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Can we make a thread about Osomatsu cosplays? Any opinions about girlymatsu and their j-fashion style?
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literally cancer
this fucking series is the new homestuck/hetalia

not to mention the disgusting incest ships ugh
It makes me sad because before it blew up I wanted to cosplay Totty just to walk around the con in when I don't feel like dressing up too nice or something. But now I feel like that would make me a target for whales and glompers.

And to start us off here is this fucking disgrace
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The face of fattychan after a hike in the woods.
being black would actually be 100x more convenient than batman having to fill his eye holes in with makeup.

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Exactly 2 weeks until the con. how's everyone planning on spending their weekend? and what did y'all think of the date changing this year?
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Aside from doing cosplay photography, I'm going to try to go to a few panels , visit the dealer's room and go to the Vocaloid concert.
A bit of cosplay, and I'm going to all the concerts.
Probably going to see the Fakku panels too.
I'm not too happy about this tremendous price hike.

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Post skincare questions, concerns, product recommendations, and other skin related issues here!

Basic skincare routine(s) will be reposted as one of the first few replies to this thread, please open the thread and read them if you're just starting out.
What is chemical exfoliation because we get this question every thread https://www.reddit.com/r/SkincareAddiction/comments/1fx45x/ahas_and_bhas_whats_the_difference_and_how_to/
Useful subs are /r/AsianBeauty and SkincareAddiction
If you have a question, please tell us a bit about your skin type (dry, oily, combination, sensitive, acne prone, rosacea, eczema etc), current routine, and what you've tried before. Skincare is very individual and the more information we have, the more we can help
Old thread >>8838666
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Basic routine for acne prone skin:
The idea of this routine is
- not to irritate your skin with physical exfoliation (i.e. all scrubs, clairsonics etc.) as irritation can lead to acne!
-help clear up current acne
-provide moisture so that your skin doesn't over-produce oil to compensate for you stripping it with harsh cleansers.

Cerave cleanser/Cetaphil for sensitive skin
Thayers witch hazel toner
Spot treatment for active acne/zits (e.g. benzoyl peroxide, neosporin, adapalene)
Cosrx BHA power liquid OR Paula's Choice BHA liquid OR Stridex Red Box
Aloe vera gel to moisturize (try for a really high percentage of aloe with minimal additives, brand is unimportant)
Basic routine:

Starter products:
cleanser - Cetaphil or CeraVe

witch hazel (preferably Thayer's brand)

Cetaphil Lotion, Aloe Vera gel

Those are the basic items we tend to reccomend in threads for people who are just getting started. They also double as products that are good if you have sensitive skin. Now, the point of the steps are:
Cleanser - wash off any accumulated dirt and oils from the day.

Toner - helps pick up anything missed from the cleanser, helps reset the pH of your skin, also low key exfoliates.

Moisturizer - yes this is necessary, even if you have oily skin. You tend to wash off some of the natural oils of your skin when you wash it. This helps trap in moisture and keeps your skin hydrated.
You have multiple steps in your routine that could be drying you out and irritating your skin. I think you might need to stop physically exfoliating with your face brushes and also cut back on the African black soap, as that is pretty alkaline and can be both drying and irritating. Keep your current moisturiser and think about adding a gentle chemical exfoliant to help with your blackheads and whiteheads

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Are there any Salopette memes? I don't think I've ever seen one.
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Ask leddit.
I only remember one where someone posted a side by side compare with a slim Asian girl in a salo that fit then our favorite queen in her bunny salo that...did not fit...one side said 'yes' the other 'no'.
the fuck is a salopette meme and why would you want it

Old thread >>8893957

Post setups dammit!

>Taobao/Alibaba services
>Artist Spreadsheet
>How to order from Vograce
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Does kpop or kdrama fanart sell at anime cons?
Kdrama I'm not so sure, but Kpop stuff sells pretty well.
thats alot of buttons.... how much?

General Idol thread

>[email protected]
>Love Live
>Tokyo 7th Sister
>Wake Up Girls

and all others

Just installed Starlight Stage on my phone and I'm so hyped to do more [email protected] cosplays
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I wonder, does anybody have any good idol animes that are not on OPs list? You know, not the overly popular ones.

I know this is probably a question for /a/ but those fags would probably just scream LOVE LIVUUUU at me.
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Perfect Blue?

Don't hate on Love Live because it's popular there's a reason for it. Mostly because it doesn't alienate female viewers
Already saw Perfect Blue. Because of the psychologic factor though, even if it touches the idol subject too.

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Post feet
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Con is only 2 weeks away.

Any one going? Working it? Seagull meetup?
Becoming an extra in the Ayumi Tanaka film?

I really wish they had a better format for the online programming guides. They're so annoying to navigate...
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The one year I'm broke they use PVC for badges, I can't bootleg it now
I'm going. As far as I remember, this is my 7th or 8th year I've be keeping up my annual tradition of attending it.
I'll be there all weekend although I'm still debating if I want to skip classes on Friday. If Tokyo Attack brings Dance Evolution, I'll cry the happiest tears I've ever cried in my life.

What are your cosplay plans?

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Just under 6 weeks until Anime Boston!

>What are you cosplaying?
>What are your plans?
>What are you most hyped for?
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I have two coords for Friday and Saturday, and Sunday I'll be in normie stuff. I do press so depending on how many more guests they announce will affect how many interviews I do. Me and my friends plan on ordering takeout from a restaurant nearby to compensate for the lack of food court. Mostly I'm hyped for friends because I've got about 10 different people flying in that have never been to AB before. Crossing my fingers that I have time for everything haha.
Where the fuck are we supposed to eat now that the food court is shut down?
>greek place
>ramen place
>now food court
the fuck if i know. i'm just gonna buy from star market and plan one nice dinner.

Hey gulls.
I know this comes up now and then. Lacemarket sucks in many ways but we're all stuck with it.

I decided to make a 2nd hand marketplace as a side project for myself and wanted to make it jfashion/lolita themed. I already have a couple of ideas for it and was wondering what you think about them and what else you would like.

>Data (release year, original price, measurements & pictures) can be automatically fetched from lolibrary (issue here being how unreliable lolibrary's servers are)
>Private or public wardrobe with all of your items. You can upload pictures and other data for these too. Specific items or the whole wardrobe can be set to private.
>If items are in your wardrobe you can sell them with a couple of clicks, the data is already filled in, you just need to put in a price.
>When buying you can chose to automatically add the bought item to your wardrobe
>In addition to a selling area, there is a WTB area where you can post what you are looking for (not sure how the communication and selling process should be here if someone has the item and wants to sell it to you)
>Maybe additionally a dream item area for things you aren't looking for right now, like a wish list
>Set up tags/names/lolibrary links you want to follow so you're automatically alerted when a new WTS/WTB pops up
>Actual Paypal integration (one click buy, no manual invoicing, no adding paypal fees on top)
>Proper offer system (see ebay)
>Price can be specified in any currency, will be displayed in the buyers chosen currency (using paypal exchange rates)
>Some statistics to help you determine item going rates (this could be premium to pay for the servers)
>Items will be automatically bumped to the top results if the price is lowered (or pay a small sum for it)
>Filtering by country
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My biggest issue with j-fashion mart in general is: What about replicas? Lolita is plagued with a lot of replica issues, but so are other brands, Liz Lisa being a j-fashion is one that is arguably even worse than the AP replica issues.

What would you labeling something a replica? It's kind of hard, because said real life example was this girl I know who buys dirt cheap taobao all the time. She searched eBay for "thigh high boots" or something similar and ended up buying brown Liz Lisa replicas. When I asked her why she's wearing LL replicas, she had no idea what I was talking about.

How would you also keep out those tacky Etsy-type resellers that just buy something, label it like "cute strawberry sweater" and hike up the price when it's something like a random gyaru brand replica?

But anyway, please keep doing what you're doing for sure. Lacemarket is a great concept, but it's plagued with issues and I'd love to see something a bit more broad. I think this could unite a lot of different comms like gyaru, mori girl, and so on.
If it's gonna be general jfashion themed, how are you gonna keep it from filling up with random crap? Like someone's granny sweater that can totally be worn for fairy kei!! Make it Japanese brands only? Make policies for each jfashion?

I'm not knocking it just wondering how well it will work. It seems like outside of lolita with very strict guidelines, people will try to bend the rules of what constitutes jfashion as much as possible. I think it's a good idea though and I'd love a place for other jfashions since I don't wear lolita.
Let's hear your credentials. You must have no idea how many times this has been posted.

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Gulls, what did you think was lolita when you first started. What was your first "coord"?
Pic related
>be me
>2 years ago at 17
>go with mom to h and m, find this stuff
>my mom: "totally rori" for some reason totally agree
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>6th grade
>didn't know what nekopara was yet
>innocent years
this is an 18+ site
>what is reading comprehension

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Check out this video of Vic lasanga yelling at some "you're all going to hell" protesters.

I was actually just at this con myself today and saw these people, they frequent cons in the area and usually get asked to leave.
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Oh man, I hate these protesters too. Vic Mceggnog can be a dick sometimes but I think he's completely in the right telling off the "YOU'RE GOING TO HELL" guys.
Agreed, but at the same time I don't think they should be given any attention either. Just ignore 'em.
I'm a christian and thr way they spread the message...
I just can't...

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old one saging slowly >>8893475

Post your feels. Sad, angry, happy, or otherwise.
>please keep them /cgl/ related
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>get interested in new jfash styles all the time
>not nearly enough disposable income to explore all these styles
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Recently I've lost a lot of interest in lolita. I used to get so excited about it but I feel the novelty has worn off. I still go to meet ups if I can and they are fun, but I'm just not as... pumped up about it? I still appreciate the fashion but I just don't wear it that much since I rarely leave my house.

What are some ways seagulls suggest to rekindle your frilly love? I'm thinking of maybe working on some accessories to go with outfits of mine will spice things up.

>I notice I've really lost interest when I see my top most wishlisted dress go up for sale
>reasonable price, have money to afford it
>thinking of not buying it just to save money
>what have a become
it's called the passage of time, anon. it happens to all of us.

Post pictures of the hottest male cosplayers
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Person on the left is female. Guy on the right is photoshopped to the extreme.
I hate bois
Are non-faggot looking boys allowed? Or is this a fujoshit thread?

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