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How do you gulls achieve these monstrous levels of poof? I have a JSK made out of pretty heavy fabric with a ridiculously full skirt and I can't make the skirt look not deflated even with all my petticoats on at the same time.

Couldn't find it in the catalog, so here's a new one.
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So I'm thinking of selling these, I just don't know what they are worth!

1. Ista Mori Nameless Poem in L, never worn, still has tags but it's the first release. The collar & cuffs are not a true white but a ivory.
Is this OP still popular?

2. AP coat of arms tartan OP in red.
Worn by previous owner, has very slight pilling.
I'm guessing not worth retail since it's not popular? I was thinking around 150 euro's?

3. Infanta green military jsk & cape XL (runs small).
Still has tags, never got around to wearing it desu and I don't think I ever will so this beautiful piece needs a new home.

4. JetJ robe l'agneau size 1.
Worn once by previous owner, still in like new condition.
Not sure I want this gone yet but curious about the price it may fetch.
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Dos anyone know what the black Lief Sacred Night second release jsk and headbow goes for these days?
It's the S/M size.
I'd be interested in Infanta's military JSK, located in EU. I think I've seen it go once for around 90-100$, seems to be quite common for other taobao brands. Send mail if you'd be willing to sell it to another seagull.

I haven't been checking Nameless Poem after the rerelease(?), but I think the price dropped after that, but can't help beyond that.

Sakuracon thread autosaging? Let me fix that.

Who's there right now? Who's showing up tonight? What are the best and worst cosplay you've seen?
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It's pretty fun, I'm dressed up as burgerpants and at the undertale shoot my hat kept falling off. Lmao gotta make a new one
You should probably link the new thread to the old thread famerino
I'm smoking some medical on the bench near the stairs will trade for booze and/or booze party
Dressed as rock Howard with a terry as mai
I am fighto my way into goods mile right now and going to band maid right after.

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Let's try not to derail this one
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Old one got nuked, here's a new one!

Anyone else here prefer a toned-down 80's Milklim look? The kind where no overdecoration, just dress like Punky Brewster?

I love simple, pastel 80's sweatshirts with quirky or simple jeans, any brands or shops that do this kind of stuff?
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Dumping this look becaus it's adorb(Most of the shit comes from Milklims webpage tho..)
Cute short-sleeveed girly cutsews also welcome
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The girly kind of shit is really cute if it's frilly enough.
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Skirt is OK, sweater is best

Didn't see one in the catalog
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I have an interest in mori but every other male I have seen doing mori looks retarded. Please supply menwith inspiration for male mori that does not look atrocious. If it helps at all I am of short stature, slender build and have a babyface.

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WonderCon is like next week people! The poor person's SD Comic Con. Who's getting their stuff together and who's in panic mode?
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This thread just reminded me of all the things I still need to finish.
Full blown panic mode!
Room. Check.
Badge. Check.
Guilt Free Spending Money. Check.
Days Off All Weekend with Zero Chance of getting called in? Cheeeeeeeeeck.
Cosplay? ...FUCK. I knew I forgot something. Maybe next year. That's what I said last year.
>WonderCon is like next week people!

2 weeks

Don't scare me like that

Ever been banned from a convention/meetup? Know anyone banned?

Share funny, or scary, ban stories!
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I just found out that there's a handful of indie lolita designers that are banned from selling at Anime Matsuri.
'cause the owners of AM are assholes.
here's the full read. >http://animematsuriexpose.tumblr.com/post/122545222799/indie-lolita-designer-annika-from-pop-princess

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Yo isn't this coming up super soon? As in two weeks?
Who is going?
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I am, although none of the programming really caught my eye. I'll probably just do a bunch of shopping and hang out with friends.
I am reluctantly because friends I haven't seen in almost two years will be there and this will probably be the only chance I get to see them all year.. Expecting tons of Undertale trash cosplay to dominate the con.
im tempted to go just so i can meet the guys from the initial d dub, but the rest of the con looks super weeby and im afraid that itll just be a sea of fourteen year old girls

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As requested, here's the larme kei equivalent of the closet of frills threads. Despite what the title implies, since the larme kei community is scattered across multiple platforms any and all sources are accepted.

Let's try and keep this mostly constructive, but I do realize some outfits are completely nonredeemable.

Some places to get your started:

facebook -> groups/Larmekei (Don't Cry Baby group)
http://larme-looks.tumblr.com/ (International larme kei tumblr. Not everything posted here was originally tagged as larme kei so consider it more of an inspired blog)

Current larme kei general >>8870393
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I like this look a lot. It's very clean. I do agree with the comment on facebook that she would look nice with her natural colored hair. I do think blonde can work for Larme, but she really has the bleached look going on which is a bit too unnatural.
If anyone is looking for short hair inspo then lukaruna on tumblr has some really nice coords.

I'm jelly of how the wego x larme romper looks on her. It would look terrible on me.

Because the threads are more on topic when split.

>Tokyo 7th Sisters
>Pretty Rhythm
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>being this special snowflake
just because the current idol thread is filled with Love Live doesn't mean that you can't post other idol material there.
Apparently you're new because the last few threads were split and it was a great improvement from the cattyness in the combined threads. I feel that warrants an idol thread separate from Love Live.

Borderlands thread?
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all i have to post right now are moxxis since i'm in the middle of making her

Are all the Junko cosplayers ready for their new cosplay?

Get on it now while its still FRESHâ„¢. Its going to be really big in 2016/2017(depending what year the games drops in the west.)
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>the haven't revealed the rest of the waifus yet.

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Please respond.
I want to still like Persona but all of 4's spinoffs and The Golden anime attracted a lot of tumblrinas and now Persona is just another one of those fandoms that's getting rehashed to death just like pretty much every fandom that tumblr gets their hands on.

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Pose inspiration and what to avoid when wearing Lolita
I for one have no idea what to do
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I came across that the other day, almost can't believe the before and after pictures.
posting cute poses to keep thread alive

Since FLCL is getting two new seasons soon, can we have a FLCL cosplay thread?
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I'll dump what I have
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