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More like dead con, right? Seems staff is already jumping ship.

[spoiler]including higher ups[/spoiler]
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It's so dead no one even knows what it is or what it's about
It's pretty slow. The only people that are mainly here are for the furry con.
I went last year. too shit to return

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These galleries are the best. Before cosplay became a hobby for retarded nitpicking idiots who literally don't understand the word fun. Like all of /cgl/ is.

Old cosplay and discussion of the dumb autistic nitpicking.
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For some California cosplays back in the early 2000's: http://www.usagichan2.com/
Nice, thanks!
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Anyone know which brand mary janes Malia is wearing here?
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No idea but they're pretty fug.
>tfw want Tokyo Boppers but big feet
T-Thanks Japan.
I ended up buying a pair of replicas. I'm usually against the "the original doesn't fit"-argument but I can't really pull a stepsister to make it fit.

cosplays for past, and present cons.
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we are the memes
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ad-on memes
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All the Technion students I've met have been cringe like this. So glad I decided on another university.

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This girl is super guilty of shopping her photos so much she looks so fucking stupid.
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You don't think every major publication and production company do heavy post processing on their images? Do you complain about that?
No one cares about your vendetta
>Cosplayers who shop their photos
Any cosplayer that can get their hands on Photoshop and look up tutorials on youtube.

Old Thread >>8907749

Really excited for this print from IW. It feels like its been a while since I got excited over a new release
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Another pic of it
when's the release date?
Does anyone know the brand of this dress? >8913984

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Cosplay based off live-action series and movies

Pic related, I think I almost have this Bubbles (Trailer Park Boys) cosplay down, I just need to grow my hair out longer
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did you really need a time stamp
do you really need your face stamped?
Needs more cats.

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First attempt at making steel armor. I would like to know what gauge the chest plate should be. I don't want it to be to thin, Anyone know a good size?
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Have you looked into gauge measurements at all? That should tell you everything you need to know.

16-18 gauge should be fine. Any thicker and I'd go with aluminum to save weight. Aluminum would also stay much cooler and is a lot easier to shape without special tools.
You really should use aluminum if you can afford it.
authentic ones are usually around 2 mm, but for cosplay you are good with 0,75-1mm.
wtf you will look like a fucking soda can
all those cosplayer with aluminum armor/chainmail look like shit
and it's a pain in the ass to work with aluminum

get 2mm steel plates and do it right

but it has to be soft metal for coldforging
dunno what excatly its called in english

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I've noticed that many Asia based cosplayers all have this similar style of photo, where their skin looks almost lumniscent/translucent and the colors are very crisply vibrant. I really like how ethereal the effect is, would anyone know how to edit photos in this way?
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this is literally the most basic shooping on the planet. you really need to git gud if you can't even shoop like this.
I would like to know as well.

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Hi cgl,

I'm a 25 year old male that's interested in going to Comiket this summer. This will be my first con, and I'm thinking of doing a little cosplay. It's not essential to going there, but it looks fun.

-I have the means to go fancy, but I don't want to overdo my first try.

-It's going to be hot, so I am not going with stuffy clothes.

-I'm bald, so the only suggestion I get from friends is Saitama. I can grow a nice beard somewhat quickly.

-I've been in the military for 7 years, and am decently fit (although I'm not a bodybuilder. Depending on what character I pick, I can build more to fit by taking my protein shake-fueled friends up on their invites)

-I'm of European descent, though most assume I'm American because I no longer have an accent. I feel like I could pull off an extra in FMA, Titan, or Valkyria Chronicles easily.

Any suggestions are welcome, as well as any tips/warnings from veterans of these things.
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Suggestions board; make a few sugestions first or people'll be mad

>general tips
>don't blow all your money on the first stand you see
>don't bother with food dealers, they're all overpriced
>try to bring at least one bottle of water and a granola bar or something, you might go through the day not feeling hungry or thirsty but it'll hit you hard
>buying a cosplay is okay as long as you don't claim you made it
>wear a wig (if needed)
Thanks a bunch for the info, and I figured saying Saitama or characters from the shows I posted would give a good idea of what I feel I can pull off.

I can easily find a wig, but I am not going to delude myself into thinking I can pull off an obviously Japanese MC.

I'll go there, but I'll keep this open if anyone else also has good info.

/fit/ here. What are some good cosplay ideas for built guys? Pic related is funny but unoriginal. Also: think I can get laid because of aesthetics despite being autistic?
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Lurk moar
If you are fit Jojo is perfect for you
oh wow this thread again

newfags, why do they always post the same questions? can we do a FAQ for this shit?

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I don't ever cosplay but I'm going to the big local con in November,
I'm 6'2 and a powerlifter
Traditional, huge gut, chest, legs & Arms

In your opinion, do you think I could pull adult/manly Biscuit off?
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Maybe a half flattend biscuit?
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you can try cosplay B-Ko
Next time I fuck up a squat I'll be right with him

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Hello, me and a friend were thinking of doing something like picture related for a convention (if it's not going to be too cold or rainy).
I have never really done cosplay or anything like this before and have been to one convention.

My fitness is slightly above average, not as good as the guys in the picture (I'm going to be DK).
I don't have the time or dedication to make a suit and after searching most of the suits look bad so I feel that's out of the question.

I wanted to ask, are people going to make fun of me? Will it look like I am trying to show off my body?
I just really love Donkey Kong Country and want to do a costume for one of my favorite games with a good friend, but I am still quite self conscious also after starting to improve my body.

What paint should I use?

Is there anything else I should know if I am going to walk around shirtless in a convention?

Thank you.
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Nice b8 OP. you racis
Oh, sorry.
I'll copy paste.

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How do you become efamous by just being a cute girl in jfashion/cosplay? Think anzujaamu, pastelbat, or even Beckii Cruel. Of course you have to be at least moderately cute and there's some measure of luck involved but I'm curious as to how it works exactly.

Have any seagulls tried for efame before? Either successfully or unsuccessfully?
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Never tried but I'm assuming it's something like
>be kawaii or learn how to shoop believably
>get pre existing tumblr following through aesthetic or kawaii reblog (e.g. pastel blog)
>spam selfies
>your followers reblog your selfies
>more people reblog selfies
>more reblogs = more potential followers
i only know becki cruel from that documentary that was made about her, but didn't she start off by dancing to japanese songs in her bedroom?
if you're that thirsty just join tumblr and do what >>8910523 said and you should be good to go
what about insta?

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