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I did not see one in the catalog.
Pricing questions here.

Fair price for Les Champinions Robe?
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Different anon who's debating selling this and has tried asking before.
If you haven't worn it maybe try list it at retail?
Are you selling it because of the material? I really hate how it looks and feels in person.

I also hate how this is the same name as the other mushroom print because I can't find a lolibrary entry or couldn't a few weeks ago
Yeah I am not to keen on the fabric.
I absolutely love the print for sure, so that makes it hard to part with.
But the fabric clashes with the other items in my wardrobe, so it's been difficult to coord.
Which is why I've never worn it. So its basically brand new.

But if I do decide to list it, I may just list it at retail and see where it goes from there.

It looks like a page was add in Dec.
How much would Lovely Sweet Room go for?

File: blazeit.png (37KB, 160x160px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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This Atlanta con was supposed to start two days from now but it's been postponed at the very, very last minute.

Were any of you gonna go to this?
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I read the story they gave on their FB and it seems a little sketchy.

Moving their dates awfully close to Momo is also not a wise decision. There's a lot of Atlanta/GA conventions and there's hardly room for this one too.
File: sweat.jpg (81KB, 1280x720px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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what >>8892854 said. they shouldnt have put it so close to an even bigger con. aniblaze will likely crash and burn because most people will being saving theyre money/cosplays for momo at that time. what a shame, i actually was going to go. oh well i guess. i hope it still somehow works out.
Regardless of whether or not the hotel screwed them, they're done. There was drama earlier this year with them, and this is probably the last straw. Atlanta can't sustain a half dozen anime cons and they should have known this going in.


>Teaser for more cosplay cinematics to come. CospLA is a movement that will bridge cosplay and cinema together. This project was used and will continue to be used as a proposition to present to different clients. This video showcases different techniques that can be used for cosplay videos with very little equipment, no budget, no rehearsal, no crew. Hopefully this will influence more people to bring their cosplay to the big screen.

I've always wanted more videos to go in this direction. Hopefully this will break away from the trend of having 360 slowmo zooms.
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I clicked on the deadpool homemade trailer at the end
>...aaagh my sides...
These effects look cool, I'm worried about the actual acting parts. The reason why most cosplay vids only have their models stand still is that's what cosplayers can do and not look awkward
b-but cosplayers don't know shit how to fight / use the weapon they are cosplaying with
this will be horrible

[spoiler]except me I cosplay shit I know[/spoiler]

Hypothetical question.

Say you were running/staffing a mid tier anime con and you did your best to have the central programming, events and masquerade reflect this.

but over the years you noticed that it was being filled with more and more members dressing up as non anime related characters and going as far as to demand more comic/western programming. This section of your attendees is growing larger and more demanding each year.

What would you do in this situation? Would you put your foot down and still run the con how you would want it or give into demands and expand the scope as to listen to the demands of the people?
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If your end goal is to provide programming people want, then add the programming people are asking for.

If your end goal is to have a convention that conforms to your visions of a convention should be, then keeping on doing what you're doing.
I can already tell you seek affirmation to a pre-existing, established opinion and not an actual answer from your tone of voice and this topic itself contrary to you wanting to appear to seek an answer from a neutral standpoint.

You are trying to make the problem at hand appear negative just by the upbringing of this topic itself, using words such as "going as far as" and "demanding" alongside constantly repeating "more and more".

I hate people who do this. Go fuck yourself, as you actually just want people to pat you on the back than for an actual meaningful discussion of open mindedness.

To answer your question seriously, yes, I would personally as a manager allow multicultural stuff to be mixed in together but at the same time keep the original anime theme on the table as the focus with no way around it. It is foolish to be a fascist and think that an anime con should have only ever anime, that's bad representation of its fans and is unhealthy. If you want an event to be popular and big, you welcome these new people in, not shut them out. Not only will it make this event better with different colors, it shows that it is run by people of welcoming personalities and all that is good out of that with it.

Fucking weaboo trash. Stop crying about a culture not of your origins and keeping it "elite". You must be one of those "anyone who watches anime with dubs shouldn't" sort of fag with nothing going for them in life.
Anti-semitic is the word. I hope you like being described by that.

Forgive me I was looking for this word, English is not my main language.

Abhorrent cunt.

Old thread: >>8837768
Post pictures, outrage, stripper poles, what have you.
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Does anyone have pics from the Friday morning Love Live meet?
Con is dead, Jim. Let it go.
"Anime Matsuri 2016 (AMX) closed at 30,215 unique attendees." Was just posted on their Facebook page.

Got the next wave at my store and here's my reviews
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File: 20160228_152935.jpg (68KB, 507x901px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Matte Spandex

Super thick and great overall look. None of that weird fiber sheen you get with Joann's current Performance Spandex
File: 20160228_153002.jpg (78KB, 507x901px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Low Stretch Ultrapreme

The rest of the colors that go with the same set as the infamous blue cancer fabric. Not sure why it came out before the others. Either way great look and satin metallic sheen. These would be great for armors.
File: 20160228_153048.jpg (46KB, 507x901px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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A stretched version of the silver

We haven't had one in a long time
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Can any shop this?

Feel free to selfpost, or post your faves

>Any characters you've done?
>Any characters you wanna do?
>Any RPGs you wanting for atm?

I've been replaying Disgaea 1-5 including Phantom Brave and Makai Kingdom, so yeah pardon the Disgaea postin'
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File: baechan.jpg (203KB, 1024x1644px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>a thread to discuss the influence of religious upbringing on lolita/jfash/cosplay could be interesting, anon
>make the thread and folk shall post therein.

Making this thread for anon. Any other anons had crazy religious upbringings? How does dealing with family affect your hobby?
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What does this have to do with cgl
Family pretty religious but they also don't give a shit as long as it's not murder.

>Thanks uncle you crazy bastard, you!
>What does this have to do with cgl
Catholic themes in lolita garments? Revealing outfits in cosplay or gyaru fashion? Trying to incorporate, for example, a hijab into your coord?
Stuff that's legitimately caused some ruckus in the community. Lurk more.

It's time for some good warm fuzzy nostalgic feels. Be it stories from your sugoi weaboo days or old /cgl/.
Kiddy weeb phase:
>returning home from elementary school in summer and have a snack watching sailor moon or reading it or another manga in the garden
>Play Spyro or whatever game with little brother on Playstation
>Use the computer to play "kawaii games" and play on GaiaOnline/HabboHotel/...
>reading manga and playing DS (Animal Crossing,Harvest Moon,...) under bedsheet late at night hiding from parents

Emo weeb phase:
>MSN roleplay while watching some Lucky Star
>Nightcore in my playlist and HareHare Yukai as my ringtone
>Excitment of the first con and having fun like there's no tomorrow,spending all my money and coming back home with full bags
>Wearing a seifuku and cat ears at costume day to school and feeling cool
>Make a terrible "decora" outfit from Claire's things and be proud of it

14-16yo phase
>The scent of my first lolita dress as i opened my Bodyline package
>Dreaming to be a "living doll" while watching 14yo venus angelic
>Pretending to do hair tutorial in front of my mirror with music and imitating Dakota's pose pretending to do an outfit video in front of my mirror
>reading the drama on /cgl/ and PULL tumblr and feel badass because "hurr i'm underage durr"
>summer days spent dreaming about a kawaii life and being popular on the internet
(but i was too shy to do that, i don't regret anything though, i saved myself some embarassment)
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Whatever happened to the "girls on cgl are gross" meme? The only reason I started coming to this board back in 2010 was because I wanted to see what the complaints and jokes were about. Apparently there were a ton of secrets about girls farting in pettis and not washing dresses and stuff like that?
I don't remember much but it would sometimes come up on other boards that yes there were girls on 4chan but they were on cgl which meant they were gross. Thought it was kind of funny back then but that was before I knew anything about lolita.
Aaah i remember this, with the screen with girls on /cgl/ talking about their period (in a weird way though i remember one saying she smeared the blood on her leg before washing it off? Ehhh whatever floats your boat.) and then guys from the other boards were flabbergasted that girls aren't pure creatures who pee glitters and fart butterflies and therefore decided that all girls on cgl were gross.
I'm kind of immature because i always found "farting in a petticoat" funny for some reason just like "i can't wait until the meetup is over so i can go home and fart". It was stupid jokes taken to seriously usually.
I used to watch Sailor Moon when it first started airing on channel 13. I was so disappointed when they eventually replaced it with Samurai Pizza Cats.

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For us Amerifats, it's tax season! What are gulls spending their hard earned/free money on? Burando? Cosplay? JFash? Saving it like a responsible adult?

Post pictures!
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For the first time ever I got a full brand set minus wrist cuffs. Don't even care, I just love the print.
Nice! Which print, anon?
OP here, I'm thinking about using the money to get some essentials. I need some blouses, shoes, and purses. I also need to pay off a $450 dream dress I put on credit a couple months ago, kek.
Blowing it all on a shopping vacation in Tokyo.

I think it could be rather interesting to have a Black Butler cosplay thread.
There are a lot, A LOT of them out there. Most of them horrible, a lot of them too animu deshu, and lastly the rest, which are nice and accurate. And human like.
But they are difficult as fuck to find tho.

Any of you found a decent, canon-like one? Any of you cosplayed one and thinks it deserves a try? Preferences in makeup, or cosplay advice? Maybe it could go here.
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Self posting my pride and joy.
And a wider shot from before the nameplate was added. Sage for double self posting, don't crucify me.
I've never seen someone actually using this for Knox. Not a nice one, at least. Great job!

And I don't mean to be too faggy, but nice painting there.

The White Day thread got me thinking about how I want to do stuff for other seagulls.

Back in 2012 I made these id cards for various trips and anons and for each one I made I gave $2 to charity. So they were free cards for them and a donation by me.

I still have my card making machine and I'd like to bring this back for something like AX. I always get a kick when I see these cards at gatherings and I thought you might too.

The cards wouldn't be expensive, maybe $5 a card with part of the money going to at-cost for materials and the rest going to a charity of /cgl/'s choosing. I will be making no profit off the cards and you can choose to have your card mailed to you for free or pick up your card at AX.

Would anyone be interested in becoming cardholders and donating to charity?
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Holy Crap! I remember lurking that ALA thread but being too shy to ask for one. I'm super excited that you are willing to do it again! This will be a cool way to find other seagulls at AX~
So will we give you the money at AX or...?
File: 1394.jpg (29KB, 446x357px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I might set up an Etsy for them. It'd bump the cost up, but only by a little bit I'd imagine.

I'll stop the day I quit cosplay

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Self posts welcome!

What are your favorite shops to get fairy kei? I'm having trouble finding stuff I actually like.
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File: 1454316250073.jpg (80KB, 427x640px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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You could always try storeenvy and those j fashion blogs were they have links to stores

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This board will never be as good as it was in '07
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I don't know, I'm glad that there isn't constant Kipi spamming anymore. That said, I doubt the current popular figures in cosplay are any better.

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