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It's almost time to tune back in to HBO and break out the fur and armor and dragons. How about a general Game of Thrones thread.
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Old thread: >>8860426
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This may be appropriate
Fingers crossed schedule and exhibition info comes out this week.
The more I read the worse it gets but I have way too much non-refundable money sunk into going to not go and I'd rather be there than at work, anyway.
If nothing else, I suppose I can bring my dead SLR and pretend to take pictures of people to pass the time.

Post the ones that make your heart doki to the ones that should've never happened. >What are your dream couple cosplays? >Best/Worst experience doing a couple cosplay? >What couple cosplay needs to stop being a thing? >Which couple cosplay do you see you could see more of?
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its typically recommended to do a dump of examples to get a thread going but i'll give you this OP

this beast boy and raven always make my heart flutter
Oh okay, will start dumping some of my favorites!

>Old one: >>8767946

Sellers are already posting Chinese New Year away messages until mid-February! Get your orders in from glorious China while you can!
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>bid on auctions from favorite seller
>go to check their status today
>pic related

Aw fudge.
Chinese New Year panic has set in for everyone who uses these types of platforms (Aliexpress, taobao, ebay). I guess we just wait until glorious china opens their factories and ports again
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Jesus Christ.

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Any gulls who only wear lolita to meets? I want to get back into it but am too anxious to wear it out alone. I can't decide whether this hobby is worth the money if I only wear my dresses for, say, five times a year.

>inb4 "just wear your stuff out when you're alone!!/just do it/overcome your anxiety and go for it/etc etc etc. Been there, done that. Didn't work.
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idk I wear lolita around the house (I live alone) just for funsies and take selfies and stuff for tumblr.. idk I have no friends
I don't wear lolita daily, I wear it probably around 3-4 times a month, and I personally think it's worth it. But I just genuinely love the fashion and don't spend as much money on other hobbies. It all depends on you and your personal preference.
lolita is pretty much a 50% fashion 50% collecting hobby lets be honest here

Old thread in autosage

Let's discuss this monstrosity
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What was she hoping to achieve
Love her nails!

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Anything old school related - stick it here! To encourage fresh picture content, I think decent 'old school inspired' and well-balanced hybrid outfits etc are ok to post here, with the proviso that if an outfit seems broadly more modern than not, it might be better placed in a different thread.
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old school angelic pretty at its best is truly sublime

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Old Canada thread is falling fast and Ontario should probably have its own thread given the weight of activity.

Upcoming Cons:

Toronto Comicon
Ad Astra
Anime North
Atomic Lollipop(???)
Ottawa Pop Expo
Forest City Comiccon

Any cons, meetups, parties, etc fellow seagulls are hitting up?
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I'm curious too. They should be back at the Science Centre again this year, right?
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Anyone going to Yeticon? It looks they're trying to emulate Colossalcon

As far as I know, that's confirmed. The Science Centre loves APOP
Hope it returns this year. Attended the first 3 years and always had a blast there.

But also will be attending AN and YetiCon

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Fellow seagulls,

what are your thoughts on people cosplaying as kpop idols?
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So fucking lame.
That's weird desu
I like it, but only at k-pop conventions/events. Not at anime cons and -especially- not at concerts.

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Waiting for Holy Latern to arrive and easter is near editon

Old theard >>8898994
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Episode Listing, March 2016
>Where's my Holy Lantern
>Holy Lantern unboxing
>Holy Lantern coord
>Holy Lantern didn't fit properly
>But EVERYONE has Holy Lantern!
>DS: Holy Lantern (NWT)
Reposting from previous thread, because I'm hoping it's just abnormal.
Has anyone ever had closet child mess up their address? Luckily it still made it to me in the US, but my address was labeled for the United Kingdom and had the wrong zip code. I checked if I had entered it correctly in my email, but it was so I'm not sure what happened.

>DS: Holy Lantern (NWT)

This is the part of the month I've been saving for since January. Gonna get me a zipper JSK in every color, awwwww yiss.

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>The "Where are you Valentines Sale?" edition.
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Dropping two new? items from Rakuten.
Damn... At first I thought it was from Fullmetal Alchemist...

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So I want to start a LARPing group in my area. Any advice for getting it organized or anything?
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tons. In fact so many that you have to narrow this down a bit.
Which country, what kind of larp, what is your target audience, have you any experience in it, what do you have for logistics, any already own equipment, etc.
I'm in the US, Missouri specifically. I've never larped before, I'm hoping to get about a dozen guys my age together, I don't have any equipment yet but I'm working on getting together some stuff to make mine (I'm pretty handy sewing and stuff), and I have no idea what to use for logistics.

Basically any advice you can give is very very welcome.
well then first of all you have to decide what kind of game you want and what is your target audience, everything else depends on this. That is, if you want to do this seriously.

the what kind of game is a very broad question with a lot of implication. Do you want it to be a fantasy boffer larp? Or scifi? or something else? Do you want it to be more of a chamber larp that doesn't need outdoor places to be played? Should it be more roleplay heavy or fighting heavy? Do you want to exclude roleplaying nearly altogether like amtgard, dagorhir and such (which would also make it into something else than a larp)? Should it be fantasy, or closer to real life medieval, or some other time period?
etc. Lots of questions and these are just a few examples, but if you can answer these then the answers will create the main structure of your game.

About the target audience, you will have to consider how many players you want for the game, what kind of players you want and such. For example if you want a roleplay heavy game but advertise it for people who want to only fight then obviously both you and the players will be dissapointed. Deciding the target audience is mostly about deciding what kind of people won't be interested in your game because this and the "what kind of game you want" will also be the base of a lot of other things, like how complex the rules system should be and such.

previous thread is in autosage

now with 110% more tripfagging and namefagging
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bear is shit youre shit for liking them you should probably kill yourself

Confession thread y'all.
You know the drill.

I begin:
>i literally live through the past lately,reading old egl posts,old getoffegl posts,even sometimes old drama like old kotakoti drama on /cgl/ or venus when it was still relevant and new... i miss "before" and i feel like the "present" is just lacking something..
>when i get a something another girl actually wanted too (sales,bidding,..) it feels even better having it
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I've just noticed I'm addicted to online shopping
If I feel good, I buy cute things for me
If I feel sad, I buy things to feel better
I can't stop, today I admit it to myself, I had some items on my shopping cart and I almost deleted them... but I ended buying all. After the remorse I felt very good again.
I take all my coord photos either outside or in my parents bedroom because my own room is a pigsty and I can't force myself to clean it because that just reminds me that I don't have enough room for my things.
I feel you anon. I wanna save up my money, but every month after ive paid rent I spend 500 dollars on shit and makeup online and I only feel like I want more.

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>be 14 year old me
>be cosplaying with friend
>two guys in mid-twenties come over and ask for a picture with us
>Say sure
>pictures taken, me and friend say bye and walk away
>notice these guys are following us around the dealers room
>eventually stop us again
>"What are you guys doing later tonight, want to go somewhere with us?"
>me and friend are obviously well below 16
>tell them we're not free, that we're going to the masquerade
>"Oh, cool. Why don't we all go together?"
>We start to get super creeped out and lie that we're already going with other people
>they say ok and get the message but ask for hugs before we leave
>super awkward, tight hugs, me and friend break out of them as soon as we can
>walk away and notice guys are still following us
>Run the hell out of that dealers room and find my dad
>later at the masquerade we see them prowling around, obviously looking for someone
>they don't find us
>never see them again
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>cosplaying Love Live in group
>rooming together between 2 rooms
>on Saturday, catch overweight Nico going through my dirty laundry bag
>my dirty panties and bra on floor beside her
>redfaced, says she forgot a change of underwear and thought i wouldn't miss dirty ones
>"I don't want to deprive you of clean panties, Anon"
>conceal my disgusted feel and offer to take her to closest drugstore to get new undergarments
>insists she's happy to wear my castoffs
>"They don't smell bad, Anon! You have a nice smell"
>take bag from her, put dirty things back in
>she's close to tears
>we don't speak the rest of the con
>after convention, another group member texts me
>"Anon, someone from our group has a crush on you~"
>text back, "If it's Nico tell her she's neither wearing nor getting into my panties"

And that was the end of it. So far.
The only thing that would make this story more cringey is if you were cosplaying Maki
>Be 13 year old me at first convention
>Be cosplaying Prussia because Hetalia weeb
>Hanging out with other people from the same fandom
>Someone asks for a picture
>Line up with a 20-something Prussia between me and younger kid
>Feel her hand close to my ass
>Older Prussia pinches both of our asses just as the picture is taken
>Her hands linger until we move away from her
>She jokes about "bad touch trio" and continues to be obnoxious for the rest of the con

I haven't seen her since but some Hetalia people are so bad at being appropriate that it's a wonder they haven't been banned from anything yet...

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