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Jfash (mostly lolita-relared) that draws inspiration from 1790s-1820s fashion.

This is a common area of influence for ouji, but due to the flowing silhouette for women's wear, it can be difficult to emulate in lolita. Thus, while Regency-like coords may use lolita brands such as Victorian Maiden, their status as lolita might be debated. Discuss if you have knowledge about this unique point between Rococo/Georgian and Victorian fashion!
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also, Moitie has released many items that could be used in Regency-style coords. more than i expected.

also also, this thread is dedicated to the anon who asked me to start a Regency thread. i would like to save a Victorian one for later, because it will likely be a two-part monster of a dump
Surface Spell
Lily of the Valley

It's been a while since we've had a thread. What have you ordered lately or are looking forward to receiving in the mail? What are you putting together? Is there some aspect you've really gotten into? Have you changed yourself in some way to fit better with the look, i.e. changing your hair style or makeup aesthetic?
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>What have you ordered lately or are looking forward to receiving in the mail?
I just won this off yahoo and I'm crazy excited because it's the exact material and color for the IW velveteen babydoll jsk I own.

last thread deleted, proof a mod is lolita sex dungeon slave for Mike.

continue on
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Whew I was worried something controversial happened
Lol why are you talking to yourself?
3 posters faggo.

ITT: the dumbest ways you've ever managed to hurt yourself while cosplaying, crafting cosplay, or even just putting on your brand.

To date I have:
>whacked a freshly-used heat gun against my leg in a couple places
>went snowblind while cutting armor out of a piece of white sintra under bright sunlight, picked up a hot knife from the hot end because I thought it was a sharpie
>dislocated my shoulder by laying down on the ground during a photoshoot, promptly reached over and popped it into place again and continued shooting
>fell off a small cliff while scouting shoot locations
>dislocated a rib reaching behind my back to re-attach a JSK strap that came unbuttoned
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I don't ever want to be near you.

I sliced my knuckles open with an xacto knife.

the cliff was only like eight feet.
You need a plastic bubble

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Old thread's saged - >>9352365

FAQ (Please Read!):

Taobao Dictionary:

New Store Spreadsheet:

Shopping Services Spreadsheet:

Budgeting Spreadsheet Template:

Pop-up dictionary: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/zhongwen-a-chinese-englis/kkmlkkjojmombglmlpbpapmhcaljjkde?hl=en
Good EL-CH dictionary: nciku.com
Translate text from images: newocr.com

Anon that will translate stuff: [email protected]

REMINDER!: Image search function and detailed filters are only available on non-US/global Taobao, so switch to the default Chinese mainland version in the upper left on the homepage
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Is the Spreadsheet anon still around to update it? Yoybuy is accepting paypal again and gulls are using them again and we need to add Buynosaur to the list. Also we could delete some of the years-old services that don't exist anymore.
The sheet is so outdated I don't know why we keep linking to it now that I think about it.
We've been copying and pasting the same shit for years, when I made the thread, I wanted to edit it a bit, but I got lazy.

I guess we should make a new thread body next time?

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Because Lolita cringe is best cringe.

I cringed soo badly reading this fakeboi's blog. Then this got made. I just can't. Someone take Tumblr away from this snowflake.
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"you don't have to be trans to join just not be cis"
Bitch, what?
mm.. how is this cringy..?
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This part mainly. Pretty much saying you have to be special unicorns that are lolitas at heart. None of your straight normal society shit allowed.

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At least they're taking a different approach on it? Is it too early to be optimistic with LeeAnna "The living titty" Vamp sitting there as a judge?
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Yvette Nicole Brown is pretty legit though. She fills this great niche of either a normie who has a comprehensive knowledge of nerdy shit or a gigantic fucking nerd who's socially adept enough to pass as a normie.
When I saw the word melee my mind immediately went "whoa they're having people fight each other in cosplay" And then I realized no, they obviously aren't.
I have hope for it if the HoC producers have nothing to do with this.

Dumping some recent insta pics

Do you have a favorite brand? How much of your vkei look is DIY?
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Last thread. >>9415250

Got any cosplay and lolita-related feels today? Share 'em with the rest of the class.
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This'll be the last attempt I make

To the Jogging anon who met lolitas at the park in the previous threads. If you drop some kind of contact info I can get you in touch with the lolita who knocked over your water bottle.
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I saw a Harley Quinn cosplayer at the mall today. (Classic Harley, none of that Suicide Squid bullshit.) I guess it was for April Fools day.

She was very doughy and self-conscious looking. I kinda wish I'd told her she looked good.
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>show off ouji coord I plan to purchase to people
>tfw they tell me that I'm not tall enough to pull it off.

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Hi I want to make money cosplaying. I'm pretty fit, but is the market too saturated? Is there even a market for fit girls? Thank you.
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Damn girl.
>is the market too saturated?
Yes, everyone and their mother has a cosplay page and a Patreon now a'days.

...and unless you've already got a substantial following, exceptional craft skills, or you're willing to sex-it-up, the likelihood of gaining enough of a following to turn a profit is low.

That's Enji Night.
I don't know who that is.
I follow cosplayers who build stuff, more than girls who walk around half naked, so.

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shout how about no.png
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I'm disappointed in this community for making this fucking happen. This whole thing is a waste of time, another platform for elites and shit shows like MooMoo to get 'followers' and basically do nothing to help the actual community. Nothing about this is worthy of a single app that we don't already have 1000 other apps to us.

What are your thoughts, gulls? I know I made a post about this a month ago, but here we are. Its fulfilled.
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Not surprised really. Get all the cosfamous idiots shilling this B.S. while the cosplayers and Martin don't have to donate to fund it, and they get to use the money to go drinking at cons like they always do.

Meanwhile the idiot cosplayers can brag about how they helped the community by supporting this like they do with every other B.S. "cause" or feel-good movement.
What bugs me the most is that he has said he has been making this app for years and just now he posts this. So I'm curious about what the money is for. OS testing or what? If he has been making it for years then shouldn't he have been able to test it out though programs to see if it would work on different phones [Apple/Google Play] because that how you develope these apps.

So, if he isn't at that point yet, I can understand, but he basically said this app is done.. So Where is the money going, Martin?

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Opinions on whether or not someone is a Lolita without brand
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Unless you are a sewing genius, who actually spends as much money in fabric than buying an old brand dress or bodyline...
You need at least to achieve the silhouette, and that is very hard trying to sneak in 100% offbrand and/or skirts which were never meant to have the C or A line.
Is a fashion, not a zodiac sign, you need clothes
*As much money as...
My autocorrect is hellish
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I consider someone a "real" lolita when they're "serious" about the fashion (as in, don't treat it as a costume, don't wear it only to cons/meetups, are ready to invest at least some amount of money into it,...)

Back in 2006, when i first knew about lolita, I remember getting brand was difficult, brand websites (except for Meta?) didn't ship worldwide (iirc you had to use Celga to order from AP or Baby) and handmade was a big part of lolita.
We did with what we had and the standards were much lower than today (all the endless nitpicking like "her pinks don't match!" "she need another bag!" "use a wig!").
Owning brand isn't necessary to be a lolita but it's nice to own some since they have really unique pieces/items.

To end this post on a small blogpost, I'll say that I regret how lolita was back in the days, the whole "spirit" of it. It looked frumpier and our pinks/shoes/... didn't always match but i feel like we had much more fun and cared much less than now. But maybe it's just me being a granny and ranting about "the old days".

Love CMV ? Hate it ? Why ? Are you a CMV maker ? Or just love to participate ?
Here is mine if you don't know what it is :
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Whatever floats your boat. I personally don't see much of a point in it, but I'm not gonna use that as an excuse to shit on people that do manage to find a point in it.
It was fun to watch when it first came around. Now it's repetitive and boring. Every CMV looks the same to me.
i think this can be an other way to show cosplay rather than classic photo shoot, also this one is pretty fun but... pointless. Like we can't really see cosplays in details. All i see is people dancing around and... meh.

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836KB, 1646x1016px
Yet again a larp thread which is for discussing everything related to Live Action Role Playing and the likes.
>"Ask and ye shalt receive!"

"feelings against evidence over a dead horse" edition.

previous thread
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So do any of you guys work out? Cardio? Lifting?

I love being able to run further than some of the walking stereotypes at my larp, or carry heavier armour without practicing like some of the others have to. Its also nice when I'm playing a warrior character, because I actually somewhat look the part.
Cardio by jogging (and now practicing gymnastics and swimming too because I'm studying to be a P.E. teacher) lift 4 times a week, play rugby for which I train twice a week and play a match once.

And the occassional bit of doing sports with friends or whatever as a pasttime like going on a bike trip or hiking.

Nothing beats being able to go plate and mail without hating your life too much. And hey, body goals are the longbowman deformation.
Are there anons here into Sci-fi LARP?
I had an event last weekend so now I'm all excited again!

I am a well known cosplayer where i live but i'm in no way a good or great cosplayer by any means. I have been having problems with mentally ill creepers, a few who are autistic and have Asperger syndrome seem to be really touch if you know what I mean to other female cosplayers... Just recently I had one hug me from behind and full on grabbed my breast from behind for a few seconds before I just walked away. How do you all deal with mentally ill fans?
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>insert message: cosplay is not consent on sign
>wear over cosplay. done.
People with autism don't understand things like that fren.

Kick them in the balls.
I have Aspergers. We're not retarded. If you've told them not to touch your boobs and they do it anyway, they know that it's wrong and are just using their syndrome to get away with being a creepy pervert. Next time this happens just state, clear and loud enough for people around you to hear, that they need to stop and you asked them to stop before. If necessary, use a tone like you would with a misbehaving dog. Sometimes people like this need a good public shaming.

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