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It seems its been awhile since we had a music thread? Please share music that reminds you of lolita, gothic, sweet, classic, other jfashions.
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Opening image is from Kera 26

Old Thread (Highlights from Kera 45, 29, 41, 42, BTSSB 2003 S/S Catalog )

Bringing along these questions from a few threads ago:
>Having any recent purchases?
>What's your oldest item?
>What kind if coords are you planning?
>Who's your old school inspiration/idol?

>What is it that draws you to old school?
>Do you have a specific favorite old school coord? If so, what is it you like so much about it?
>Do you have an old school "crown jewel" of your wardrobe? If so, why that piece?
>I feel old school has been making a comeback. What do you think?
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every advert from this company is amazing.

fuck'in' sale
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Absolutely beautiful

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cat headphones.jpg
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So whatever happened to these? They certainly didn't explode across conventions like I expected but then again con season is only gearing up around now.
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Dude they sell these at the mall, I'm sure that's making more money than from poor weebs at cons.
I've seen people ditching theirs on Facebook/other sales pages because of how shitty they ended up being. Not really surprised by that.
Surprisingly these have a consistent 4.5 star rating on Amazon which goes against what I thought was the early consensus about them

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Let's be honest here are maid cafes even really needed at anime conventions anymore?
Why or why not?

Personally I really don't think so.

Picture unrelated just pulled it off google.
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??? why not?

Most people don't have any access to a maid cafe outside of Japan, I think it's a fun thing to have at a con. You get to sit down and get nice service and somewhat interesting food instead of finding a corner outside to huddle in while you eat your $10 chips in shame.

Obviously if it's a bad cafe that's another story, but it is technically part of the 'anime con' feel.
For me? I enjoy them. Obviously not every con needs to have one but I still think they are a pretty good addition to a convention.

>often helps earn a significant amount of money for the convention's charity
>a good way to force yourself to sit and eat at a convention, while still feeling like you aren't missing any of the con.
>fun to just turn off your brain and be silly and stupid and connect to your inner-weeb for a while
>Worst case and the cafe is total cringe shit, and you still have prime people-watching and good story to tell /cgl/ later

I really get into the maid cafe thing though. I have pictures saved from every cafe I've been to, Japan and state-side. And granted state-side is a lot worse as a whole. But again, it just gives me a vacation from cosplay and caring what I look like. No one can judge you there.
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>when you live in Spain and other anons get to discuss if they are needed in or not while you've never seen one in any con her

In all seriousness, why do you care?
Or more like, why is it important?

If it's in a con, you are free to ignore it if you please. Nobody is forcing you to go (again, never seen one here, but I'm pretty sure they don't anyway).
I'm sure if anybody wants it, they'll be happy to see it there.

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New thread!!

>any great newcomers?
>thoughts on the new gyaru secrets
>dolly wink, diamond lashes or eyemazing?

>favourite BD member
>favourite Japanese Gyarusa (ex or still alive)

>post all the awesome pics you got!
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>My favourite bd members are harutamu and yuritanu.

>I prefer everything over dolly wink kek
Why the sudden Dolly Wink dislike? I noticed they've been toning down their lashes a lot and don't look too gyaru anymore. Which of the brands is better for a more classic gyaru lash look? Which is also the most comfortable?
I've only tried dolly and diamond, and out of those two I muuuuch prefer diamond (only talking about uppers here) but I'm very much into a heavy top lash, and dolly is just so, not that gyaru these days

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I didn't see a hairstyle thread so I wanted to post one. I'd like to use my real hair like pic related. My hair is fine, thin, and naturally black (Asian). I'd like to pin up pigtails like that and I understand a little bit of teasing is neccessary but what else? I have twin tail lolita wigs that use claw clips on the other end but they're so bulky and just fall down on me if I use a smaller sized one. What type of clips (+ teasing of course) can I use to have pic related?
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Can you imagine the fivehead of this chick? It counts for half of her fucking head.
She just has her bangs starting from unusually high up(probably has thin hair from the looks of it so needed to do it for full bangs). You can see where her hairline is from the side
speaking of hair, does anyone have that google docs guide to japanese bangs that someone posted a few days ago? it magically disappeared from my history somehow

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When is the meetup and who's going?
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>Tfw ordering stuff of ebay and it might not come until the day before

Why do I always last minute shit.

5 weeks left boys
let's do friday 8:30pm in front of pool?
Schedule's still not out yet

Image limit reached >8906568

Post your favorites, least favorites, and in betweens. Anime, manga, musicals, live show cosplays all welcome.
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Whoops. >>8906568

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So I shipped a dress out to a LaceMarket buyer on April 24, and I shipped from the US to the UK through USPS. I'd like to say first that I am very very inexperienced with selling and shipping so in case what I've done sounds stupid, that's why.

So I shipped international priority and when I tried the tracking # USPS says "USPS Tracking™ is unavailable for this product for UNITED KINGDOM." I've shipped something to Malaysia and Australia in the past without issue but UK apparently had an issue.

And basically my problem is the buyer STILL has not received her dress and we have no way of tracking it so I don't know what to do at this point. She opened a dispute on paypal with me which I don't blame her for, I'd probably do the same thing, but I don't know how to resolve this besides pray her dress comes.

It's been 4 weeks so far and the man at the post office said it'd take 3-6 weeks? so idk please help.
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USPS gull here:
Take your copy of the customs form to the post office you sent it from and have them run the customs number through their internal tracking system. They can tell you with that number where it's at in relation to the US and UK customs clearance process.

You should have working tracking for that destination; I don't know why it's not showing up since now even first class customs numbers will work as tracking to the UK.
Never ship without tracking and insurance, especailly if the payment was thourgh paypal. This is the only way to protect yourself as seller.

To all the german gulls: Shipping international isn't that expensive. Try to avoid DHL and use the deutsche post instead. You can sent packages up to 2kg with tracking and insurance for around 25€. Just be sure that the package is within the max. Measurements.
thank you!

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so because some fuckwit staffer committed PR suicide I have to see a bunch of slap dash articles on my feed about sexism in cosplay. Also this thread open to other stories about cons that died because someone said what we were all thinking.
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>all the whiny men complaining about the imaginary female cosplayer who bragged about 20,000 followers and is clearly just a tits mcgee fake gamer girl

jim admitted it was a rhetorical conversation, not a real person, and that he's had male cosplayers do the same thing.
I was watching the thread yesterday as it climbed past 1.4k I see they nuked it.
Fuck SJWs and their cancerous callout culture.

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Convention story thread. Talk about weird/fun shit that happened. We all have one.
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>at room party
>go to the bar
>touched a girl's hand

Yeah, shit was pretty cash money.
Last year at anime expo me and some friends were hanging out in front of the convention center and there was traffic backed up. So there were a group of black dudes in a car and had no idea what was going on. They see a sluty sailor moon as nd start yelling "ayyyy yo is that sailor moon?" "Ayyy biych come over here".

It was genuinely funny to see people who have no idea what is going on.
>cosplay shippuden hinata back in 2010
>go to gathering
>only shippuden hinata to go off site and hang out with about 20 other people for more photos
>end it with playing ninja and another group photo of the ones hanging at the park
>one person suggested grabbing boobs
>i laughed and said okay
>it escalated into everyone in the group putting their hands over the other chicks hands, so it was a photo of all these different characters grabbing my tits

It was actually one of the most fun gathering I have ever been too. I said fine because it was a girl who grabbed them, but I wasn't expecting so many people to jump on that be like, "ME TOO!" I wish I had my computer from 3 computers ago because that was the only one with the images from that gathering on it. ]:

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cosplay social site?
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I am interested in a cosplay social site too... I want to find my dream bf Levi
There's a popular cosplay social app but idk what it is called. There's cosplyr and cos planner app tho.

>Anyone have a favorite lolita game? Dress up or otherwise?

>I just bought all the clothes from that lolita shop in TWEWY
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Am I missing something? Nothing about this looks remotely Lolita.
The previous games have a category for Lolita fashion, most of which actually looks good.
And they've even had collabs with BABY.

I am so unbelievably excited this game is finally coming to the US! I wish there were more games like this out there.

Does anyone have any store recommendations for otaku/akiba kei fashion? It's a bit hard to come across online.
Stuff like omocat I guess. Full print anime/hentai tees and the like.
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Dumping what little bit I have.

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How old is "too old to start cosplay"
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You're too old to start cosplaying when you're literally dead.
I think its a matter of how healthy you are, rather than age.

If youre well enough to get around a convention center , even if only for a few hours, than you're still young (or well enough) to start cosplay. If you go to more western based and generally 'older' cons, you'll find find tons of people that are older than 40, 50, and even beyond that. Plus a lot of older people like to dress in historical costumes for ren faires and such.

Personally I dont endorse blocking a whole aisle in the dealers room with your huge ass electric scooter and cosplay attached to it, but you know Im not here to rain on anyone's parade, so whatever.
You can't be too old to cosplay, though I personally believe you can be too old to cosplay certain characters. 35 year olds dressing as 15 year olds doesn't look right.

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