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Old one is autosaging. Post your questions, advice and tips, inspiration, and completed works/works in progress.

Google document on resin: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/15mrdnoKqy7csGQ7XhyFy_wXVnLUzKX0sd2agIvHDXVw/edit?usp=sharing
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Have any of you used this mold? From the pictures I cant tell if it will make a full frame that I can put stickers/findings in or if it's just an outline.
Does anybody know where I can find chains like this video? I think Delish Beads got them but not in those colors?

The listing shows a picture of it from the side, the central section looks more raised than the rest so it probably wouldn't make a fully backed frame

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Post tips, tricks, tutorials, questions, works in progress, and good handmade lolita things.
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What is a good source for nice cheap lace besides taobao and Aliexpress?

Are the lace prices on etsy reasonable or overpriced?

I only recently got into handmade and so far sourcing fabrics is the hardest thing.
Does anyone know an easy technique for making gathers evenly? I'm doing the two-lines-of-straight-stitches-and-pull method right now, but they're not coming out very uniformly.
Etsy prices depend on the lace. They're often marked-up taobao/aliexpress finds, but it depends on the fees you would have incurred buying from those sources, and whether you need huge quantities or not (some listings are wholesale only; the etsy seller then divides that up, so you're not buying $100 of lace when you need $15).

Cheep Trims is good for wholesale quantities and has a wide variety. Kuboriki is good if you want to use the same laces as lolitas in Japan (some of these can be found duped on taobao, but the materials aren't always as nice).

Ruffler/gather foot is the easiest and fastest way. It basically makes little pleats instead of "ruffles", but they're so small that they just look like even gathers.

If you have a serger, it should also have a differential feed setting. Set properly, it allows you to gather non-stretch fabric slightly, then you can pull the thread to tighten the gathers. Faster and more than doing it purely by hand, and also less likely to bust the threads due to friction/tension.

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Let's have a thread about brolitas.

These questions are for the brolitas.

How did you get into the fashion?
Why do you like wearing the fashion?
How many main pieces do you have?
Do members in your Comm accept you?

These questions are for the females.

Does your Comm have a brolita?
Does your brolita coord properly?
Is the brolita fun to hang out with?
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These questions are for the brolitas.

>How did you get into the fashion?
I saw it and liked it and bought a dress

>Why do you like wearing the fashion?
It makes me feel pretty

>How many main pieces do you have?
Around 22 brand dresses, around 6 offbrand pieces

>Do members in your Comm accept you?
Yes, but many of them didn't even know I was brolita until I told them
what's the source on that picture OP, is it really a brolita?
It's from CoF. Unfortunately, the brolita deleted the pic because he overreacted that it was posted on here.

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Lolita conventions

Gone to one? Planning to attend one? Staffed for one?
Do you wish your comm would start a convention initiative, or are you satisfied with JFashion programming at other types of conventions in your area?

Pic related, just found out about it but I'm not sure if it'll be worth $40 admission and a drive to Missouri.
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The people involved are working really hard to create something great. I was on the fence too, but I am going and a few of my friends are going now too. Plus kind of excited to see Soufflesong in person. I have been curious about them.
If you meet soufflesong ask them why they're completely jerks from my part
It certainly seems that way. I'm just skeeved about the $40 price tag because I'm only interested in Day 1 events. The Nelson Atkins museum is free to attend anyway, and the picnic lunch sounds boring and messy.

If only they had a reduced one day ticket...

Previous thread >>8916661
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J-fash for chill daily wear.
Last thread reached the image limit.
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boots anon from the last thread here, I tried to put together some outfits using what I have in my wardrobe. A lot of these don't work for my himekaji/larme look I'm going for with my wardrobe, but can I get some concrit on how they work outside of those specific fashions?
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What's a good strategy for [spoiler]making friends[/spoiler] at cons. I don't really have any dedicated weeb friends in my day-to-day life and I'm not exactly the most outgoing person, so I always hope I'll meet someone similar at one of these things but I never manage to do it.

Bonus points for tips on hanging with [spoiler]the opposite sex[/spoiler]
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Spoiler tags do not work on this board, okay
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Don't be a creep. Don't be a mouth breather. Don't smell bad. Don't stutter. Don't act like a spaz. Don't needlessly touch someone. Don't invade someones personal space.

Say hello, introduce yourself, state your intent and act like a decent human being.

Alternatively play Sims 3 and follow the general conversation for the fastest friendship Introduce>chat>friendly chat>ask about person>chat more
>See someone cosplaying
>Ask for a photo
>Compliment a part of their costume that looks difficult/looks good
>Ask them about it
>Lead into conversation
>Best friends

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We've got creep thread
We've got embarrassing friends thread
Now let me hear your weeaboo-related horror stories!
Tell me about the guy you knew in high school who stalked you for a year because you were his IRL Madoka-chan.
Tell me about that girl who stabbed you in the leg because she didn't believe you were paraplegic.
Tell me about your next door neighbor who killed their dog to sacrifice him to Dio Brando.
Make my skin crawl, SeaGulls!

As expected if something is just a friend being embarrassing or moderately creepy please post in the other threads.
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>be me in 5th grade
>I was the kind of girl who only hung out with boys. 5th grade is the year boys stop hanging out with girls I guess.
> Friends meet jock boy friends and start drifting a part from me.
> Sitting in library alone, drawing Pokemon in my notebook, listening to ToyBox.
> "Have you ever heard of a show called Bobobo-bo-bobobo?"
> Look up, there's a boy sitting in front of me.
> I said no, but he was eager to take me over to the computer lab to show me.
> We laughed together watching this show, until classes started an hour later.
> He said his name was Delucien, but people called him Del. He looked kind of old for an 11 year old. He had matted, greasy, brown hair and dark eyes with bags under them. He always wore sweats to school in a variety of different colors. It would be summer and he still wore sweat pants.
> We started hanging out before school, just watching toonami-esque anime and laughing to ourselves. We became really close friends.
> A year passes and we make friends with a kid named Scott. Scott is a sweetheart 10/10. One of the quiet, loving types. He would give us presents about once a month just because he appreciated our friendship.
> We became drawfags and all sat in a circle doodling and showing each other our drawings.
> Del shows us his Don Patch, which is a circle with some spikes and legs.
> Show them my drawing of May from Pokemon. It's terrible but amongst their scribbles it's pretty good.
> Del takes it, looks at it for a second, crumples it and throws it in the trash.
> Wtf.jpg
> "It was really bad. Let's go watch some youtube videos"
> He shows us things he thinks are funny, the usual randumb XD kind.
>Then he goes into his favorites and clicks on this video where the thumbnail is a on a sidewalk.
> "this is my favorite, just watch"
> Kitten on the sidewalk
> women in high heels comes along to stomp it to death
> He's dying of laughter.
>Scott starts freaking out, begging Del to stop. Del says no, that its his house and he can watch what he wants and Scott can leave if he doesn't like it.
>Scott does, leaving me and Delucien home alone. He clicks on more videos, laughing histarically, then becoming dead silent.
> I start to watch his face so not to watch the dead fetuses and kittens on screen.
> After watching he goes dead silent. He turns to me."Do you ever get horny?"
> "uh...yeah sometimes"
> "Do you ever get horny over unusual things?"
> Define unusual
> "Sometimes watching people being killed gives me a boner... and Daffy duck"
> I ask to go home.
> The next day Scott comes in with a drawing he made for Del. He felt bad for "being a pussy" the night before and that he's happy to have a unique friend like Del.
> Del lights up.
> Del acts strangely to Scott after that. He follows him around like a lost puppy, invading his personal space at any chance, and saying creepy shit like, "I would die for you, Scott".
> Del comes out as gay. We are not surprised
> One time Scott didn't come to school.
> I asked Del what happened to him, says maybe he's sick.
> "He seemed fine last night at our sleep over"
> Wait...what?
> I call Scott later that night. When he picks up I hear a frail "hello..."
> Ask him why he didn't come to school.
> "I just didn't want to see Del"
> "Why not?"
> He breaks down in tears.
> Last night at the sleep over, Del asked to be Scott's boyfriend. Scared of what will happen, Scott said yes.
> They were watching a movie when Del turned to Scott and said, "You know what we can do now right? We can have sex."
> Del started touching Scott inappropriately, whispering in his ear to do things.
> When Scott refused, Del would say he was gonna murder him.
> "I-I I got scared...He-He told me to...to"
> He starts wailing.
> "H-he made me put his thingy in my mouth" is the last I heard before his mom came in to calm him down, hanging up.
I lied (2/?)

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It appears that the old thread has gone into auto-sage. Let's keep this ball rolling. This time, let's open this up to discussing both femme and homme aristocrat.

Old thread >>8729403

>Aristocrat: Lolita's Older, Quite Possibly Vampiric, Cousin

>Could you tell me the difference between aristocrat, ouji, and lolita?
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Here's the Google docs list for brands that a kind anon made, that do aristo and aristo-able pieces.
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>page 10

random picbump


To get some discussion going, are there any particular recent releases which are arustocrat / aristo-able that have gotten you excited? Any new finds that you've been very pleased with?

Old one in autosage >>8917847

I don't wear Jfashion anymore but can't stop coming here. I've considered making a thread on /fa/ but there's hardly any girls and everyone just wears their gothninja/palewave/etc shit.
I want to talk about Kylie Jenner, fake nails, western makeup, maybe some onee gyaru, just ANYTHING artificial yet fashionable. And I can't do that on /fa/. But if I make a thread on /cgl/ it'll most likely get deleted straightaway.
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>be me
>in shit mood this week
>go out to exercise and get a part of my cosplay done despite that
>feel good
>go online to catch up on fandom/cosplay stuff
>see someone do the same cosplay execution as me and they look way better than me
>feel even more like shit and lose motivation to continue

I hate how internally competitive I get but I'm especially upset because I'm incredibly aware that I'm out of shape and not even sure if I could execute half the things I'd like to do for the cosplay I have planned. Feels real fucking bad.
I really want a lolita friend or two but I really don't like gatherings in big groups. I've tried going to meet ups but there's so many people its more exhausting than anything else? A lot of the members in my comm are a lot older than me as well so its hard to connect with them.
>tfw measurements have been the same for months, fitting brands like MM despite being tall, but your bf suddenly calls you chubby out of nowhere
>tfw gonna start the Master Cleanse tomorrow to maybe be less of a chubbo in time for a con
>tfw conflicting feels but mostly just sad

Inb4 "just do it the healthy way", naaah, but I promise to eat healthier and exercise after these 10 days of shitting are over.

Fire Emblem Fates is coming out Friday! How about some cosplay.
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When it comes out I wonder which characters are gonna be the most cosplayed

pic definitely not related

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Last thread went into autosage.

AB is less than a week away!
>Are your cosplay finished? Be honest.
>Post cosplay lineups!
>What panels or events look good?
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Meetup reminders:

>Friday meet will be at 4 pm at Kung Fu Tea
>Saturday meet will be at 11 pm, place TBD
>tfw not going

Couple good bars on Boylston. Whiskeys, The Pour House. For saturday night

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Coord help thread!
Post collages or floordinates and get advice. Don't forget to give advice too!
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I'd like advice on this coord, going for an old school style. Not sure what kind of socks to get, and want to add more red with some kind of brooch or necklace. Also might get black RHS instead of the flatforms depending on how the colors look together.
Nothing there is very oldschool at all, maybe just the skirt.
1) Oldschool doesn't use chiffon blouses like that. Get a suitable second hand brand one or look at anna house or something. A big Peter Pan collar might be nice. In that case ditch the choker.
2) That printed bag is very modern looking.
3) Lace should be chunky cotton or eyelet not tulle like on that headdress. Besided not looking oldschool, obviously mixing lace can be jarring.
4) Those shoes are wrong, especially the velvet. rhs would be a better idea, black is good. You can match it with a relatively plain black bag.
Also make sure you're not mixing ivory and stark white here, those lace up socks look quite white compared to the skirt's lace. Lace topped knee socks or a simple lace up design would be nice as long as they match. Wouldn't go for the strawberries personally. Keep in mind that headdress is velveteen too, I think baby had a more suitable wine/ deep red x ivory cotton lace one on their sale.
All this advice was because you said you were going for oldschool so relate to that specific look.
I'd recommend looking at some old school coords because you seem confused on the style.
You definitely want a cotton peter pan blouse instead of the chiffon sailor there. For socks, lace topped knee socks work well. If you can find wine rocking horse shoes or tea parties they would be really cute.

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old thread:

FAQ (Please Read!):

Taobao Dictionary:

New Store Spreadsheet:

Shopping Services Spreadsheet:

Budgeting Spreadsheet Template:

Pop-up dictionary: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/zhongwen-a-chinese-englis/kkmlkkjojmombglmlpbpapmhcaljjkde?hl=en
Good EL-CH dictionary: nciku.com
Translate text from images: newocr.com

Anon that will translate stuff: [email protected]
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I am so ready to use Buynosaur for my next order, it's not even funny.

This is what's happened with my current order:

>Reach out to Taobaoring at first
>They respond immediately but then take days to respond back
>Decide to switch to Taobaospree

>Email back and forth what I need as quick as possible so I can get my package in time
>Get an email back that a seller sent the wrong color of my friend's item and I'll have to wait another two weeks for them to make it
>Definitely won't get my stuff in time for the con

I'm so disappointed as these were the first SS that I've used but they really screwed me over in this current order, all the good stories about Buynosaur is making me want to start using them for now.
It depends on the sellers, in my first-time experience. I've just had Buynosaur give up on a seller they contacted before Chinese New Year and haven't heard from since. Since I'm not in a hurry to get my items in I'm okay with it, but I'm sure that if you told them you're in a hurry they'd actually press the sellers. They're really good on replying to messages, and unprompted updates. I don't have anything to compare them to, of course, but I feel their care in every message, it's pretty great.
To the anon who bought the Zootopia stuff and provided links... I hate you. My "Oh I should get this just to have!" has spiraled into me trying to make an entire cosplay in just two months for a convention.

>mfw cosplay shops on Taobao have already made Zootopia police badges, police patches, and motherfucking Snarlbucks coffee cups

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