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I'm dying of boredom. Does she know emotions exist? Especially when your cape has more energy than you.

Post bad cosplay/lolita poses or bad emoting.
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Dumping some more
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How was MCC/Bookfair in Leipzig?

Is it true the CCL has opened again for cosplayer?
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what convention is this?

>How was MCC/Bookfair in Leipzig?

>what convention is this?
basically it sucked. was there saturday only and there were too much weirdos. wanted to buy a Cohaku but the stuff was unfriendly as fuck because they were talking to some friends instead of selling their stuff, I saw at least two cosplay partners fighting and being annoying, and the cosplay competition was so fucking bad not even one single skit that was not boring or dumb.

don't know what I did wrong because a lot of my friends only talk positive about the bookfair

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We all know many lolitas have a sweet tooth. Looking for sweets prints inspo, but not just in lolita. Thank you for your contributions!
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>love sweets themed Lolita
>hate actually eating sweets

what is wrong with my brain?
sweets are cute but having diabetes isnt. makes sense to me
I just think it's funny that sweet is my least favorite kind of taste but I die hard for sweets in prints and such

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I was curious as to what everyone's go-to snack was for conventions? If you're just sitting around and not really ready for a meal yet, what do you eat to get tide you over or energize you until then?

I personally go for granola bars, but they're a bit messy and not too great for eating around a convention center. Crumbs on a cosplay are not cute.
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I love to bake and cook and con food is expensive, so sometimes I make a bento or bake melon pan if it's a close con and eat it there. I love melon pan, but only bake it for special occasions. Sometimes I make tofu donuts and matcha cookies.
Whatever is at the nearest convience store.
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These bitches.
Protein+ tea and smoothies.
Each bottle is like a thousand calories so they can last all day and when you're stuck at an artist alley table they are a godsend.

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Deco den general thread, seems like all the decoden threads are archived.

-photos of stuff you made or admire

-advice/questions on where to buy supplies

-questions/reccomendatiosn for indie shops etsy/storeenvy/etc
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Is it deco den or decoden?
Has anyone bought wholesale cabochons from Gets.com? I usualy buy from sellers the US, but am starting to think ordering overseas might be a better value overall.
I guess its either?

i know there's still some following for this series still -- i believe in you /cgl/

does anyone have anything planned for any upcoming cons? or, any cosplay from some of the more obscure installments (dr0, dr:k, etc)?

i just got finished with a 'junko' and may work on ryouko or kirigiri next, still hoping to see some fellow ronpas out there though!
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commencing short dump to get this thread off the ground too

Share the dirt.

I tend to kinda live through people i find interesting or/and get kinda obsessed with them..?
Like to the point where if i find someone interesting enough i'll make a list of their wardrobe,have some pics of
them on my private photobucket i call my "stalker" photobucket
Sometimes some girls seems to have such cool lives (in Lunie's case she is pretty,rich,cute,big wardrobe,..) and i just feel like my life is so boring compared to them.

I used to be obsessed with kotakoti, then Lunie Chan,.. I mean i was so obsessed with kota i knew what she said on some videos by heart and when i did my hair and makeup in front
of the mirror or got dressed up i would be pretending to be a "famous living doll', dancing around on some of the music she used. Searched her house address when it got leaked to see what it looked like and to catch maybe a glimpse of
her kawaii room. Yeah, pretty creepy.

For Lunie i just got through every single one of her livejournal entries.

For another (not famous) girl i just obsessively stalked her twitter and instagram, even using tweet tunnel to see when she was
still into lolita. And got sad when she deleted her old lolita blog and i couldn't access it from the wayback machine

Also another girl that used to be into lolita (now she totally changed), and i stalked old blogs of her, old videos she was in,old things she wrote...

I really need more excitment in my life and it's kind of like...the only way to get it? By reviving old things. That and drama. But even then the drama i knew and loved was from 2012
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I feel you here.
In middle school there was that girl i knew since elementary. She was a pretty emo girl, actually well liked at school, popular on the internet, doing well at school,... she would always do better than me. Even when i tried as a child she was always the prettiest,most liked,... And i used to stalk her on Myspace and such. And i would dream about what it would be like to be her.

Update: i went to look on her facebook and damn,she's not so pretty now actually and she seems pretty boring and normal. I guess it's also because i'm more satisfied with my own life and such
There's a person in my comm that I hate so much I ended up getting a little bit obsessed with. Everything they did, I just had to mock it. It wasn't hard since they're kind of a cringe pit... But it really got over me because people ignored the cringyness and attettion whore behavior and lies because said person was pretty.
is this a pasta

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Anyone been here before or attending this weekend?
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I am . This is my fourth ( I think ) year going. I just go Saturday because I'm in the suburbs but it's not a bad con. Guests are kinda meh for me this year so besides the Roddenberry panel I'm probably just going to shop and head home.
I went the 2nd year, never wanted to go back again. Am from Chicago and it's a glorified trade show masquerading as a convention.

That being said I'm bored today and would be willing to meet up with some anons if they want to make friends.
Avoid going if you are male, you will be accused of sexual assault just by walking down a hall way.

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Old one is kill. >>8925163

Post feels. Happy, sad, whatever. As long as they're /cgl/ related.
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>want to cosplay Panty and Stocking w/ Garterbelt
>realize I don't know any black people
>teachers chimed in to make fun of me
>This is how you know you're "that" type of weeaboo.

Anon I was five.
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I just realized I only have a month left to get started on my costume. I purposefully kept it simple because I'm so busy with work and have already collected all the materials and drafted the pattern, but fuck. I always underestimate how much time it takes me to put everything together.

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Take Lockshop down edition
Old thread: >>8927819

Bodyline >>8921303
Dream dresses >>8898845
B/S/T >>8894518
Draw thread >>8923990
Online comms >>8898148
Local comms >>8923929
CoF >>8924003
Coord help >>8889992
Handmade >>8879353
Brolitas >>8873063
Plus-size >>8920923
Good Friday coords >>8927956
Hime/Royal >>8902651
Classic >>8924316
Punk >>8905594
Oldschool >>8923755
Themed wardrobes >>8914687
Ita >>8925739
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>starting the general with a vendetta
we aren't supposed to discuss individuals in depth here
Lockshop is a store not an individual and talking about scammers is important.

Lost my folder, help a seagull out.
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>con is in 2 months
>only 2 guests announced
>one literally who songstress and one VA literally who
>$70 weekend ticket prices

Goddammit, El Ken. ACEN thread? ACEN thread. What hotel are you staying at? Are your cosplays ready? Seagull meetup?
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After 7 years of acen I'm not going back this year. They don't even try. It's not worth the hassle anymore.
I'm still prepping for Anime Milwaukee which is in like 2 weeks. I'll probably just recycle cosplays from that. I'm staying at the Hyatt but hopefully I get the main building and not the one off to the side.
I'm prepping for C2E2 first, but ACen is definitely on my mind. Still waiting to hear on a panel, but I'm guessing I didn't get in at this point. Staying in the Embassy. I'm not optimistic about programming or guests, but it is always good to see friends, I guess.

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Post and talk about amazing, cringy, or average dance covers, groups, and soloists of the Odottemita world.

Here is some cringe straight from.. the cringe thread:
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That girl is like 15. I'm sure you were just as cringey at that age OP.
More cringe please!
Hopefully they didn't start a "net idol" group like Hoshi though.

Thread about Youtube channels.

Seagulls, I have a question. Awhile back someone posted some great info about cameras but I forgot to bookmark the page for it. I think it was a camera by Sony that was good quality for videos and much more affordable than Canon DSLRs. Anyone remember what the camera was? I'd like to start a channel but I don't want to invest so much money into a camera yet and I thought that the camera that an anon mentioned fit the bill well.
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I miss peachies and lilliths (and a few other lolitas) older videos. I'm happy for them because they seem really passionate and love what they've been uploading but I selfishly want them to post what I like. Maybe this is more feelsy than anything else but yeah. I'll go through my subscription list and post lolita related channels in a bit!
I've been waiting this thread to pop up again! I really need more lolita related channels to follow.
Here are a few that I know of that I actually follow:

Attitude Lolita: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCte9wJgjwjF5R8m7h69odxg

Cordelia Summer: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAcM3GTZgKSUCzTlJ070rEQ

Deerstalker Pictures: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCEqT_Q5_ijLOcVv930jSimg

Down the Hidey-Hole: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC1sWG0Jn4UCpbTDmc9zqVIg

LadyMeilin: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgGaLFeX0tQ8ZV18KBfQfQw

Lovely Lor: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCH0QLduM2f5q936tXweYBsg

Miya No: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPmN-3bm51KQBszyutMF5RQ

Molly Metaphora: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC1KCgMrSSE-mYzw7zlDUr6w

Nindy: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOjWJ3rkLkdCl1bYuHb70YA

Princess Fancypants: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9hTJkLLk1YvAaOhp56KZ8Q

Princess Jessie-Kate: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQyV9WuwfwB2g50HwottwRA

ScarfingScarves: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCojzjwsFaUKoPKho7VqMa1g

ThreeWiishes: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCw5xIcIgHNrc00qHEZScJng

Vanilla Bear: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCW0KqGufvKg1uNaqDHkaufA

I know a few of these are well-known/not liked here, but they are lolita related.

Also if anyone would be kind enough to link the google doc of all the different channels that'd be great!
That's a nice start OP but

>inb4 what would you like to see on a channel
>inb4 how do I get more views
>inb4 how do I get efamous

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