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Buyer/Seller Horror Stories? I'll start with mine because I'm fuming and need somewhere to vent and potentially get some insight.

>sold a cosplay on fb for $50 plus $10 shipping
>came with wig, coat, pants, boots, gloves and scarf
>also had a prop umbrella with it which I said I could try to include
>buyer asks for the umbrella
>I tell them that shipping would be even more expensive with the umbrella
>they say they can only pay $60
>I say ok, send only the costume as a result
>they get mad at me and say that I was supposed to send the umbrella
>I tell them that we didn't agree on this and that the umbrella would have cost more to ship which they could not pay
>realize the way I worded it was a misunderstanding
>try to provide a link to the amazon listing that I bought the umbrella at which would be easier and cheaper for them
>buyer's MOM starts to chew me out via fb message
>they've now demanded a $30 refund through a paypal dispute and taken $60 from my account as a hold
>even used my entire cosplay is NOT worth just $30 dollars nor is the umbrella on its own worth $30 whole fucking dollars
>I'm salty and not sure where to go from here

I'm mad at myself that my friendly response was taken out of turn and that I wasn't absolutely clear (I was wrong to assume we were on the same page) but I also feel like I'm being taken advantage of by an angry mom when I shouldn't be. What the fuck.

Anybody have any experience with this? Should I just send the fucking umbrella and call it a day?
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>gets her mom involved
Fucking hell, how old is she? I would contact Paypal throught the dispute and show the screencaps where you said $60 was for JUST the costume and so when she said "I can only pay $60" you were under no obligation to send the umbrella.
Also tell them that you want the costume back if they want a refund because the $30 refund doesn't even make sense. Tell Paypal that as well, you'll do a full refund if they send the costume back.
If the person who bought the cosplay was a minor, you can tell paypal that the transaction was done by a minor which can get them into problems. I have had buyers who were underage try to get their money back from me but once I told paypal they were minors and did not indicate so, they got in trouble instead.

I honestly have no skill in fabrication/sewing. I just want to dress up this year and have fun at a con, not compete or even take pictures, just hang around in my costume feeling like pic related.

Question is what are the best places online to buy a cosplay that are decent? I know that's damnable here since all of you anons have talent and willpower and can make awesome stuff but I have stabbed myself with a sewing machine not once, not twice, but thrice.

tl'dr Where can I go for reliable/decent costumes online?
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taobao, based on reviews. are you saying you want a zelda ssb costume?

also you're not allowed to give up sewing until you manage to lose a part of your finger to it.
go to the help thread, don't make your own
Taobao next time use the help thread

old thread hit image limit
lets keep this going, I'll start with my favourite
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love love love this
i have a thing for red & black
girl on the right is goals

How do you guys feel about doing popular costumes? I would say in the last months or so good examples of this would be pic related, Steven Universe, Undertale, things with a big following online/otherwise.

If you guys are interested in things like this, do you try to do it as fast as possible (often where I think 'me first' comes in) or wait until the hype has died down so you're not one of many? Does it matter if you're one of many?
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personally, it always makes me feel kinda 'ehh' -- mostly because the fandoms for big stuff like that are usually crap and i dont want to be associated with the bullshit. also its really hard to meet fans that arent over-excited 14 year olds
Why be just another (blank) when you can be someone else more unique? Dont get lost in the crowd of Frisks/Ladybug/Harleys.
personally if it's something i really like i'll cosplay it regardless of how popular it is. but if it is a super popular/flavor of the month fandom, i think that just makes it extra important to do a really good job on your costume because there will be so many more of the same character to compare to

Hey guys! Post some cool photos of cosplayers you've seen from Instagram!
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me! me! me!
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me too
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Share the Japanese Gothic love.
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Now that Bravely Second finally has arrived to Europe (haha NA), why not sharing some great or not so great cosplays from this lovely series.
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I'll post some I've saved OP
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What are your dream cosplay seagulls?

Pic related. Oh G Gundam.
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I would do this in a heartbeat if I had the skill. Falulu is just the cutest <3
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miu from dears! ive wanted to cosplay her for as long as i can remember. i just dont have enough skill to make it. this anime holds alot of good memories for me so im kinda fond of it, even though i kinda know it wasnt too good.
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korosensei from assclass. i'm a big fan of mascot costumes but i've never had the money to buy/make one for myself

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Yo, I'm going to be going to Tokyo soon for about a week, and I was wondering -- does anyone here have any experience actually wearing jfash in Japan? Stories, etc? The thought of my own trip coming up has made me curious about how locals actually react to it. Any style welcome, just share away.
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I wore gothic aristocrat and my friend wore sweet and classic lolita. Locals didn't really seem to care or pay any special attention.
No one will come up to you and make any comments/harass you, however, you will be secretly judged by a few passerbys (which I didn't care about)
I heard a lot of "kawaii!" from a few girls who walked by me which was a huge confidence booster.

I saw a few Lolitas in the train stations but it is not common. Most of the people on trains or in stores will be in business clothes or school uniforms.Don't be afraid anon, just wear what you want.
I wore lolita for the last three days of my japan trip last summer. And there was basically no reactions, people hardly even stared (with the exception of a few fellow tourists). Of course my outfits weren't too crazy OTT so maybe that helped.

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New Undertale general.
Old thread: >>8872138

Post your Undertale outfits, gulls. Or others. Post anything.
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And because I don't remember if I/someone else posted this Toriel in older threads yet. I really like the idea of poi for elemental magic (ATLA comes to mind).
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Also, this Aphys seems to have finished. The seams are pretty annoying, but I like the overall look.

Last one is long gone so share your embarrassing, ita, or weeb friend stories here!
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not really a "friend," but

>summer college program for high schoolers
>really just an excuse to leave home and hang with other people my age for a month
>one kid
>kinda fat, smelly
>don't really give him much thought
>in class one day, just doodling random shit in my notebook
>dude notices, scoots closer to me
>immediate stench
>like, actually smells like shit
>"that looks cool, you like anime, too?"
>uh, yeah
>"what's your favorite?"
>just finished watching GL (it was a while back), so that, probably
>"haven't heard of that, I'll check it out"
>proceed to ignore him the rest of the class
>return to the dorms that afternoon
>watching tv in one of the common areas
>same dude walks in with his psp
>sits down a couple seats away, starts playing some naruto game at full blast
>pull out my laptop to avoid talking to him
>do this for about half an hour
>get up to go use the bathroom
>come back a few minutes later
>dude is on my laptop
>hey, what're you doing, man?
>"o-oh hey! nothing really, just-"
>you can't just use my laptop without asking, dude
>"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to-"
>whatever, dude
>grab my stuff and head back to my room
>open up my laptop
>on some site called narutoxxx
>check the history
>full of hentai google searches
>clear history, avoid this dude at every possible turn the rest of the summer

turns out he had done this on multiple people's computers, even got caught doing it on a library computer
what a wreck of a kid
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shit anon sorry bout that
this story isn't particularly terrible, but kinda weird I guess

>eighth grade, my friend and I like anime
>think it would be cool to start an anime club
>most of the people who join are 7th graders
>the 7th graders that do join are fucking annoying
>every anime club, I leave and come home with a pounding headache cause they're so fucking loud
>come in one meeting and try to put a couple rules in to get people to be quiet, less rambunctious and jumping around everywhere, etc
>suddenly I look down and notice one of the girls is crawling on the floor quietly to escape and go to the bathroom
>bitch just raise your hand and ask me

I guess she took me trying to say "use ur inside voices pls" as "shut the fuck up" or something. My tenure as anime club president is a life regret. Everyone was so annoying, it put me off joining or creating any anime club ever after that. I also was responsible for creating two lifelong weaboos after introducing the club to hetalia. One of them tried to steal my husbando, the other is almost 20 and is still obsessed with hetalia (among other things, but so very into hetalia)

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Shit is just a little bit more than a week away and there is no thread for it.

>Where are you from
>Who are you cosplaying as
>Which hotel are you staying at
>Any panels or guests you're excited about
>What your plans for the weekend
>CGL meet up possible?
>Drinking and partying yes no?

I'm really hoping I can get Nobou Uematsu to sign my violin case and get a picture with him. Holy shit that would be a bucket list dream come true. Dude got me into music.

For plans outside of meeting Uematsu, thinking of hitting up a few Japanese culture and travel related panels and hopefully build a network from the panel hosts to help me travel to Japan, get their tips and advice and all that fun ass shit.

Other than that just gonna be in the game room learning Street Fighter V and trolling Arc System and Persona weebs scrubs in Persona 4 Arena Ultimax.

Might cosplay as Garterbelt from Panty and Stocking Saturday night. Dunno yet. Possible Coach from Left 4 Dead 2 if I can find the shirt that goes with my cosplay.
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Schedule is up! Maybe now there'll be more to talk about haha.
First time ever going, and going for work, but I'm still excited to check out the convention scene and nightlife. Planning to break out some Neko Atsume and Overwatch cosplay for the weekend. Stupid question, but how's the food situation at this con? Will I have to go far to get anything, or is there any food available in the con center?
you can enjoy some $7 korean instant noodles at the hotel

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New help thread, old one is auto saging.

Questions that didn't get answered last time:

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Furfag reporting in. Most suit makers use an airbrush and acrylic paints; either paints formulated specifically for airbrushing or Golden fluid acrylics with the airbrush medium. However it's possible to use regular acrylics to tint the fur. Did you already see Beetlecat's tutorial? http://beetlecat.livejournal.com/188117.html Matrices put out a tutorial recently as well, but it's for doing spot painting http://matrices.tumblr.com/post/139954950913/drybrushing-to-add-details-to-faux-fur

Faux fur is pretty much the same as a wig. It's thin strands of plastic. What has worked for wigs? Try it with faux fur, see what happens. Remember to brush it with a slicker brush as it's drying and never to apply high heat or you will ruin everything. Test test test test test
Check out Swandog's fursuit head. 4chan's spam filter is getting sassy with me, so google image search "swandog fursuit" and you'll find it. Another thing to check out (again, sassy spam filter) is the International Crane Foundation on facebook. In their gallery is some WIPs of a whooping crane mascot made for them by the Jim Henson company. If you mount the head away from your face, moisture won't be a concern. You could use papier mache for the beak no problem. However if it's close to your face, consider things like EVA foam or worbla.
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I drew up how I'm going to build the gauntlets, but I don't know what to make the inside parts out of. Some people make their articulated hands out of wood. But, I don't have the tools for that and I want something that's lightweight and I can easily round out to match the style of the drawings.
I swear, this is my last post for awhile.

Hate to bump something else off but there's no general help thread up and there should be. I'm thinking about cosplaying as everyone's favorite cranky socialist, Bernie Sanders. I'm going to do a super over the top version with a backpack full of "Make Anime Real" signs and driving around in a repainted toddler car- my question is how could I do the wig? His hair is insane, but really short and he's pretty bald. Is there a way to do it well? Advice on looking old with makeup would also be appreciated.
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Don't. God I hate you. People who bring politics to anime conventions are worse than greasy smelly teenage weebs
what is the catalog?

also your idea is shit, don't do it.
I second this

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