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C2E2 in 11 days boys.... what are you planning? What are you excited for? How's that con crunch going?
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>11 days
Anyone cosplay last year and take advantage of the "cospitality" lounge? I'm wondering if I can leave stuff there. (Nothing I'd be devastated to have stolen or even things people would want to steal.)
You might be able to, but I wouldn't count on it. It seems that the WAC members seem to rotate in and out, and there is a fair amount of traffic that passes through. It's mostly a thing meant for you to be able to rest and/or repair your cosplay.

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oh jesus.jpg
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Just wondering how you guys feel about cosplays that feature a specific "rendition" of a certain character. For example, "80s clothing Sailor Moon", or "Steampunk Evangelion."

My opinion: I don't mind them, but sometimes people put on too many "alt" layers. I can appreciate a 70s Sailormoon cosplay or a Steampunk Eva costume, but a genderbent 80s Rockband Sailormoon costume is a little too much for me.

I know Buzzfeed's Try Guys in no way represent the entire cosplay community, but their whole cosplay bit in pic related was what irked me and got me thinking about these AU cosplays in the first place.
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They suck ass and reek of "I wanted to jumo into X fandom for attention but I don't actually want to cosplay X".
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I like it in certain contexts. It works a lot better in groups than alone, and of course works a lot better for extremely popular subjects than it does for obscure ones.

I also like when groups take on interesting AUs/alts rather than just "_____ but STEAMPUNK!!" for the 8,000th time.

Pic related, I also dig a good joke cosplay if it's well thought out and interesting.
it can be good it can be bad. it depends on your ideas, skills, execution, and styling.

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So i'm looking to create a plague doctor costume for a friend of mine, what would I be needing to make in terms of the robe? every resource I find just talks about the mask. What material should I be looking at? I've already decided I'd rather not use leather.
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Go to the help thread for stuff like this
You're very right, I should have looked first

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What are the best Skullgrills cosplays you've seen on this board?

Valentine: bpdyoko
Double: hiyokoko
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Everyone here is disgusting please kill this thread

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So as an expat living abroad, I just found out about Seoul Comic World. It's a monthly convention held at one of two convention centers in Seoul.

This month (3.19 - 3.20) it will be held at AT Center. I have absolutely no idea what to expect. I've read online, apparently, that you have to register your costume online, bring everything with you, and change inside of the cosplay-changing area.

That, and I have no idea if my sources are right, but apparently the entry free is ~4,000won (or $3.35). But I can't read Korean, and the entire website is Korean-only, so I have no idea. Regardless, I'm going on the 19th!

Might be a bit of a longshot, but has anyone heard of this convention? Has anyone gone/attended?

I've also heard that the AA is gigantic. There's a microscopic dealer's hall, apparently (if the internet is telling the truth), which makes hearing about this convention so much more odd. How the hell do they make their money?!
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Never heard of this, but I'm interested in hearing your story once you go. I don't live in Korea currently, but there is a chance I might go to Seoul as an exchange student next year. It would be nice to know how the convention is, if I end up going there during my (possible) exchange period.
As you said, official merch isn't as big there. The doujin (dongin) stuff is way more popular, since it's cheaper. Doujinshi/zines are really popular too, and they sell out pretty quickly for popular artists.
oh! oh!!!! wow oh man i've been wondering about the Comic Worlds in Seoul and Busan for so long! glad to see someone else show an interest in it. I've also found it a wee bit difficult to find info on it even though I do read Korean. the entry fee is indeed very cheap and it's basically a big AA. lots of extremely cheap fan-made anime goods. they do have some events though, and they list them on the website beforehand so you can see and sign up for some of them. my friend who went said it's just a big shop. unfortunately they didn't partake in cosplaying so they don't know much about that. I don't know much about it right now but I'll try to research later on when I have time! do you have any more info?

Talk about the good times you had at cons!

One of my favorites was getting kissed on the head by Michael Rooker. Felt like one of the warmest grandfatherly moments I ever had.
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I had my second con ever a little while ago, and I cosplayed as Lucy from Elfen Lied. It was my first fully selfmade cosplay and quite a few people wanted pictures which was really exciting for me. But one encounter that really got to me was this semi-young kid (14? Boy? Girl? Not sure.) who came up to me, and with this super shaky voice and eyes wide as they can be asked if they could give me a hug. I was quite baffled but agreed and after that they thanked me with an ever shakier voice and said something that i/the cosplay/the character is amazing (they mumbled, couldn't really make out what they said) and went back to their group. It might not sound like much but the way they looked at me, it was like how those 5yr olds look at Cinderella when they meet her at Disneyland for the first time. It was beautiful and it made my day.
A bunch of friends and I were waiting for a friend outside a con, they were cosplaying Homesteak and I was cosplaying Marvel's Patriot. As we're standing there a mum and her really young son (3-5 something, very tiny) approached us and she asked what we were doing etc, meanwhile her son was staring his eyes out at me. Right before they left I kind of waved at him and the kid shone up like the damn sun and waved back at me with both hands while trying to keep up with his mum. So that was cool. Though I'm pretty sure he thought I was Captain America.
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Story 1:
Ive told it on here before, but me and a friend split the cost of getting a picture with Bruce Campbell, and it turns out Nathan Fillion, taking a picture a few booths over and photobombed us. We got to speak to him for a bit, very nice (and good-looking) dude. Apparently Bruce and Nathan do this to each other all the time and we were just happy victims of the cross-fire.

Story 2:
Cosplaying as Captain Cold (The CW) and walk by a little girl with her family whos dressed up as The Flash. As we cross I do the "Im watching you" hand motion (pic related) and this big smile beams across her face, starts laughing and digs her face into her dads leg. They come over, we chat about The Flash for a bit and ask for a picture. So now theres a picture of an 9 year old girl "punching" me. Haha

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Post sewing rooms that you like and feel free to share your own sewing spaces as well! Bonus points for small sewing areas (half a room or less).
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Share your wig related nightmare fuel!
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>Vintage Rene of Paris Wigs, Creamy Toffee Modacrylic Hair Japan/Thailand - Has Some Rips!! See High-Res Photos!!
>$4.99 opening bid - 0 bidders
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cawaii skirtpants.jpg
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Didn't see one in the catalog, so mori-kei thread? Natural-kei is fine too, unless someone wants to convince me that they're actually two completely different styles.

Feel free to dump whatever you have, but if anyone has examples of coordinates that successfully incorporate pink (or any other springtime color, for that matter), I'd love to see them! Also interested in mori headwear.

Have at it.
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>unless someone wants to convince me that they're actually two completely different styles
I mean, they are. Choco was clear when she made the mori girl mixi group that she considered it to be different from natural-kei. But if you mean convince you that they deserve separate threads, I don't really mind having both in the same one either, since they don't tend to survive well on their own.
Natural kei is a bit different, but not so much it needs a separate thread imo. I've seen people refer to it as adult mori in Japan.

Also, most of the "mori" brands that Choco used as a base to create the style were natural system brands. Most of which are still around even with mori being kinda dead now.

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Previous Thread is dead. lets start a new one.

use the template, give suggestions.
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Cosplay tempf.png
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current thread isnt dead, Don't start a new thread just because you haven't gotten a suggestion yet.
Sage next time you're trying to chew someone out for making an unneeded thread

Who is going next week?
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March 11th-13th at the Sheraton hotel in downtown Columbus. Anyone going?
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Ok you know what I don't have any relevant comment to make about this except who the hell names their con "weekend con"?? They're all on the goddamn weekend
Why? They are just a replacement for the abortion that was Anime Punch.
You can tell someone likes puns in their staff. I bet they thought they were being clever.
Nah, anime punch is the replacement for anime punch. Wedo get an armigeditogether this year.

Is there a name for this fashion style? It looks cool AF
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Slutty weeb wear?
Were does this come from tho?
Its called shitty weeb wear and the one on the right looks like a harley quinn cosplay

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As a murcan, I've always been curious as to what anime conventions are like outside of the US.

How would you describe the conventions in your country?

I've always been super interested in visiting Brazil, Russia, and the UK
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I'm curious about visiting one in China for once to see what it's like.

I was gonna answer but nah

lol i save all temp images as poo

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Hi /cgl/, I have a patch that I want to attach to a shirt while I cosplay at a convention in a couple of months. I want to remove it after the con though, as the shirt I'm planning to use is a vintage military issue that I might end up reselling. I don't want to iron or sow it on as that would make removing it complicated and potentially damaging. Can I just use duct tape or something? Will that work or is there a better way to attach it temporarily? Pic related.
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Tape is janky and won't stay. It doesn't have the tension to keep it attached properly and will come unglued quickly.

Your best bet is sewing and then using a seam ripper on the threads afterwards. Most articles of clothing will clean up quite well assuming you don't use a really big thread
get a uniform with Velcro sections and just get one of these

Attach two flat pins

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