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Any pics from Harucon in Jerusalem out yet?
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Stop being a faggot and just look at the event page, everyone posts their photos there.
>If you're trying to promote the con with these constant threads you're doing a terrible job.
Seconded. Israel-fag please stop with the bushot.
A lot of crappy stuff. gonna dump some here so seagulls can see the horror

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Old thread >>8911096

>Taobao/Alibaba services
>Artist Spreadsheet
>How to order from Vograce
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Guys, I'd like some advice.

I just came back from a pretty crappy con. Sales were bad, but they were bad for everyone, so it's definitely not (just?) me. Thing is, we didn't get what was promised in the contract.
They told us we'd get tables of 2 meters, when in reality they were 1.50, maybe 1.60 meters judging by the size of my backdrop.
And the visitor numbers were horrid. In the contract, they stated they had 500 visitors last year and expected a "similar number" this year. Now I know that's not a guarantee. However, they now claim they were sold out at 300 attendees. (It felt like there were far less, maybe 150 people, for 30 dealer tables.) So that visitor number of 500 was never going to happen anyway.

I imagine people here have been in similar situations often enough. Is it normal to complain about this, or even demand a refund? They definitely did not uphold their end of the contract. How do I go about this without sounding like a complete dick and getting snubbed by the organisers?
not my video, I just found this one because I can't find the blog that describe this ghost town con.
I guess I shouldn't feel sorry for those that paid $100-170 to table AA (when I heard the dates for this, I was what the hell are they thinking)
>First 10 seconds of video says it all.
>Anime Matsuri Hawaii 2015 - Thanksgiving holiday weekend
I always expect cons to fudge their numbers, but that's a sad number more like a local swap meet/crafts fair attendance. Sorry for you anon, shoulda done a little more research on whomever sponsored that or people that went there before, but srsly I wouldnt have high expectations with numbers like that. 2/3 were probably kids with little to no spending power period.

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Please share your themed wardrobes! A color palette you prefer, certain aesthetics, or even a motif.

I have an affinity for cats and pink.
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Frickity frack yes I've been waiting for a wardrobe thread for awhile now.

This is my current wardrobe. I have a lot of my dream pieces and that makes me really happy! I only have 3 more dresses that are top priority/dream tier. Feels good man
Speaking of wardrobes in general, what's the average amount of dresses you guys own? I'm still rather new and feel like my wardrobe is small, but I just realized I have nothing to compare it against.
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I like flowers and black. lol.

Looking for inspo for hime lolita and very princely ouji. Will share what I have, and thanks for contributing!
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File: 0594fa6a.jpg (92KB, 450x675px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Old thread (>>8877150) is autosaging
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This is Saber right?
I don't think the makeup is good for the character but I think it's decently executed

Like.. she looks so uncanny valley it could be cool for a horror-type cosplay
holy shit hiro and tadashi do not deserve this type of treatment.

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Old one at bump limit
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Meta Blooming Garden Set
Merry Making in the Ghost Town JSK II

$25 off for gulls

Link to LM listings: http://www.lacemarket.us/author/tiffynicole/
I'll start. If any of you gulls bought the pink roses and stripes IW jsk on CC , I will gladly buy that off you when you're done with it. Saw it on WW in an ugly brown but I really want that pink one
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Looking to trade my Choco Rosette skirt
Am currently looking for cosmic, but I'll look at other offers.

I also have a few items listed on LM
Jane Marple British Chocolate Bar Square JSK
BTSSB Heart Buckle Shoes - Size S

Am located in the US
shoot me a email if interested in anything

Dutch thread.

Any pics from previous cons?
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couldn't make it to atsunacon but I'll be lurking
Can your southern neighbours sneak in here too? We're too tiny for our own thread, plus a lot of you come over for our cons too.

Anyone think the new spring edition of FACTS will indeed be worth all the hype they're making of it? Didn't like it last year, something felt off. I'll appreciate the bigger space if it's used well.

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super sonico.jpg
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>>8875060 hit image limit

pic related is best sonico
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ITT: Post questions, suggestions, and brands for shoes of any kind. Haven't seen a shoe thread in a while.
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My kingdom for non-uggo casual low heels!
Any european brands/shops that sell shoes like that?

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ita thread.jpg
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New one, old one is in autosage. Starting where we left off.
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I'd start a Kickstarter just to get her a better bra, my god woman those tits deserve better.
>not even gonna touch the skirt

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Old one died.

Anyone has that one person in their comm who always asks to hang out with people but never attends or organizes meetups themselves?
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I think every comm has one of those people.
Some comms have multiples of those people.
etiquette of bidding on local comm member's "dream dresses?"
>I have work that day
>Sorry girls, it's too far/expensive

That new or inactive member that let's everyone know whether she will make it to the meet even though no one knows her or cares about her presence. I can't stand the implication that things should be catered to them.

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I didn't see a new thread. Last thread was auto sage.

Who is everyone cosplaying as this year? What are you all most excited for?
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Otaku bro here, I will be cosplaying nothing. And will be looking forward to good smiles 10th anniversary panel.

Just this nigga, painting my trumpet right meow.

I'm excited for the con in general really.
How much you want to bet that there will be scale figure raffles and free nendroids.

Should be awesome.

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New Undertale general, old one is sagging itself.
Old thread: >>8890657

why is armoured Undyne so rare
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> why is armoured Undyne so rare
because it requires effort, skill, and $$$ lol
> why is armoured Undyne so rare
beacuse money and skill is too hard
Well a tank top is definitely easier to make than a set of armor

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MCM Birmingham next weekend, then Kitacon two weekends after that.

Who's going?

Try not to get the thread deleted this time.
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Did the thread get deleted? I thought the last one autosaged and no one bothered making a new one.

Anyway, who's ready for Kita?
It autosaged but we've had threads being deleted recently for tog dramu. As usual.

Kita hype. Is the pizza ban still happening at the Hilton?
Just say your a reg hotel punter not with kita when you pick up food. Are they going to stop everyone in the hotel getting food?

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How do you do your nails /cgl/?
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oh that's right! I have nails...

I use nail polish once a month at most and I'm always too lazy to remove it so it cracks and fell eventually...

I'm a monster
chew them off and hope to god no one looks at my hands during meets
they all notice, Anon

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