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Is all the Paris cons shitty ? The few I went to were... well shit.
It was the paris manga of november, the thing mainly about comic in december, and something on feb.

They were all mostly overcrowded, with a large number of weaboo, and a lot lot of stands of overpriced crap everywhere.

Do I have too high standard ( Pontoise medieval market tier ) or or all those conv specifically shit ?
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>mostly overcrowded
>large number of weeaboos
>overpriced crap

That's every con in the world, mate
Yes of course, but what bother me is that is in mass. I mean the conv is endless stores of overpriced crap, nothing that seem to have a shred of quality, and nothing else bar some e-celeb that you pay for some shitty photo or signature. I mean, no animation, nothing else ? The medieval MARKET has less store, and more groups that are just here for showing the stuff their association do ! musician doing their crap, nerd playing with a animatronic dragon or something.

In most conventions on any subject there is spectacle, presentation of some crap, anything to bring some animation and heart on the event, and differentiate it from a giant wallmart.

With large number of weaboos it's large number of... cringy weaboo. and absence or really rare good cosplay.

overcrowded yes, they must all be. but on this ones, this seemed to have been managed like shit, with corridor and main passage too thin for the crowd.

What surprise me is that the con I had on a smaller city (Toulouse) seem to be way bigger and better managed than the one in the capital.

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I am a fool /cgl. I wanted to do a Hatsune Miku cosplay this year, specifically Calne Ca Miku. I ordered this wig and it came in all tangled.. I read that hair conditioner might work so I used my wig brush to work conditioner through the wig but now it's more frizzy than before. I fucked up this wig, any chance of saving it?
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Btw this is the wig now lord have mercy on this wigs soul
You could try using the help thread?

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What is your opinion on anime and comic conventions? Which do thing best?

I've attended countless anime conventions of all size, but only 3 comic/pop culture cons and they were kinda small.

From my experience, anime cons are just a lot more fun. The people that attend are a lot more fun to be around. Most comic books fan are just old, fat, and grumpy.
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Comic cons generally have way more normies.
Anime con tend to have cuter girls but more autistic and immature attendees.
and this.
>Anime cons
Pros: More community based, tend to have a higher barrier to entry and such a much more like minded group of visitors
Cons: higher barrier of entry means more weebs, merch is generally pricier or knockoffs, less merch in general

>Comic cons
Pros: Generally more people, more celebrity guests, maybe even your local news will report on it without hanging their head in shame. Also lots of merch.
Cons: Giant money grab. You pay to get in, pay to stand in line to pay a celeb to shake your hand and then pay him again for him to acknowledge your existence. Not nearly as community oriented as anime cons.

Slightly related,
My minor complaint is that anime cons are starting to be commercialized like comiccons are. You're seeing it with this massive push to gentrify unsavory people from the community with these super restrictive "code of conducts" or COCblockers for short. Purpose isn't to make the con actually safer for congoers, it's to sanitize it for advertisers, because money means bigger con means more people means more money.
This whole trend started with comiccons but has recently spread with the rise of the SJCult.


>start a new con
>same weekend as AX
>shortly before Otakon, in the same general metro area as Otakon

Is it doomed going up against AX, or are the anime and science-fiction crowds distinct enough that it will survive its first year?
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Different target audiences and different areas so AX shouldn't hurt it. I don't think they are expecting a ton of people too with their funding goal. While they do say "up to 10,000 expected" they're probably realistic in what a year one $60 con will actually get
I don't know what it is about new comic/sci-fi cons and feeling the need to competie with anime cons. See Dallas Comic Con and A-kon.

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No Arizona thread the day before an Arizona con? Clearly Slacking is taking place. Let us Rectify this immediately.

So who else is not ready for tomorrow?
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I'm going but to just hang with friends. Not really looking forward to any specifics for events, sadly. Nothing sounds good yet.
Who's ready for a sanders and trump rally during con?
I can't wait for people to freak out when photos of people in cosplay at a rally come out.

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Old thread is in sage

Shitposting GO

srsly what's everyone doing? Anime North, Yeticon, ConBravo, Otakuthon, etc etc

Cosplay plans? Meetups? More picnics getting sabotaged by shitlords?

Made this Canada General so frogs and Vancouver don't feel left out.
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As I mentioned in the other thread, I am going to the Kelowna Fan Expo tomorrow. It's rather new apparently and only the one day. I'll be cosplaying as RE1 Chris Redfield and hopefully make some new friends in this city.
What is Yeticon anyways? I've never heard of it.

Please post pictures of lolitas wearing boots! I'm on the lookout for a pair and would like some inspiration.
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File: 1796540_nasuu.jpg (293KB, 902x751px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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My sincerest apologies for this, but I am at the end of my tether and I doubt /jp/, being dominated with male otaku, will help. I figure that due to the goregous and lavish costume design of the Takarazuka Revue, SOMEONE on /cgl/ must know a thing or two, right?

I recently got into Takarazuka. Unfortunately my Japanese is not the best so I've been looking for English subtitles of shows. I fortunately found the TIP, but I wanted to ask about takarazuka.blogspot.com. It seems that it was a great place to find subbed shows, but it's been taken down, along with all their upload links. I was wondering if there was a new place I could find these subtitled shows. Is there a new site I have yet to come across? I can't find anything on torrent sites either.

In return for my intrusion, I will post pictures of these beautiful actresses and their clothes. I can only hope they inspire you.
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Share your fav lolita blogs. I need to find back the love i first had for lolita as i am depressed lately.
Dead ones that are deleted (PrincessPortal, accessible via the wayback machine) or don't get updated anymore are welcome too for nostalgia factor. Livejournals are fine too.

(Pic is just some girl from daily lolita)
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Princess Portal
Electric Space Carousel
Victoria Suzanne
I'm sort of in your situation too OP. Back in the day, blogs gave me the romantic inspiration that made me love Lolita so much, but these days people don't write with that romantic focus they used to.

I sadly have no Lolita blogs to contribute because my favorites were already all mentioned, but there was a blog called The Unicorn Diaries around several years ago and I loved it. It was full of beautiful pictures and the girl wrote it with a romantic, almost storybook feeling.
I love the shit out of fyeahlolita. Everyone needs to spend some time in those archives as far as I'm concerned.

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The hell happened to the last thread?
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Omni Expo/Roy Harms insanity and autosage.
Made my hotel arrangements for Mega last night, I'm so excited!
I wish FanExpo would start putting out info already, they seem really slow on posting things

Discuss indie Lolita brands. The good, the bad, reviews, etc.

Looks like Megan Maude is making a comeback.

"I finally have the first factory sample of my signature heart pocket jumper! A pre-order with exclusive pricing will be starting soon~"

What is exclusive pricing? Just a lower price for early birds?
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Oh I'm glad she's coming back!
Is that...denim? Is Denim/Lumberjack Lolita a thing now?
As far as I know, that suspender skirt was a signature piece of hers a good long time ago.

Also, I thought her stuff was handmade, but apparently this is a preorder for a factory run? huh

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Old one is kill. >>8905461

Post feels. Happy, sad, whatever. As long as they're /cgl/ related.
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>dat feel when you're getting patterns and go to check out and realize they are 40% off.

Ooooooooh yeah.
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>sweeping the dining room at my old job
>girl passes me on her way to the bathroom
>notice she has a biscuit purse
>ask "Wow! Are you a loli??"
>she smirks and waggles her eyebrows
>goes into the bathroom
>manager tells me to get back on dish before loli returns
>tfw I'll never see her coords
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>Dating a girl
>I was the one who gave her the courage to start cosplaying and wearing j-fashion
>I don't love her anymore, but still want to continue being her friend and help her
>Feel like I could do so much more with my life if I was single
>Cannot break up because she is severally depressed and god knows what she would do to herself if I left

Hello /cgl/, let's play a game!
This game is called "Post the ugliest fucking shoes you've ever seen in your entire life."
The rules are very simple; just post the ugliest pair of shoes you've ever seen in your fucking life.
They can be a pair you've seen on etsy, brando, some dumb bitch in your comm could have made them herself out of craft glue and pasta, or maybe you bought someone's storenvy shitjob in drunken frenzy.
The winner gets a spectacular secret prize!
Remember to keep it /cgl/ related!
(I won't tell if you don't)
(no don't though)
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Look at these fucking beauties.
From "lolita shoes" on etsy, I give you dismembered plush toy stripper heels.
If your daddy didn't love you before, well he sure as shit won't now.
Alice and the Pirates shit these out back in 2011.
You fucking believe that?
What can you even say about this shit.
Its a fucking stiletto heel with two Wal-Mart craft kit pompoms hot glued on.
They thought this of us.
They thought this was good enough for us, you understand that?
I am angry.
I am angry because of SHOES

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So the mods of Lacebook have finally opened the site to members without the invitation system.

Do you think it'll be successful?
Are you going to join?
Were you a member before now? What do you think?
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I'll start. I've been a member for a while.

>Everything in one place
>Coords are actually nice

>inconsistent mods
>can only post twice a day
>same content from FB/tumblr/IG except days later
Haven't made an account yet, but the rules on what you can post and how often you can post are pretty restrictive, and successful social media websites are hard enough to make as it is. Look at Google+. I predict an agonizingly slow crash and burn. To add insult to injury, maybe Facebook will send them a C&D for ripping off the name.
I really hoped for a discussion forum, but it just looks like tumblr and it has much less features then the old page... I don't think it's useful at all

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Good, bad, hilariously bad.
Share 'em all.
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>hilariously bad
Insert Sheena
Sheena annoys the shit out of me. She photoshops her pictures way more than she needs to and then she always tucks her wig behind her ears. Like... WHO DOES THAT.
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plus lets be honest, her cosplays aren't ~~amazing~~. Like she acts as if she's the best RWBY cosplayer out there and her Pyrrha doesn't even fucking fit her.

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