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Old one >>8923194

Bodyline >>8921303
Aliexpress >>8897809
TaoBao >>8912344
Dream dresses >>8898845
B/S/T >>8894518
Draw thread >>8923990
Online comms >>8898148
CoF >>8924003
Make-up >>8904184
Coord help >>8889992
Wigs >>8925789
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Antique Beast will open 25/03 9 p.m.
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Seeing the red OP on LM for $200-something the other day made me happy.
>patiently waiting for the red jsk to pop up for cheaps
high-waist or zipper? I'll be selling one or the other, depends which cuts suits me more.

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3 weeks till this ghetto con happens, whose all going?
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I'm going. Wish I weren't.
Will you be cosplaying or mostly looking at merch and such?
This will be my first time going to a con, in cosplay too.
I'll be going, like every year. It's usually pretty fun, even if it's never exactly amazing.

Been a while since I've seen one. Where my Tales fans at?

Aselia Con just ended, any seagulls go? I pulled a couple of pics of what seemed like the better costumes off FB. Anyone else feel free to add their own photos.

Also, I'm pretty disappointed with the quality of the costumes overall. I know I shouldnt be surprised because its Tales, and Aselia Con definitely doesnt attract every Tales cosplayer in the country, but it seems that nearly everyone is overweight and not wearing any makeup. It's terrible.
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The last one is saging... Let's keep them stories coming!
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I have a 24 year old friend who acts like an anime character/cat to garner attention...
>playing DnD with friends in the common area of their college dorm
>DM has based one of her NPC's on "if I were an anime character!"
>said characters familiar is almost exactly Sebastian from black butler
>she keeps trying to prove how badass all her pet NPC's are
>literally screaming about all of this
>people are starting to look at us weird as they walk past, people who were studying at another table leave
>try to get her to shut up but she only gets louder
>other players only indulge and/or encourage her
>pretend to get sick so we can end our session early
That whole campaign was terrible and cringey.
I know one guy that I'm not even going to call a friend anymore because he's become such an asshole. Whenever he's at a con I have a room at he tries to find out what room I'm in so he can come up and try to mooch booze and food off of me and my friends. Whenever he hangs out with my group of friends at the con he complains about his lack of money (even though he spends 300+ on figures at every con he goes to that and he spends a good portion of his paychecks on weed). I also found out today that he has been repeatedly trying to hit on my friend even though he knows that she has a guy she is dating and went so far as to grab her ass but when she confronted him all he had to say was "well it already happened, I can't take it back".

Next time I see him in person it's going to be difficult to not do or say something.

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Its that time of the year again.

How may of you SoCal seagulls are going? Any out of staters? Anyone need any advice? Maybe a ride? First time goers?

Discuss San Diego premier anime and Japanese culture convention here, friends.
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one more week
still salty about sheena being the guest of honor
Going, i've never been to it before but my friends have, hopefully it'll be decent. everyone post their cosplay lineups?

I dunno what days i'm doing what yet but it's likely going to be Warp (Kaiba), Aoba (DmmD) and Ringabel (Bravely Default) for me.
If anyone is driving from LA to San Diego late late Friday or early morning Saturday to the con, I would really a[appreciate a ride. I could split the gas and snacks.

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I want to cosplay but I don't want to show my face.

/cgl/ can you recommend any masked/helmeted characters to cosplay?

I am a girl, and I don't think I can cosplay men convincingly, if it helps.
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Lesse what I can dig up.
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Painwheel would be a good choice
Noodle from Gorillaz' masked outfit
A Power Ranger
San from Princess Mononoke
Various pokemon gijinkas

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I'm thinking of starting one soon but all of the outfits I love are really complicated for my skill level. So, I'd like to see some pictures and hear about people working on their own cosplays! Also, is anyone going to fanfest this year?
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Bumping for pic dump
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Commencing small dump of best ARR class because
>starting thread
>don't even contribute
fuck you op
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blm whm.jpg
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best combo

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Seaguls! Please help me! I need a inspiration for a pirate lolita / pirate ouji outfit!
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File: image.jpg (35KB, 260x480px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Is anyone going there? How about we wait in the queue together?
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I'll be there anon! Our group is going on Saturday. Never been before, what can we expect?
We just arrive on Saturday so we'll go on Sunday. I've never been there myself but expect large and I mean LARGE queue. Are you going to cosplay (we do, there are 2 of us)? Then don't arrive in a cosplay, wear inexpensive clothing yourself and take your cosplay with you.
So, are you going on Sunday as well?
We're getting to Japan on Friday and we have things planned for Sunday so we chose Saturday. One of our group plans on cosplaying but apparently we were reading about it and you can only cosplay in a designated hallway for it? Is that true? Sucks if it is.

Results are in from this round.
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Creativity/theme: 10
Cleanliness: 9
Complexity: 10
Presentation: 10
Efficiency of Materials: 10
Total: 49

Creativity/theme: 9.33
Cleanliness: 9
Complexity: 8.33
Presentation: 10
Efficiency of Materials: 10
Total: 46.67
Revy Cosplay

Creativity/theme: 9
Cleanliness: 8
Complexity: 8.67
Presentation: 10
Efficiency of Materials: 10
Total: 45.67

>Tutorials Edition

Are there usually a bunch of links and shit in the OP like the skincare threads? I can't recall.

What kind of makeup would you recommend for dark mori? I want to go fairly goth-y with it but I'm not sure if that's just my inner Hot Topic kid trying to escape or it's actually appropriate.
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This tutorial thpugh
>what is blending
>what is drawing a straight line

For mori people usually go for neutrals, so darker neutrals and natural shades like forest green, ash, dark brown etc might be good. Maybe using a cooler neutral for the lips like some cold pink tones ?

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Old thread: >>8915279

Any gulls who are full time lolitas? I'm interested in hearing about it.
>which style(s) do you wear?
>how does your direct environment (school, work, town) react?
>how do you conquer heat, cold, rain?
>how many main pieces do you own?
>general tips and tricks to pull it off?
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>>which style(s) do you wear?
Very simple sweet and oldschool mostly
>>how does your direct environment (school, work, town) react?
I left college a few months ago but I studied digital design, most people were weirdos so nobody really cared. Who'd look at the girl in a frilly skirt when there's people walking around in dinosaur kigurumis?
>>how do you conquer heat, cold, rain?
Heat by wearing thin OPs and flats, cold by wearing velvet, lots of layers and a wool coat, rain by prayer.
>>how many main pieces do you own?
Somewhere around 25-30 I think, with the majority being wearable daily. I think I only have around 5 dresses I consider too OTT for daily wear.
>>general tips and tricks to pull it off?
Give up on the rules. I tried following them when I started wearing them daily but there comes a point when you get tired of ironing blouses or getting blisters from plastic shoes + a heavy bag. My usual daily outfits consists of a black t-shirt, black skirt or JSK, small hairbow, lace tights and dr. Marten-ish boots. Would land me in the ita thread immedeately if I'd post it anywhere, but it was comfy and at least somewhat cute.
>which style(s) do you wear?
Classic bordering on gothic sometimes
>how does your direct environment (school, work, town) react?
Mormons love lolita because it's modest so I don't get too much negative attention.
>how do you conquer heat, cold, rain?
It's pretty much always cold here so I have to layer.
>how many main pieces do you own?
three jsk's, two skirts, 1 op
>general tips and tricks to pull it off?
IDK it's all just trial and error. I spend a LOT of time looking at other peoples coords.
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You're a full time lolita with 6 main pieces?

Post trends and stuff that need to die down.
I begin with these goddamn wigs in lolita or anything for that matter
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People still wear these?! This is a fad that died tok slowly imo.

This goddamn dress needs to be burned.
These wigs only look good in deco or more OTT outfits desu. And even then it really depends on the overall execution of the outfit
Cosplay prints.

I will always see it as making a profit off someone else's intellectual property and tacky to boot.

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'togs of all kinds, post your photos and experiences here. Let's kick it off with some q&a;
>what gear are you using, how do you like/dislike it?
>when did you start photographing/videoing cosplayers? what do you love the most about it?
>any advice for newbies or people looking to get into cosplay photography?
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a t1i. I had no clue what I was doing so it was cool
was doing non-cosplay stuff til around 2012 or so
practice. read. practice. read. practice also means "try new stuff"

is that roger? that looks like roger
that's sakuracon, right?
why the fuck do I recognize that
I've only been there once
also gear can often be the answer but it is not always the answer. won't magically make you good but if you use it right then you'll end up with good photos. just because you see a bunch of white lenses, red rings, or gold rings on people's gear doesn't mean they are good because of it. if they're good it's because they're good. maybe they were good already, maybe they became good later after buying it. maybe they're still not good but have expensive gear.
Keeping it real:

Don't do cosplay photography for any reason other than fun. You won't make money, and unless you're with a clique, you won't get any kind of recognition from it. You can't use cosplay shots in any kind of professional portfolio unless your subject's costumes are excellent, so 95% of the people you work with will not be good enough. And no matter how much you bust your ass on photos, no cosplayer will appreciate it.

Don't hit on cosplayers. They'll shit talk you. Many will just make shit up.

Be prepared for drama, drama, drama, drama, and drama. Drama is 95% of this scene.

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as usual, previous thread is in autosage

larpers larping at larps and more in this thread
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Any tips for making my own garb? I found some patterns I really like on pintrest.
start with something easy and build up stuff from there
HEMA, with a focus on I.33, various rapier plays, and German armoured manuals. I have also studied Gatka, and Kendo/Kumdo. I also wrestled in middle abd highschool (folkstyle and greco-roman) and studied Mu duk kwon.

I got into it all of it because I am a total geek, and my dad was into it. Obviously, its helped with my larping, SCA baton, SCA rapier and ACL.

I reenact several periods.

Find someone who can sew already to teach you in exchange for work or the like. Its always better to have someone who can visually show you and help you correct issues.

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