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old thread is autosaging >>8809159

I just noticed this while looking through RC lol
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While she's acting pretty salty, doesn't it being free and for private use exempt it from copyright laws?
probably only if you use the original copy privately, reproduction isn't the same thing. Like you can show a movie to people but you can't rip it and distribute it legally. Who fucking cares either way though. I can't believe this became drama.
>children fighting over a coloring book
Also I'm sure a free, downloadable pdf that nobody reaps profit from falls under fair use. If anyone has the pdf link, please drop it because I'd like to see it.

post your Katsu photos and not
General discussion >>8865574
The maid cafe >>8854954
SU cosplay at Katsu >>8868219

Yes, people destroyed the hotel, there was a fire, it was cold

Now post pictures
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Some photogs you can follow

Thru the Eyes of Aitch Photography
Rich and Strange Photography
DG Photography

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Old one is in autosage
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DS!: Sweetie Violet skirt in navy
$120 + shipping

Not even worn once, it doesn't fit in my wardrobe like I hoped it would.
File: 1454472457105.jpg (108KB, 480x720px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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WTS: Baroque Sailor OP+headbow in navy. Size small. Comes with alternate pointed sailor collar too. $120 + shipping from Australia - open to offers!
WTB: Yumetenbo heels in black, black x dark pink, or black x pink leopard print. Also willing to look at similar Yumetenbo heels/flats.

Email: [email protected]

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>tfw super short and look like a 13 year old fanboy when cosplaying
>cant be video game badass character
>cant be a stormtrooper
>cant be a superhero
>cant be any adult character in a show or a comic or a movie without someone every fucking time saying "aww how adorable" or pic related
anyone else have this problem?
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Watch more anime, cosplay androgynous guys. Problem solved.
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>tfw super short
>cosplay characters I like anyway
>'Ohmygod you're chibi [character]!'
>smile, nod, pose and move on

its not hard OP
Go as Pico from Boku no pico

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Old one in autosage. Try to avoid arguments over what does or doesn't constitute a dream dress this time please.
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Still looking, OP > JSK and white > black > red.
File: deargodplease.jpg (416KB, 2236x1580px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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God it'd be so nice to find one of these this year.
File: DD.jpg (106KB, 851x428px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Good luck everyone,
Still on the hunt for some dark JetJ

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Old one is saging
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I used to dress up in lolita to cheer myself up in harder times, when I was younger. Now I hate my self so so much I can't bring myself to do my make up and hair. When I finally get some clothes on that are not sweater or work clothes, I feel like a fat, frumpy, ugly weirdo.
Try and find friends who are similar to you? Going lolita among all the young ones in perfectly skinny dresses and corsets that don't hurt them must suck.

I don't know much about lolita i'm afraid, and i'm really not sure if theres anything like a christmas cake society for EGL and other j-fashion types.
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I wanted to get a bunch of sewing done today, but I practically wasted the entire day shopping around on AliExpress and various other sites just because I'm procrastinating writing a ½ page report. I didn't even buy anything cute. I'm pathetic.

I didn't see one in catalog, sorry if this is uneeded.

>tfw got a singer sewing machine for 15th birthday
>couldn't figure it out so I put it back in it's box and haven't touched it for 3 years
>finally trying to sew my own decent dresses so I take out the sewing machine
> Its missing the front part where you plug the power chord into.

Tips for sewing?
Hand-sewn vs. Machine?
Cheap machines?
Your latest project?
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How much does it cost to replace that? I'm curious.

I have started sewing again lately and I just bought a gathering foot. I was hesitant to pay 30 bucks for something I could do without, but damn it was so worth it. My life is ruffles now.
I'm such a newfag I don't even know what part to search for in Amazon.
Don't really wanna pay 500$ for a replacement either.
Can anyone handsew something and have it look just as clean as a sewing machine?
I just cannot figure out this sewing machine. Everytime I try either the needle breaks or the fabric stays in place and i get a mess

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New thread, old one is autosaging.
Please refer to the previous thread while it is still up: >>8859416
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So, I'm cosplaying Mako from Kill la Kill and I'm struggling on how to make the coat look like hers. I want it to "float" like hers, any idea what could I use?

I thought about putting some wire at the edges but the coat is quite heavy and long but I'm not sure if the wiring would be enough to support it.

Should I make some kind of wire structure instead of just passing wire at the edges? I'm scared the structure would be visible, like a crinoline can be seen under a skirt.

Left - what I was going to do but I'm now afraid it won't work.
Right - An idea on how it could work.

Could anyone that ever worked with wire shine some light on it?
You might be able to make a grid of wire on the inside, rather than just the edges.
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Posting in this new one because more people would see it and I need lots of help.
Need to make armor (shoulder pads, chest piece and belt) for mettaton and I have no idea what I'm doing. I've found so many different tutorials and stuff online that I'm overwhelmed. Can anyone help, anyone with experience with armor?

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>>8777520 is autosaging, let's continue to share what we recently received or have in the post
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Some larme items I'm waiting on, very excited!
Are the accessories from Bubbles?
Monlily actually! I'm too lazy to get involved with SS's right now so I'm just ordering from places with international shipping.
Dress is swankiss (purchased through TOM) and shoes are AE if anyone ends up wanting to know those.

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Old thread is finally saging after almost 2 months >>8758354

Are you guys ready yet? We still have a couple more weeks but there's much to discuss!

The official /cgl/ meetup has been scheduled for Friday at 10 o'clock pm by the river view in the convention area (more info on location shall follow). Only come if you're cool or otherwise not hated by /cgl/.

Let's talk about cosplay plans (if any), schedules, and general bullshit related to the con.
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File: big windows.jpg (3MB, 2550x1650px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
big windows.jpg
3MB, 2550x1650px
Meetup location for those of you unfamiliar with the Gaylord.
Posted this in the other thread, but it bears repeating:

No Age Wristbands this year, so make sure to keep your ID on you if you plan on drinking.

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Old thread is autosaging

Itabag FAQ and Beginners Guide

Buyf/a/g Guide
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I love this bag, and I am totally going to steal that bow idea it is adorable

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Old one's in archives.

Has anyone use eyeshadow sticks? I love the convenience of just swiping on eyeshadow, but my Clio Gelpresso just keeps rubbing off whenever I use it. What eyeshadow sticks will not make my eyeliner rub off? Or what eyeliner will not rub off with eyeshadow sticks?
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Lately, I've been getting odd zits that my usual concealer slides off after four hours or so. But doing a local Wayne Goss (powder, concealer, powder) keeps me covered for the whole work day. Weird.
Anyone else sorta grossed/weirded out by this ad and site? It makes me feel like I'm buying used products (ew) because the pictures are so unprofessional looking
Also didn't realize you could target specific boards on 4chan when advertising. Imagine if you couldn't and frogposters got ads for these girly cosmetics
right? The photos looks terrible and there's like 10 things.

Old thread >>8865560

>Taobao/Alibaba services
>Artist Spreadsheet
>How to order from Vograce
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I know people ask "what LoL characters should I do" but going to ask which ones sell well for you for those of you who do LoL merch? I was going to do both sweetheart skins and then regular skins. Just not sure who to start first?
do your favourites first and then maybe progress to other champs? if you don't play LoL yourself, all the fanservice-y girls sell well (particularly ahri, jinx, sona) but EVERY LoL artist has merch of them. Pick champions who attract dedicated players, like vayne, lee sin, riven, zed, janna, yi, annie etc because they're more likely to pick up league fanart that isn't just tiddy.

to the anon asking about sticker quantities for really large cons....my country doesn't do conventions that large, sorry! but i'm guessing they probably tend to be more general interest cons than specific fandom ones, therefore the population of people buying from specific fandoms (or buying from the AA at all) will be lower. If it's a multi day con and if you sell at multiple cons it couldn't hurt to prepare 100 and then if it doesn't sell well portion the leftovers for your remaining days/cons? better than selling out totally in hour 3, haha.

What do you guys do if you don't think merchandise (i.e charms, cosmetic bags, washi tape) won't arrive in time for your convention? do you accept the loss and just sell them at your next convention or do you offer them 'preorder' at your table?
how exactly is toby fox going to police 'please have played the game'...? I have, but so many of the fandom is (weak) and has only watched playthroughs on youtube. Not to mention that there are extensive wiki coverage of every aspect of the game so it would be really easy to pretend you had, even if he/other fans went around quizzing you, haha...

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I haven't heard much about this Con unlike last year and it's only a month away. Anyone going to it? Are there going to be any big lolita events like last year's?
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I honestly keep forgetting its happening since they are 2 months earlier this year.

In b 4 scum why are you even going HOW DARE U
still run by narcissists who lie, cheat, and steal their way through every convention.

you haven't heard much about it this year because most of /cgl/ has already exhausted the topic. nothing has changed.

I tried telling her a panel about consent and cosplay wasn't gonna be an amazing turnout...
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I guess this kind of thing is important but the people who actually need to hear anything remotely related to this subject, are the people who will never even go to this kind of panel.
Educate me. How is CONsent any different than regular day to day consent?

Whether you're wearing a business suit or the equivalent of a bikini, people shouldn't be touching you without permissions right?

Or is this more for the people who want to interact with scantily clad cosplayers and their assumptions because the cosplayer is scantily clad?
This is beautiful

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