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can you give me names of stores that have that style like anime. like omocat
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kawaii. ph/store/brands/mad-tee-party/
I'm not sure if this is what you're looking for, but I like Mad Tee Party's designs.
fuck off tumblrina.

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If you were Haku, which Zabuza would you pick?
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A or C
I will make a decision once my ovaries stop exploding

Last one just started saging:
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Really impressive handmade. She looks so much better here than in her off ouji coords.
I really liked the fairy tale vibe of this one.

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Old thread >>8879556

Post your newest setups, crafts, prints or just some good old horror stories!

>Taobao/Alibaba services
>Artist Spreadsheet
>How to order from Vograce
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>bean sprout hair clips
wow that's some funny shit, but apparently super popular in china even the adults are into it lol... but yeah it's selling for under 30cents apx. on amazon and ebay in quantities...

oops pic is similar how to assemble but any leafy top can be done.
Can anyone recommend a good brand of glossy sticker paper to buy? I want to get some and take it to a printing service myself.
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Spiderburger came in!!! Thank you so much for doing this, I'm definitely going to place a charm order, the quality is wonderful!

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Gulls, where do you like shopping for jfash shoes that also work well with normie wear?
I personally like DreamV/Yumetenbo but they're always sold out of my size.
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These are my current faves for mori and some classic coords from Ella.
I guess that's the opposite though: normie shoes for jfash
That stitching is awful.

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Old thread is autosaging

Itabag FAQ and Beginners Guide

Buyf/a/g Guide
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Nice to see a OP bag, let alone Sanji!
>thought the otter was a fetus.

how awkward.
Obligatory Osomatsu-san bag (these are very prominent lately...)

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Old one in autosage. This keeps popping up on Otaku Craigslist
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they all look like someone shat themselves in front of them kek
>that Watson
my new favourite past time is to look at horrible DIY this girl has a whole bunch of 'edible' things which are horribly executed


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Stop shitposting in the general edition.

Old thread: >>8889295
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anyone picking up a RuffleCon pass today?
Yes, they call him "Chinaman" and complain about him going to release days
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>mfw noone even cared to talk about cecilia cross
AP, this was really TaoBao-tier

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Post cosplayers that make your heart melt. Male or female, it doesn't matter.

Self posts belong here >>8857274
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Another pic of my 3DPD waifu
shit taste
congrats you are in love with adobe photoshop
Calm your vendetta, jelly anon.

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It's been a while. Keep it board related, no shitty selfies, keep it cosplay and Jfash
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also can in-progress or"WAYWT" style posts be encouraged? so posting more than once would not be a cardinal sin if the thread lasts for days
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File: 1446923814350.jpg (99KB, 476x640px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Old one in autosage >8887848

Post feels.
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I found a figma they don't make anymore for a great price only to notice I left my wallet on my passenger seat when I was taking out cash for the parking. I was short by 15$ with the change left over from the entry ticket. As you can guess. When I got back it was gone
These are good feels but yesterday at work a girl came in dressed in a very nice quality Victorian blouse, nice riding pants, and boots. She was essentially almost halfway to an ouji coord. So of course I complimented her outfit and she got really excited and thanked me.

A few minutes after that she came back and asked me if I knew the inspiration of her outfit so of course I said ouji because that's what it looked like (later she explained it was Sweeney Todd related). She gave me that normalfag look of confusion and I explained that it was a Japanese fashion similar to she was wearing. IMMEDIATELY she goes to write it down, asking me how to spell it, etc.

I guess it just made me really happy to see someone be so enthusiastic so quickly. I hope she joins the fashion and my comm because we could use a decent ouji.
Do you live in Japan? Bootleg figma are very common elsewhere so you might have dodged a bullet. Which figma is it?

Last one is dead bread >>8863183

Guro Kawaii/Yami Kawaii is a fashion style using guro and horror themes. Menhera is inspired by the manga of the same name.
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These are hairpins and here is sauce

This type of make-up looks pretty cute for a over the top outfit.
How would one go about making these syringes? Do you fill it up with resin and glitter, beads, etc?

>What is nanchatte?
Nanchatte Seifuku (translation: Fake Uniform) is Japanese school style worn that started out as students attending schools where uniforms weren't required making their own uniforms and expanded into everyday girls fashion. Since then worn by women and men for nostalgia for those wanting to relive their carefree school days.

Some topic inspo:
>Have you worn nanchatte yet? If so, is it for conventions or daily use?
>In Japan there are nanchatte groups and outings. Would you join a nanchatte comm or themed outings?
>What about nanchatte convention meet-ups?
>What's your favorite style of nanchatte uniform?
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File: kogal2.jpg (61KB, 443x500px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Previous one was bumped off the board thanks to a certain someone.

Discuss cosplay plans, outfit help, fabric prints, etc.

Has anyone done the album art outfits?
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oh hey, i was actually wondering -- are there any outfit sets you guys want to see cosplayed more? i wanna do a kunoichi umi sometime but other than that i'm looking for some ideas

Constellation, Seven Lucky Gods and Magician are some of my favourite sets.
Oh same.
I've done Seven Lucky Gods Maki, doing the Magician card in a few months.
I planned on doing Constellation Hanayo, but I have a friend who made her entire Honoka cosplay and it was impressive but painful to watch.

I imagine the new Fairy set is going to get a few cosplays, have yet to see any plans.

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Is it too soon for a Sakura-Con thread? About a month and a half left. What are your plans, anons?
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I don't think so? I don't have to many plans so far since not much information has been released. I'm thinking about seeing Band-Maid.
im so excited to go...
Lots of idols lol that's my plans

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