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Share & discuss coords using normie clothes. Is it a taboo? When does it work? When doesn't it work?
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Man, I love this coord. I think that it really breaks when the silhouette isn't fitted, like when someone wears a baggy band tee in lolita.
I really dig the style, but not as lolita. I see it as some sort of normal fashion, just a unique way of doing it.

The first thing that comes to mind is ALB. I like how she pairs her AP skirts with normal clothing, but I'd never consider it lolita. I don't think she considers it lolita either.
she's fat but it actually doesn't look too terrible. But it's not lolita.

absolutely disgusting

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Last thread got nuked.
Any advice for wearing Jfash styles at work?
Experiences and coords you are inspired by are all welcome.
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I'm at work now(ironically). Will dump more examples when I'm free.
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Depending on where you work, the main thing is usually the amount of skin you show. At my workplace the rules are no cleavage and no skirts more than a few inches above the knee. I've still managed to wear quite a number of cute, casual skirts and dresses that are jfashion inspired that fit within that framework.

I generally wear Larme or himekaji inspired outfits. Himekaji is a bit harder because of the skirt length requirement, but I have some nice long pink skirts and I am hoping to get a tulle skirt like some of the longer ones Liz Lisa puts out. I wear a lot of ank rouge and Liz Lisa tops. For Larme I've started wearing black pencil skirts with nice sweaters, I just have to take care with the length. What looks acceptable on one person could look hoochy on me if I'm jot careful. Cons of being a little taller.

Also curious about what people have gotten away with in terms of color. I have worn pastels, but I usually limit them to more washed out rather than super bright colors. I'm curious if anyone has gotten away with wearing sweet lolita or fairy kei or something to work. Classic or otome seem better suited to the workplace.
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I like this coord. Maybe with dark plain tights and black heels, it'd be quite workplace appropriate.

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Do anyone know where I can purchase a Mac Tonight cosplay mask? I'm talking about the big plastic/foam overhead masks, not the cheap latex ones.
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/pol/ please go
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I saw a Moonman at MAGFest this weekend.

Post horrible cosplay and others guess the character.
Starting with this
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Android 18?
android 18.... not even that difficult.

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MomoCon is about 3 months away. Anybody going? What are your plans?

This is my first time attending this convention, what should I expect? It's the same weekend as Animazement.
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I've only done one day visits with friends twice but it's a pretty cool convention. So many good panels, interesting vendors etc.

The year before last, I walked around with my 3ds street pass on and when I checked later it counted 60 people.

But if I get to go again this year, I look forward to seeing you there.
No thanks. SJW tumblr con is no longer fun. Nothing but a bunch of blacks parading around their trophy white boyfriends or rich from daddy 18 to 23 year old son bragging about thier self diagnosed autism.

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A thread for jfash featuring guys in skirts. Not crossdressing, just wearing skirts like no big deal.
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I didn't see a thread for this (I'm really sorry if I somehow missed it) so I decided to start one!
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I used to check Pink House's website every season to look at their catalogues, but stopped a couple years ago and sort of forgot about checking back. I recently went to their website to check their catalogues again and was extremely disappointed to see they no longer have their older ones, and the farthest they go back is 2013. I was really inspired by their catalogues. I tried pulling them up on the wayback but didn't have any luck. Does anyone have a clue where I might be able to fold those old catalogue pictures? I've been searching the internet for ages and haven't gotten anywhere.
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Is it frowned upon to not cover up or shoop out your (real) freckles when cosplaying a character who doesn't have them?

Alternatively, is it frowned upon to apply fake freckles with makeup when the character doesn't canonically have them?
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I don't think anyone frowns at people not covering up freckles. They're not ugly most of the time and as long as it's obvious that you tried with the rest of your makeup, they're fine. Applying fake ones has been the bane of lots of people wrecking their cosplay to be cute or unique (girl on the right in OP is a prime example). I've almost never seen fake ones that look natural- most people just dab eyeliner on their face repeatedly, and it turns out looking awful
fake freckles are universally shit
before any newfags ask
>chick on left is the person on the right
>left chick is not a trap

i wouldn't say its frowned upon, but the only way natural freckles show up in cosplay is if you're wearing light amounts of makeup. which is fine, i would say there are many characters that call for light amounts, but there aren't tons of people who can pull that off and it often makes them look less polished and frumpy. like if you're doing the bright contacts and heavy anime eye makeup and not wearing enough makeup to even out your skin tone, it looks bad and you probably dont know how to do makeup.

unless your freckles are really dark and manage to show up through heavy makeup.
but i think if you're going for accuracy, you might want to cover them up. though i think it wouldn't be entirely inaccurate for simple character designs like one of the peanuts or something.

drawing freckles on seems to be fine with everyone and its kind of an expectation for characters who have freckles, but no one knows how to do it. right person is doing it horribly.

Since Gravity falls has officially come to an end, post your favorite Gravity Falls Cosplays! Or your own Gravity Falls cosplay! Really, just post any Gravity Falls Cosplay: the good, the bad, and the ugly!

and let us say goodbye to on of the weirdest, most amazing cartoons to ever grace our TV screens!
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Is their cafe worth going to?
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Good luck, reservations are all sold out.
I know, my friend got a reservation for friday but I'm wondering if it's gonna be worth it.
>starts a thread instead of posting to the convention thread
>doesn't know how to reply

newfag shill pls go

Remember that thread back around 12/2015 complaining about lace market and anons stating to make a new website? My significant other and I are willing to attempt to make a new website for lolitas (and possibly other j-fashions?) to sell their stuff on.

I want to hear from you guys. Would you be interested in a new website? What do you want to see in this new website?
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What combined skills do you have, that will ensure that it will actually be good.

Thing I would like to see most
>Bowsing items by country option
I feel like this discussion happens ad nauseum but nothing ever comes of it, so pleeeaaaseee be serious!

I really like LM's sort by color option, and it might be nice to have a sort by theme as well. I remember trying to search for star patterned items on LM and using the search term "star" and just getting a zillion BTSSB listings.

Maybe a notification system that lets you know when items that you're interested in become available, and of course favoriting items (and maybe even users?)

Better notifications of messages and comments.

Other jfashions would be awesome too, I'm tired of using fbook for buying.
I love the idea of being able to sort by pattern!
Honestly the only thing I can think of right now:
>good mods/screening system to make sure no normie crap gets in

Is 3D printed armor the future of cosplay?
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3D printing is just lazy.
Making your own 3D model is a lot of work, I agree that 3D printing someone else's design is lazy as fuck though.
3D printing can be useful for certain armor parts, but some things can't be printed.
Mother of god, camels wearing thorns now?

WonderCon 2016 is about a month away! so tell me gulls:

>How do you feel the new location will effect photoshoots?
(Anaheim has more greenery which makes photos more aesthetically pleasing, IMO)
>How do you feel about switching to the LA Convention Center?
(if it's anything like AX, dear lord the parking is going to be a nightmare!)
>Was it harder to find a hotel?
(Anaheim made it so easy to buy a hotel that was in walking distance and not too expensive!)
>Last, what will you be cosplaying?
(I'm currently working on Thanos and Saitama!)
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I don't mind the change too much, but I agree the parking is probably going to suck! I'm more worried about the traffic DESU.
As far as photoshoots go I feel like the buildings and surroundings of the convention center are fun to shoot edgier cosplays in but I could see how some cosplayers are going to miss the nice tree area in Anaheim.
I'll be wearing Gwen Stacy, Rey from Star Wars, and I haven't decided about the last day yet!
This will be my first WonderCon and it has to do with the venue change. I'm a 5 minute drive from it.

How does it compare to AX in terms of the number of people there and are the panels any good?

I'll be there as a Stormtrooper.
....it depends on what you are going for. If you're a weeb the panels aren't going to be anything you care about. If you aren't a weeb, the panels are amazing. Not SDCC level, but pretty fucking good.

Old thread: >>8869390
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Dumping some new ones. This is a mess.
I feel like eliminating the wig would solve most of the mess, really. I don't care for the print/style of the piece, but it's a set and the sweater is fine. That wig is just ugly.

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Cgl, body the best and worst Undertale cosplays you've seen.
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no offense op but thats a horrible image to start with. i guess this is the new thread though
OP did say "best and worst"...

kek, googling "worst undertale cosplay" gives OP's exact image as the second result

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