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Anyone have stories from con's they've been to? Can range from cool to cringey.
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At a Convention in Kansas I rode in the hotel elevator with the dude who plays the main character in Trigun and had no idea at all.

I have tons of fun ones, I only ever go to like one convention a year though :(
I had a artist alley table at a con last week and a girl came up to me, told me she loved my stuff, hugged me, then licked my face.
That was unexpected.

One con I went to was so dead that at times, there were actually more staff and vendors at the con than attendees.
had someone prick their finger and press it to a print I bought once.
"People need to suffer for their art"

>for all /cgl/ related tumblrs
>self-posts welcome

I want to follow more gulls as I hardly follow any at the moment!
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OP's tumblr is ladybishojo.tumblr.com
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only reblogs

So pokemini is closing. What other avatar apps are really worth it? The Japanese version is extremely slow and line play requires your soul.
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Fuck ;_; i thought about going there.
I was on lineplay until last week they pushed the bullshit too far now with that VIP thing and they are so fucking greedy about gems and cash. Every cute game gets corrupted by developpers being greedy little shits.
At least i still have neko atsume
CocoPPaPlay is nice
Rip my Cutie Bunny gumballs. I just wish we could have had more time together

Posted to the wrong page addition
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fuck me I am a retard

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is kano's (on the left) jacket black or a dark blue?
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I'd go with black based on watching the last few episodes of VB... and Kano traditionally wearing black on Green Hornet.
Thanks, just wanted a second opinion, found a cheap kato replica I was gonna pick up for it.
Hi-jacking this thread to get ideas for cosplaying Dr. Mrs. Monarch but in this outfit.
Also how nazi-ish is this?

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It looks like they've already dropped for 4 entries. Did that many people voluntarily leave already?
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I know that the girl from UP Cosplay had a family loss in the last few weeks, so I think she probably dropped out for a very understandable reason.

It's too bad since she was doing really good stuff.
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I bet you came here to check if there's a new one after Yukicon.

Well, now there is. How did it go? Lots of youngsters and boob drama, but Kokoustamo was a really nice place.
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I can't believe some kids are proclaiming with a straight face that that Ryuko cosplayer might get raped in that outfit and if she did it'd be her fault. What the heck, people?

We do not need two of these.
The boobgate thing is ridiculously overplayed in my opinion but hey, that's what you get in such a boring, drama-free scene that doesn't have anything else to talk about. Some security guy tells a girl to cover up and that's the story of the century. Sex apparently does sell.

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Old one is kill. >>8789304

Rules: If possible, make 4 suggestions for others before posting your picture, otherwise no one will suggest anything for you!

People from the last thread that posted after it started autosaging may want to repost.
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You'd make a really great Paz, honestly.
>patiently waiting for oompa loompa margaery/katniss/bee attention whore

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Share all related (qt) 3.14, tarts, pastries, and bread pieces and coords here.
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What's the best way to deal with post-con sadness?
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Get a life, loser.
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But... aren't you also browsing a cosplay and convention based board?
Theres always things to do other then wallowing on con blues. Like go out there and travel

Hello Anons, I'm looking for a good Akane cosplay. I kinda like this one I found on ebayhttp://www.ebay.com/itm/PSYCHO-PASS-Tsunemori-Akane-short-brown-mix-cosplay-wig-8669-/251293334917
but I've been told that cheap wigs break down easily or something. If anyone knows where to find a high quality of the Akane it would be appreciated.
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Just a quick answer, or a site link is needed. Thanks.
wow you killed a thread and had nothing interesting to say

use the Help or Ebay or Wig thread, newfag
You can easily purchase a work blazer + matching pencil skirt in black. Buy a basic white work blouse/shirt and leave the top button unbuttoned. Get an ugly bowl-cut wig in dark brown. Basic pantyhose in a darker tone than your skin color. Basic brown loafers. And you're done. Just about everything besides the wig can be purchased in a single trip to Goodwill/Value Village/Target/Wal-Mart.

さげbecause this is stupid.

is this true, /cgl/?
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Depends on the person, I guess. People in general don't like being treated like they're part of the scenery, but when you've put a lot of work into looking good for the day it's just sort of aggravating that someone would rather just snap a photo of you without asking instead of taking a split second to get your attention (and then get a pose and a smile for their picture)
It's fucking rude and annoying when you're sitting or walking and someone pulls out their camera, points it right at you and snaps.
I could have posed. I would have composed myself, fixed any issues, been ready, and you chose to be a douchebag who ignored all my hard work of making my cosplay look good to get a shitty candid.
So yes, I hate it and I'm sure plenty of others do too.
This. Unless I'm passed out or vomiting, I assure you that if you asked for my photo, I would look way better than in a candid

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Anyone going to Ring of Fire con (Rofcon) this year? General Rofcon post, what you are excited for, panels one might attend, cosplay plans, photoshoot meetups, ect.
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Aren't they sharing with a furry con
I think the furrycon is like a bunch of panels.. But yes there's going to be a butt ton more fursuitters...
I'm going, but apparently they're sharing the center with a gun show of Saturday and Sunday so I'm expecting hilarity to ensue when you have gun-toting rednecks facing furries or people in masks trying to sneak into the gun show hall. Seriously, what the fuck were the organizers thinking?

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old thread:

FAQ (Please Read!):

Taobao Dictionary:

New Store Spreadsheet:

Shopping Services Spreadsheet:

Budgeting Spreadsheet Template:

Pop-up dictionary: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/zhongwen-a-chinese-englis/kkmlkkjojmombglmlpbpapmhcaljjkde?hl=en
Good EL-CH dictionary: nciku.com
Translate text from images: newocr.com

Anon that will translate stuff: [email protected]
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ngl, anon....i kinda wnat this. i love those ridiculous face covered shirts.
Still looking for an answer
Are you after enamel stuff or acrylic stuff??

Automatic Honey is kind of really specific.. I don't think I have seen anything EXACTLY like it throughout my Taobao travels..

Though, this shop has some sort of enamel pieces: https://shop109441219.taobao.com

Ill keep looking around though, I enjoy hunting things down on there!

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I'm just wondering, what are the greatest dresses of this brand in seaguls opinion, because it's really 50/50 brand to me. Post your favorite pieces or dream dresses of it.
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Lol I don't think anyone's dream dress is IW and I say this as someone whose wardrobe is like 80% IW. I buy it because it's cheap and easy to wear (less dressy and loud compared to baby, meta, and AP). I can't think of any IW that I've seen scalped.

I did want Charles Crown OP for awhile and found it for a good price but it's a bit tight on me, lmk if you want to buy it
Pretty sure Lotta is a dress that goes for pretty scalped prices.
This. Also, Grazia Crown is pretty popular IW dress too.

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