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What am I to expect? Anime Blues Con, if any of you live in the area. I've heard they can be pretty fun, but I have a mild anxiety disorder and dysthymia, so I don't know if the socialization will be therapeutic or horrifying.
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Body odor
Unless you're cosplaying, or a hot girl who looks lonely, nobody is going to bother you. If you are browsing the dealer's hall or artist all they may ask you if you need help.
Don't worry, you'll be in good company. I'm going to ABC, too, Anon. I live about 15 minutes away from the convention center. What tracks are you thinking you'll attend?

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What was cosplay like in 1998?
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My first year was '01 but my older friends tell me the late '90s were pretty similar.

Pretty much everybody had shitty costumes, shitty wigs, and didn't wear makeup. An impressive costume meant a giant prop or a "good" Goku wig. Hardly anybody took pictures and even fewer posted them online, and nobody had a DSLR or did actual photoshoots.

Cosplay was more... I don't want to call it "roleplay," but it was about getting to dress up as your favorite character and walk around for a day, and probably meet other fans of your favorite series. There was almost no such thing as a "popular" cosplayer and nobody was really trying to be one.

I feel like it was a lot easier to meet and interact with people, even at big cons like AX. People weren't paranoid like they are now.

Masquerades were a bigger deal and pretty much everybody at the con went to them.

People did more joke and gimmick costumes, and it was about getting reactions in person, not in pictures online.
Really? Cons encourage openness so much these days, it's a good thing I'm just saying since I taught older cons were more lurkish
I dunno, maybe it's just me but I found it much easier in the old days. Nowadays there's so much worry about saying or doing the wrong thing and ending up as greentext in some /cgl/ creeper thread.

Cosplayers tend to be busy with photoshoots and stuff nonstop too, and everybody is constantly burned out from the endless interaction with "fans," photographers, actual creeps, etc. at big cons now. In the old days I could walk up to somebody wearing a costume from a show I liked and it'd turn into an hour long conversation, now it's a minute of awkward banter on both sides and then it gets interrupted by Gamefan23.

WonderCon is this week, anyone going? Any cosplay plans or events? Is it worth it?
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I'm going! Feeling the con crunch right now as I finish one more cosplay. I'll be going as Amaterasu from Wick+Div and Belle from the original animated Beauty and the Beast. So glad its back in Anaheim.

I'd say its worth it if you're into western comics and pop culture, or if you're a Disney fan. There's always plenty of cape cosplay and Disney cosplay.
I'm going. Cosplays aren't even close go being done. God help me.
Same anon. I'm driving down from Nor Cal so I have to make sure everything is done before I go to work on Thursday. We'll make it!

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Previously, in our slow thread about furries, "bread for head" figures and bootleg mini-lego's >>9370129
>Next meet when?
>We Google Maps now
>Prop-Anon is going to LA
>Spiderman, spiderman, radioactive Spiderman!
>RCC happened
>Comic Cons vs Anime Cons
>Why one would sell their old costumes
>Eternal salty remarks
>What kills a cosplay competition
>Brainfart: Have the crowd vote during competitions
>Nishicon changing their date
>What are elastic bands xD
>Boudoir photography
>Common Sense vs PC Culture
>Carnaval talk, because everyone loves carnaval
>Misinformative coloured contact review and what the right term for "sterkte" should be
>WIP pics and Smoke-Anon delivered her long awaited smoke machine which may or may not trigger smoke alarms
>How to make WebM's for 4chan
>Pre-DCC talk

The five next major events:
>Dutch Comic Con (March 25th & 26th, Utrecht UT), a con exactly like X-mas DCC, only with more stands and people.
>VidCon (April 7th – 9th, Amsterdam NH), an overly expensive place to meet YouTubers.
>TomoCon (April 8th & 9th, Berghem NB), only the best convention ever that strikes fear in the eyes of all other Dutch conventions!
>Elfia (April 29th - 30th, Haarzuilens UT), an outdoor fantasy orientated convention
>Formula Cosplay (May 6th, Rotterdam ZH), a small and cheap one day event about cosplay.
The full con calendar can be found at https://www.churi.nl/agenda

Friendly reminders
>Defending yourself on /cgl/ only makes things worse. It's best to take things posted here lightly and just move on.
>Posting WIP pictures and/or progress about your current projects is encouraged.
>The recommended store list and old surveys results can be found at https://www.churi.nl

Strawpoll: Are you going to Dutch Comic Con this weekend? http://www.strawpoll.me/12586713
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Considering DCC will be taking place this weekend I'm reposting the schedule and I've also made the mandatory "Are you going to Dutch Comic con this weekend?" Strawpoll. http://www.strawpoll.me/12586713

I personally wont be attending DCC, but to those going all I can say is have fun and if you want to meet up this is the time to arrange something. /blog
Why does the Dutch lolita comm have private meetups, then invite practically anyone? Why don't they just share the meet with the group?
People don't really like many strangers showing up, but still want to include a lot people. If you put on the main group you might get 10 people you don't know and suddenly you are responsible for them.

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Are you guys working on some Suits? Even Fursuits, I'm not into them, but I'm not a moron so post every kind of suits that you're making.
Also, any idea on how to make a big Gengar Costume?
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No plans to at the moment.

While fun to wear, it's a lot of effort and takes up space. Plus I wasn't good at keeping things cool while wearing them, besides taking breaks and staying hydrated, and honestly I always forget to build a proper ventilation in those sort of costumes.

>big Gengar Costume
Did you look up how Adam made the Totoro cosplay on Tested? It's worth checking out, it kinda gave me some insight to alternative methods where I don't have access to giant vacuum/heat molds.
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gengar suit.jpg
279KB, 1000x1000px
This is what I came up to. A 6 foot tall, 4.5 foot wide Gengar with the same concept as Adam Savage's Totoro Suit
But with a mechanism on arms and legs
Yes, I did, but I'm sure I'm missing some details.
I'm not sure on how to manipulate the arms, the only thing I know, It's that it's going to be a puppet or something, like those mechanic arms, but just with the elbow

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How the fuck would you go about creating a piranha plant costume as someone with no experience in making this sort of shit?
I was thinking about creating the pipe out of cardboard and wearing a green shirt with paper leaves on the arms. For the head I'd make a paper maché form stuck to a sphere of chicken wire, painted to look sort of ok.
teeth are going to be white paper triangles.
Should I make the lips 3d are just paint them on?
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step 1: grab knife
step 2: kill urself
why didnt you post this shit in the help thread?
If you aren't super tall, you could probably just be inside the pipe and have the plant itself just sitting on top.

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>Due to cuts in government funding for the arts and our spring break trip to mootxico, we've had to combine a few boards. Try and make some new friends!

>tfw you're so salty they won't even include you in the yearly prank
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I like it better this way. I would hate if retards from other boards suddenly started invading this one. /cgl/ is like a hidden sanctuary and I want to keep it that way
Which boards are combined? At the moment an and c have been combined into can
We know about your hidden circlejerk of fatlolitas.

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I want to make the sparkling magical necklace Shana wears in 灼眼のシャナbut with real gold trim, gold flakes, and a nice stone.

What kind of stone should I use? Is there something prettier, shinier, and more transclucent than ruby?
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Jesus a ruby how much do you want to spend
>writing the name out in actual characters

Jfc how autistic are you? Sage for this being a fucking useless thread, post in the help thread if you want help. You need to go to an actual jeweler who does custom orders foe something like this. They will answer all of your questions.

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"The monthly Japanese fashion magazine KERA - launched in 1998 with the concept of “the most real Harajuku Street Magazine” - will publish their final print issue on April 15, 2017. After that date, the magazine will shift to digital only. Also, publication of KERA!’s famous “Gothic & Lolita Bible” will be suspended on May 24th."



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It's almost April fools, most people start around this time with there joke.
I'll believe it when it's still the case on April 2th.
It was just a matter of time I guess.
Sooo is Harajuku fash as we knew it dead for good?
Brb crying while reading old EGL posts

Last one >>9406571

Let's keep this one drama free y'all
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This post here ain't /cgl/ related in the slightest so polite sage, but man I'm still fucking pissed Adult Swim passed up on Welcome to Eltingville

I will probably never forgive them for dropping that pilot so fast.
>fatty detected

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Shiro and kuro lolita appreciation thread
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I don't have much desu
File: large.jpg (46KB, 292x400px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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if girls like these sell photosets/have a patreon, do you think i have a good chance or being successful with my own? pretty good body, average face but cosplay makeup makes me cute. i have very mixed emotions about gals like these (mostly people like momokun because theyre super fake) but i thought it would be a good way to fund my cosplay hobby by cosplaying.
im not sure why, but it seems like neckbeards will pay a lot of money to see a decent girl dressed up as their favorite character, just posing for a few shots in a bikini.
if these ugly whales can do it, surely i can? i have a job but with school i don't have that much money left, and i'd like to have extra money for more cosplay/materials/cons but i can't do that since i prioritize necessities first.

would you, or do you gulls have a patreon/do some sort of modelling to help fund your hobby? genuinely curious.
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The whales appeal to whale chasers (yes they do exist). You probably need to appeal to a niche unless you are turbo pretty. I would need to know what you look like to advise further.
Just looked at the link, it's mostly tacky self proclaimed NSFW content. I'm convinced a massive chunk of people that buy into these patreons have some contact with the cosplayer and hopes to be noticed by them for contributing. Anyone can start a patreon, however with what I notice with my lesser known cos friends, their only patreon contributors come directly from their personal friends and a few weird neckbeards that comment on everything they post.
I'm gonna be really honest with you op everyone in their mind has a patreon now and literally half the girls aren't that great and some even unattractive. Doesn't matter if you have the following to back it but if you are less than a few thousand followers I'd say you won't get any money from anyone and you Def will have to show skin. Some girls I've seen who have 14k or more instagram followers make 40 bucks a month for basically lewd lingerie. 40 bucks ain't worth the lingerie u less you getting cheap shit off ebay.

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Discuss "normie" models and/or celebrities you would like to see in a certain style. I'm obsessed with the dolly-faced models of the early to mid 2000s, like Vlada Roslyakova or Gemma Ward and would have LOVED to see them model for AP or Baby.
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Ariana Grande is already kawaii at heart but good god i'd kill to see her in AP
I want to see Ariana Grande in fairy kei. She is so small and cute, I feel like she'd look great in it.
I have a small obsession with Elle Fanning, IMO she'd look super cute in larme or maybe old school lolita.

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Shitty handmade thread?

Da fuck is this?
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I'm not even sure what it's trying to be.
Obviously fishnet tights. They look amazing! You are clearly jealous of their skillz!
I am tempted to self post because I made Star Guardian Janna's partly out of fake flower petals

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