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Old thread >>8875967

Closet of Frills >>8879900
Online Comms >>8853307
Meltia (Lolita idol group) >>8862232
Draw thread >>8863140
Frilly feels >>8864540
Dream Dress >>8848329
Lolita in the Workplace >>8881505
Bodyline >>8859383

Gothic Lolita >>8863755
Lolita Substyles >>8856970
EGA/Aristocrat >>8729403
Ouji >>8837877
Brolita >>8873063
BST >>8849295

Lolita Guidebook
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>Made a thread earlier for this topic
>1 reply

Revived for you bby
I'm so sorry, I must have missed the thread!

Alternatively, let's discuss some buying/selling curiosities instead: How often do you sell things from your closet? Does your wardrobe change significantly year over year?

>All J-fash styles (lolita, mori, otome, gyaru, deco, etc.) are welcome!
>Cosplay is discouraged, because then it's basically fanart of your character.
>Please provide your best photos.
>Artists: it's not a bad idea to just sign your work
>Selfposters: When giving credit, it's a good idea to refer to the art as a freebie or commission, NOT fanart.
>Helpful critique is acceptable, insults and taunts are not.
>You should actually be wearing your coord, not "Draw me in X!"
>Have fun!
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yes! please post some coords, gulls! i'm itching to draw!
reposting from last thread which was spammed off the board, thank you to anyone for artwork
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Is anyone here interested in help >>8845014
? Mr.Freeman is trying to get people to draw cgl-tan for a Seagull ID cards that can be purchased and the proceeds will go to material and a charity of choice through voting, which can be found on the thread and you can input another charity of choice we can donate too as well.

We haven't have luck in getting people to draw cgl-tan/seagull related art and it would be wonderful if some here can help us out! No one will be making profits off your art since like said before, all the proceeds will go to the materials needed to make these cards and the rest to charity!

The template is pic related and on the thread, people have suggested to make twin cgl-tans of a female and male.

If anyone can help us, that would be wonderful and Mr.freeman would gladly answer any questions on the thread directed above the post!

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AA has finally got their emails out but still no updates on hotels.

Meanwhile Fanime Music has a twitter poll asking if people are okay with JP inspired bands rather than full on Japanese guests. Personally I would hope they could get at least one good Japan artist and cover bands are fine. Fucking better to play music we recognize rather than mainstream bullshit like the 2013(?) masq opening.
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First time going to fanime, what hotel is the best
What the fuck fanime. What the fuck kind of question is that. They are only allowable as supplemental and not a replacement for actual Japanese guests.

Any of the ones that are near the convention center and not near the airport or some shit
Fanime no

It's the easy way out, but absolutely the worst. It's cringy as fuck. I've always looked forward to Fanime, even during some of its delayed years, to deliver at least one decent Japanese guest. And they even have some decent seiyuus considering how most West Coast cons pander to American VA and "inspired bands".

I'm pretty sure ALA didn't have any Japanese guests this year, not that I go to ALA for guests, but it kind of tells you that we're in serious need of good guests from Japan that you don't have to pay 50+ for a VIP AX shit badge for.

Abandoning old thread!

How do you deal with friends who are bad or embarrassing in cosplay or lolita? Try to help? Sugar coat it? Ignore it all together to spare their feelings? What do you do if they don't listen?

>have close friend into cosplay
>all her cosplays up till a year ago are bought
>starts making her own
>asks me for help
>i send her tutorials and try to organize sewing/crafting sessions
>she is cheap as fuck
>wants to make cosplays with full props for less than $50
>doesn't want to use techniques to make good props so she can save money
>makes everything out of straight eva foam and nothing else
>cuts every corner in the book when sewing
>buys terrible cheap wigs
>gets sad when her friends get more compliments/photos
>has been 'going to quit cosplay' after every con

I will never understand people who ask for help only to do almost the exact opposite thing. I seriously just want to tell her to quit the next time she brings it up.

Anyone else have any stories.
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Going to repost what I said in the other thread.

I've been trying to friend some people at my local cosplay community and I'm finding it hard to not comment on their makeup or wig styling.

Like, I'm not friends enough with them to give advice and constructive criticism, but it kills me to watch them ruin a good costume by lining their eyes with bright white eyeliner or not cutting their wigs' bangs.

Does anyone have tips on how to deal with this? Should I just keep my mouth shut? I don't want to come across as a nitpicker or anything, I just want them to get better and hopefully bond with them in the process.
You got me anon, here come a few

Knew a girl in highschool that was into the same series as me, but she always made them into 2edgy4me version. Like the whole punk!genderbent!goth!charactername shit with stuff bought from thrift stores and hot topic and acted super high and mighty about her 'skills', then complained when she didn't get as many photos as I did cosplaying a normal design with quality material.

Also in highschool, another similar story (I attracted crazies in highschool, its was bad) literally told contradicting stories every day abt how her mother was abusive, then the next day saying her dad was abusive and her mom was the only person who she trusted. Long story short, she was probably actually delusional. Had horrible hygiene and somehow found out I was into cosplay, told me she was cosplaying some anime girl (it wasn't vampire knight, but something on that level) at a local con and begged to meet up with me. I silenced my phone all day and spent the day avoiding her.

last story- in middle school, had two friends who only cosplayed hetalia and yaoi series. They always crossplayed and never put effort into passing, it was sad. Bonus- they ran around the track at PE yelling 'YAOI' really loudly, but that's breaching more into horror story territory.
michelle phan syndrome is a bane on the community, not entirely sure how to help with that. but as someone who always gets roped into styling wigs or teaching people how, the easiest way to help them is to actually ask them how they did it. a simple 'how'd you cut your bangs' or even asking them if they did at all will usually help. it gest them to say they didn't cause they didn't want to ruin the wig, then you jumping in can seem more like a helping hand than a critique or nitpick. also mentioning that it is pretty daunting to cut bangs is reassuring that everyone went through the same thing.

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Old one: >>8855913

Let's keep them lewd stories coming.

What's the lewdest cosplay you have done?
What was the lewdest thing you have done in cosplay or lolita?
Would do again or rather not?
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>What's the lewdest cosplay you have done?
Shirtless Big Boss. I didn't feel lewd because I'm still working on getting /fit/.
>What was the lewdest thing you have done in cosplay?
I grappled/wrestled once with a Boss cosplayer, thought it was pretty hot afterwards.
>Would do again or rather not?
Sure would.
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>lewdest cosplay
Gaius' swimsuit from fire emblem. Almost had a nip slip.
>lewdest experience?
None yet. If I was a braver gull I'd try and find some rando 7/10 for some face riding/ femdom or pegging. Or make some hellishly hot Bermuda Triangle of oral with a grill and a guy but, yeah...live the dream for me, people!
I shouldn't have read all of those, all it did was fill me with a need that can never be fulfilled.

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More general room inspiration is always needed, not only bedrooms

old thread: >>8798184
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So my father very kindly painted my bedroom for me when I wasn't able to, but he painted directly over the wallpaper, and now it's bubbling and peeling in places. Anyone have any suggestions for large wall decor I could cover it with? Luckily it's just one wall, I covered part of it with a wall scroll.
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Dream Room.jpg
2MB, 3072x2304px
Not mine, but I'm very jelly of how neat and organized the collection is.
I wish more people framed their posters like this instead of just taking them on the wall. It makes them look so much more tidy, organized, and appreciated. Not to mention protects them better.

FAQ (Please Read!):

Taobao Dictionary:

New Store Spreadsheet:

Shopping Services Spreadsheet:

Budgeting Spreadsheet Template:

Pop-up dictionary: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/zhongwen-a-chinese-englis/kkmlkkjojmombglmlpbpapmhcaljjkde?hl=en
Good EL-CH dictionary: nciku.com
Translate text from images: newocr.com

Anon that will translate stuff: [email protected]
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Was poking around and spotted lovely dresses in this shop:


also underskirts
How does splitting up packages work on taobaoring? I'm getting two pairs of shoes and I have a feeling the shipping is gonna be a bit higher since they're platforms, both of them. It's cheaper to do it this way, right?
Would I still pay shipping all at once or as the packages come? Like paying to ship each one out?

I would ask them but every time I've asked them something it's always somewhat legible english but not really.

New Jojo thread. This year I plan on Cosplaying Josuke, I was wondering how would I go about making his costume? I'll have no problem with the pomp-wig, but I have no clue with everything else.
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Also, dumping pics to get the thread rolling
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Is anyone still on Lineplay?
Did they took away the +1000gems for inviting people on Line thing? It doesnt show for me anymore.
Any other cute game worth ddl other than that?
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i still play CocoPPaPlay. no room in my phone for Line yet, would have to delete my thousands of inspo pics, so i stick with CPP
Is CCP best than LP anyway? LP is becoming sooo greedy with their gems and stuff. I swear every time a good game appears it's ruined by the creators wanting more and more money and the game ends up being a money pump
CCP can be played free, but a lot of the best stuff is in the gachas that are only availabe for a limited time and can only be played for free once a week (and then only by saving up a huge amount of points). but i think theirs is less about greed and more about staying alive as an app, they had to put off their big upgrade several months due to company restructuring.

New general. Post tutorials and any questions you have.
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File: 1434728347826.jpg (689KB, 1400x2038px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: 1338552101831.jpg (214KB, 800x1233px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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selfposts welcome
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Is anyone else thoroughly creeped out by taharakeiko?
I think she's cute? nothing to be creeped out by
She's super, super skinny, not just thin like she has no muscle definition in her legs, she always seems spaced out, and she likes her own posts.
Maybe I'm overthinking it but there's just something unsettling about her. She also has a facebook where she just randomly adds tons of random western Lolitas.

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A little something ruffling your petti this week? Something you want to tell just to get it off your chest? Post here.
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With nearly 60 Lolita bibles published with patterns, 8+ Otome no sewing, quite a few old issues of Gosu Rori all having patterns, why are Lolitas who want to hand-make stuff still so 'lost' on where to find patterns and how to make things? Many Lolita dresses, JSK and almost all accessory patterns from these are beginner to intermediate techniques, only needing at most a pattern enlargement and a basic sewing machine.
I just don't get it.
my pet peeve is the entire community
I'm lone loling for life, everyones we're so nice look at all this nice stuff we do, now kiss our ass
or wow you did a nice thing for us, do it better put all your effort and time into it even though its a side hobby
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I think we should start using this as much as possible for repeatedly asked noob questions. No snark, no lecture just LMGTFY.

Last one was archived. >>8805279
Guro Kawaii/Yami Kawaii is a fashion style using guro and horror themes. Menhera is inspired by the manga of the same name.
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I've tried translating the first chapter of Menhera-chan. There's one panel left untranslated because the kanji was too awkward, and I can't promise quality but you get the gist of the story at least.
I can upload it if anyone wants.

/cgl/ has cancer. Time for treatment.

Reply to one of the 3 charts (“divisions”). The number your post ends in is your roll, which also selects your “genre”. Choose your “mode(s)” during or after your roll; this is your base point value. To keep things interesting, if you don’t like your roll, announce that you are rerolling and subtract 1 point from your base points. For hilarity, accept a negative score where applicable. (Cheat if you want, no one will know.)

Then make your outfit/cosplay and post results. Don’t worry about the trading card part yet. Templates will be created later.

The Dubs Bonus Round is activated automatically when your post ends in a repeating digit. If you don’t want to complete the task associated with your digits, you must forfeit the bonus and complete the associated challenge instead, or else take the increased reroll penalty.

Your final score is your mode, minus any rerolls, THEN times your dubs bonus (if applicable). You don’t have to do your own math if you don’t want to.

Participants will get a special /cgl/ trading card made from their final uploaded photo, division/genre, point total (converted to “experience points”) and a name and backstory. If you do not provide a (SHORT) backstory one will be given to you. If someone draws your entry, this can be used as an “alternate” trading card for you/your character. You can play as many times as you like, but each entry counts as a single character for the purposes of card creation. (Points are not accumulative; you can do lolita and cosplay as separate “characters”.)

After 10 anons have posted their results, the Division Template will be shared and you can create your own /cgl/-related chemo challenge, with categories/genres you decide.

This challenge is meant to generate OC, improve skills, and entertain each other. Be creative, goofy, serious, half-assed, whatever. Just play!
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>Lolita Division
>Other Jfash Division

sorry for squiggles under the text and any blurriness, i am not a professional
>Cosplay Division

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>closet child update
>see this

what the hell, AATP.

also WTF thread. post /cgl/ related things that confound and confuse you, things you don't know how to react to, photos or stories that you can find no rational explanation for.
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dumping a few classics to get it started
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