted here lightly and just move on.
>Posting WIP pictures and/or progress about your current projects is encouraged.

Are you enough of a bad ass to handle a flock of Seagull critics? Come and join our Discord at https://discord.gg/kjQxd4S
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First. For bouncy castles.
I was wrong in the last thread, if you want a room at nishi by yourself it's 32,50 a night extra not 50.
Also (yes massively late) I was at the Crowne Plaza last animecon and saw somebody with a tully plushie. Yet I've never gone to a meeting because 'people will judge' also kudos to the girls in the seagull masks.

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Getting everyone in the loop:

>Tea Party Club disbanded (sort of)
>risa nakamura rudely dragged from sightseeing holiday to model for AP
>ita beats girl in Cat's Tea Party at rock paper scissors
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>how was the fashion show?
>what's up with Risa?
>who was the special guest?
>how was the raffle?
>who won best-dressed?
>ita beats girl in CTP
was that the same one in CoF with the constipated expression
So anyone wearing something refreshing this year? Any new trends/styles that caught the eye?

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What do you gulls thing of lolita wardrobe and are there any quality sites that sells dress on the cheap
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this blatant self-promoting
Oh I don't work there I genuinely wanted to know if their dresses are worth buying from.
I personally love Lolita wardrobe, they have amazing communication, since it's a taobao reseller the quality changes between brands

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Stalker 1.jpg
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This is the first picture of my S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Cosplay, i would realy like to know what you are thinking :)
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Here is the Link to my Onstagram and Twitter Profile :D
Stay Cheeki Breeki my friend.
Needs more Vodka

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As Kita is kill, what cons are you planning to attend over the next year, and what are you cosplaying as?

If anybody has a brit cgl discord pls share.

No orgyposting allowed.
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Having just been Kita, I intend to go to October MCM (boo) as Koichi from JoJo. Will look to book Amecon when I can too. I hear it's basically Kita with less alcohol, so it sounds worse. I wouldn't have enjoyed the weekend be so much if I were sober.

Ame usually has slightly less people drinking, but the people who drink do just as much. Just find a good group to hang out with and it's indiscernible from Kita.

Though now they're alternating it'll just be the same crowd in both probably.
London gonna be suffering compared to kita but can't stop going to cons

Probably biggest thing will be a finished HALO related cosplay for that, might enter the masquerade

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Questions about Japanese fashion that don't have their own thread
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What brands are similar to ahcahcum muchacha?
Is there an amino for jfash that isn't strictly lolita?
what are some Japanese fashion icons currently popular?

Discussion thread for the upcoming San Japan!
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Sure snuck the fuck up on us this year, didn't it?
I'm not even going this year after last year's shit show and am surprised how fast it came
I really meant to get my shit together and finish one of the many costumes I had sitting around unfinished but I ran out of time so it looks like I'll just be wearing plain clothes. Yay.

Since this is he 10th anniversary are they even doing anything special? Last year was incredibly boring.

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